The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Lost in the Desert

Submitted: September 29, 2017

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Submitted: September 29, 2017



I could feel it, it was everywhere. It was soft, and was thing. It was sand. My eyes flickered open to reveal blurry vision and i quickly reached to the grey blob on the side. I reached into my backpack and pulled out an orange bottle, uncapping it and gulping it down. I gasped for breath and quickly sat up, looking around. I was lying on the beach, in the absolute middle of nowhere.

I got up and immediantly fell back down. I looked at my leg. The water had washed the blood off of my leg but there was still the wound. The bullets had gone straight through and it seemed easy enough. But i couldn't do it alone. I quickly grabbed a medkit out of my bag, Julian's old medkit. I quickly pulled out some bandages and wrapped them tightly around my leg and around my abdomen to cover the wounds. I had to escape, i had to get out of here.

Firestarter's POV

I looked over to Rey. He was still crying, covering his eyes with his wet sleeve. If he continued, he'd fill up the whole boat by the time we got out of there. The ship had gone down by a rocket to the side and luckily most of us had been able to escape onto the 2 lifeboats we had. Me, Lilitha, Brett and Kailey got one and Rey, Kane, Jaxi and Ryan got another. We were sailing side by side, going towards the land. "How much time till we reach land?" i asked. "Were halfway through Texas and we should be there in... 30 seconds." said Kane. We all looked forward and saw it, land.

As soon as i stepped off of the boat, i wanted to be back in the water. It was hot, it was annoying and we were all tired. Luckily there was a gas station by the roadside in the distance. "Alright lets go." said Kane. We all had our melee weapons out. I had my knife, Brett had his dagger, Lilitha had her butterfly knife, Kane and Rey both had machetes, Kailey had her tomahawk, Ryan had a hachet and Jaxi had her sword. Jaxi was in the back, walking slower then the rest of us. I stepped back a bit and looked at her. "Are you okay?" i asked, looking at her in the eyes. "No. Anikan is dead because of me." she said. "He's gone, get over it." i muttered as i walked back to the front.

Swan's POV

The Gas station we had arrived at was small but usable. We all stepped around the corner and immediantly me and Jaxi screamed and stepped back. A man was hung by his neck from the top of the gas station, right above a jeep. The rest came around as well, though didn't have much of a reaction except for Rey, who gasped in horror and looked away. The gas station was almost completely wrecked, with half of the building blown apart. The jeep was still working though, yet nobody would go and get it. Mainly because the dead man on top, wasn't dead. The man was mutated, or atleast half mutated. Thats something i remember being told, by the doctor. 

"Our friends are out there! You have to help them!" i yelled to Dr Stevens. He looked at me. "I am going to save your friends life! Is he bit? Because if he is then he can't die." he asked sternly. "Why?" i asked curiously. "Because, no matter whether the person is alive or dead, if they were infected while they were living it will mutate them." he said.

I clipped my other tomahawk onto my belt and held one, walking towards the jeep. I jumped onto the hood and swung it, cutting the rope. The Zion fell to the ground and i jumped off the jeep, crushing it's neck. Just then, Andrew and Ryan walked out of the gas station. "No eatable food. Just some Moonburst and a box of cookies." he said, walking over to the jeep. It was decently big, could fit 4 people in back and 4 in front. Andrew and Lilith got in the front seats, Kane and Rey got in the second set of seats and me, Ryan and Jaxi got in the back. The jeep started to drive and we were off.

Rose's POV

Soon, i realized what was going on. Kailey was starting to fall asleep next to Ryan, who ignored it until he realized. "Kailey? Did you take your meds?" asked Ryan. He started to realize it. She was supposed to take it last night, when the boat was attacked. Ryan quickly grabbed her bag and sifted through it. "Okay knife, cookie box, oh god why do you have that...., rocks, medecine!" Ryan said as he sifted through the bag of stuff. I immediantly blushed as a thought cut through my mind of what Ryan was talking about. He pulled out the medicine and immediantly slapped Kailey awake. She opened her eyes, but her brown eyes, were reddening. "KAILEY! TAKE THE MEDECINE!" yelled Ryan. He poured some into her mouth and she immediantly got up, slapping Ryan. "Ow! What was that for!?" Kailey asked. "You didn't take your meds last night." i said. She immediantly blushed. "Did... did you look through my bag?" she asked. We stayed silent for the rest of the trip.

Anikan's POV

I quickly grabbed the Zion by the arms and kneed him in the stomach. He fell to the floor and i kicked him in the head. I felt my crossbow on my back and i felt the heat beating down on me. I stumbled towards the road and i saw something. On the other lane, something was speeding down. A grey van. But there was something about the grey van that was... different. I was about to wave them down when they sped past, and i caught a glimpse of the face inside. "No... NO!" 

My bag opened and i quickly ripped my water bottle from the bag, gulping down water as fast as i could. I ran as fast as i could down the road, looking at a road map on the side.


14 miles


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