The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Home

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Submitted: October 06, 2017



For once, i wasn't afraid to walk outside. I didn't have to check the perimeter for mutants or search a building for openings in which one could get in. I didn't have to worry about trying to watch out for soldiers or keeping everyone safe. Because for once, we were all safe and sound. The sun was a bit hot but, air conditioning was finally a thing. Gordon informed us that they had generators to keep everything running and they were on the search for solar panels from a nearby town.

I looked at the others. They were smiling too. "Well we'll split you up into 2 houses then, most people already have joined households to make room and were working on expanding to 3 other houses. Red hair, hoodie boy, sword girl and sword girls boyfriend, you can take one. Crossbow guy, one leg, british friends and axe girl can stay in the other." said Gordon. Andrew glared at him. "it's Anikan." i said as we left. 

We walked out of the doors of the leaders house and looked around. He pointed towards 2 houses next to each other. "Choose from those 2. I hope you all settle in well and if you need any help with anything tell us. If you have any snacks or preferences tell Gloria, she manages the kitchen. Also if you have any medical conditions such as rashes or pills you need to take then tell Dr Diana." said Gorden. He then pulled out a piece of paper. "Ah yes i should probably give you this map. It'll show you where everything is in case you ever get lost," he said, smiling. Something was off about him.

I took the map from him and looked it over as he handed out maps to everybody else. I looked it over and noticed the 2 houses with no letters on it, which i assumed was ours. 

I noticed a few other things. One, that there were 3 houses outside of the walls which i assumed were the ones he said he was expanding to. The other, was the name Steph on the top right. I recognized 3 names on here besides Kate, Bruce and Joshua. Steph, Alejandro and Martin.

"Hey Ryan take my stuff if you can, i have to go see something." i said as i handed Ryan my backpack. He stared dully at me before i dashed off towards the house to the right. I knocked on the door and almost immediantly, a girl answered. Her hair was black and short and her skin was suprisingly paleish considering she was here from the beginning. "Is Stephanie here?" i asked, looking at her. She looked at me for a second. "Who are you? One of the newcomers?" she asked, looking annoyed. I nodded. She looked away and over my shoulder.

I turned by head and saw her. I hadn't seen her in 3 years. Her eyes were shining blue and her hair was long and jet black like mine. She was wearing a blue shirt with white stars on it and had dark blue jeans on. She was also holding a knife. "Stephanie?" i asked, looking straight at her. She looked at me and ran up and wrapped her arms around me. "I thought you died!" she said, starting to cry. I hugged her back as she cried in my arms. "I'm fine, don't worry. Sorry i didn't call but my phone is lying someone either in Chicago, Florida or Utah." i said to her, smiling. She looked me in the eyes. "How'd you get here?" she asked. 

Before i could answer her, i heard the sound of a bell. I looked at them. "That just means Gordon has an announcement. By the way, i'm Isabella." said the other girl. I nodded and we walked over to the source of the bell, right in front of Gordon's house. Everybody else was flocking around, inclduing Martin and Alejandro. I walked up to them and they stared. Alejandro was my uncle and Martin was my half brother. They looked at me and Martin grabbed me, hugging me tightly. "I thought i'd never see you again." he said in broken english. Martin spent 2 years in the U.S. before going back to Mexico and picked up some of the language.

Gordon stopped ringing the bell and looked at everybody. "Everybody, we have newcomers who have arrived at our gates and have come from the remains of the great country of America. We are hosting a party to celebrate the newcomers, as we have not had much of a time to celebrate in the 2 weeks we've been out here and this is the largest group we've ever found." said Gordon. Stephanie looked at me. "I'll tell you the whole story at the party." i said to her. She smiled.


I got to our "home" 20 minutes later, after talking a bit with Stephanie, Martin and Alejandro. They had told me how it all unfolded and what even happened. North Korea had come here and destroyed half of the towns and cities around Mexico City, before the president finally surrendered. He died shortly after and the capital fell after a small group of soldiers lead mutants into the capital and set explosives off inside after. Chalma had been the only town that had partly survived. Our families house was burned to the ground and she promised to take me to it the next time she went out.

I pushed the door open and looked around. A small dinner table in another room and a couch with a tv in the main. There was a bathroom available by luck, as our families house hadn't had one. I walked upstairs and saw 3 rooms. One had 2 beds in it and the other 2 had one big one. Ryan was in one, fast asleep on the floor and Kane and Rey were in theirs, taking shots. I walked into mine and saw my bag lying on the bed.

The bag was tattered and a small gunshot hole was on the side. I opened the bag and dumped everything out onto the bed. First was a small box of cookies, half eaten. There was also a brown journal i had started to write in a few days before this all happened and had continued to write in every day of the new apocalypse. Then there was a damaged pen, a survival knife and a necklace. I hadn't put that into the bag. I placed it in the palm of my hand and looked at it. A bronze chain with a moon pendant. A moon, the one in Space....

I put my head down onto the bed and stared down at the necklace. Small tears formed in my eyes, and i hadn't realized it. I hadn't even had a chance to say goodbye.

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