The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - Girls Evening out

Submitted: October 24, 2017

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Submitted: October 24, 2017



Rose Pwincess's POV

The morning was sunny and the day for once, seemed peaceful. The sunlight rained down on the entire outpost, and for once it seemed like it was calm.

Last night was almost perfect, if not for Kailey's phone call. I was seconds away from the end of the movie and just before it could end, Kailey called in with her report. It killed the mood and I put it off, wanting to slap her.

I hid the dvd back in the bookcase, hoping Kailey never figured out i took if from her backpack. It was a bit dirty, but if I had ever managed to remember to lock the door i'd need to know what was on it.

Breakfast was nice as well, french toast made from scratch. Gloria was truly the best cook.

"So what'd she say?" asked Stephanie as she gulped down her orange juice.

"She said something would happen today, something important."

"Well maybe it's-

"Did she mention Julian?"

Axel was sitting at the end of the table, alone. Dr Evans and Stephanie were across from me and Andrew and Lilitha were sitting with Julia at a different table with Robert and Oscar. They would have sit here, but Julia was still mad at Axel. He had tried to apologize, but she didn't accept it.

"Nothing much. She saw him, but never mentioned anything too specific."

Suddenly we saw it. Kate and Bruce dashing through the gates as Isabella pushed it close. They stopped at our table and Kate hit the floor, panting.

"We found.... a helicopter! Explosives... gonna bomb the base.... tonight!"

Stephanie handed Bruce a glass of orange juice which Kate immediantly stole and drank from, giving him back the almost empty glass. We all looked at them, waiting for an explanation.

"They're coming tonight, we overheard Derek talking. They're near the forests, in a small clearing about 4 miles away. They're gonna fly the helicopter over the base and drop explosives onto the walls and houses." explained Kate. We all looked at ech other.

"We can't let them do that. We have to stop them!" Lilitha exclaimed. We all agreed, we couldn't let this happen.

Gordon stepped into the food hall, holding a pistol in his hand.

"I'll lead the attack. Get your weapons fast, we leave in one hour."

I nodded and ran from the food hall to my house, Lilitha and Julia behind me. 

Almost everyone was lined up at the gates to leave. Gordon, Isabella, Stephanie, Ellie, Lilitha, Andrew, Spencer, Kelly, Dr Evans, Kate and Bruce were all there, getting into 2 trucks. Ellie must have recovered this morning. I could notice her shaking a bit during it all and her skin still as pale as when we found her.

I reminded myself to talk to her and i jumped into the backseat of the truck. The truck started to drive off and in minutes, the outpost was only a vision in the distance. 

"So what were you watching last night Jaxi?" asked Kate. "N-nothing. I looked through Kailey's bag to see if she had any movies i could watch to calm myself down. I was worried about Brett last night. So i watched one of the movies in her bag." i said, trying to polish the blade of my sword.

"I see... and what was this movie about? Because me and Evans were talking a walk that night and we heard something when we passed by your house."

My face turned red. "Shut up.... Okay the box said Pirates of the Caribbean, I didn't expect a video of girl's butts and.... I don't like the other word!" i admitted.

"You have an excuse. Lilitha doesn't though."

Lilitha's face was red as well.

"How many movies did Kailey have?"

"She had 2 movie boxes, but i only opened one." i said truthfully. They all looked at Lilitha. "I got bored! Sue me for watching Kailey's special movies!" Lilitha exclaimed, "They weren't all my idea."

We all then turned to Andrew, who was sitting next to Spencer, Bruce, Kelly and Isabella in the other truck.

"Her hormones, her idea."

"Okay okay different topic. Stephanie were you friends with Anikan when he was younger?" i asked. Stephanie looked up from beneath her white hat and looked at us.

"I lived in Tazader City till i was 13, then i moved back to Mexico with my family. He stayed there." she answered. "What happened to the rest of your family?" asked Lilitha. She took a deep breath, and stared down at the floor.

"The mutants came. The night the bombs dropped, we all saw it on the news. The mutants came right after, and they took the country by storm. Mexico City was one of the first to fall after the city was leveled by bombers. Our town came next. They just came in and... people weren't prepared. My family tried to flee, but most of them died in that house. My 2 older cousins tried to block the doors and my uncles tried to barricade the windows. My grandma was taken by one that got through the kitchen. My dad died trying to help her. My mom was cut open by a special one that came through the roof. Only me, my brother and Martin escaped that house. But my brother got killed when we tried to get to a car." she explained.

Soon we were there and we were could see it in the distance. We parked an acre away behind some trees and ran to the clearing after. We all hid up on a ridge, watching them through the brush.

"So whats the plan?" asked Kate. None of us had exactly thought of one. Gordon had though.

"Me, Stephanie, Kelly, gamer kid, Kate, Evans and Ellie all confront them and fire, taking cover behind the 2 bolders near the trees." said Gordon, "Sword girl, hoodie boy and Bruce will run in and disarm the bombs. Set them off now if possible, but give us a warning and get away from the blast in time." 

"Sniper girl and Isabella, stay on the ridge and use your sniper rifles to fire at them from afar. If they can't get close enough to disarm the explosives, then just fire. Make sure they get away from the blast in time." explained Gordon.

We all nodded and Isabella handed me a pistol clip. "This is war, don't bring a sword to a gunfight." she said. I nodded and took the clip from her, attaching it to my glock 17. Everything could be decided now, maybe the war could end here.

I snuck through the trees, Andrew and Bruce behind me. We leaped down off the ridge and into the bushes, just barely dodging the eye of one of the Night Walkers. We crawled through the bushses and i aimed my gun at the leg of one of them. I moved the pistol up, straight at his head.


I heard it go off and i watched as a bullet burst through the chest of one of them. Gordon's team ran out of the forest, firing at them all. Derek and Julian ran behind the helicopter, firing back. Julian had an assault rifle and Derek had a simple glock 17 like me.

My finger touched the trigger and i pulled, firing a metal bullet straight into the skull of one of the soldiers. He was dead now, for good.

We ran out, sneaking over to the helicopter. I then pulled the sword from it's sheath and just as i was about to cut the wire i watched a bullet skid across my face. I hit the floor, seeing blood dripping from my cheek.

I wiped my palm across my cheek, and when I retracted it I saw. My hand was covered in blood.

"Nobody messes with my damn face!"

I then saw another bullet smash into Bruce, sending him to the floor. I quickly got up and fired my gun at the Night Walker, killing her. It was a young girl, maybe about my age. I shrugged it off and ducked down, climbing under the helicopter. 

Something had come to mind. All these people, they were humans like us. Every kill we got, we took another one's life. It was their choice to fight, but not ours. We had been forced into war. But every kill we made, just made it easier for the mutants to wipe us all out.

I could see it all happening. Bullets flying back and forth at Gordon's team and The Night Walkers, and so far atleast half were dead. Most were the Night Walkers and i could see four sets of feet on the side of the helicopter.

Five feet could be seen near the forest.

I crawled over to the Night Walkers and pulled my sword from my sheath. I quickly swung it at them, slicing through the leg of one of them. The body fell to the ground and the man howled in main. He shuddered in fear for a split second before i put my gun to his head and fired a bullet straight into his brain.

A scream echoed out through the clearing and i crawled out from under, punching one of the Night Walkers in the chest. It was a man, dark brown hair and a scar across his face. He punched me in the stomach and pushed me away from the helicopter and against a tree. His fingernails dug into my shoulders and i kicked and struggled. Maybe being short wasn't always a good thing.

The man punched me in the side of the face, sending me to the ground. "You'll make a great slave." he said as my vision blurred. I tried to kick him, only to realize my foot had no feeling. He grabbed my by the leg and i felt pain as soon as his fingers touched my skin. I felt his cold hands make contact with my leg and right after, the rest of his body made contact with mine. I tried pushed his body off but couldn't and looked to see Andrew above me, holding his silver deagle.


The body froze and I pushed it off of me, Andrew kicking in the man's stomach. "Rape sucks bitch," he exclaimed at the body.

A shot flew right over his shoulder and he dived to the ground, hiding in the bushes like me.

"We have to take them out." i said as i got up, just barely being able to stand. "I'll distract Derek and his men. You disarm the bombs." he said, as a bullet smashed into the trunk of the tree.

We both ran out of the forest and dashed back into the clearing. I dived to the ground to avoid the gunfire and rolled under the helicopter, coming out the other side. I reached for my sword but realized it was still under the copter.

I ducked back under and reached for the sword, just barely gripping the handle. I heard Andrew scream and I quickly pulled it out, looking for the wires to cut it. The wires were on the other side.

I raced around the front of the helicopter and saw Andrew fire a shot at Derek, nearly missing. Andrew pointed the gun at him, just as Julian jumped in the way. Andrew didn't fire. His finger stayed on the trigger, but he didn't pull it.

Derek fired, sending a bullet straight into Andrew's leg. He fell to the floor and fired 2 shots on reflex, sending the bullets straight into the air.

Derek fired at me but i swung my sword, just barely missing him. Andrew got back up and tackled Julian against the helicopter, grabbing him by the neck. Julian grabbed him as well, both attempting to choke each other. One was a science nerd, the other was a pyromaniac. It was clear who would win.

Derek tackled me to the ground and he pulled a large combat knife from his belt, slowly moving it to my arm. I saw a car appear from the trees, firing at Gordon's team. I had to help, somehow. I tried to push Derek off, but he pushed the knife against my wrist, causing blood to spurt out.

"This won't end well for you girly. Not for you, or your lover!"

I felt everything going slower and I tried to push him off. But i was getting weaker and soon, i couldn't feel a thing. I saw him, holding off Andrew. My sword was on the ground, the silver blade tip stained red. I then watched as a foot belonging to the losing one kicked it over, right into my hand.

I swung the sword, cutting into Derek's back. He yelped and his fingernails dug into my neck, pulling blood from my body. Julian then kicked Andrew in the shin and pushed him to the floor, dashing away. I quickly grabbed my glock and aimed it straight at the helicopter, the explosives in particular. This had to work.

I pulled the trigger and the helicopter erupted into flames, sending bodies flying. The flames puhsed against us and Andrew dived away, just barely being hit by the edge of the flames and smoke. They hit me full on, just burning the skin on my arm. I winced in pain and i felt lucky to be alive. The only reason i was, Derek had taken the hit. Julian pulled Derek off of me and they ran towards the car. 

Andrew pulled out his gun, pointing it straight at him. But I knew, I knew what he did. He fired, but not before i pushed his arm away. The bullet hit the glass window of the car as they both climbed in, the car driving off into the forest.

Spencer ran up to us, kneeling and firing a single revolver shot at the car. It burst through the back window and the car began to swerve to the side, but quickly regained control before driving off into the distance.

"Huh, lucky shot."

Bodies were scattered across the clearing, all lying in a pool of their own blood. I knew for a fact, one of these bodies was one of us. Andrew then glared at me.

"Why the hell did you stop me!?"

"He saved my life. He kicked the sword over to me! He's on our side!"

"Whatever! My leg kinda hurts can we go?"

We put our arms around each other and walked around the burnt helicopter, over to Gordon's team. They looked at us and we looked at them. Bruce was alive, but Isabella was wrapping a bandage around his arm. Gordon was fine, though a spot of blood was stained onto his sleeve.

Stephanie was unhurt and so was Kate. Dr Evans was helping Lilitha, who had a cut on the back of her neck. "What happened?" Andrew asked as he rushed over to her. "There was one that wasn't in the clearing. They spotted Lilitha and tried to kill her. Isabella killed them." answered Evans.

I then saw it. 2 bodies, one burnt and the other a gunshot wound to the chest. Kelly and Ellie were both dead on the floor. Spencer was kneeling over Ellie's body, just staring at her. His whole body was mute, just like hers. I walked over to Spencer. I forgot to ask her about what happened to her while she was kidnapped. Now i would never know.

Nobody would.

Her story would go untold, her body never to move again.

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