The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Unkown Ones

Submitted: September 25, 2017

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Submitted: September 25, 2017



The light was bright and i could hear the growls and snarls of Zion's in the distance, along with the sounds of guns being fired. It was faint but could be heard from here. "I'm gonna go wake up Ryan and the others..." i said as i walked out of the room, my face slightly red.

I ran down the hall and kicked open Spencer's door to see him punching the wall. "SPENCER GET YOUR BAG WERE LEAVING!" I yelled. I ran down the stairs and in seconds, i saw Kailey and Ryan come down. Andrew and Lilitha were already downstairs for some reason and minutes later Jaxi, Brett and Spencer came down. "I'll drive." said Lilitha as she jumped into the front seat. Andrew got in the passenger side and the rest of us piled in the back. 

It was hard to drive at night considering the headlights were out from the constant crashing and Spencer had to tape a flashlight to the front. But a few minutes later we came around the corner and saw it. 4 guys and one girl were all in the street, fighting off Zion's.

The girl had a metal pipe, one boy had a shovel and the other 4 had pistols. We rammed the ambulance into the crowd of Zion's to the left of them and me and Spencer opened the back.

"Get in!" i yelled as they looked at us. The girl came first, then one guy, another guy and then one more. I put out my hand and the last one grabbed it, only for a Zion to grab him on the arm and yank him into the crowd. He broke away only to be bitten on the arm and a single slash of the claw sliced open his stomach. I looked away and closed the doors.

"How... how the hell did you find us?" asked one of the guys. Jaxi and Kailey had turned on a lantern so we could see. They all kinda looked, like they were in a gang. Except one, who was in a nice checkered shirt and jeans.

One guy had on brown cargo pants, a black jacket and had messy brown hair, along with a ring. "I'm Key." he said tiredly. Another had on a white t-shirt and black gloves and had longer red hair. "Name's Q." he said, stuffing his dagger in his pocket. The girl had dark tan skin, light green eyes and was wearing a vest. "I'm Riva, and Key and Joseph here are my brothers." she said, sitting on the floor in the back.

The last one looked at us. He had a white and red checkered shirt splattered with bloodstains, glasses clipped to his shirt and blue jeans. "I-i'm Joseph. I'm a freshmen at the Indiana University of Medecine." he said nervously. His knuckles were white and covered in blood and i could tell his body was shaking. He was out of his element.

We all introduced ourselves and soon decided to stop for the night. We all decided on the same place, a 3 story car garage next to a half blown apart mall. It seemed safe and we drove the ambulance up to the top floor. Me, Spencer and Andrew used the cars that were parked to block up the entrance in case anyone tried to get in.

In minutes we were sitting next to a campfire, munching on crackers, ramen and in Andrew's case, Moonburst. Though after several minutes, he walked off.


I walked over to him as he stared over the side of the parking garage, "Go back."

He began to climb over to the side and I had to dive to grab onto his hoodie sleeve, trying to keep him from falling off. 

I reached over to find something to grip on and wrapped my arm around a lamp post as I pulled him up, "What the fuck was that!?"

"Look, I can't do this. I have one damn hand. I can't even fire my damn shotgun!"

"It don't matter. You said Lili tried to cut herself with a piece of glass and you lost your hand when you took it away from her. If you commit suicide, that won't exactly help. You'll be a hypocrite."

He sighed and looked over at the moon, "Everybody I care about is dead."

"Wow thanks," i said sarcastically, crossing my arms. He punched me on the arm and glared at me, "not what I fucking meant."

"Coty and Julian are both dead. I got nobody now. I mean I guess I got you and Ryan but still. They didn't deserve to die."

I grasped Andrew on the shoulder and he immediantly shook away, "Dude don't you remember when our chemistry teacher used to do that when we started playing pacman during class? Fucking pedo."

The teacher wasn't, but in his opinion he was. His shoulder touches were still annoying though.

"You'll see them again. Maybe not for a long time, but they're watching over you."

"Okay they're both going to hell, so how am I supposed to work with two devils on one shoulder and no angels on the other?"

I snickered as we walked back over, listening to Jaxi telling a story about Kailey.

"Okay so we were at the concert and Kailey ran off for a bit. I stayed at the front to listen to the band, but she went off to the bar. After like ten minutes I went to the bar to find her, but nobody was there."

"The bartender said she left with a guy a few minutes later so I assumed they were at the car. So I came to the car and I heard something inside. I'm not gonna say what, because you guys can probably guess. I just walked home instead, let the two have her fun."

Everybody started laughing and snickering, except for Kailey who's face turned red with embarassment and Spencer who raised his hand.

"Yes Spencer?" asked Jaxi. 

"So a question for Kailey, did you get anal?"

Jaxi smacked him across the face and he fell backwards, dropping his pudding cup, "pervert!"

Key gave him a pat on the back while everybody was laughing and they both exchanged smiles.

"By the way Spencer, I did," said Kailey with a devious smile.

"So what'd you guys do before all this?" asked Lilitha, trying to change the subject.

"Me, Riva and Q were in a gang with 14 others. But a few nights ago those things got into the hood where we was hiding. They killed everybody except for us. My bro Joseph was hiding with us and followed, he was smart with medecine so we protected him the most," Key explained.

Q pulled out a lighter and started smoking a ciggarette.

"We got these lighters custom for us. They have our symbol, one that my homie Bruce designed. They all got our initials on the bottom. Key lost his though," said Q. 

"What about you Joseph?" asked Lilitha.

"I was studying to be a surgeon, at Indiana University of Medecine. So far all i've learned is the basics. I could barely even qualify for a doctor with everything i've learned so far," he said, stuffing a cracker in his mouth.

"I worked at the local Stuff-Mart with my friend Coty. Me, him, Anikan and dipshit here all lived in Tazader City." said Andrew said. Spencer glared at him. I looked over to the side and saw Ryan walking down to the floors below. Kailey was following. 


Swan's POV

I snuck through the shadows, sneaking around the cars while he walked towards the entrance. He jumped over the car, holding his shotgun in his hands.

I followed, jumping over the hood of the car. He was walking down the street, looking at a map we had taken from one of the cars when we arrived. A Zion walked up to him and he smashed it's skull open with the back of the gun and shoved the body to the floor. I pulled out one of my tomahawks and followed.

He finally stopped somewhere. An old house, burnt to the ground.

I was watching from behind the fence of the house next door and he walked into the house, looking around at the remains. I jumped the fence and walked over to the entrance, peeking around the corner.

"I know your here." he said, looking at a burnt part of the wall. I stepped into the room behind him. "How?" I asked.

"Learned a few things when i was in a gang. Plus I saw you through the reflection of my shotgun." he said, walking into another room. I looked at my surroundings, at the ash covered walls, or what was left of them. I had heard from Jaxi that his house was burnt down when he was young and his whole family went with it. 

I followed him into the other room, but as soon as I entered the doorway, i felt the ground hit my face. I got up and looked at my leg.

I had tripped on something in the soot and ash. I brushed it away and pulled out something, a silver lighter. I looked it over and immediantly felt a wave of horror, terror and fright wash over my whole body.

I didn't know whether to tell Ryan on not, but he walked into the room before i could decide. He knew it wasn't my lighter, i could tell by the look in his eyes. He could see the familiar logo on the front and the initials on the bottom. 

We ran, as fast as we could. If they were what they seemed, then we had to warn them. But by the time we were halfway down the street to them, we heard it. A gunshot. A scream. The scream, of Jaxi Alexis Blair.

We were staying with the killers of Ryan's Family.

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