The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - A Break

Submitted: September 21, 2017

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Submitted: September 21, 2017



I dashed as fast as i could. I couldn't believe what i was seeing. Bruce and Anton were both dead. Both murdered, by teenagers. I felt bad for doing this, i could never forgive myself. I would have to live the rest of my life knowing that i helped destroy a perfectly good country, with a dumbass leader. Well, if i survived the battle. Pain rushed through me as i fell to the floor. Blood was splattered across my chest. I crawled along the sand, hoping to escape. A minivan was driven off the road and was lying half sunk in the sand. I got up and started limping towards that. I looked over and saw the teengers. One was holding.. a crossbow? A girl was being helped and i watched as a Zion lept at her.

It's claw was just above her shoulder and i pulled my pistol from my holster and i shot. The bullet blasted through the Zion's head and i continued. I saved her life, maybe that would help me. I opened the door to the car and i crawled in, closing the door behind me. I slowly watched as my vision blurred, my hearing deafened and slowly i blacked out into the void....

Anikan's POV

Nothing had gone right for us. We left the old building we were at across from the GameHouse and we just... drove. We didn't stop many places, only about 5 or 6 times just to make a fire and eat the ramen. Brett suffered the most injures, his burnt arm was fixed up by Jaxi and Kailey who he had to guide through the process. But we just drove. By the time we stopped we were in the middle of Mississippi. We had stopped at a 5-star hotel, thought with half of the building collapsed, leaving only the right side and 7 rooms, it seemed worthless.

Andrew and Lilitha took a room together as Lilitha wanted help with something from them. Jaxi went into another room with Brett and Kailey, but Kailey left to go grab something from the ambulance. Spencer took another room and so did Ryan. I took one by myself.

The room was decently big. A balcony that was missing part of the fencing, a nice big bed, a bathroom, and a large bloodstain on the balcony floor. I sat down on the bed and threw my backpack at the bottom. The door made a noise and i looked over to see Spencer peeking in. "Hey! There are generators in the basement that Kailey found. There's also working hot water!" he said. I immediantly turned on the light and was greeted by brightness for once. I then grabbed my gun and walked into the bathroom, stripping down my clothes and turning on the hot water. I looked at my gun and saw my reflection. I hadn't been able to cut my hair in awhile so it had gotten decently long. It wasn't to the point of needing a shower every single day, but i wouldn't mind a haircut. I had been wanting long hair though, maybe not too long but something new. 

I started to think, about them. Maddie, who had lost her life fighting to save us and her sister. She chose to go out painfully, being ripped apart by the Zion's to let us escape. She could have shot herself instead to save herself the suffering. She didn't. Then Axel and Julia. It just dimmed Maddie's sacrifice knowing the two children that she saved had died shortly after. I looked through the crack between the bathroom door. Axel's hat was still clipped to my backpack. Now Space. The Russian's knew we were alive, info must have gotten out. Nobody would not pay attention to several teenagers who haven't even graduated, driving across the country, shooting cops, killing mutants and finally taking down a battalian of Russian Soldier's to try and stop the invasion. Now she was gone, and we were being hunted.

The hot water hit my skin and before i knew it, i had fallen asleep. Hopefully i don't drown?

Firestarter's POV

The room was dark and there was nothing to illuminate it but my lighter and the moonlight seeming through the windows. We had run across the street to the gas station to try and find some food other then ramen. Maybe some pocky or pretty much anything. Lilitha had wandered over near the counter and i was on the other side, checking a small isle of snacks and candies. MoonBurst.... LifeKillers...... Snackers Bars.... Nit-Nats.....

I looked over the isles towards the counter, but didn't see Lilitha. I grabbed my knife off of my belt and crept over to the counter, looking out for any hidden Zions. I looked over the counter and i felt like i wanted to punch something. Lilitha was lying against the wall in the darkness, holding a bloody piece of glass, right over a cut on her wrist. I slapped the glass from her hand and looked at her. She was tearing up. "I... i'm sorry... i'm sorry... i... i can't do this anymore.." she said. I immediantly set my gun on the counter and started stripping off my hoodie, bundling it up into a ball. I wrapped it around her arm and pulled off my knifeproof gloves and put them on her. I was about to lay down, when it all came down.

It was a Zion, but not one of the normal ones. It slashed at me and i dodged, jumping over the counter. I had a hachet and a deagle, and my deagle was in my hoodie. I blocked the Zion's next slash with the metal hachet and held it back. I was pinned against the wall and it's face was so close. Blood was still dripping out of it's eyes and mouth and it's teeth were as sharp as Jaxi's sword. Blood splattered onto my white t-shirt and i looked behind the Zion to see Lilitha holding my gun, shooting it. After 2 bullets the Zion fell against the wall and i dropped the hatchet. I looked over to her. "Thanks." i said, panting. She didn't smile, she didn't cry.

I reached for the axe but it was too late. The Zion hadn't died. I dived for the axe on the floor but just as my hand wrapped around it, a bloody claw stabbed through my other hand. I winced in pain and slashed the axe up into the Zion's skull and pulled the claw out of my now bleeding and mangled hand. Lilitha rushed over, bawling and holding the gun. "Oh my god we have to get back to the hotel!" she yelled. She grabbed my good hand and we ran out of the store, but nto before i managed to grab a bag of Moonbursts....

Anikan's POV


My eyes flickered open and i looked around. I was still in the shower, lying on the floor while hot water continued to pour on me. I had been out for about 5 minutes maybe. I closed the water and stumbled out of the shower, quickly drying off with a red towel on the counter. I heard footsteps race down the hallway and i knew something had happened. I walked out and looked at my backpack. I grabbed my gun and Axel's hat and ran out of the room, to see Spencer running downstairs. I followed and i could hear screams coming from the ground floor.

Me and Spencer reached the bottom and were appalled at the scene. Andrew was lying on the couch, hoodieless but with a bloody hand. Brett was looking through his backpack and pulling out bandages, some pill bottles, a spray and most weirdly, a machete. I looked at him and saw his bloody t-shirt and soon everything came into realization. "How'd he get infected?" i asked. "Not a bite, but a claw through his hand it looks like. Still it got into his bloodstream so... yeah it's gonna be a bit complicated for the next few days of him getting used to it." Brett said, grabbing a blowtorch out of his bag. I knew what he was gonna do. I saw something sticking out of Andrew's pocket and grabbed it. "Did you get stabbed... for a bag of Moonbursts!?" i told him. "No... i grabbed them before i left." he answered. He was keeping calm during all this. He knew what would happen, we all did. Yet he just sat there, his eyes, closed, acting normal. Andrew's a guy who will act tough no matter what, he's someone who doesn't like acting like he has emotions.

Brett looked at him, handing the blowtorch to Spencer. He raised the machete and in one slice, Andrew's hand was gone.

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