The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - The Only Way

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



Me and Kailey stared up at the top of the car garage. Q was holding a sniper rifle, pointing it at us. Lilitha's sniper rifle. "What the hell are you doing!?" i yelled. "This is our stuff now. The rest of your group are prisoners. Now hand over your guns and supplies and you can have them back." said a voice. Key walked over and looked off the ledge. "If you don't, then your short little blonde girl will suffer." he said. He was holding Jaxi by her bound arms. "Let me go!" she yelled. 

I felt rage and soon, all feeling left my body. I wanted to scream, i wanted to cry. I was going to charge in there and take her back.

And then Ryan punched me to the ground. "Kailey don't! Your gonna get shot before you can even touch her!" he yelled. He held me close and i felt his lips brush against mine. "Sorry. But i have a plan.... i think..." he said. I kept my hand on my gun. Whatever Ryan was doing, better work.

I felt like we walked for miles, even though we only walked for one and a half. We had come into the city area, with decently tall but wrecked buildings. Zion's were everywhere and one almost caught me in the alley, just ripping my sleeve. But soon Ryan showed me the plan. "This is an electronics store. How the hell is that gonna help us save them? I don't think we can convince them with Gamebuddys and PX8s." i said to him. He climbed down the ladder and peeked around the corner. 2 Zion's were in front of that store. We walked over and i killed them quietly with my tomahawks as Ryan crept past towards the door. He broke the glass with his gun and walked in. "Guard the door, make sure we have an escape route if things go south." he whispered as he walked in.

He came out a few minutes holding a box and an XPhone. He gestured me to follow and we did, running across the street and into the alley. "So what are we doing?" i asked. He went into my backpack and pulled out something, a grenade. "Spencer and me dicussed this plan before, he said he and Maddie made it in case they were ever kidnapped. Spencer got kidnapped when he was a kid once, so he kinda has a phobia of that." Ryan muttered. Soon we could see the top of the car garage as we hid in the shadows of a nearby alley. "Alright, lets get to work."

Anikan's POV

I wanted to shoot them, i wanted to kill them all. Andrew was bound to the side of the ambulance by some handcuffs and Spencer was tied up with some rope and was sitting next to me. Brett had tried to fight back but was also thrown into the back of the ambulance. My hands were bound and my legs were, but loosely. Jaxi was tied up in the corner next to an old ford ranger and Lilitha was knocked out completely, her body sprawled out on the floor. Andrew tried to protect her, but was beaten almost to death by the 3 of them. Joseph though, he just sat next to a car. I could tell, he didn't want to do this. He tied only my bounds, and mine were loose. 

I looked over to the side and was appalled by what i saw. A tiny white sphere rolling around the floor. A Sphero. I then heard it, Ryan's voice. "Surrender to us, give us our weapons and our friends, or die!" Ryan yelled. "You don't realize your position do you.... well... time for the girl to die." said Key. I watched as the ball rolled over to Spencer and he looked at me. "Push the button." he whispered quietly. I saw a small red button just barely poking out of the side. I clicked it. "RYAN!" yelled Spencer. Q kicked Spencer in the ribs and he gasped in pain. I watched as the small sphero rolled over to the edge of the building and it came.

The side of the building exploded and i watched as Jaxi's still body flew from the explosion and rolled across the pavement. I broke out of my bonds and hid around the side of the ambualance as Key shot at me. I saw Spencer's machete lying on the floor, and quickly grabbed it. Key pointed his gun at Spencer, who was trying to run. I cut his bounds with a single slash and pulled him behind the vehicle, while bullets raced past us. I quickly shot back, hitting Q in the leg. Key and Q took cover behind one of the cars. Joseph was still hiding behind the Ford Ranger. But Riva was nowhere to be found.

Remington's POV

I shot a Zion as it stumbled over to us. Kailey jumped over the hood of the car and ran into the garage, with be right behind. But there was a small problem. Zion's had invaded the first floor. They were coming at us from everywhere. From under and inside cars and from over the small walls around the platform. I shot 2 Zion's before realizing that i was almost out of ammo. I shot one more and the gun clicked. I hadn't fully reloaded when i left the ambulance and my backpack was still inside. I smashed my shotgun into the head of a Zion and saw Kailey struggling to fight them off. One of them slashed and Kailey's leggings ripped slightly, sending her to the floor. She pushed the Zion off and slashed at another Zion, slicing it's face apart. She kicked it away and we ran up to the second floor. A figure was standing in the darkness and i felt something. I looked down and saw a bullet had grazed my artificial leg. Kailey pulled out her Uzi and fired back at the figure. The figure ducked, rolled and came up, shooting the gun out of Kailey's hand. Kailey pulled out her tomahawk and blocked a bullet as it bounced off of the metal blade. She rolled as well and knocked the gun out of Riva's hand. 

I ran from the scene up to the top floor, leaving Kailey to fight Riva. I stumbled up the stairs, still struggling a bit with my prosthetic leg. It had been over a week of having it but it still was a bit difficult. I ran up and immediantly shot Q in the stomach. He stepped back a bit, blood splattered across his body. He fell back over the side of the wall and hit the pavement below. I immediantly stopped in my path and a bullet raced past me. Anikan tackled me to the floor and we crawled behind an old dune buggy. I felt something washing over me, a feeling i never felt before. Anikan was looking at me. "That... that was your first kill... wasn't it?" he asked, panting. He shot back twice with his revolver and a shot came back, knocking it out of his hands and against the wall. 

He was right. During the Beach Attack i had been in the RV and hadn't killed anyone. I only came into the battle after the RV crashed and i was knocked into the sand. By that time nobody was left to fight. Q, a troubled teenage boy who was partly resposible for killing my family was my first kill.

Anikan's POV

I quickly dived into the line of fire and over to the ambulance, where Brett jumped out. He had his assault rifle and he threw me my crossbow. He started untying Andrew and i ran over to Key. I shot him in the stomach and he gasped in pain, firing back twice with his pistol. The first bullet missed, the second one shot into my shoulder. I fell to the floor, dropping the bow and clutching the bullet wound. It had gone straight through, but was still hurting decently. I got up and punched Key in the head, knocking him back. He kicked me in the leg and i caught his next punch with mine and after i threw another, he caught that one. I caught his punch and he caught mine. I broke the face off with a kick to the leg, but missed and he punched me in the shoulder, the same shoulder as the bullet wound. I winced in pain and i grabbed onto his shoulders, trying to push him off. "DUCK!"

I quickly ducked down to the floor and felt something wet hit the back of my neck. I looked back up. Ryan had shot him in the chest. He smashed the side of the gun into Key's face and his body fell over the wall and hit the pavement, just feet from Q's body. I quickly got up, with some help from Ryan and we walked over to the others. Spencer and Andrew were untied, and Andrew was kneeling over Lilitha's body. She was knocked out and she had gotten hit in the head. Brett was talking to Jaxi, who was just barely awake. There were burn marks on her left arm and hand, from not only the sphero explosion, but the grenade at the beach.

I looked at Ryan. He was staring off the edge of the wall at the sky. His gun was lying on the floor. I saw him shake and he immediantly turned around and ran towards the exit. I knew why seconds later. 

"GET AWAY! AHHHHH!" yelled a voice. That voice, was the voice of Kailey Swanson.

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