The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - A Light in the Darkness

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



I ran and i ran. I couldn't stop. Everything in my mind had been flushed away by the sole thought of losing my home. I had only been there for a day and already theres a chance the place could be destroyed. Anikan and the others couldn't hold the gate, not forever. I needed to get to that generator, or my new home would die.

The walls were tall, maybe around 10 feet and i was only 5"3 which gave me a problem. I pulled out Kailey's tomahawks and stabbed one into the wall, and then another and again.

I climbed the side of the wall with the tomahawks, thanks to my suprising upper body strength. I climbed to the top of the thick wooden wall and saw it. A Zion was lying on the generators, it's claw stuck in the gate. The electric feed must have run through the Zion and hit the generators.

I jumped down off the fence and threw the Zion's body off the edge of the ridge and away from the generators. I looked them over and almost immediantly realized i couldn't fix it. Suddenly, 4 of them stumbled around the corner and i slashed, killing one.

I threw one of the tomahawks, knocking the Zion off the edge. I pushed away another, but then came the last. It tackled me and i fell to the floor, just barely holding back it's sharp claws away from my shoulders. I tried to throw him off, but suddenly all that strength went away. 

The sound echoed through the whole base. I could hear the screams and the sole scream louder then the rest. The scream of a girl. I couldn't tell who, but i had a good idea.

I felt a claw running up my back. and i immediantly punched my fist into the Zion, throwing it off me and getting up. I stared at the wires. The generators were useless, atleast for now.


I looked up and saw Brett, dropping something from the wall. I caught it and slung my sword over my back. I unsheathed the sword and swung, killing 2 more Zions. I ran down the path around the sides to see the large cluster of Zions around the gates. Along with the bloody body of a familiar figure. I stepped back, luring more away and killing them with a few single slashes. But i couldn't do it forever.

Anikan's POV

Everything was going to shit, too fast for us. I stood against the door, trying to block it as they continued ramming.

"Alright i got a plan! Crossbow boy, white shirt, come with me." said one of the girls helping. I stepped away from the wall, leaving Ryan, Stephanie, Kate, Rey, Kane, Joshua, Kailey, Martin, Diana and another guy in a green hoodie to block the wall.

I followed, along with a black guy in a white shirt and a backpack. We dashed over to a nearby house and she revealed to us a small bunker in which she opened and climbed in

We followed and we came down into a decently big room full of weapons. The walls had assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and an old RPG hung on it along with shopping carts of pistols and other guns. She threw me an assault rifle and anothet to the other guy.

"Garret help me find the ammo packs for the carbines." she said as she bent down towards another cart. I could spot the small silver gun in the cart. I didn't want to, but i had to. I grabbed the revolver from the cart and pocketed it, stuffing the gun in my jacket pocket. 

We all ran from the bunker and over towards the gate, as we watched the others struggle to hold it together. We all aimed our rifles and then stopped. We watched as the hinges burst off of the gate and the people scattered, the Zions stumbling over the fallen gate.


I could see Jaxi and Brett being cornered towards the houses and Kane and Rey were surrounded. I fired, killing three more Zions as Kane and Rey dashed away. They were everywhere and soon, almost the whole clearing was filled. 

I saw one come from the side and the guy fell to the floor, the Zion attempting to stab him. The girl tried to help, but even more came. I ran and i felt something. A Zion was grabbing onto my assault rifle strap.

I quickly fired 2 more shots and threw it to him, knocking it to the floor. I put my hand on the python and saw something. Kate, Jaxi, Brett, Andrew and Lilitha had made a small circle around the side of the wall, trying to hold them off. But they were closing in. Kailey was nowhere to be found and same with Joshua. I saw it right then and there. A Zion was on top of the walls and was about to fall, right on top of them.


She looked up and i pulled out the gun, firing three shots. two missed, but the final one flew past the other Zions and shot that one through the head, sending the body off the other side of the gate.

I ran towards them and grabbed a hatchet from a nearby block of wood, slashing through Zions with ease as i ran through them. But a small brown object distracted me and as soon as i realized what it was, i dived out of the crowd and into the clear area.

The grenade exploded and the bodies and blood splattered everywhere. I watched as more and more fell to the floor with shots. But i didn't see anyone firing them. Garret and the girl were nowhere to be found and Brett was lying against the wall, his assault rifle next to him. 

"Miss us?"

I stared up and saw them, standing in the entrance to the base. I smiled. For once in the past 2 weeks, i could smile. 

I looked at the gateway at the figures of Axel, Julia and Spencer.

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