The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Rain of the Flames

Submitted: October 18, 2017

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Submitted: October 18, 2017



Her body fell back to the ground, her eyes turning back into their normal hazel color. Andrew held her close and helped her onto one of the picnic tables. She was breathing. He looked at us, wiping some blood off of his face. "What the hell does she mean?" he asked. I knew it, but Brett didn't. The last time this happened is when she used her physic ability thing. She knew that we would fail escaping on the beach." i explained. I looked over my shoulder to Spencer. He was still hiding his face, but was helping Stephanie up. "Ow. She fell on the floor and i was using the knife to eat. Check for blood before you punch next time." she said. "I'll take Jaxi home." said Kailey. We all split up with me, Spencer, Stephanie, Lilitha, Brett and Andrew staying in the dining hall.

It came then. We all heard it, a scream. The high pitched scream echoed from throughout the camp and we all rushed out of the dining hall except for Spencer, Stephanie and Lilitha. We could see it, right at the gates. There was a small ladder where you could climb to the top of the gates and see who was over, since the gates were covered by sheet metal as well. A body was lying at the foot of the ladder, covered in blood. The body of Martin. Brent, Jacob, Evelyn, Ray and Martin were already at the gate. "Open up or die!" said a voice. We recognized it, or atleast most of us did. The voice of Derek, leader of the Night Walkers. 

Another one came and we watched as a small object flew from over another side of the wall. It smashed into the top of one of the houses and we watched as the grenade exploded, sending broken glass and flames shooting out the window. I immediantly pulled my revolver from my holster and ran towards the gate. Another grenade flew right over, blowing the land apart. I dived to the side with Andrew, the explosion barely missing us. I looked to the side and saw Brent lying on the ground. Knocked out or dead was something i didn't have time to figure out. Another grenade was thrown over, blowing apart 2 of the beams holding the food hall up.

It collapsed, the roof bursting into flames. Andrew got up and i threw him my hatchet. He dashed over to the food hall quickly as the flames started to spread. I ran over to the gate to see Jacob gone, Brent unconsious and Evelyn, Martin, Adam, Marcus and Rey there. "These those Night Walkers you were talkin bout?" asked Marcus as i walked over. "Yeah why?" i asked. He pulled out a small box. "Don't hit that!" i yelled. He put the box back in his pocket. "Relax, i'll do it as a last resort. Just chill out and fight!" he said. Ray was helping Brent, who was barely awake. "Thats them. No more. Just ask for peace. We can all rule together." said Brent. "Gordon tried that. He almost died during the negotiations." i told him. 

One more came and it was the worse. It broke through the roof of a house and exploded, the windows and exits bursting into flames. The house was the one of Jaxi Blair's. I watched as Brett threw down his rifle and ran towards the house at top speed. Just then Diana and Gloria came out, looking at the gate. Someone knocked on the sheet metal. "Surrender to us or we'll burn this place to the floor!" yelled Derek. "We aren't scared of you!" yelled Diana. A bullet from the sky smashed into Ray's head, sending his body to the floor. We all spread out, dashing away from the body. We had a sniper right on top of us. Just then, Isabella, Kate and Bruce ran from Gordon's house, all with weapons. Kate had an assault rifle, Isabella had a compound bow and Bruce had his mini SMG. "Watch out!" i yelled to them. Another grenade flew over the wall and exploded, sending Kate to the floor. Bruce and Isabella barely dodged, the explosion knocking them a few feet forward. 

I then remembered something. Axel was still in my house with Julia. Kailey ran over to me, hiding next to the office with me. "Where's Ryan?" i asked. "He went out to go find that sniper!" she said. 2 more grenades came, one hitting the clearing and the other hitting the food hall again. I could just barely make out the black shape moving through the burning building. I shrugged it off and ran out from cover, Kailey behind me. We dashed over to our house, just as a grenade flew over the wall and just barely knocked us off our feet. I rose from the floor and looked to the side. Kailey wasn't there. I looked around me but had no sign of her. But then i saw her. She was running into her house, where Jaxi and Brett were. I ran into my house and went up the stairs, just before realizing there weren't any. 

The steps broke under me and i quickly grabbed onto the top one, the only one left. Under the stairs was the broom closet, which was completely consumed in flames. I attempted to pull myself up, only for the stairs to creak again. I reached into my pocket and pulled out something, my phone. I hadn't used mine since we were living in the RV, and had forgetten it in one of my sets of pants. I then noticed something at the top of the stairs. Next to an old toolbox was a 6 pack of orange gatorade and a 4 pack of water. I smiled, realizing that Brett's team that went out scouting must have brought it back. I then focused myself back to the fact that i was dangling over fire. I threw my phone at the water, knocking it over and close to me. My fingertips locked themselves around the plastic over and i pulled it over to me. I quickly bit onto all of the bottles, bursting them open. The water started squirting onto the fire below and in seconds it was all just ashes. I quickly jumped back down to the floor and grabbed an old burnt ladder out of the wall, extending it up.

I climbed up onto the second floor and saw the door was completely consumed by fire. I opened up the toolbox and pulled out a brick. After questioning why it was ven in there, i chucked the brick at the door, breaking through. I dived through the hole in the door and came out the other side. Axel was unconsious next to the tv and flames were dancing around the wall. I quickly walked over to him and tapped him, causing his eyes to flicker open. He looked around and we almost immediantly dashed from the house and outside. I looked and saw Brett carrying Jaxi and Kailey and Julia behind him. We all watched as another grenade flew over the wall and in a small explosion, exploded right behind us.

I couldn't feel much. My vision was blurry. I got up off the ground. Kailey was getting up nearby and Brett and Jaxi had dodged it. Julia was behind Kailey. I looked back to see Axel on the ground, burns all across the right side of his face and arm. I quickly picked him up and ran to the office, glancing to the side. Marcus and Rey were leading the others, firing bullets through the open gate. Another body was on the ground. We ran into the office and Diana was standing there, holding a hammer. Kane was still out and i quickly laid down Axel in the other gurney. The burns were all across the side of his face and arm and his jacket was slightly burnt. The grenade most likely hit Kane's room nex to to his and blew the wall apart. I stared at him and closed my eyes. Axel will live

He has to.

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