The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The Flames of Despair

Submitted: September 19, 2017

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Submitted: September 19, 2017



I could not belive it. I started pacing and i noticed Brett was too. Jaxi was holding onto him, walking behind him crying onto his shoulder the whole time. Spencer, Lilitha and Andrew were sitting down, looking at her in disblief. Space was clutching her arm, standing behind them all. Kailey just stood there, Ryan standing behind her.

"Guys... i have something to tell you." she said quietly to us. We had stopped by an old Stuff-Mart to spend the night. Spencer and Brett had just cleared it out and killed a Zion. "I'm infected, i was scratched." she said, tears forming in her eyes. Jaxi immediantly fell to the floor and Brett and Andrew raced to catch her. Kailey couldn't look at us. "I have a medecine that.... it keeps the virus dormant for 2 days but... i'm almost out..." she said, starting to cry. 


One of our members was infected, and if we didn't do anything, she would mutate. "Is the medecine you use Ikarineon C?" Brett asked suddenly. She nodded and handed him the almost empty bottle. He looked at it for a few seconds. "It's a rare medecine, only one line of drugstores carry it." he said, "I've been reading up on those medical books Space brought from the apartment."

We all looked at him. Jaxi immediantly grabbed Brett by the arm. "TELL US THE NAME OF THE DAMN DRUGSTORE THAT CAN SAVE MY BEST FRIENDS LIFE!" she yelled. Fear filled his body. "It's Joenna's... you can find what you need there. I remember seeing one about 3 miles back." he said, his voice suddenly getting higher. I noticed she actually was picking him off the ground. She let him go and he fell to the floor. "Anikan and Brett, get Kailey and lets go. The rest of you stay here and try and scavenge some fuel, were gonna need to leave as soon as we get back. If we stay in one place too long we might run into a Zion horde." she said, looking the other way and walking towards a pickup truck across the street. I grabbed my Python and my metal bat and ran after her, Brett behind me with his AK-47 on his back along with a pistol in hand. Kailey followed, holding another AK-47 and her tomahawks attached to her belt.


"How are we supposed to get in there?!" I asked. "I didn't say it was gonna be easy." Brett answered. "That's impossible though!" Kailey said. "It's not." Jaxi muttered. The store was surrounded by Zions, scattered across the street. There was even one that was stabbed into the wall with a spear right in front of the door. Jaxi jumped off of the roof of the building we were on and pulled out her katana, slicing off the head of one of the Zion's. She then stabbed through another 2, killing them almost instantly. She kicked one in the head and sliced through another 3, their legs and bodies hitting the floor. A Zion then grabbed onto her arm and slashed at her sword, the claw and the blade smashing against each other. The Zion knocked her sword into the air and it speared through a Zion's head 10 feet away. The Zions surrounded her and soon she was running and pushing them away. Brett jumped off of the roof and shoot 3 Zions, switching to his AK-47 to kill more. Kailey jumped down too, cutting down Zions with her tomahawks towards Jaxi. I started shooting them from above, when i suddenly felt wind hitting my face and extreme pain hitting my side. A Zion had come up from behind and knocked me off the roof. I shot 2 Zions, crawling away as they ran at me. I pulled out my bat and smashed the Zion's head open. I looked over and saw Jaxi retrieving her katana and Brett and Kailey breaking through a window. I ran through the crowd, smashing through Zions as they attempted to kill me. I looked and saw one come from the side and it slashed me, knocking me to the floor.

I looked up and saw Jaxi reaching out her hand. I took it and she helped me through the window, Brett blocking it up with wood after.

I looked at my arm, fear spreading through my body. The claw hadn't hit my skin, only my backpack. I was relieved and immediantly reached for a bottle a few feet away. A bottle of Orange Jadorade. I quickly opened it and drank a bit, feeling amazing for once. "Haven't had that since the RV blew up." i said as i got up and looked around. I had left my crossbow back at the ambulance and had to rely on my pistol. Kailey was sitting next to the counter, staring at her bloody tomahawk. Brett was behind the counter looking through all the medecine and Jaxi was playing with her sword, cutting up everything in the produce isle.

I could see something different with Jaxi. She kept glancing over to Kailey. Darkness loomed over her as she walked over to Brett behind the counters and started sifting through the medecine shelves. I realized what feeling she felt. Jaxi was afraid. She was afraid Kailey would collapse, turn and kill everybody else. But if they couldn't find it and she started to mutate... she would have to choose. Kill her best friend, or let everybody else die?

"Got it!" yelled a familiar voice. I ran towards the back and saw Brett holding up a shopping basket full of pill bottles. "Alright now let's go!" he yelled. Nothing was ever that easy. We watched as a Zion broke through the wooden window and started walking towards Brett. It tried to slash him, but hit the AK-47, causing it to randomly go off. Jaxi swung her sword and slashed off the Zion's arm, as my bullet shot into it's head. We looked around and saw it.

The stray bullets from the AK had hit the wiring of the ceiling light and sparks were flying out. "This place still had power?" i asked, looking at them. "Maybe that generator in the back was on. Should've turned on the lights..." he said. The ceiling light fell between 2 isles and we watched as they lit up, the bright red light illuminating the store. "Shit! Lets go!" yelled Kailey as she pulled out one of her tomahawks. Suddenly i felt something sharp against my cheek, but almost immediantly it went away. Something had cut it and some blood was dripping out of the small cut. I looked around for Jaxi and saw glass bottles on the isles start to explode, explaining the cut. "Alright i'll take the back. Jaxi and Kailey go out of the roof and find the truck, Anikan you gotta follow and keep the Zions distracted!" he yelled. He pointed towards a ladder leading through a hole in the ceiling and we ran towards it, just as the front door burst open.

Several Zions came stumbling through and i shot one, sending the body to the ground. I looked at them and started backing away. Two of them were military soldiers, their wounds having gunshots in them, along with a missing arm and a bite on the neck for them. One had an assualt rifle on his back and the other a grenade on his belt. They had died fighting the Russians, fighting Zion's as well. If the whole military had fallen to the Zion's and Russians, what good could a small group of teenagers do?

I looked at my python, and closed my eyes. I won't let anyone die, not anymore.

I shot the 2 soldiers, killing them both. One of the Zions behind slashed and by gun flew across the room and over the counter, sliding across the grimy tile floor. I grabbed the body of one of the soldiers and held it in front of me, as the other Zion slashed. Blood and guts splattered onto the floor and i stepped back, throwing the body onto the Zion. I hadn't realized the grave mistake i made. I looked back at the Zion and watched as the fire spread onto the bodies. The body of the soldier with the grenade on his belt.

I dived behind the counter as flames exploded through the store. I felt heat on my side as the flames rushed past me. I got up from behind the counter and i could hear screams from above. The bright red flames were dancing through the store, taking down the left wall and part of the ceiling. I grabbed my gun from the floor and started to climb the later. I saw Jaxi run over and put her hand out. I grabbed it, but something else grabbed me. A streak of pain erupted through my body and i screamed in pain and looked down to see a Zion grabbing onto my leg. Only difference was, this Zion was on fire. A bullet raced through it's head and it fell to the floor, allowing me to climb up.

"Brett! You there?" i asked. No answer. "Cmon we gotta go!" Kailey said. We looked down at the street, now containing considerably less Zions. I pulled a grenade out of my bag and threw it, the small bomb flying across the road and exploding a decent distance away. The few Zions left in the street started moving away towards the explosion. We all jumped off the building and onto the small patch of grass below, running into the street towards the truck. Suddenly, a Zion leaped over the truck and onto her. The Zion was one of the special ones, the faster, tougher and deadlier ones. I pulled out my bat and smashed it against it's skull, causing it to growl and slash at me, sending my bat flying across the street. I shot it twice with my gun, only for the bullets to be lodged in it's arm. It roared once again, smashing into the ground with it's fist.

The Zions started coming back, the explosion noise wearing off. The special Zion seemed to be calling them to fight. I shot 2 Zions, kicking another one in the leg. "GET AWAY!" 

I watched as a figure, half burnt, ran across the street and tackled the Zion, knocking him into the lake in the park around the corner. "BRETT!" Jaxi screamed as she grabbed her pistol. We ran as well, Kailey jumping and killing a Zion with a slash through the face. We stared into the water, watching the dark blue water start to turn red. We all stepped back, Jaxi bursting into tears and grabbing onto Kailey. "I'll get the truck, take Jaxi." said Kailey, throwing Jaxi's body onto me. I started shooting the incoming Zions and after 2 shots, my gun clicked. I reached into my bag for an auto reload and a Zion sent me to the ground. Jaxi shot it and i watched as she got up. She shot 3 Zions in the head, kicking another's head off and punching straight into the neck of one. She then flipped a Zion into the ground, smashing it's stomach open with her foot. She drop kicked another one in the head and knocked down another one with a kick to the leg, smashing it's head in with her boot.

She went on, killing Zion's with hand to hand combat for minutes, seemed like hours as she created enough bodies to fill a graveyard, maybe 2. She then grabbed her sword from the floor, stabbing her katana through the chest of 2, and then cutting off 3 heads of others. I realized it too late. A Zion came from behind and slashed her back, sending the girl to the ground. I was about to hit the Zion with my gun when about 14 shots raced into the Zion's head. I looked back, seeing the blood splattered figure known as Brett. "That was so fricking annoying. Atleast that thing finally died." he said. A Zion's body was lying a few feet away, covered in blood and cuts. We ran over to Jaxi, looking her over. The slash had been blocked by the sheath of her katana, with she was wearing on her back. They embraced, their arms wrapped around each other for a few seconds, as Kailey slowly drove around the corner. She honked the horn and they broke away. "Get in muffinsacks!" she yelled. "Hey thats my insult!" i yelled back at her. I punched her in the arm when i got in the passenger and Jaxi and Brett jumped into the back of the truck.

It seemed like hours till we were almost back, and i could see the camp on the horizon.

Problem was, they weren't alone.

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