The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Shadows in the Light

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Submitted: October 09, 2017



FireStarter's POV

"You ready?" i asked, looking over to the door. Lilitha walked out, smiling and holding her arm. She had put one of the new outfits that were left int he closet. I was guessing that someone delivered some other clothes before we arrived, as the closets were filled with non bloody outfits.

I walked over to the stairs with her following. "Why are we going?" i asked her again. "Because, i don't want to be the outsider here. I wanna meet atleast one person." she said, looking at me. She had convinced me to go to the party, despite my pleads to stay home. A small shiny object was lying on the table, which i spotted as i walked out. I grabbed it, pocketed it and left.

Anikan's POV

The sky was dark and the sun had fallen. It was night and the only light throughout the whole base, was the lit up windows of several houses, including Gordon's.

"Hey Ani!" 

Kate was running across the outpost, kicking up dust behind her.

"Why are you calling me that?"

"Because i am, fight me."

We began walking towards the house together, my habit of dragging my feet kicking up a bit of dust and dirt behind us.

"This place is seriously nice."

She smiled. "It's amazing what people can accomplish in a little over 2 weeks. Though we got a heads up the day before North Korea and Russia bombed it all." said Kate. A bead of sweat came down the back of my neck.

"Who told you?" 

According to Spencer the only ones who knew were the ones on the forum, and nobody else.

"One of our guys showed us a video message he was planning to leak onto the public internet. He said he got it from a hackers forum but it was extremely ecrypted and was only available to members. But when he tried posting it, it wouldn't go. But we all knew about it anyways so we started collecting, sending a few people in the neighborhood out to go and buy guns. We had to fight back when the soldiers came, before the President surrendered."

"Is the person who got the message alive?"

"No, he died during an incident. He volunteered to go out and check the gates on the night patrol and 2 of them got caught in the gate. He died trying to put them down." she said, looking down.

"His name was Ty. He was.. close to me." 

She looked the other way, keeping her face hidden. Why the hell could nobody look me in the eyes?

We reached the front doors and as i was about to knock, she took my hand and instead pushed open the door. Everybody was inside, maybe about a little over 20 people. I could spot Joshua and Bruce sitting on the couch with some other girl. I walked by and she grabbed my arm.

"Hey, your one of the newcommers? The ones who survived in the Nuclear Wasteland?" she asked me in an excited manner. I nodded, curious to know who they were. "I'm Dr. Diana Evans. I was gonna ask if you and your friends could come by my office tomorrow? I wanna make sure there isn't any long term injuries." she said, over the loud music playing. I nodded once more.

Dr. Evans was average. She had short brown hair in a ponytail, had a pair of reading glasses clipped to her pink shirt, was wearing light blue jeans and had mysterious purpleish blue eyes. She didn't look like the athletic type, but i could see an aura of intelligence just by looking at her.

She smiled and i walked away, following Kate. I could spot Jaxi, Lilitha and Kailey talking near the TV and then Andrew and Brett talking about something. I could overhear the words "love" and "doing it" but that was it.


I turned around to see a young girl, maybe around fourteen. She was wearing a bright pink shirt with a dirty white jacket over it. Her leggings were black with a blue line up the side and her hair was a shining gold.

"Oh, hola. Who are you? Sorry, don't speak much spanish."

"Oh that's alright. My name is Naomi, Naomi Richards. I'm from California, but I came here with my mom."

"Are your parents here?"

"They're dead."

She was looking down at the floor, fluffing her hair over her eyes. Seriously why could nobody look me in the eyes!?

"You have a son right?"

"I don..... he's not here. He's gone too."

"Oh. I'm sorry for your loss." 

She slowly walked away, walking out the front door. She seemed a bit happier then most at first, somehow keeping her hope alive. Well, until I said Axel was dead.

Gordon was sitting on the couch, 3 others talking to him. One was Martin, the other was Isabella but the last was a tall guy with messy blonde hair who i did not know the name of.


I turned my head to see Stephanie walking over to me. She was wearing the same outfit as earlier. "Hey whats with the necklace?" she asked. She was staring down at the moon necklace i was wearing. I didn't answer.

There was no way to explain it to her, at least without shedding a tear. Tonight is supposed to be a night of fun, not despair.

I'd see her again, at some point.

This was a party that i assumed would last awhile, because by 11 a few were starting to take shots. There was a small bar behind Gordon's house and Bruce was one of the few people that was taking shots. In minutes he was leaning against the wall to stay standing. I heard something else, something that slightly worried me. Kate had wandered off and was talking to Gordon.

"Didn't you send out the night patrol?"

"Relax. I sent out one of the Blake Twins out 10 minutes ago to check everything."

She was glaring at him. "We agreed to send atleast 2 people so we don't have another Ty situation." she shouted, getting mad. He shrugged and grabbed his drink off the table. Kate stormed off towards the door and i quickly followed.

I walked through and we both saw it. The gate was wide open and there was a body lying on the floor. The body of a tall blonde guy. Kate ran over and i followed.

"It's Riley one of the of the Blake Twins. He's not dead but... hes drunk."

There was a broken glass bottle encased with blood in his hand and a large cut across his stomach. We both stared through the gate and her face turned pale, same as mine. 

"Shit! Get the others! GO!"

The Zions, the same ones from the horde at the ravine, were traveling down the path, and up the small ridge to the gate.

Kate grabbed an axe which was lying next to the gate and smashed the head of the first Zion. She grabbed the rubber gloves off of Blake and started pushing the gate closed. The Zions came up the hill and pushed against the gate. She stepped by the smiled, before a flash of horror ran across our faces. The electric fence was off.

"I dashed towards the house and swung the doors open. "Everyone! Some dumbass left the gate open! Now get out here and fight or we all die!"

Over half of the people inside the house rushed out, the other. We all ran to the doors, getting ready to hold it. We all pushed against the wall, trying to keep it closed. I watched as the gates shook and the hinges started to jiggle.

"Someone needs to get that fence back on!" yelled Joshua. Jaxi let go off the wall and looked at Kailey. "Give me them."

Kailey unclipped her tomahawks from her belt and tossed them to her. Jaxi then ran off into the darkness and I looked through the gate as it shook.

I could see something shining through the shadows, down in the distance.

A Light in the Darkness

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