Mickey's Lessons on Bad

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



Michelle’s hands were trembling, her breathing was shaky and shallow, and her head was ducked down. She stared blankly at the McChicken sandwich in her hands, unable to feel remotely hungry.

Tap. Tap.

She violently flinched at the taps on her shoulder and snapped her head up to look across the table. The person sitting there was none other than Mickey Varsity, the town’s bad boy, dressed in leather and munching on a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese. His amber eyes bore into her as his eyebrows scrunched together.

With a mouthful, he inquired, “Not hungry?”

She cringed a little at the unsightly crunched food in his mouth before glancing down at her sandwich and defeatedly shaking her head.

The sound of him slurping on his medium-sized soda filled the air. It wasn’t long before he started talking again, “Look at you––all bones and no meat. Plus, I paid for your food, so be grateful and eat it.”

She flinched at the harshness in his voice, but nevertheless obeyed his demand and took a bite out of the sandwich. There was no flavor to it––in part because she asked for the McChicken without mayonnaise, but the other part because she had been numb to food for the past few weeks and forcing it down her throat was a difficult task. Throughout eating, she kept mentally reminding herself, ‘Mickey Varsity bought you this. You better be grateful like he said, otherwise he’ll probably butcher your family…’

Okay, perhaps she was exaggerating, but she finished her lunch with the help of her “self-motivation.” With a sigh, Michelle leaned back and dropped her wrapper onto the tray. Her eyes snapped up to the town’s bad boy when he suddenly stood up.

“I’ll throw this out,” he grumbled, picking up their tray and swiftly walking away to throw the garbage away––much to Michelle’s surprise.

Her eyes quickly glanced down at the empty table. She murmured her thanks when he returned but didn’t sit back down.

“C’mon. I’ll take you back to school.”

She nodded, her eyes still glued to the table. An awkward tension filled the air as they walked side-by-side and jumped into Mickey’s bright red Jeep Wrangler. Michelle couldn’t tear her eyes away from the ground––or, well, anywhere that wasn’t occupied by Mickey Varsity. She listened to the roar of the engine before the car backed up and was heading down the streets back to school.

The silence between them was slowly itching and clawing at Michelle. Although she didn’t expect Mickey––the town’s bad ass––to start an in-depth conversation with her, she also didn’t expect utter silence. Maybe she should thank him for lunch. Maybe she should ask him why lunch, more importantly. He could’ve completely disregarded her when she ran into him; maybe even could’ve made a snide about her break-up with Logan, but… he didn’t.

Michelle lifted her head, pushing blonde curly locks of hair out of her light blue eyes, to steal quick glances at Mickey. He was entirely relaxed, leaning back in the driver’s seat with one hand draped over the top of the steering wheel and the other draped over the gear shift. She didn’t notice until now he slipped on a pair of aviators, which matched with his leather jacket and made him look more so like a bad boy, to block the sunlight. Since when were bad boys so thoughtful?

“As much as I appreciate being checked out, it’s also making me uncomfortable,” Mickey said right as she opened her mouth to thank and then question him.

Michelle immediately zipped her lips and snapped her head away, her cheeks burning. She was not checking him out… Ah… Okay, maybe a little. Unable to look at him again, she mumbled, “Thank you for lunch.”

“No problem.”

“W-Will I have to pay you back?”

A snort left his lips, and Michelle finally faced him, looping her hair behind her left ear. “You make me sound like I’m part of the mafia or something,” he said, sparing a five-second glance at her. “Can’t I do something nice––free of charge?”

She opened her mouth again, only to shut it. She wasn’t sure how to answer that question without offending––and possibly getting beaten up by––him.

Mickey ran a hand through his untamed hair. His dark brown locks weren’t short, but at the same time, they weren’t long enough to pull back into a man-bun either. If he wanted to, he could shape and mold his hair into different hairstyles, yet it was always infamously untamed and wild as Michelle had always seen whenever he bothered to make an appearance to class. Almost like he just woke up from a nap before he stepped into the room and had permanent bed hair.

“Why did you do all that?” Michelle inquired, both wanting to change topics and allowing curiosity get the better of her. She inaudibly gulped. “Help me by taking me to CVS and McDonald’s… and paying for everything to top it all off.”

He shrugged as if blowing off his acts of kindness as nothing, but the tension in his shoulders said differently. “Like I said: Can’t I do anything nice, free of charge?”

She gritted her teeth, irritated by his indifference, and snapped before thinking out her choice in words, “Not when you’re the infamous Mickey Varsity, rumored to have three big addictions––drug, alcohol, and fighting. So, no, you really can’t.” Her eyes grew as wide as saucers when she finally stopped talking, and realization of what just left her lips smacked her across the face.

On the other hand, Mickey grinned like the Cheshire Cat while pulling into the school’s senior parking lot. “There’s that spunk I’ve been waiting for,” he said before she could apologize and beg for her life. Michelle remained speechless as he parked the car, turned it off, and faced her. Still grinning, he caught her chin between his thumb and pointer finger but didn’t try moving her face closer. “Don’t be scared. Be aggressive. Be a bitch. I like getting told off.”

Michelle couldn’t speak. She was too terrified and shocked––from speaking her thoughts on Mickey Varsity to Mickey Varsity and perhaps more so from the lack of space between their faces. Plus, what would she say in response? Her mind was as blank as a fresh piece of paper.

After a minute of silence, she could tell Mickey’s amusement was quickly being replaced by irritation and frustration, which were reaching dangerous heights. For whatever reason, he really wanted a response. His eyes sharply narrowed, his jaw clenched, and his nose twitched. With every passing second, he seemed to be growing drastically more and more pissed off. Causing her to wince in pain, his nails dug into the soft skin of her chin and he finally yanked her face closer until there was barely an inch of space separating their lips.

“Are you seriously gonna let me just manhandle you?” Mickey spat in her face, bumping his nose against hers. Even though he was physically seeping with anger, for some odd, eery reason, it appeared the anger didn’t reach his amber eyes. And for some other odd, eery reason, the lack of emotion terrified Michelle more than if they were blazing with anger. There was an underlying reason for his sudden break in character, and not knowing what that reason was just nerve-wracking.

Michelle had to respond. She had to calm him down. She had to stop the pain shooting through her face as he squeezed her chin harder and harder to the point where she feared skin was about to be broken and blood would spill as a result. But something––most likely the fear––in her was restraining her from saying or doing anything.

A sickly smile spread across Mickey’s face. He tilted his head to left and commented, “Maybe lover boy had a point.”

Her heart twisted in response. There was pain, and there was definitely anger. Who was Mickey to bring up her breakup? What kind of sick, twisted point was he going to make of it?

“You’re too much of a fucking goody-goody. You do anything anyone says like an obedient child. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d be willing to have sex with me if I asked right this very moment.” Without a second for Michelle to properly think, Mickey unclasped her seatbelt and wrapped his arm around her waist, yanking her into his chest. His hand slipped down to cup her right butt cheek, trailing his fingers over the hem of her denim shorts.

Disgust raced through Michelle as his other arm wrapped around her torso and slipped a hand over her left breast, giving a firm squeeze.

“Maybe we could have a quickie before you run back to school. Logan probably enjoyed that most about you…”

She finally snapped. Placing both hands firmly on his chest, she shoved Mickey away, watching his back slam against the car door. Her eyes sharply narrowed into a menacing glare that would’ve murdered him within seconds if it only could. “I don’t know who you think you are, but don’t act like you know me and my relationship with Logan,” Michelle barked before––Smack!

Shock raced through Mickey’s face as he gently cradled his cheek, gawking at the blonde sitting before him with her hand still raised from slapping him.

“Thank you for lunch, but please don’t do it again,” she sneered, manually unlocking the car door. She picked up her backpack and tossed it over her shoulder as she hopped out of the Jeep Wrangler. “Have a good day, asshole.” On that note, she slammed the door as hard as she could and stormed into the building right as the bell signaling the beginning of the seventh period.

Michelle’s eyes widened as all tension and anger slipped away from her body, being replaced with a fear of being late. She ran across the building and managed to slide into the girls’ locker room, unnoticed by any gym teacher. However, she was noticed by a cyan-haired and -eyed girl with her arms folded across her chest and her right foot tapping irritably. She didn’t bother hiding her cringe when she walked past Talen and opened her gym locker.

“Where were you? Why haven’t you answered a single text? Do you know how worried I was about you?”

Slipping her shirt off and replacing it with an overused black tee, Michelle weakly smiled at her best friend. She wasn’t sure which question to answer first. Which was more important in Talen’s mind to hear? “Sorry, I decided to leave my phone in my locker all day since everyone kept bombarding me with questions ‘bout… y’know.”

“I don’t give a fuck about your phone, Mich!” Talen barked, and Michelle cringed, slipping on her sweatpants. “Where did you go? I was looking for you everywhere until I was yelled at by Joan to get back to lunch.” Joan was the old, infamous hall-monitor who hated spotting kids––even if they had passes––“wandering the halls,” as she always called it. Fortunately, due to this hatred, she could not give out detentions, only warnings.

And so, the blonde apologetically smiled at her friend, especially knowing how Joan hated Talen with a burning passion due to her cyan-colored hair.

Before Michelle could respond, however, Talen continued ranting, “Like, I was scared you ran into another bathroom or an empty classroom. I was worried you were gonna do something impulsive and stupid––completely uncharacteristic of the Michelle Richmond I know, but still. You’ve never had your heart broken before, so…” Her cyan eyes widened, and she exclaimed, clutching Michelle’s hands, “I’m so sorry, Michie! I should not be talkin’ ‘bout––”

“Don’t worry about it,” Michelle said, shaking her head and leading them both out of the locker room. Once in the gymnasium, she dropped Talen’s hands and said, “I am sorry for worrying you. The thing is, when I walked out of the bathroom, I ran right into––”

Ah, Michelle!”

The girls turned their heads toward the light-brown-haired boy jogging over to them with a relieved look on his face. Michelle immediately smiled and more than willingly accepted Cooper’s bear hug.

“You scared the living shit out of us,” Cooper, her male best friend, murmured, crushing Michelle into his chest. “You and Talen didn’t show up during the first half of lunch then suddenly, with barely five minutes left in the period, Talen came into the cafeteria, completely pissed off. An altercation with Joan––I mean, what’s new?” He pulled away to look down at Michelle, who stood four inches shorter than him, with a sad smile on his face. “How are you feeling?”

She couldn’t help smiling at her friend. Everyone was so worried about her, and yet, she willingly followed Mickey Varsity… out of the school… to CVS and McDonald’s… where he was acting sweet and kind… and she completely cursed him out and slammed the door in his face. The smile was wiped from her face, concerning both of her friends.

“What’s wrong?” Cooper asked, concern lacing his voice, and took another step back.

Talen threw a punch into his arm and hissed, “Dumb ass! She’s hurting, and you––”

“It’s not about that,” Michelle quickly cut in. She could imagine that the entire table already received a mouthful from Talen cursing out Joan and probably partially me for disappearing without telling her. “I’ll, uh, tell you guys after gym where I, um, was… It was kinda with… Mickey Varsity,” she said his name in barely a whisper that she was surprised they managed to hear her. Nevertheless, their jaws sagged simultaneously while she grimaced and nodded her head. “I know, I know. Very shocking. I promise I’ll talk more about it later, but right now––”

Michelle and her friends jumped at the sound of a whistle cutting through the air. Coach Suate followed with a “C’mon, everyone! Gather ‘round the circle!”

Grabbing at the opportunity for an escape, Michelle attempted to side-step her friends, specifically Talen, only to be caught by the Devil herself. She inaudibly gulped when an arm interlocked with her own and Talen hissed in her ear, “You are so telling me everything that went down right now.”

Another whistle caused the pair to flinch. With Cooper trailing behind them, the cyan-haired girl swiftly dragged Michelle over to the large group of students huddled around the two gym teachers in the center of the gym.

“Now, now, if we may begin the class…”

“I can’t believe you were with the Mickey Varsity,” Talen hissed into Michelle’s ear, purposely standing a safe distance away from the group. If anyone heard what just left her lips, the rumor mill would be on fire within seconds. “What happened? Explain everything from the start.”

“Well,” Michelle murmured, feeling her heart start racing in her chest and heat rising to her cheeks. She ran her tongue over her lips as she contemplated where to start or how much she should share at the moment. “Pretty much I ran into Mickey when I was leaving the bathroom. Turns out he was there when Logan dumped me, and then, for some reason, he took me to CVS for wipes then McDonald’s for lunch and paid for legit everything.” She decided to leave off the part in the parking lot, because the last thing Michelle wanted was her best friend causing a scene in front of everyone.

Talen’s cyan eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets while Cooper quietly spoke up, “Paid? The infamous Mickey Varsity paid for everything?”

“I know.” The blonde sighed, pulling her hair into a high ponytail. “I still can’t wrap my mind around any of it.”

Why did Mickey help Michelle?

Why was he being overly generous?

Why did he want to provoke a reaction from her?

Why did he grope her?

A million questions without a single answer came to mind.

The shrill screech of Coach Suate’s whistle interrupted the small group of friends’ conversation before he barked, “Pair up!”

Talen immediately clung to Michelle, childishly sticking her tongue out at Cooper. He merely rolled his eyes and paired up with a fellow basketball player.

Michelle chuckled at the sight of her friends’ interaction, shaking her head. “Would you ever grow up, T?” she teased, playfully yanking her arm out of her best friend’s weak grip. She managed to take a step back before suddenly being grabbed and yanked to the side of the gym where the girls’ locker room was located by Talen. “What was that?”

Fear and nervousness flickered through those pair of bright cyan eyes as Talen released a shaky laugh and said, “What was what? Nothing, Elle. Nothing. You’re just imagining things.”

Rolling her eyes, the blonde faced the opposite side of the gym. Her heart sank to her stomach.

Logan was there––in front of the boys’ locker room. Just the sight of him brought back the memory of the scene in the cafeteria of him tonguing Olivia Henderson, but the head cheerleader had to approach him right when Michelle looked across the room. She had to wrap her hands around his upper arm and tug him toward her small group of cheerleader friends. She had to stand on her tippy toes, press her lips against his ear, and whisper something with a cutesy smile on her face. And he just had to place his hands on her hips in order to help “steady” her.

Michelle felt the sudden need to puke her guts out.

“Elle,” Talen hissed, grabbed her best friend’s wrist, and forced her to turn away. She wore a soft, sympathetic smile and said gently, “Let’s just concentrate on what Coach Suate wants us to do. ‘Kay?

Michelle shakily nodded her head and conjured up what was her attempt at a smile, but must’ve looked like a cringe. “Okay,” she whispered. She could barely concentrate on the volleying the volleyball back and forth between her and Talen when an obnoxious gasp filled the air, followed by a crashing sound, and forced everyone in the entire gym to stop and look.

Of course, it was none other than Olivia and Logan. For some reason, her butt was planted on the ground while Logan was clutching his stomach, both bursting with laughter. After realizing there was no serious harm or threat, Ms. Rebecca, the gym student-teacher, quickly jumped in and hollered for Coach Suate, “Please resume what you were all doing! There’s nothing to see here!”

Everyone shrugged and returned to volleying the ball. Everyone except Michelle. She couldn’t pull her eyes away. She stood there, watching––watching as Logan teased Olivia for falling, as he held out her hand and pulled her up with ease, as she playfully pouted and he whimpered for forgiveness, as they kissed.


Michelle spun around and tried to be as casual and normal as possible as she speed-walked back into the girls’ locker room.

Why was Logan able to be so normal about his relationship with Olivia? Why was he able to kiss her when he knew Michelle was there in the same room? Did he know she was grieving? Did he even care?

All those questions only made Michelle’s head swirl and spin and flip until she reached the girls’ bathroom and released every question in her mind into the toilet.


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