The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Return of the Snake

Submitted: October 20, 2017

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Submitted: October 20, 2017



I could see it through the scope and i wasn't sure what it was. A small figure walking through the badlands. I would have assumed it was a Zion, but the staff gave it away.

I put down the sniper rifle and climbed down the ladder where Bruce and Owen were. I opened the gate, runnning out down the path. Adam stumbled towards me and as soon as he got close he fell. I caught him midfall and Owen ran over, helping him through the gate.

"Probably should have brought water before i left."

He hadn't even taken a bag of supplies and had been gone a whole night.

Me, Owen and Bruce took him to the food hall and met up with Jaxi, Lilitha and Andrew. Andrew wouldn't speak.

"Oh hi Adam. I went to your house looking for you and i'm curious to know why you have a snake in there?"

"That's my snake Snackers. I call him that because he like eating fruit snacks. He was my pet before the apocalypse started and i brought him with me. He usually hides in my hoodie but when i left my house to see Anikan i didn't bring him along." he explained right after he gulped down a bottle of water.

Suddenly, Marcus came around the corner. He was brooding as always, probably thinking of his brother.

"Marcus, i found where Brent was taken."

Marcus sat down next to Owen, staring at Adam. "Tell me."

"He was taken to a place. The CERESO Federal Prison in Acapulco." Adam answered, "Brutal place. Pretty big and they have a base set up in the place. 2 military transports, maybe about 50 soldiers. A helicopter too." 

We all looked at each other. "Did you see them take Brent in there?" asked Marcus.

"Actually better. When a soldier came out to patrol the surroundings i knocked him out with my staff without him seeing me. I took his backpack and theres a bunch of stuff in here. I can't read russian though."

He threw the grey backpack onto the table and me and Jaxi unzipped it. Several assault rifle clips, a few shotgun shells and some military documents. Owen grabbed the papers. "I can read Russian. It's a list of prisoners. Most have a red X over it but theres a few that don't. No names but descriptions. Blonde haired short american female, brown haired american female, brown haired mexican male and a black haired american male." he read.

The brown haired male was Brent.

All of us had to prepare. All of us met at my place, discussing who's staying and whos going. Eventually the team was decided. Me, Rey, Owen, Brett, Marcus, Adam and Ryan would go.

Marcus and Adam devised a plan. But before he told us, he needed a possible sacrifice. Someone had to drive a truck into the building filled wiht explosives to distract the soldiers. Whoever did that would probably never make it out. Ryan volunteered immediantly.

"Disguises, we have Anikan, Marcus and Brett go in disguised as soldiers. Owen, Rey and me will be captured prisoners. Ryan will drive the truck." said Adam. None of us wanted Ryan to, but he was fine with it.

Jaxi, Lilitha, Andrew and Bruce would stay there and keep Gordon distracted and make sure the outpost is safe from The Night Walkers. If they came while we were gone, Andrew and Jaxi were people i trusted to protect it. As we walked out of my house, i noticed Dr Evans.

She was sitting outside the office, looking down at the ground. Andrew's group went to Gordons and i walked over to Evans, leaving my group to load up the truck.

I walked over to Evans to see her crying into her arm. "Whats wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing. I'm just stressed. Kate's been trying to help me with Kane and Ellie but for some reason Kane isn't getting much better. He can't even get out of bed and it's been days since he lost the arm."

I put my arm around her. "Everything will be fine, trust me. Just keep safe. If i tell you something you won't tell Gordon right?" i asked. She nodded.

"Me and the others are going to save Brent. He got kidnapped by some soldiers who took up base in a prison in Acapulco. We sent Jaxi and Andrew to distract Gordon and protect the base."

She looked at me. "Keep everybody safe, please. I don't want anyone else to die." she said.

"I won't let anyone else die."

Ryan was a sacrifice. I may have lied. She nodded and walked off towards Kate's house.

The sky was dark and soon we were gone. In the distance was the faint glow of the outpost but forward, was just darkness. Rey was driving and Marcus was next to him. In the back was me, Ryan, Owen, Adam and Brett. Brett and Owen were working on the explosives.

"I was part of the science group at college with like 4 other guys. They didn't make it. Joshua actually went to the same college as me and he's the reason i'm alive today." he said.

"So what was your thing? Dark matter? Robotics? Geology? Astrology?" asked Brett. "Actually i was part of robotics. I made a mobile toaster and a self destructing robot. But there was one that i never got to finish in time. A football robot. I took the parts with me though and reassembled it. I just finished it yesterday."

Something was going on in his mind. Owen seemed smart, like a genius. Maybe he could take over for Julian...

"I want to take down The Night Walkers. I need to. They killed Joshua and he was my friend. I owed my life to him and now hes gone. I never even got to show him the robot i made."

The fact that Joshua was a football player came to mind and i felt bad for him. But he had hope, and thats what keeps everybody going. The only reason we even left Tazader City was because we had Hope to escape. The only reason we even tried to go to Mexico was because we had hope riding on this outpost. 

Hope is the key to survival.


???'s POV

I could barely see through the darkness and i knew something was wrong. The meds worked for her, but not for me. I was weak and i was dying. I wouldn't survive to see the day of light.

I heard the plan through the door, Evans was talking with Anikan. He was lying, i could tell in his voice. I could see it there, a second car. Nobody would notice if it was gone, there were already 3 more.

I crawled into the car and sat myself up, starting the car and closing the door. I put my single hand on the wheel and i drove, off into the night. Towards Acapulco

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