The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - The Night Walkers

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017



We all saw it, everybody. The flare was shot into the sky by someone, and the only one missing was him.

Gordon was already outside, calling everybody over. We all did and surrounded him.

"Is everybody accounted for?" he asked immediately. "Everybody except for Erik's team but they're still out in the city. It's the opposite way of where the flare came from." Isabella answered.

We all looked around.

"Where's Ellie and Spencer?"

I looked around at the crowd of people standing around us and saw neither. Two people missing, and a flare in the woods. I felt my skin turn cold, in the land of the heat.

Spencer was gone.

"Alright 2 of us are missing so we'll have to split off into 2 teams. Seems best if we're gonna cover the whole forest out there."

"Crossbow boy, sword girl, sword girls boyfriend, one hand, red hair, Adam, One leg, Kate, Kailey, Naomi, The kids and Bruce will be one team. Me, Gloria, Alejandro, Grayson, Isabella, Diego and Stephanie will all go in a different team." said Joshua as he grabbed his spiked shovel off of the wall.

"I'll grab our weapons from the houses. Meet at the gates." said Brett as he ran off. Jaxi nodded and we all ran over towards the gate, Joshua's team following. Kate was staring Joshua in the eyes, and I realized what they were.

"Your gonna be okay?"

"Yeah baby. Ain't no mutant gonna get me."

Kate walked over and kissed him on the cheek before walking back over to our group. We all looked to the gate to see Rey and Kane. "We'll keep this place safe, make sure nothing bad happens when your gone." he said. I nodded. "Alright lets go!" yelled Andrew as he shot a gun into the air, signaling everyone.




It was already seven and we were exhausted. I walked through the trees, hacking at the random leaves and branches with the hatchet i had kept. Jaxi was following behind, cutting through braches with her katana.


"Not sure."

We walked back into the clearing where the others were. Andrew then got up from sitting on the ground and looked at us both. 

"Can't find him?" he asked. I shook my head in despair.

"That stupid loser gets back here after days of being thought dead and after not even a day he goes missing again!?"

Enraged, Andrew kicked at the ground, kicking up a bit of dirt. Lilitha put her arms around him and he looked down at his footprint. "If he doesn't show up in the next 30 minutes were leaving him." he announced.

He looked at us all. "Theres eleven of us, split up into two groups. Me, Lilitha, Julia, Brett and Kate take one team. You, Axel, Jaxi, Ryan, Bruce and the guy with the stick." said Andrew.

The guy with the bow staff looked at us. "Um my name is Adam thank you very much. And this isn't a stick, it's a weighted bow staff that i can use to take you down in minutes, so refer to it as a stick again and you'll be missing more then just your hand."

He was wearing a green hoodie with a large red snake on the front, had dark tan skin, messy black hair and was holding a the weighted staff in his hands. His red eyes glared at us from under his hoodie.

I had the feeling, the feeling was coursing through my head. "Hey Bruce, whats that?" asked Jaxi as she stared at it. We had gone down another path through the moutains and had found something. A body.

We all walked towards it. "There's no marks on him, just a bullet through his chest." said Adam as he knelt down next to his body. He looked it over and Bruce did as well.

"The bullet came from a revolver."

"There are only 2 revolvers in this place. Spencers and yours." Bruce said, looking at me. Spencer was here....

"Was this man one of yours?" Jaxi asked asked. He shook his head. I walked over to the body and looked him over.

"Hes a stranger, someone else from somewhere else. His hair, it's short. Someone cut his hair recently, which means he wasn't alone. I don't think he's traveling with a barber, which means hes with more then one person and maybe has a base set up somewhere. Not sure if he was friendly though."

I got back up. "Wow, almost like a mini detective?" she asked. "One of the careers i was considering." i said with a smile.

Kailey got up, stretching and looking around.

"When we go back home, anyone wanna do something?"

Bruce looked up at Kailey, a small grin appearing on his face.

"You wanna have some fun with me?"

"Hmmm. I'm horny but not that horny. Though.... i'll think about it."

Then, Kailey stopped. She froze, and so did everyone else.

I heard it, the sound of ruffled leaves. i grabbed my hachet and my gun, but it was too late.

"Stand down!"

Ryan already had his shotgun out, Bruce had his mini smg, Adam and Jaxi both had their sword and staff. Axel had a pistol. We all looked around. The clearing we were in was decently big and soon, they all emerged from the shadows. All of them, holding guns and weapons.

"All of you, drop your weapons!"

We looked to the side and saw someone approaching from the middle. He looked young, maybe late 20s. He had messy black hair, a trimmed beard and was wearing a grey shirt with a brown jacket on it. He also had a bandana around his neck and was holding a cigar.

"Put down the weapons, all of you." the man said. I didn't want to, but it was maybe 30 to 6 and unlike the beach, we had no cover or any suprise elements.

His red eyes were staring into mine and I knew we couldn't win.

But it was worth a try.

"GO!" I threw my revolver to the ground, swinging my hatchet down at Derek. He dodged and sent a crane kick in my direction, knocking me to the ground. 

Andrew ran past me, running at Derek but being knocked away by another man who looked slightly similiar, but with brown hair instead. His one hand limited Andrew and he dropped his knife onto the ground

Jaxi attacked, swinging her sword and beheading one before being punched in the stomach and pushed to the ground. She went for her sword, but was grabbed by a man and kicked in the back, a spasm of pain running through her body.

Adam went next, swinging his bow staff in an attempt to free Jaxi. The man fired off a gun, missing Adam. He then knocked the man off his feet, but was tackled to the ground by another and his bow staff was kicked away.

Next up was Brett who swung his first, knocking out a man with a single punch. He was then grabbed by two others and held back as he screamed, attempting to break away from his captors in a fit of rage.

Lili attempted to shoot, but her sniper rifle was knocked from her hand and a man pulled a knife, cutting across her arm. She screamed in pain as he dragged the blade through her skin, but it was finally interrupted by a punch to the head.

Adam was up, ready to fight once more. He ran to the man who was leading to them and swung his bow staff, striking the man on the shoulder. 


The man pulled a shining golden deagle and fired, straight into Adam's shoulder. 

Adam fell to the ground, covering the wound as blood stained his hoodie. He grunted in pain and ripped off his hoodie, wrapping it around his shoulder to stop the bleeding. It wasn't working.

"You may have won the battle but you have not won the war."

"We'll see about that."

I then got back up, charging and swinging my hatchet. The man fired twice, both shots missing. I then swung the hatchet downwards, jabbing the sharpened blade into the man's shoulder.

He simply kicked me in the stomach and threw my body to the side.

He snapped his fingers and more men appeared from the shadows, grabbing the rest of us and restraining them.

Everybody looked fearful, except Axel and Adam. I looked at them both. Axel just had his eyes closed and Adam was looking around, most likely thinking up an escape plan.

"Get into line!"

They stepped back where we were. "We also have someone else." the man said. Another two men came from the darkness and threw the bodies of Spencer and Joshua to the floor. Without order, they both walked towards us and got in line. 

Joshua lied there, being forced up by his captors and revealing his bloody face.

"Kate... Kate.."

Kate was staring at him, tears streaming down her face.

Spencer slowly sat up, grabbing his glasses and putting them back on over his bloody face. He was weakened, beaten. 

"Someone hand me a health pot."

I facepalmed.

"Well well. It seems like someone else is gonna die tonight. But my people have probably taken care of the shovel guys group."

My face became pale. Stephanie was in that group. I looked at him, trying to spot signs of lying or exaggeration. There was none. He pulled out a gun, an old black pistol with a decently long barrel. Not a magnum though.

He looked at us all, "it's story time boys and girls!"

"Once upon a time, I lost a friend. He died today. Jerry was one of my best men, and he died by this puny gamer nerd while on his nightly walk. Now i've lost him, and you haven't lost a single soul. So... looks like i'm just gonna have to kill one of you. Get even right?" 

The man was insane. 

He stepped back and i could see it in the shadows. A noose hanging from a tree.

"My best doctor is great with knots, so he came up with this execution for one of you."

He looked at each of us and slowly moved down the line.


"A young blonde with a sword, too cute to die. Badass though."

"Fuck you."

"Well this short little grape has a bit of bite. Wonder how that'll work with you."


He then looked to Andrew.


"We got an amputee here! Don't know how you got through this world but i'm assuming jacket over there and sword girl just carried you through this place? Hmmm. You, is this amputation recent?"

A man answered from the shadows, a voice seemingly familiar, "yes. Sloppy and quick. A single machete cut should have done it. Honestly i'm suprised he's still alive."

"Wow, you are so fucking lucky."


Andrew didn't even flinch. He looked over to Lilitha now.


"Your hair natural or dyed? Looks a bit like that one anime girl, don't remember the name though. Maybe its finally time for a ginger to die already."

Lili's arm was still bleeding from the cut, a long slice cutting right up her arm. Blood was seeping out and she had tried to take off her jacket to cover it and so far it was only keeping her alive for now.

We really needed Dr Evans here. Or Julian, well if he was alive.


Her arm was still bleeding and Andrew couldn't stop staring at the wound. At least the man knew anime. But then he went to Kate.


"Maybe a co-leader here? I can tell almost instantly when someone is fit to be leader, and you are one of them."

He put his knife blade against her forehead and slashed. A cut appeared on her forehead and a small bit of blood dripped out. He then moved his face closer to your ear and whispered,

"I hope your relationship works out well."


He walked away from Kate, approaching the next possible victim.


"Dude, nice white hoodie. You know what, you get to live. I'm sorry but that hoodie is just too fucking hilarious!"

Ryan growled at him as he laughed, his aura becoming a bit more bloodthirsty then usual.

If it was one thing this group didn't like, it was being humiliated. We've dealed with this all through high school, none of us needed it now.


Derek walked off, laughing at Ryan and his white sleeveless hoodie. Kailey next.


"Huh, big tits and a big ass. Girl you would make one hell of a slave."

"Fuck you bitch. I ain't up for sale. But thank you for the consideration."

"No problem girl. You ever need to get laid just walk outta your little base and i'll send a few guys to pick you up. If they try to pick at you before you get here just smack them away, lotta them are just pussies."


Then he approached the next one.


"Long golden hair, small body. I'm guessing thirteen?"


"All right! So we got more then just two nine year olds here! Well, you are as cute as a button."


He walked past Naomi, slowly approaching the next nerdy victim.


"A sad little boy in a stupid blue hoodie. A loser, before the end of the world and after. You ain't never gonna amount to anything."

I saw Spencer's eyes flash red and i grabbed his arm quickly. If he had swung that punch...


Brett next.


"Wow, a full fledged bodybuilder. Looks tough, but what about on the inside?"

He put a knife to Jaxi's neck and held it there; a single cut would kill her.

"Beg or she dies."

"You fuckin-


He slowly moved the knife, blood starting to drip down the blade.


The man dropped the knife, letting her ago and cleaning her wound with his bloody bandana.

"Tough on the out, weak on the in."


He then went to Adam.


"A bow staff? You must be pretty skilled to be able to use one of those things, even before the whole apocalypse. You should show me sometime."

"Get the hell away from me you mental asshole."

The man chuckled, moving along to Bruce.

"Huh, not a gangster I think. Nigger ain't good enough for that?"


The man fell backwards. Bruce had broken out of his bonds and punched him, taking Derek's gun and pointing it to his head.

"You really gonne do that? With about twenty people all pointing guns at you?"

One came from behind, knocking Bruce to the floor and taking the gun.

"See, can't win against me. Though you stole that gun fast. I'm guessing... you were a soldier?"


"I'm just gonna have to keep guessing. Your safe for now then."


Now he was at me.


"A crossbow? Seems a bit unconventional, but still effective. A revolver two? Wow your weapons are the most useless and coolest ones someone could wield. But you, you seem to the leader of this little group you have. How does it feel to have lead your group to death?"

I put my hand out, grabbing him by the neck.

"I don't know who the fuck you are, but you're gonna regret messing with us. I'm a killer, and so are the rest of us. We've gone through hell and back, and I ain't gonna die to some bitchy little pleb!"

I then let go of my grip on his neck and he stood back up.The man laughed, staring at me while circling around.

"Huh, bit of an attitude there. Well, I guess you can get what you deserve."

The man grabbed Jaxi's sword and with a single swing, everything stopped.


The blade was going straight through my hand, digging into the ground after breaking through my skin. Blood was squirting out, staining my jacket sleeve and skin.

"Heh, not sure if this will be usuable anymore. Maybe you and the wannabe emo can be amputee buddies!"

Everybody just watched in horror as the man grabbed me by the back of my shirt, throwing the blade away and dragging me towards the noose. Jaxi... Axel... Andrew.... Spencer...





He threw me onto a box that sat under the noose, forcing me to stand. Two men grabbed me by the arms and held me these, slowly moving me towards the noose. I stared at the faces of Kate, Adam, Brett, Joshua, Lili, Ryan.

"Guys, rule #21."

Never go anywhere without a weapon.

Using my single good hand, I pulled a large black combat knife from my hand and jabbed it into the stomach of one of them. I then pulled the knife to the side and cut open his body, watching him fall to the floor. 

I struggled to disarm the other one, but a single punch from Derek sent me to the floor. The combat knife fell from my grasp, hitting the floor and lying on the ground nearby.

"Huh, you still got fight in you. You'know what. Imma let you live!"

He threw me back over to the line, one man grabbing me and holding me back.

I rolled across the ground, not even able to get up. I just darted my eyes at the man as he continued his lineup, going past me and down the line.


The mysterious man continued his lineup and walked off towards the kids.

"Wow, twin badasses. What are you, nine?"

"Shes twelve, i'm thirteen."

"Well, i can't end the life of these 2. They got a whole life of badassery in front of them." 

"Already killed a man."

He pulled the large knife covered in Lili's blood out and held it to his face.

"I've killed more."

Axel just looked at him. He looked at me and he began to realize it. I was Axel's guardian, and if he died it'd kill me.

"Well well, looks like I may as well cause you some more pain."


The man drove his knife downwards at Axel, stabbing into his shoulder. He twisted the knife as it dug into his skin, staining blood though his white t-shirt under his jacket.



My mind went blank and my eyes flashed red. I charged at the man, a single punch knocking him to the floor. Two men rushed out of the shadows and grabbed me, holding me back.


I fell to the ground, the man having sucker punched me.

"Touched a nerve have I? Well i'll stop there, and let's see if your stupid little doctor can keep this boy alive."

The two men continued to hold me back as I struggled, Julia trying to cover Axel's wound with his jacket. It wasn't working.


He then came down to Joshua.


"Tough guy huh? Went to a gym before this?"

"I'm a football player."

The man looked suprise. "Wowww. Nice, think I remember what team you were on. Tough season right?" he said to him before walking away. Joshua nodded.



He looked us all over. "Well the only ones that are safe seem to be the kids, the nigger over there and the short blonde. The rest are all up for death."

He closed his eyes and pointed the deagle at us. He turned his arm back and forth, waving it among the twelve of us. 

"Looks like I choose you."





The sound of a bullet hitting skin and blood splattering onto the ground was rung out through the trees. We all looked around. Jaxi was looking on the end of the line, tears forming in her eyes. I looked too and saw him, kneeling on the ground, covering the bloody wound with his hand.


Joshua was shot in the chest.


"Sad to say, your team sucked! Now it's your turn to bite the dust bitch!"

He was trying to speak, but the blood was spilling out. The wound was fatal.

Two of the guys men grabbed Joshua and dragged him towards the noose. They placed a box under and he stepped onto it willingly. He was ready, if it saved the life of everyone else.

"Joshua!" exclaimed Kate, bursting into tears. We all stared at him.

"Kate, don't worry. You'll be okay."

"I can't... i can't be alone again. How... how am i supposed to live, to run, even to wake up without you!?"

Lilitha held Kate close. Axel and Julia were both in tears as well.

"Just survive somehow. You have Bruce, you have Anikan and you have Jaxi. You have everybody else, they'll keep you safe." 

She stayed silent.

"Just promise me. Promise me you'll end this asshole's life someday."

"We wi-


The box was kicked out and we all stared as the life slowly died from his body.

The shadows concealed most of him, but we could still see the darkened outline of Joshua, hanging from the tree. We all looked at him and i could see his arm slightly moving. But then it just stopped.

Kate grabbed onto Lilitha, crying into her shoulder. I couldn't take this. First we had the police, then the Russians, then the gang and now these people.

"Who the hell are you people anyways?"

He looked at me, smiling for a second. He handed his cigar to one of his men, "I'm Derek, Derek Jackson. This is my group, my whole workplace."

We are The Night Walkers."

"And we are killers."


Derek pulled his gun, firing a shot at another one of us. We all watched in horror as her body fell forward, blood spewing from her shoulder.




Naomi was lying on the floor, clutching her shoulder as blood stained her shirt. Derek slowly approached her, telling his men to hold her down.

"I'm not a pedo, i'm not a rapist. But I am a killer."

He pulled out his knife, repeatedly stabbing it into Naomi's arm. Each stab made a large slit across her pale skin and her screams were seared into our minds.





Derek then grabbed my bloody hatchet from the ground, holding in in the air.

"This ain't a world for kids."

The monster known as Derek swung the axe, cutting off Naomi's already bleeding arm.

More screams.... too many screams...

He then went for her leg, cutting that off two with a few slashes.

Her screams began to fade, she was dying. Axel was watching in horror, tears running down his face from the combination of the pain from his wound and the sight of his friend's bloody body. No kid should have to see this.

Derek finally threw the axe to the side and pulled the knife on her, jabbing it into her stomach and slowly cutting into her body.

Naomi was dead.

He then looked us all over one more time as we stared in horror. We were all covered in blood, the blood not from a single person but many. 

"I can tell from your freshly washed clothes that are unstained with blood, at least before this slaughterfest, that you have an outpost or something around here. Didn't expect anyone to flock to Mexico when this shitstorm started. Anyways, your group has two choices. Either abandon your outpost and go wherever else you want, or surrender your base and it's supplies and become workers and slaves for our outpost. Refuse either and you'll all wake up the middle of the night to the smell your own burnt skin." 

I watched as it unfolded.


Andrew rose from the ground, and with his one hand, punched Derek in the neck. Two of his men grabbed Andrew and held him back. They put a gun up to his head.

"Shoot him?"

A voice from the shadows spoke,

"Don't. That furry boy is not worth it."

Nobody else knew he was a furry.

"Fine, but bring me a bandaid." he said to the man who had spoken out in the shadows.. I looked and Andrew had been holding a knife with a thin cut along his chin.

A man stepped out of the shadows, wearing a dark blue jack and black sweatpants. He had short black hair and glasses clipped to his shirt. The most noticable of all... was the black eyepatch.

He knelt down to the black combat knife I had dropped, reclaiming his weapon.

We all just stared at him. Then he looked at us.

"What? I'm not a force ghost yet."



We all stared in shock, at the face of Julian Torres.

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