The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Fiesta of the Dead

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Submitted: October 02, 2017



Rose Pwincess's POV

"Woooooo! Almost there!" said Kailey. She had taken her top off and Ryan had covered his eyes. "Kailey i get that you have something under that but can you put that on.. please?" i asked, looking at her. She blushed and quickly slipped it back on, right after throwing her half full bottle of whiskey off of the truck. 

We were about 8 miles from Chalma and we had decided to stop in a small town nearby, just to check for more supplies.

Beth had been carrying one of the duffel bags and we lost it when she died. In that bag was the majority of our food and all we had left was Kailey's half eaten cookie box and about 8 cups of ramen. Divided among each of us, it wouldn't last.

"So tell me again why were getting food when a town full of it is an hour away." said Kane as we walked out.

"Because we don't have Anikan to get us in. Now we need food as an offering." said Kailey. She really thought of Anikan as an object....

Andrew looked around. We were in a barren town square, streamers and party supplies everywhere. "There was a party when everything happened, some sort of celebration." said Lilitha. Kane and Rey started wandering around, staring at it all. "So do all Americans have their houses looking like clay huts?" asked Rey. "This is Mexico not The United States." said Brett as he walked into a nearby building. I decided to follow.

The houses were made of clay, but some looked slightly american. The roofs were flat, the windows shattered, and blood splattered onto the walls.

"Alright Jaxi and Brett go search for any food you can find. Kane, Rey and Ryan your on Zion watch. Kill any that you see. Me and Lilitha will go and see if we can find any extra gas." said Andrew as he jumped out of the car, holding his deagle in his hand.

I walked in the other house with Brett, standing behind him with my sword. "Jaxi, use your gun right now. The enclosed space is too big for the sword." Brett said. I sheathed my sword, left it next to the door and pulled out the gun.

The house was dark but Brett had a knife in one hand and a flashlight in the other as he strolled through the kitchen. There was a small bloodstain on the floor. Correction, not a small bloodstain.

Brett started opening cabinets and i looked down into a hallway. The light shone through the window on the side, illuminating the dark hallway. But the pool of blood on the floor lead somewhere, into one of the rooms on the side. I clicked the safety and slowly walked to the door. I felt a chill on my shoulder as the door creaked open to reveal...


An empty room with a lost soul inside. She was hung from the ceiling and a small piece of paper laid under her. I picked up the paper and attempted to read it. Spanish was never my good language, considering i was kicked out and wasn't allowed to retake spanish classes after what happened last time.


Brett came in behind me, holding a small duffel bag. "Lots of food here. Enough to feed just us for a month or two." he said. He looked at the paper. "If it's spanish i think i can read it." he said. I handed him the paper and he looked it over, his eyes scanning the paper. 

Dear Amanda, i regret to tell you that though we tried to survive, we didn't make it. We tried to do what the other town in Chalma did, but after a labor dispute, the walls didn't come up in time and a group of them came in. One of us got drunk and disabled the fence by accident. They killed everybody in the came, including your brother Noah. Me and your father are both here but i have been cut on the leg by one of them when we barricaded up the house. Martin got in as well but he commited suicide last night. I'm sorry to say that i will be forced the same. I will not suffer the same fate as the ones outside, all the ones who were infected. I hope your time in America has given you better luck. Please forgive me Amanda and if you ever read this, remember that i'll always love you.
Love, Mia

Brett looked at me and he could see the tears in my eyes. This Amanda girl had lived in the United States and most likely died in the bombing and her mother and father never knew.

I looked around, hoping to see the father of the girl crawl out of one of the rooms, still alive. A memory came to mind, the one of Kailey murdering the man who commited suicide. The man who commited suicide after he was bit. 

"Shit!" i exclaimed as the rope broke and the Zion pushed me against the wall. Brett was knocked to the floor and dropped his gun, firing off 2 shots by accident. He kicked the Zion in the leg and it growled, slashing at his boot.

If it hadn't been metal tipped, he would be dead. The Zion's teeth got closed and and it's arms were occupied by Brett's kicking. It's other arm was digging into my arm, but thanks to my steel and silver bracelets, they hadn't ripped open the skin.

I watched as it's teeth bit down onto my gun as i shoved the barrel into it's mouth. But something was wrong. I pushed the trigger but it wouldn't fire. Furthermore, the gun seemed to be changing shape.

 Another realization came to mind. The Zion's teeth could melt metal. I continued the push the trigger but to no avail. No bullet, just a few clicks. Brett got up and watched as the claw came down me and he fired his gun.

Firestarter's POV

Me and Lilitha searched the nearby car garage in silence. There were about 15 cars parked under a small awning in different spaces and each of us took turns hot wiring and checking each of them to see which had the most gas and also that could fit everybody.

In the end we picked a minivan, 2 seats in the front and 5 in the back and the gas was over half.

Lilitha sat in the passenger seat, eating the last of our pocky. "Lilitha, you'know that if they don't find any food thats all we got right?" i said to her. She shrugged and began nibbling on the end of another pocky stick.

I looked at her sternly. "Lilitha.... why'd you do it?" i asked. She immediantly put the box down. She was starting to tear up. She most likely knew what i was talking about. "I would have asked you to do it with me. But i knew you wouldn't, your too stubborn to give up." she said, sniffling through the tears. 

I walked towards her and she threw herself at me, tackling me to the ground. I hit the ground with her on me and dust rose.

"I'm sorry! It's my fault that you don't have a hand, and you won't ever get it back. If i hadn't done that, then you wouldn't have had to protect me and i could have helped you." she said, crying into my chest.

"I forgive you Lili." i said to her, smiling at her. She sniffled and held onto my, managing a weak smile. "Is everything gonna be okay, when we get there?" she asked. I nodded. "Don't worry." i muttered.

Her eyes seemed to flash and for a second they were silver. She whispered to me,

Fear the Night.


We looked to the side as we heard the scream. I ran towards the fountain where we parked the jeep and Lil followed.

We came around the corner, only to see it. It was a Zion, but different. It's teeth were sharper and colored red along with it's skin and there was a sombrero still strapped to it's head. While most clothes dissolved when the mutation went down, the sombrero hadn't.

It growled and slashed at Kailey as she backed up with Ryan behind her. Ryan was holding something peculiar, a taco.

I pulled out my deagle and fired at the Zion, blowing out it's guts onto the floor. The Zion stopped, and turned around at me. 

"JAXI! GET OUT HERE!" i yelled as I backed away. It was going for me.

I slashed at me and I took the bit, the claw grasping my sleeve. But suddenly, I felt something. It's claws were going through my arm, which was beginning to heat up. 

My arm started to smoke and I reached down for the deagle, aiming it at the head and blowing off it's skull. I then rolled up my sleeve to reveal a slight burn mark, "That thing fucking burned off my skin!"

Suddenly, we heard it. We turned around to see the door to one of the houses swing open and Zions pour out. Red teeth, red tinted skin.

I grabbed Lili and the four of us ran to the jeep, seeing Rey, Kane, Jaxi and Brett already there. Kane and Rey were having an argument though.

"I like foxes more!"

"No I do!"


I jumped into the front seat and started it up, driving off down the road and leaving the Zions behind.

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