The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Bullets, Brains and a Sinking Ship

Submitted: September 29, 2017

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Submitted: September 29, 2017



I felt it's claws slash at my leg and i quickly rolled over, barely missing it. I grabbed my gun and beat the Zion in the head, knocking it back. I swung a punch but it dodged and it's arms grabbed onto mine. I tried to hold it away as it's sharp teeth chomped at me. My leather jacket was the only thing keeping it from digging it's claws into me and killing me. I held my gun up and fired twice, blowing blood out of it's skull. It fell to the floor, but got back up. Half of it's jaw had been blown off, but it hadn't died yet. The Dark Zion's were different, normal Zion's could be killed with a bullet to the heart, neck, leg, chest or whatever. Dark Zion's had to be killed by a bullet to the brain.

I pushed it away and i stumbled towards the stairs up to the top where the control room was. I grabbed onto the railing and i immediantly ducked down. Bullets rained upon me, shooting through my leg and my abdomen. When i shot the Zion, it had alerted the soldiers i was awake and on deck. I winced in pain and looked at the Zion. It dived at me and i punched it in the head, shooting it right after. I climbed up the stairs and stumbled over to the room, trying to open the door. The Zion followed me up and i fired twice more. It growled as the bullets flew into it's neck and i quickly kicked the door open to the control room. I fell to the floor as i locked it, blood splattered across my face and body. I listened to the bullets and watched as the glass windows shattered, sending small glass shards onto me.

The door shook and i looked to see a claw sticking through the metal door. The Zion was breaking in

Rose's POV

My eyes flickered open at the sound and i reached for my Katana. It was lying on the side of the bed, sheathed. I tapped Brett on the shoulder and his eyes flickered open too. "Brett, theres something outside." i said, looking at him. He got up and looked around. I could hear it, something coming from outside. The sound of gunfire. I quickly threw my stuff into my bag and ran from the room, Brett behind me. We walked out and almost immediantly we saw it. Half of the ship was on fire. We saw Kane, Rey and Beth leave their room and then Andrew, Lilitha and Ryan. "The ships on fire lets go!" yelled Ryan. "Theres lifeboats on the top deck. We'll start grabbing our supplies, you try and stop them!" said Kane. We all ran up the deck and watched as bullets rained upon us. We all hit the deck and Lilitha crawled over to the edge. She put her sniper rifle over the side and fired 2 shots. We heard a scream and it came from none of us. 

The bullet was unexpected and quick. It flew straight past her, but not completely. She fell to the floor, a bloody cut across her face. Andrew dived to her and held her close, firing back at the truck with his deagle. I heard a scream and i quickly ran downstairs. A Zion was crawling into the flooded room through the hole in the wall and was grabbing onto Rey. I quickly sliced into the Zion's head with my sword and it let go, letting Rey get up. Rey had an assault rifle and so did Kane. Kane also had a duffel bag over his arm and Beth had a pistol and bag as well. "We got food, water and ammo. Now lets go!" said Rey. We all ran up the stairs and i heard something. I looked back to see a small sphere lying on the floor.

I dived out of the lower deck as it exploded into flames, sending me rolling onto the main deck. Brett laid down next to me before firing back and i watched as another grenade flew onto the ship and blew apart the control room. No chance of this ship now. I then saw something. A Dark Zion breaking into the half blown up control room. I ran up there and quickly sliced it's arms off and then stabbed the blade through it's skull. I opened the door and saw Anikan, lying against the wall. "Oh hey Jaxi. Help?" he asked. "Oh my god. How many bullets?" i asked as i helped him up. His skin was cold and his face was pale. "2... leg and abdomen." he muttered. We limped over towards the life boat that Rey, Kane and Brett were already in. 

Beth and Andrew who was carrying Lilitha ran with us over to the boat when it happened. The turret on the back of the ship started firing and the bullets hit the wooden deck, the side of the boat and us. I yelped as i saw the bullet blast through her. She fell to the floor and hit the ground with a thud. Andrew screamed and watched in horror as bullets exploded into her body. I watched as a man on the truck fired a rocket from an RPG and i dived towards Brett and Kailey on the boat, taking Anikan with me

I felt the cold ocean water, heard the screams and suddenly, i couldn't breathe

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