The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - The Desolation Haven

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



We could all see it from here, and it was huge. The base was huge and was surrounded by houses which had wooden walls around them and around that were the electric fences. Lights could be seen from a mile away, though it was faint. I looked to the back. Joshua was sitting next to Andrew, who was between him and Lilitha. "How'd you lose it?" Joshua asked. "Recently, got stabbed by their claws." he answered. His expression was horrific. "You.. your infected!?" he exclaimed. "No. We met a doctor on the way here. The virus is dormant for one hour after infecting your blood and won't start to spread from the entrance point until that one hour is up." Andrew said.

The buggy was big and was barely big enough for all of us. Me, Ryan and Kate were up front, Andrew, Joshua and Lilitha were in the back, Bruce and Kailey were sitting off the edges and in the small back was Jaxi, Brett, Kane and just barely Rey. "So this place is safe?" asked Jaxi. "As safe as possible. Weapons are kept in a small armory and labeled with the owners names so there aren't any mix ups. The groups that go out and go on patrols get their weapons while they're gone though." said Bruce. 

I felt something. A feeling of, normality. It would be a place where, instead of wandering out in the wasteland with only ramen and crackers to eat, we could have fun and actually live. "Is this place gonna last?" i asked Kate. She looked at me. "Yeah. Our leader Mark has kept us safe for the past 2 weeks and so far we haven't had much problems with helping 80 people survive except for a food shortage." said Kate. "We have food, we stopped before we got trapped at the ravine." said Brett, looking at her. Kate stared back at him. "How long have you all known each other?" she asked curiously. "I've known Andrew since the beginning. Jaxi, Kailey, Ryan and Lilitha we met a little before all this and Brett, Kane and Rey we all met while we were traveling." i answered. I could see something in her eyes, an emotion. I wasn't sure what it was, not yet though.

We finally reached the walls and they were taller then before. You could make a jump over it if you had a rock or something to jump off of, but the electric fences would make climbing impossible. The electric gate in the front opened and a guy stepped out, wearing rubber gloves and a dark red hoodie. "Kate, whos the new ones?" he asked. "Friends. We met them in the wasteland." she said. He looked at us for a few seconds before completely opening the gate. "I'm gonna ask you a few questions and then our leader will ask you some more after." said the guy.

"Can you ask them quick in case one of the Zoins come and gut us like a fish?" Kane asked. He nodded and handed out 2 things to each of us. A marker and a few stickers. "Label your weapons so we know who owns what. The girls sword, that crossbow and any knives or melee weapons can stay but anything else has to go in our weapons room." he said. He took off the hood to reveal his face. He looked young, maybe 23 or 24 and was bald with dark red eyes. "I'm Owen and i'm in charge of managing security. Well, me Joshua and Bruce." he said. Joshua, Bruce and Kate walked out of the buggy and Kate pushed a large shopping cart over to us. "put the weapons in here and we'll take them to the weapons room." said Kate. I dropped my revolver into the basket along with my assault rifle and they clattered into the cart. The others did as well, keeping only our knives, machetes and melee weapons.

"Alright cmon." said Owen. He gestured us out of the buggy and we all followed. "Josh, park the buggy if you can." said Owen. He nodded and got into the buggy. The place was decently big, with one pretty big house one side, then 14 other houses scattered across the place. He looked at us. "Don't worry about getting lost. Our leader has some maps printed out in the house here." said Kate as she gestured to one of the buildings. It was the biggest one of all and was well constructed compared to the others. We all started walking towards it and Kate opened the front door and we walked inside.

It was decently big with 3 couches in the main room with a tv on the wall. There was a room that i assumed to be a bathroom on the side and a staircase going up. "Gordon! GORDON!" yelled Owen. A man came down the stairs, holding a book. "Survivors? I thought the nearby town was the only one with people left." said the man. He had black hair and was wearing a white vest with a black t-shirt under it. His eyes sparkled like silver but he looked be middle aged.

"They're from America, they traveled here on a boat that blew up." said Kate. His expression was suprised. We all stepped back as he pulled a gun out of his holster. "Are you soldiers?!" he asked, enraged. "None of us are with Russia or North Korea! Me and the hoodie guy are from Tazader City, red haired girl is from Florida, the blonde and the brown haired one are from Kentucky, the one without a leg is from Lousiana and me and vest guy are from England!" yelled Rey as he put his hands up. He put the gun down. "All right. Well how did any of you even survive this?" he asked.

"We all went to Florida to try and leave the country but the bombing started and we hid in an old building. We've been on the move to try and get here after that." i explained. He looked at us. "So you've been in the radiation for 2 weeks?" he asked suprisingly. Andrew and i nodded. "We'll need Mackenzie to take a look at you, make sure none of you suffered anything permeneant." he said. He walked over the couch and sat down. "Now, it's time you get to know everybody."

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