The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Around the Flames

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



"How many minutes left?"

I looked at him, lying his head against the seat. He was still bleeding, and there was no sign of it stopping unless Diana Evans was waiting at the gates ready to help.

Andrew drew his KSG and fired a shot off the truck, shooting the skull off a Zion sitting on the side of the road.

"We got 17 minutes. I can see the outpost in the distance."

I looked back at him. He should live, he has to. He didn't deserve it. Rey was sitting next to him.

Evelyn grabbed the water bottle and handed it to Rey. He fraily took it, gulping it down. Dry tears stained his cheeks. Nobody deserved this.

"Is he okay?" i asked. I crawled on the side of the truck and Rey did as well. We all looked through the window to see him, lying against the seat. He was clutching his bloody neck, trying to keep breathing. Kane had been shot right across the neck.

Evelyn was starting to cry along with Rey and Brent was pale, trying to find bandages in his bag. Andrew's face was caked in sweat. It had only been minutes but he already knew without even having to turn around. Marcus showed nothing. "I... i... i'm... i'm sorry... Rey..... you have... be the..... the one Rey.... the one...." he muttered through choking. He started to push against the side door and i watched as his bloody hand found the handle.

He pushed the door open and we watched as his body fell out and rolled onto the road. The truck stopped and me and Rey jumped out with the rest of them, running over to his body.

Andrew and Rey started helping him up and carrying him back when i noticed it. Marcus was frozen, staring at something. I looked at what it was, only to see it. A small bite mark right above Kane's elbow.

We still had hope, or atleast Rey did. Rey was helping Kane hold onto life. Marcus, Evelyn and Ray knew it though. He wouldn't make it. I just sat on the back, looking at everything.

By the time that we get there, then into Evans house and get everything ready, he would already be gone. I just climbed onto the top of the truck, looking at the base.

I heard metal moving and i looked to see Rey climbing up as well. He handed me my crossbow.

"Left it lying on the edge."

Ideas came to mind, though none of them seemed possible. Shooting a bolt from the bow onto the walls of the base with a note attached.... trying to shoot up flares...

Another idea came to mind, something Spencer used to use when his mic broke. Write words on the walls with his gun by shooting bullet holes.

Though those only happened in cartoons. I reached for my revolver from my holster. The chamber held a full 6 shots. The idea, it came to me then.

I looked at Andrew from the other side. His dark black hoodie hid his face and his glasses sat upon the binder next to the laptop. Spencer was a few seats away, drawing a picture of a black and white bear from a video game.

The teacher was back and after what Coty had done, he wouldn't let us talk for the rest of the class. Every time Coty did something in that class the teacher would basically put the whole class on mute. But me, Coty, Spencer and Andrew had gotten around that. We had developed a code of tapping our fingers on the desk to tell each other things. It didn't always have to be tapping, we could even hold up that amount of fingers or using utensils. Whatever showed a number.

According to Coty, morse code was "overrated" so we made our own little code. 

One meant come closer.

Two meant look to the left.

Three meant look to the right.

Four meant help, or that the teacher's coming.

Five meant check the time, or check your phone.

We had six, which was meant safe, but we never used it often. I tapped twice and he tapped three times. I glanced over to my phone lying next to my mouse and saw a video link.

I held the gun into the air and pointed it straight into the sky. Kane's life rid on one thing, that Spencer was awake. I closed my eyes, and i pulled the trigger.


The One/Brett's POV

I could hear hear it. Gunshots. Spencer next to me heard it to. I helped him over to the front gates where Kailey and Dr Evans were and we all stared at the sight. We could see it, a big truck filled with boxes and bags in the back.

They were back. Spencer was wide awake, leaning against the wall. "Guys. He's firing into the air. four shots." he said. I looked at them for a second. Spencer then weakly slapped me on the shoulder. "Look at them through the scope!" he said. I quickly pulled my sniper rifle off my back and laid it on the ground, aiming at the truck. 

Andrew was driving and a stranger was in the passenger seat. Another stranger was in the back with.... the bloody figure of Kane.

"Evans get a gurney ready! Were gonna need bandages, pain meds and whatever else it takes to fix a bullet to the neck."

Everybody was staring at me and quickly Evans and Kailey ran off to the office. I just stared through the scope, looking straight at them. I heard a growl and looked away to see a sole Zion walking up the hill. I pulled my machete out and sliced into the infected's neck.

It's lifeless and frail body fell to the floor. It's face was expressionless.

"How'd you know?"

"Uh... the force?"

"You're not Julian."


Anikan's POV

The truck came up the road onto the ridge and it stopped, Marcus and Ray helping Kane out. Despite the bandages we had wrapped around the wound, he had bled straight through them. Dr Evans was already there with a gurney ready.

They lifted Kane off and me, Rey and Evans pushed the gurney towards the office. Kane's eyes were open and he was staring at Rey.

"Don't... don't..."

His eyes closed and he fell unconsious once more. Kailey kicked the door open to the office and we quickly laid Kane down on the bed.

"Diana we have a problem."

She looked at me, her face pale and a bead of sweet on her chin.

"Yeah I can see the blood pouring from his neck!" she said, grabbing a needle from a box on a nearby table.

"He's infected! We have about two minutes until the infection spreads to the rest of his body." i said as fast as i could. She reached to the side to grab something, but nothing was there.

"We need something sharp!" 

The door swung open and Brett came in, holding his machete. Diana and Kailey held his arm out where the bite wound is.

"30 seconds!"

Brett moved the machete down and in one swing, sliced his arm off. Kane was unconsious, but i could see his face move. Diana quickly grabbed a towel and bandages and wrapped it around the wound. "We need to caturize it! Someone get Gloria!" she yelled.

I quickly ran out of the room, racing towards the food hall. As soon as i walked around the corner I was met with the two. Jaxi and Lilitha were sitting on the bench talking with Gloria and Stephanie.

Jaxi frowned, "whats with the screams?"

"Kane was bit and they just took his arm off. We need Gloria to help caturize the wound. You have an iron right?" I told them urgently.

Gloria nodded and ran into the kitchen. I looked at them and noticed their clothes were dishelved.

"What were you guys doing last night?"

"We had a little party with a few others. Don't worry, neither of us did anything. Well I'm not so sure about Kailey." said Jaxi as she started to giggle. I quickly pushed the images out of my mind and watched as Gloria rushed out.

"I got it lets go!" she said, holding the plug in iron. We all dashed from the food hall, except for Lilitha and Stephanie who stayed behind. 

The door to the office was open and we ran in to see Kane's unconsious body. Gloria quickly grabbed the iron and plugged it into the wall. I turned away, Jaxi, Brett, Spencer, Rey and Marcus next to me.

"You guys should go. Me, Gloria and Ray can take the rest of the process."

I nodded and we all left. Andrew, Jacob, Brent and Evelyn were outside. "Evelyn, Jacob, cmon. Lets go check the gates." said Brent. They walked off and the rest of us went to the food hall. As soon as we entered we saw it. Stephanie was holding a knife and Lilitha was on the ground.

Andrew immediantly charged and punched Stephanie in the arm, sending her to the floor as well. Me and Jaxi grabbed Andrew by the arms, causing him to elbow Jaxi in the face. She hit one of the wooden beams and fell unconsious, causing the thing to happen. Brett punched Andrew in the back of the head and he fell to his knees, spitting blood onto the floor.

"She wasn't stabbed dumbass! She's still alive!"

We watched as Lilitha slowly rose from the ground, not looking at any of us. Suddenly she turned her head and looked at us. With her eyes flashing white.

The flames are coming.

Run, before you die.

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