The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Plans for A Slave

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



Swan's POV

I strolled through the gates, my tomahawks clipped to my belt. I still held my assault rifle as i looked over at the cliff. Ryan had disappeared last night, and i had to find him. Whether he was dead or alive. 

The sun was beating down on my skin, giving me a decently nice tan. I had decided to wear less clothes then usual as i planned to get a tan after this. I ran up towards the cliff and through the forest, climbing up onto the top of the cliff. I threw my rifle over my shoulders and unclipped my tomahawks, digging the blade into the rock as i climbed up the side of the steep cliff. Thoughts came to mind. The bombing that almost killed us all, that could happen again. We had casulties during that and major injuries. If one of those casulties was Dr Evans, or if the grenade hit the office.....

I pushed those thoughts out of my mind as i reached the top, the wind whipping through my hair. From above, the base looked nice. The sole word i could use to describe it, hopeful. It was a beacon of hope for all of us, because if that base fell we would be out of a home. I looked to the side and saw something. A body lying against a tree. I walked towards it to see Ryan, knocked out. There was a huge gash on his face and there was a huge bandage on his leg. I immediantly put my hand on his chest and his eyes flickered open. "Kailey?" he asked weakly, failing to move his head. I nodded and helped him up, putting his arm around me. "Cmon. Lets get you to Dr Evans." i said as i helped him down the mountainside.

Rose Pwincess's POV

Ryan was found. He had gone up last night trying to find the man who was firing the grenades. After Kailey got him into the office Dr Evans gave him the main meds and started treating his wounds. According to him he had knocked the sniper off the cliff, but only after the sniper shot him and knocked him in the face with his gun. He immediantly fell asleep right after he explained.

"Hey, how do you think The Night Walkers knew where our base was?" i asked Kailey. She sat across from me in the food hall. Next to me was Lilitha and next to her was Julia. Anikan, Andrew, Brett and Axel had all gone to Anikan's place, and hadn't come out yet. "Not sure. Maybe they followed us?" asked Kailey. "Couldn't have. I told Diego to stay on the top of the cliffside and make sure we aren't followed when we came back from negotiations. He watched us through a sniper rifle, couldn't have missed something." said Lilitha. I took another bite of the grape pop tart. "Maybe someone told them?" suggested Julia. We all looked at her. She was looking at us with a serious face. "What if somebody here told The Night Walkers where the outpost was?" she suggested once more. 

We all just looked at her. She could have been right. Diego had only been watching that evening that we left, and wouldn't know if someone snuck out in the night or had some kind of contact. Some of the houses have basements and there could easily be a walkie talkie or a phone that could be used to send messages. "Someone here is a traitor." i said. They all looked at me now. "Only real option, but who?" Kailey asked. I got up and opened my purse, pulling out Anikan's black cap. "I don't know. Thats what we gotta find out." i said.

Kailey got up, unclipping her tomahawk. "Who do we have to kill?" she asked, smiling deviously. "Nobody. But there are certain people who are alone at night or have basements in their house." said Lilitha. She pulled out the map we got on our first day. "Diana is alone. Ellie, Kelly and Alejandro's house has a basement. Adam i think is alone because Owen moved into Kate and Joshua's house." said Lilitha, listing the suspects. "We have to check their houses." said Kailey. I pulled down my hat. "Alright i'll go with Lilitha to Adam's house. Kailey you take Juia and go to Ellie's place. Diana is pretty much out because she always has patients there lately." i said. We then split paths and ran off in different directions.

Adam's house was locked, which i expected. To be, he seemed too secretive. Always wearing a hoodie, not interacting with many people and seems to be skilled with a specific weapon. Kinda sounds like Andrew but with a lighter instead of a staff. Lilitha pulled a small hairpin out of her pocket and in seconds, the door was open. We creaked the door open and walked into the dark house, light beaming through the windows. Adam wasn't even here. I strolled over down the hallway into one of the rooms. It was simple, a couch on the side with a stained wooden coffee table and a few bookcases on the side.

I walked over and started examining them. All the books were dusty, except for a few on the side. One was a book on different types of snakes and the others were about some sci-fi movie series Anikan liked. I ignored that and looked to the other side of the room. There was a small kitchen, which was being raided by Lilitha. She was sitting on the counter eating a piece of bread. "What i got hungry again." she said as she finished the last bite. There was a ladder on the side of the room which lead upstairs. I walked over to it and started climbing, but as soon as i reached the top i wanted to climb back down. But i was frozen in place.

A snake was lying on the table, staring right at me. I finished climbing up and backed against the opposite wall. There was a small bed on the side and a glass tank was on a table next to it. There was also a small closet with a duffel bag in it. But i couldn't investigate anything until that snake was gone. I got up and walked closer, listening to Lilitha coming up the ladder as well. The snake seemed a bit large for it's type and it was a very bright red. It looked at me and it winked. I then saw something on it. A collar of some sort with a silver pendant that read: Steven. I walked past Steven, leaving him alone.

We left the house minutes later. Me and Lilitha searched the closet, but found nothing. "You think Kailey found anything?" she asked. I was hoping she did. Because if she found nothing, we would be at a dead end.

As soon as we got to Ellie's house, i knocked on the door. Alejandro opened the door, inviting us inside. "So why are you here?" he asked. "I was looking for Kailey. I can't find where she went." i said innocently. He started tapping his foot. "If i remember corrently, i saw her and the little girl leaving the dining hall and actually coming this way. But if they were trying to come here they never did." he said. Lilitha and me both turned pale. "I can help you look if you like. Wait here and i'll go find her." he said. He rushed out of the house, leaving us alone inside. 

I quickly ran over to the basement door and quietly opened it, looking at the darkned staircase. I took a deep breath and walked down, the darkness consuming my body. I couldn't see much and i couldn't feel anything on the walls. Not even a light switch. Not even...... anything. I quickly grabbed back onto the staircase and climbed up, closing the door behind me. I was sweating, i was shaking and i was even crying a little bit. "What was it?" she asked. I couldn't even answer. Because i didn't even know.

Alejandro came back and informed us that he couldn't find either of them, so we left and went to Anikan's. I walked over and knocked on the door, seeing the face of Brett when he opened it. "Oh hi Jaxi. Hi Lilitha. What do you need?" he asked. "We need to talk to Anikan." i said. He opened the door and we walked in, looking around. Julia was sitting on the couch. "Julia why are you here?" Lilitha asked. "Kailey came here instead of going to Alejandros. I tried to sneak off but she took my gun and made me." she said. We ran upstairs and over to Anikan's room. I opened the door and saw them.

Anikan, Kailey, Kate, Bruce and the injured Ryan. "Why are you guys all here?" i asked. They all looked at each other and nodded. "We made up a plan. Something that will help us find the traitor and help us take down The Night Walkers." said Anikan. "What is it?" i asked. "We send one of us in to be Derek's slave. They can report on information they find and we'll give them a phone so they can text us the info. They'll probably be able to find the traitor too." said Kate. We all looked at each other. "Who's going?" i asked. Kailey stepped up. "I am. I'm perfectly fine with it and if it'll help us win this stupid war i'll do it." she said. I walked over and wrapped my arms around her. "I'll go too." i said. "No. This is my job and only i can do it." she said. I nodded.

Scotland's POV

I could see it, the light once more. and just like the last four times it was still the ceiling like. I made a mental note to ask Dr Evans about that as i stood up in my bed, glancing around. The room to the side had it's door open and i could see Dr Evans was sleeping inside. I looked at myself and saw my arm. It had been taken off. I then felt pain and looked at a mirror on the wall to see the bandage on my neck. I brushed it off, but felt something. I felt weak, i felt useless. I looked at something on the bedisde table. A machete, Brett's machete to be more precise. I could tell because his handle had 3 silver lines on it. I picked it up and looked at the blade, which had been freshly washed. There was still some blood and spots on the handle though.

Only problem was, the blood on the handle wasn't mine.

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