The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - 13 in a Million

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



Adam drove his staff down into the Zions skull, bursting it's head open. "Okay not that brutal. I'd rather not have to see a bloody brain every day. I knelt down and smashed the claw off of the hand with my hachet. It broke off and i handed it to Ray. "Alright i got 7 bracelets done already. Soon we'll be out of here." he said. Marcus looked at me. "Hey how'd you know how to do this?" he asked. "Learned from a friend. Names Spencer." i said. "Well this Spencer kid better be back at the base cause if this works i'm takin a few shots with him." he said, laughing for once.

Marcus was different from the others. He's laid back, but can be ocasioncally serious. He was wearing a white t-shirt with green camo pants and had long messy dark brown hair. His eyes were also bloodshot. "I didn't wanna be rude, but how'd your hoodie friend survive with no hand?" he asked. "Lost it during a struggle with one of the special ones. Claw straight through his palm. Another one of us cut it off, you have an hour to amputate the limb before it infects the rest of the body." i explained, helping Adam drag another mutant body over to be declawed. He looked suprise. "You people, your true survivors. Me and my brother, were just lucky." he said.

"Not true at all. Spencer is a computer geek who onced hacked the governments confidencial files. Andrew is a loner who barely talks to anyone. I'm the same. I was anti social for my first 2 years of high school. But i met a guy, i called him Fish for awhile. He helped me, taught me a few things. Now i'm not like that anymore. I can talk to others without feeling nervous or anything. Either way were no different then you." i said. He was smiling, almost like he was high. "Me and Brent. We were together as brothers for awhile. But about a year ago i left to join the military. I dropped out when the plauge started, along with many others going to be with their families and make sure there okay. Our mother was eaten alive by one of them, found by my father when he woke up in the morning. What was left of her body was splattered on the living room floor. Our father commited suicide in the bathroom that morning. I vowed to keep Brent safe, to put him before myself." he said. He wasn't smiling anymore.

The other 2 looked at us. "I was an assistant teacher. I came into class my first day and the teacher wasn't there. A student told me she was sick and was in the bathroom. When i went to go find her, she was already mutated in the stall. If you die when your infected, you mutate faster then if you stay alive. She had killed a student in the next stall, a little boy. I put the teacher down and when i came back, a few mutants had gotten in. As far as i know only 2 students made it out alive." said Evelyn. She was sitting against the wall, shaking. Ray looked at us. "I worked for tech support at the University of North Dakoto. The whole college was overrun quickly and the jocks and staff were in charge of protecting the main building. The jocks that were protecting the tech department ran, and they died. Me and the other guys who worked there didn't know how to fight. I lead them into the fight, and we escaped. They all died, slowly, until i was the only one left." said Raymond as he grabbed a hammer from his bag. We chopped off another 2 claws and he continued with the bracelets.

Marcus looked up at Adam. "What about you? You never really spoke to anyone besides Stephanie and Isabella." said Marcus. Adam removed his hood. "Fine, i'm from Detroit Michigan. Happy?" he said, looking away from everybody. "You don't have to share if you don't want to. I'm just saying i'd be nice knowing who you were before all this." said Marcus. "Fine. I'm.... whats that sound?" he muttered.

I looked at the hole in the ceiling and saw something. A helicopter. "Is that a Russian one?" i asked. Ray ran over with his sniper rifle. "Nope, American. Though theres a symbol spraypainted on the side." said Raymond. I looked through the scope as he handed it to me and almost immediantly, i dropped it on the floor. "We have to go, now!" i said. "What do you mean?" he asked. "There was another group, they threatened the outpost. They're called The Night Walkers. They asked us to either leave the outpost and abandon it, or surrender our supplies and become slaves for him. We refused, now were at war." i explained. He looked at me. "What happened?" asked Marcus. "They hung Joshua. Injured a few of us." i said, not looking at them. I heard Marcus punch the wall. "Thats them isn't it?" he asked. I nodded.

Minutes later, we were ready. Ray had made a band for all of us, completely made of Zion claws. "How'd you learn to do this?" i asked. "Father sent me to summer camp a few years ago. One thing i remembered was armor forging." he said as he slipped the bang on. I put mine on as well. I looked at the object and something traveled through me. It felt, cursed. I was wearing the claws of the same creature that murdered my friends. I took a deep breath and opened the door. 

I walked into the crowd, my eyes closed. "Dude open your eyes. If you bump into one it's probably gonna eat you." said Marcus. I opened my eyes. We were walking between the Zions that had piled against the doors. We came out from between the Zions and into the barren alley. "Alright lets find the others and go." said Evelyn. I nodded. I looked to the back. Adam was in the back, his eyes closed. Somehow he was keeping up, not bumping into anything or anyone. But i could tell something was wrong. He was shaking.

"Adam, you okay?" i whispered. He turned to me, his eyes still closed. "My hoodie..." he muttered. I realized it then, his hoodie was still glowing. "Dude you gotta ditch the hoodie!" said Marcus. I could see them, the Zions. They were re emerging from the shadows. "Look, the others are right here." said Evelyn. We walked over to the door and i quickly moved it open with my foot. I walked in and Adam closed it behind me with his staff. "Whats going on?" asked Andrew. I looked at them. "The Night Walkers are here, in a helicopter. We made bracelets out of Zion claws, so put them on and lets go." i said. Andrew nodded and i handed them the bracelets.

We opened the door and walked out once again, into the street. The Zions were walking with us and we were walking with them. We, were with one with the Zions. I slowly stepped over to the truck and Andrew went ahead. He climbed up into the truck and slowly closed the drivers door. Marcus, Kane and Brent climbed into the passenger and backseats and me, Jacob, Adam, Evelyn, Rey and Ray walked towards the back. "Adam, your hoodie." said Jacob. I could see Adam starting to stray away from us. "If they attack, they'll go for me. Just stay back." he said. Evelyn started walking towards him. "Evelyn don't!" Jacob whispered. 

A Zion came from behind and slashed, grabbing into Adam's hood. Adam swung his staff and smashed through the skull of the Zion. 2 Zions attacked Evelyn from behind and Jacob and Adam ran over, pulling them off of her. Rey was swarmed by 3 and he quickly smashed his rifle into one and ran. The Zions immediantly looked at us and attacked. I pulled out my gun but Adam grabbed my arm. "The Night Walkers will hear." he said. He stabbed the end of his staff through the skull of 2 Zions and kicked the bodies away. We dashed towards the truck and i jumped on, Adam following as well. Kane jumped out as well, firing at 2 targeting Rey. One came from behind and Kane fell to the floor, a kick from Marcus killing the Zion on top of him. He pushed it off and climbed in as the truck started. Evelyn, Rey, Ray and Jacob ran as well, but then it came. The special one.

The Dark Zion leaped out from the crowd and smashed into the ground, screeching once more. "They definently heard that." said Rey as he jumped on. We could see the helicopter starting to lower itself more towards the ground. Evelyn climbed onto the back of the water tank and Jacob followed. The dark zion leaped and it slashed, knocking Jacobs body to the ground. He got up and pulled out his assault rifle. "I'M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!" he yelled. He fired and in seconds the dark zion collapsed. The truck started and i jumped off, dragging Jacob to the truck. I helped him on and the truck drove off into the tunnel.


"It's coming." Rey said to me. His face was pale and beads of sweat were rolling down his cheeks. I looked up and saw it. A black helicopter with the same insignia the Night Walkers had. "What weapons we got?" asked Jacob. I looked at everybody. Evelyn had a pistol, Ray had a sniper rifle, i had a revolver and Rey and Jacob had AK-47s. I saw it slowly lower itself down, till it wasn't that far anymore. The door opened and i watched as a man sat on the edge with an assault rifle. "Fuck!" yelled Jacob as the bullets scattered themselves in the breeze. Adam and Jacob stuck to the side, avoiding them all. Rey tripped and fell, but was caught by Adam who pulled him back up. I ducked and Evelyn aimed her pistol. She didn't fire. "Evelyn just shoot." i said. 

She looked at me. "I can't! I just... i don't wanna live in this reality. Why are we killing each other. We're... we're just making it easier for the Russians, for the Koreans... even for the mutants." she said. I looked at her. I watched as a bullet flew over her shoulder and i gasped in pain, rolling off the side. "ANIKAN!" Evelyn screeched as she grabbed my hand. My leg burned for a second before she pulled me back up. I looked at my now ripped up jeans and saw blood staining the formerly blue material.

I looked at the helicopter and a thought came to mind. "Hey, i have an idea." i said. Rey looked at me. "Shoot the propeller in the back, if you hit the middle it'll go down." i said. Rey nodded and aimed the rifle. He hesitated. "STOP HESITATING! SERIOUSLY ITS GONNA GET SOMEONE KILLED!" i shouted. A bullet flew over us and through the front window. "Kane!" yelled Marcus. I couldn't see anything up there, but i knew Rey heard it. He fired at the end propeller, shots smashing into the metal. The propeller sparked and the metal fell off of the end. The helicopter started to fly lower and it fell out of the sky, smashing into the ground and exploding into pieces.

Rey fell back against the truck, sweating and bleeding. "How...*pant*.. the hell.... did you know how.*pant*.. to do that?" he asked, grabbing a water bottle from the duffel bag. "From... Grand Theft Auto. Me, Spencer and Andrew played online once and the cops started sending in copters. Spencer taught us how to take then down like that." i answered. Rey slapped me. "You lucky bastard..." he muttered before he gulped down even more. I looked over to the others. Evelyn was still sitting back against the truck. Adam was looking down, his hoodie still glowing. Jacob was staring at the ground, his eyes wide open. He looked, changed. I ignored it and sat back against the truck. I was about to question Kane, until the darkness of sleep consumed me.

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