An ordinary day

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A waitress at a small restaurant begins her day as every other, but it spirals to be the most important day of her life.

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



An ordinary day

Today gave the promise of another usual day. Another usual eight hour shift in the diner, but not long after I woke up, my opinion changed. I found a little note sticked on my fridge. Simon, my boyfriend left it after he spent the night with me. The note said, that we will go and eat dinner at a newly opened restaurant and that he will pick me up here around 7 o’clock. As I was thinking about this, I remembered her mother, who died a couple of days ago in a hit and run accident. Simon tries to remain strong, but I know that he is very sad. Who wouldn’t be? After all, she was her mother. These thoughts were revolving in my head as I left home.

The road took twenty minutes as usual. I could get there faster by car, but a waitress in a small diner doesn’t exactly make enough money to buy a car, so I went by the same bus I’ve used for several years to go to work. The diner where I work, despite being small is one of the most popular in the town, because of this many people know me here and many people started chatting with me on the bus, although they didn’t talk about anything interesting.

When I got into the diner, I felt the usual scents. I felt the omlettes, as most people ordered that in the morning, I smelt the bacon that was crepitating in the pan. Unfortunately I could also smell the less wonderful smell of truck drivers too. They also help to create the atmosphere that I love comeing back to every day. The place doesn’t exactly smell like roses and maybe it’s just the habit talking, but I was more and more delighted every week when I smelled the combined scent of these things.

Today my shift was after Jennifer.  Surprisingly she was very happy to see me, although that might be due to the fact that she can finally go home., as in general she hates me and looks for every opportunity where she can annoy me. The shift started up quickly. People were pouring in for breakfast as usually so I had to work hard since the moment I got there. This rush drags on until about 10 a.m., from there I could finally relax a bit. Only a few people came in and some of them did it only for directions. Around this time, I spend my time talking to the chef or solving crossword puzzles.

Around lunch life comes to the diner once again. Lot’s of people swarm the diner, like flies the leftover. At 1 o’clock my favourite guest arrive. Well, only one of them is my favourite. Chloe and her boyfriend Markus. Chloe is a long red haired, slim girl, with ocean blue eyes. Her parents divorced early, when she was a little child, since then she has been living with his father. Her father tries to give him everything she needs and wants, but unfortunately there are some things he can’t. I’m an old-friend of their family, I have known Chloe since she was a little toddler. From a perspective I’m her supplementary-mother. She is a kind girl, sometimes a little disorganized, but she gets around in the world. One of her faults –as many girl her age-, she is drawn to bad boys. This is where Markus comes to the picture. He is –to say the least-, an asshole. Not just an asshole. He drinks and smokes a lot, more than anybody their age. There are some rumors about him doing drugs, but there is no evidence about it yet. I’m a little worried about Markus’s bad influence on Chloe, but I let her make her own decisions.
After they have taken their usual seats at the corner of the diner, I went up to them to take their orders. As I approached, I heard that they were arguing about something, but I didn’t hear about what. In a few seconds Chloe noticed me and her mood suddenly changed.

- Hey Laura! I didn’t know you were in today. –she said with a wide smile.

- Hey sweetheart! You know how it is, if duty calls I come. Hi Markus.

Markus just looked at me, then turned away without any greeting.

- So what can I get for you two? -I asked.

- One of your famous burgers. –said Markus in a painfully sarcasctic tone without even looking up.

- I’ll have the same. –said Chloe with a little apology in her words.

I wrote down their orders, then subtly waved for Chloe to come with me. She hesitated for a moment, then got up from the table. We went to the kitchen, where I gave the chef the orders.

- Didn’t you tell me last week that you will brake up with him? –I asked curiously.

- I know what you think, okay? But you need to trust me on this one. –she said as she raised her voice a lttile.

- Hey! You know I only want what’s best for you. Besides, I’m not pushing you, I was just curious.

She rolled her eyes and went back to Markus. I really only want what’s good for her, but teenagers her age don’t exactly want to listen to adults. I should know the best, I was the same at her age. Regardless I wanted her to listen to me.

After a good hour passed, they were still in the diner, which wasn’t surprising at all. Usually they ara here for hours, especially because of Chloe, as she loved the place. Probably because as a little girl she used to come here a lot with his dad.
Simon also came in the diner today. As he entered I instantly walked up to him. He seemed a little off, like he was looking for somebody. I asked him if something’s wrong, but I got no answer. He just started to walk towards Chloe and Markus. Half-way he reached into his coat and pulled out a gun. He aimed at Markus and shouted with sorrow in his voice:

- This is for my mother!

When Simon fired the gun, I pushed his arm away in that nobody will get hurt. When I saw that Markus was okay, I was instantly relieved, but in the next moment my heart was torn to pieces. I saw Chloe reaching to her chest and falling from the chair. I ran to her as quickly as I could and shouted as loud as I could:

- Somebody call an ambulance!

It didn’t matter. I tried helping her, but my efforts were futile. Everything was useless. Her eyes cried out for help and I couldn’t do anything. The same eyes, that I could only see the void and myself. I was disgusted by the image. Chloe, the girl, whom I loved as my daughter has died in my arms and it was all my fault. I killed her.

Filled with sorrow and guilt, I got up from her now lifeless body, that not so long ago was someone I loved. I walked to the cash register and took out the emergency pistol, then I went into the bathroom. As I washed the blood from myself, tears dropped from my eyes. Even when there was no more bloode, I kept on washing my hands. I just washed and washed and washed, like it will erase what I had done. Of course, it didn’t work. I sat down in front of the wall. I said a prayer to the Lord but when I needed the most, I received no answer.
I took out the small pistol from my pocket. I held it agains my head. Another tear rolls down my cheeks. An invisible force held me back from pulling the trigger at first. Maybe it was the little willpower to live. But the invisible force quickly passed. Another shot was heard at the diner, but this time it came from the bathroom. The ones that come looking to help, only found my dead body. In my eyes only guilt even after my death.
I dit it.
I killed her.

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