The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - The Crack in the Continent

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Submitted: October 02, 2017



Rose's POV

"Hey, hey do you think thats it?" i asked. I stared out of the window at the sight in the distance. The road kept going straight, but there was a huge ravine going through the earth, with only a bridge going over it. But there was something else. Maybe a hundred small figures were walking around the area. "You think its the military? Or the Chalma group?" asked Kailey. Lilitha crawled out of the passenger seat and Kailey took her place. She stuck her head out of the window next to mine and grabbed her sniper rifle, sticking it out as well. "Shit. Zions, all of them." she said. I could see Ryan's face turn pale and his expression deadstrucken. "100 Zions? All together? Blocking our path?" asked Kane. Lilitha nodded. 

We all looked at each other. "What are we going to do?" asked Rey. He was shaking again and his knife fell to the floor. "I got a plan, ram right through. Brett and Kane get the AK's and shoot out of the windows, try and make a path through. Kailey open the back and see if you can take any out with your Uzis." Andrew said. "What happens if they crash and we get surrounded?" asks Rey. "Do whatever you can to survive. Kailey we may need you jump out halfway and lure the Zions away so we can get through. You can climb down the ravine and meet us on the other side. Now lets go!" Andrew yelled. 

It was sudden and expected, but the sound of skin hitting skin echoed through the car. Andrews cheek was red and Kailey was looking at him, her hand up. "I'm not jumping into a crowd of mutants that all want to kill me, just to make your life easier. If it gets to the point where thats the only choice then sure. But who even died and made you leader in the first place!?" Kailey yelled. Andrew looked at him, anger in his eyes. "Anikan did. He told me during the firefight, that if he didn't make it, to lead the group and keep you safe and THATS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO!" he yelled.

The car swerved into the crowd of Mutants and we watched as one dived onto the hood and smashed it's claw into the hood, piercing the metal and the mechanics inside. The car smashed into the side of the bridge, edging off the side of the ravine. "It got the engine we gotta run!" Andrew yelled. He opened the door and pushed over 3 Zions, trying to keep them away. I jumped out with Kailey behind me and started slicing through them. Ryan followed and swung his shotgun, smashing the neck of one of the mutants. Lilitha came next and then Rey and Kane, both with assault rifles. The Zions noticed and soon after tried to surround us. Me, Kailey, Kane and Ryan ran towards Andrew, Rey, Brett and Lilitha but it came.

The Dark Zion tackled Kane and he flew off the edge of the cliff and down the ravine. I slashed through a Zion before i noticed. "Kane! Cmon!" i yelled as we ran. We quickly jumped down the ravine, climbing down the ridges as the Zions followed, clumsily tripping and falling. Kane was firing his rifle, piercing the body and limbs with bullets. We all ran down, with Kailey stopping half of the way. Ryan grabbed the Dark Zion and smashed his shotgun into the Zion's skull, creating a small dent on the handle. I swung my sword up and sliced off half of it's skin, splattering the remains onto the floor. I stabbed forward and the sword drove through its skull.

We were about to continue when i noticed Kailey was gone. We looked back and saw Kailey, but not her leg. We ran up the side of the ravine and saw Kailey, but her leg was stuck into the stone. "Help! I got stuck when i was running down!" she yelled. Ryan knelt down and started pulling, trying to get her out of it. 2 Zions came down from the group at the top and i slashed through one, with Kane getting the other. "Any chance we could cut it off?" Ryan asked. Kailey looked at him. "NO! NONONONO! JUST HELP!" she yelled. A Zion dived off of the ridge and landed onto Kailey, attempting to bite into her neck. Ryan punched the Zion in the skull and Kane put it down, just as more came. 

Ryan pulled one final time and Kailey fell out of of the hole and we ran down the side of the ravine. At the bottom of the ravine was a small river along with the dead body of the Dark Zion. We quickly dashed down and i was about to run through the river when Kane grabbed my arm. "The currents too much, we have to jump." said Kane. He stepped back a few feet, ran and jumped, falling onto a small rock in the middle of the river. Ryan then jumped as well, but fell into the water, grabbing onto the rock as well. Kane helped him onto the rock as well and he quickly climbed on and laid down, trying to breath out the water.

We continued this till Kane and Ryan were on the other side and me and Kailey were on the rock. "You ready?" i asked her. She nodded and we locked hands and jumped. 

I knew it from the beginning. Had my footing been off, had one of us tripped, or had we both done it? I felt the feeling of the cold river as we hit the ground, the current washing us away. A hand grabbed onto mine and i grabbed onto Kailey. I watched as we were pulled out of the river, with 2 people standing above us. "Cmon!" yelled Kane. I got up and so did Kailey, only for her to fall back down. I looked down and saw it. Her leg was covered in blood and not exactly looking stable. "I think i broke my leg." she said as she winced in pain. I helped her up and we hobbled over to the ridge and started to climb up with Ryan and Kane with us. 

They came and from both sides of this side of the river, the Zions surrounded us. I cut down 3 with a single slash of my sword and Kailey, took one while she leaned against the rocks. Ryan got 2 with his shotgun and Kane gunned down 3. But there were hundreds, maybe more and they all wanted to kill us. I knew it would only take a matter of minutes, maybe seconds, before one of us died and then the rest.

I didn't see it, but it was in my blind spot. I cut down another and went for the one next to it, not realizing the one behind me. It tackled me to the ground and the rest surrounded me as Kane attempted to gun them down. I felt it coming, the sharp metal melting teeth and soon, i couldn't feel anything. Not the feeling of it all coming down on you, the feeling of teeth biting deep into your veins or their claws ripping open your skin. I couldn't feel it, and even more, i couldn't see it.....

Dune's POV

I stared down the edge of the ravine. If there was one skill about me, its that if you give me a new weapon, i can use it. "Nice shot. I thought your better with a pistol or a knife." said Joshua. "I know, but i can adapt." i said as i handed the scoped assault rifle back to bruce. Anikan was staring down the ravine through his crossbow scope. "She's alive, i think. They almost got her." he said. His face was read and he was sweating profoundly. I couldn't tell if it was from the dead heat or the fact that he watched his friend almost die.

Bruce looked at me and i gestured him to follow. "We'll go get them." i said. But i heard the gun click. "Who are you?" asked a voice. I looked to the side and saw 4 people. A red haired girl with a sniper rifle, a boy with a black hoodie and a deagle, a guy in full body armor and an assault rifle and a guy in a white shirt with another rifle. I heard something and saw Anikan come out from behind me. "Hey, i'm not dead yet." 

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