The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Revival

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



I knew it from the beginning. Everybody did. Death comes one way or another, it just depends how. Coty, he died from a sacrifice and was killed by the Infected. Maddie was shot through the head, and nobody saw the shooter. Kailey was shot by one of the Russian Soldiers, and now shes bleeding out on the grimy bathroom floor.

Nobody could do anything. 

I couldn't do anything. Nothing but sit on the bathroom floor, my head on my knees and blood covering my entire body. I made a mental note to wash my jacket, if the water system even worked. Damn thing keept me alive. Still will, at least for awhile.

"Anikan. Get up now," 

I looked up from the ground to see Jaxi up with her sword drawn. "We can't just sit in here forever. The others are out there and lost. We need to find them and get the hell outta here," she exclaimed. I nodded and grabbed onto the nearby stall, attempting to rise from the ground. My demons couldn't keep me down, not even the weight of my best friend's death could.

We began moving the large pieces of concrete out of the doorway while Ryan bandaged up Kailey's wound in the corner. "Ryan.... we seriously need to get you a peg leg at some point," she muttered through pain, managing to grin for a second.

Finally, we saw it. The light, gleaming through the cracks. I looked at Jaxi and she looked at me and with a single kick we knocked out a large piece of concrete and the entire pile collapsed, flooding the room with light.

The two of us walked right out of the destroyed building and out onto the sandy beach. The sand looked the same, but with streaks of black sand every few feet. The blue sky had a bit of a yellow tint in the sky and the small amount of clouds remaining were dark red, darker then blood. The trees were stripped of their leaves and the few that remained were dark grey and dead on the inside and out. This was the new world.

Ryan and Kailey emerged behind us, carrying each other in their arms. Bodies of the infected laid around is, sprawled out on the ground. I knelt down next to one and examined the small hole in it's head. "Bullet hole. Andrew's team got enough clips to take down all these?" i asked her. Jaxi shook her head, "soldiers maybe?"

I looked around for a second and managed to smile. No sign of the sports car, Axel and Julia had escaped. Whether they were dead or alive mattered though, we needed to find them. My smile then faded as I stared towards the ground and spotted the body of Maddie sprawled out on the ground. Her eyes were wide open and her skin stained with blood. 

Someone had shot her in the head. Whether it was a surviving soldier, some cop, an extremely smart mutant. It didn't matter. But I was going to find the killer, and I would end them. "GUYS!"

Looking away from the body, I turned around to see Andrew walking down the beach, Lili by his side. Space and Spencer were behind them, Spencer helping Space along and Space limping. The four of us ran towards them, Kailey helping Ryan hop with his one foot. 

I ran to Space and embraced her, pulling her close. Our lips interlocked in a kiss and I felt her hand move a bit lower. "Space the world just ended, you can wait a little bit," i exclaimed as I broke away. She smirked and looked over to the others.

"Where's Maddie?" asked Spencer as he moved past Lilitha and up to us. "Julian?"

All Jaxi could do is form tears in her eyes and quiver her lip as she stumbled forward. "They... I.."

She immediantly collapsed into Space's arms and she held her head to her chest. Lilitha immediantly fell to her knees and looked out into the sky. "DARKIE CHAN!"

I then looked to Spencer. No expression. Just widened eyes, a blank face. "Spencer?" asked Andrew. He waved his hands past Spencer's face and Spencer only pushed past. He walked past all of us and stumbled towards the beach, dropping his glock in the sand.

He walked towards Maddie's body as it laid in the sand and he collapsed right next to her. We all ran towards him as he put his hand to her cheek and stared into her souless, lifeless eyes.


I spun around to see the familiar figure staring at me from the other side of the hall. She walked past everyone else, making her way to me. Each step she took her boots made a sound. Maddie was amazing, the perfect girl for me. Video games, anime lover, food lover. She was... perfect. "Oh... H-hey Maddie. What is it?" i asked her nervously. "I was wondering if you would... like to come over on Saturday? Watch a bit of anime with me?" 

I didn't even have to hesitate before I said yes.

"She was a beauty.... she didn't deserve this."

As I walked down the hall from the bathroom, back into Maddie's room to continue watching our murder mystery anime, I was shocked. Maddie stood there on the couch, looking through my phone. "Hey! What are you doing!?" I exclaimed. "You left it unlocked. Anikan's Rule #10 don't believe what you're told, check before you trust."

"Hey hey hey! Don't quote that dumb detective boy right now. Why are you looking through my texts?" i asked her. "Because, I wanted to make sure I was right before I did this."

She got up off the couch, grabbed me by the hand and her lips met mine. We stood there in harmony for seconds, maybe minutes, maybe even hours. We broke off for a few seconds and stared into each other's eyes. "Spencer.... do you want to be my boyfriend?" she asked me through heavy breaths. "Hell yeah. Level up baby!" I exclaimed. Never in my life would I ever have thought to have said that, but for some reason I did. She fell back onto the couch, right onto the remote.

"No that's wrong!" exclaimed the man on the TV.




We all stood there, in front of the grave we had dug. Spencer and Andrew had dug it together next to the destroyed building and him and Jaxi had buried the body. "May you rest in peace Maddeline. We will find your killer, and I will end his life personally," Andrew said. He then walked away from the grave, trying to wipe tears from his face. I followed.

"You okay?" i asked him as he stormed off towards the destroyed RV. "No! I ain't even close! Those fucking Russian pricks killed our friends, destroyed our ride, and left us trapped in this stupid country!" he shouted. I put my hand on his shoulder and he immediantly shook away. "I don't even know where the hell we're gonna go now! We have nowhere... else... to... wait.."

Andrew turned around and ran to the burnt up RV. He then dived under the RV and began climbing under and I knelt down and peered under. Andrew was messing with the machinery and I watched as he pulled a large ash covered box from under. He crawled out, taking the box with him, and everybody else walked over too. "Julian told me. He had a backup plan. Damn son of a bitch never thought we'd do it, and he was right," Andrew exclaimed. Andrew pulled out his car keys and switched to a small thin silver one. 

He plugged it into the box, turned it to the side, and unlocked the safe. 

Andrew pulled out the first thing, a note written on a scroll like paper. Julian always loved the fancy sophisticated stuff over most.


Hello surviving friends. If you are reading this then you are either on the island and
i finally decided to show you it, or we failed and half of us died.
Anyways in this box is emergency supplies in case we were to fail our mission somehow,
whether it be Spencers incompetence or Maddie's anime obsession.
Inside is enough ramen noodles to last for about 4 months along with enough
water bottles to last the same time. Also there is a few guns and
pocket knives inside in case our weapons are lost and we need new ones.
I have a feeling someone is gonna end up destroying all the guns at some point.
The final thing inside thie box is the most important, it's the thing that can save us all
if we fail to escape the country. It's a new destination. On the way to Florida i made a call, to someone Anikan knows.
Anikan's family, including his close cousin is down in Mexico. They told me they had a base
a small town that was fenced off from the infected with reinforced electric fences
and people armed as guards to take out any special infected ones.
If you go there, you'll surely be safe. From there you can get a boat from the coast
and you can finally leave, escape the country and you'll be safe.
I hope you make it, and I BETTER BE WITH YOU.


"RAMEN WHERE!?" Jaxi exclaimed as she ran past me and opened one of the bags inside. She pulled out a ramen noodle cup and smiled. "Yay Ramen!" she exclaimed happily. Andrew looked at me. "Is he telling the truth?" Andrew asked curiously. "I don't know about the town, but a lot of my family is in Mexico. If anyone could survive this world, they could. As far as I know only the US was bombed," i said. He nodded.

"We're going then.

We all walked out of the RV, Jaxi and Andrew caryying the safe and Lilitha walking beside the despair filled Spencer.. We all walked outside and looked at the city behind the beach. The buildings were destroyed, toppled down and just remains of bricks. The infected were in the city, somehow surviving the nuclears blasts. "Are we sure that the nukes hit everywhere?" asked Lilitha. "Considering the one that hit this place did that, i'm pretty sure." Maddison said in shock. We all just stared.

We may be injured, we may be broken and we may be lost. But we aren't dead, and we won't be. It doesn't matter what this world throws at us, whether it be infected mutants, nuclear bombs, Russian Soldiers, The Cops, Gangs or even ourselves, no matter what we will never fall. Nothing can kill us, because we are survivors.

We are the Omegas.

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