The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Dead on the Floor

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



I walked down the dark hallway, holding the knife close. After a week of doing everything for them, washing clothes, making food for them and being a scatily clad waiter for a day he had given me a weapon. My outfit was still a bit too small and definently wouldn't pass the dress code at any school, but he had given me a knife and with that, a holster. I couldn't take out the whole base with the knife, probably not even Derek.

He always had 3 other servants in his room and after a few conversations, they seemed completely brainwashed. Like they were in a trance. "This whole place is just one huge strip club." i whispered to myself as i closed the bathroom door.

One room was never used, an old bathroom at the end of a dark hallway. This was the place i could contact them.

My boot slipped off and i grabbed my phone from inside, looking at it. I connected to the wifi and quickly dialed Jaxi's number. But then i heard it, footsteps. I could hear someone coming down the hallway towards this bathroom.

I quickly jumped into one of the stalls and kicked my boot off as well, locking the stall door after. I stopped calling and sent a text to wait a few minutes. The figure walked in, their boots making a sound with every step. He walked down into the last stall and i ducked down. I watched as a bottle clattered to the floor and rolled out of the stall. It was a small clear bottle with a purple liquid inside.

He knelt down to grab it and before i could jump back onto the toilet, i knew it. He saw me.

I grabbed my knife from my sheath and leaped out of the stall, swinging the knife in front of me. He dived to the side and smacked the knife out of my hand, causing it to clatter to the floor. I stepped back and realized the figure was Julian.

"What the hell are you doing here?" i asked him as he stepped back away from me. He then pulled out a bigger knife made of black metal. "I'll tell you but if i find out you told anyone about this you won't leave here alive. Theres a guy in here, someone from prison who raped a college student. I can assign you to be his servant." he said.

I stepped back away from him. "I-i won't tell anyone. But i know your doing something here so spill it." i said. He pulled out the bottle and held it in his palm. "It's a bottle of poison. I have a few more in a small satchel behind there." he said. "What is it for?" i asked. "Special things. There was someone here who i found out was planning to bring me out on a scouting mission and kill me. I poisoned him that day. I only have 4 bottles left though." he explained.

"Give me one of the bottles." i told him. "What? What the hell can you even do with it?" he asked. "I can poison Derek and we can both get out of here. Without a leader this place will fall and the outpost will be safe." i sternly told him.

"I am not giving this to you. He has 4 second in commands anyways. 2 men and 2 women, Alexander, Juan, Graciela and Mia. They are his general and if he ends up dying one of then will be in charge. Either way your outpost will never be safe unless everybody here ends up dead." he said to be. He had backed me against the wall and gotten a little too close. His face turned red and he backed up, still clutching the knife.

"Look, you aren't getting the poison. I have a plan and i will execute it okay? Seriously it would just be better if you left the outpost, there's not much there for you guys." he said. "There IS something there for us! A home, a future for Axel and Julia! A place where we don't have to make sure everybody is alive when we wake up and where we can actually live!" i yelled at him. 

He looked at the mirror. "I'm not giving you the poison, but i won't tell anyone about you." he said. He walked out of the room slowly, leaving behind nothing but this encounter. I shrugged it off and picked up the phone, dailing Jaxi's number again. I had to get out of here, and i had to do it soon.

Doctor's POV

As soon as i got back to the room, something froze inside of me. I pushed open the door to see another figure standing in the lab with Derek. "Oh Julian your back. Dude get over here, i got someone to introduce you to." he said. The other man turned around. He was maybe in his early thirties and was wearing a ripped up lab coat over a blue t-shirt. His skin was a bit pale and there was a scar on his cheek.

"My name is Dr. Johnson and i worked at a Hospital in Michigan before i came here. I came to Mexico City to visit family when the bombs dropped. I've been surviving on my own and never staying in one place until Derek found me last night." he said. He was a doctor. I was a doctor. He was older. I was younger. "Um so how far are you into the medical industry." i asked nervously. "I was a surgeon and the top doctor at St Elizabeth hosital in Washington. I graduated from Harvard and got my second PhD last year." he said. 

This was a problem. Now i was expendable. With a new and better doctor then me i would eventually be pushed down the chain of power. Despite not being one of his generals he still trusted me more then everybody there as far as i knew.

He had taken me into his room before and given me orders to create certain... mixtures. A bottle of poison gas still sat in the cabinet above me. But if this doctor could do more then me, i wouldn't survive. Besides, this place was survival of the fittest anyways.

"Well i'll leave you to alone. Dinner is being served in 20 minutes and i hope you will join us." Derek said as he walked out of the room. He was completely oblivious to the tension filling the room. Johnson walked over to the cabinets and started looking through them. "So the enemy your fighting against, it's an outpost nearby?" he asked.

"Y-yes... it has an electric fence and wooden walls about 8 to 10 feet tall. A few houses inside, most of them 2 story and some with basements. They have a huge weapons cache but according to an inside source they're low on pharmaceuticals and such. They lost someone a few days ago to a failed amputation." i explained.

He smiled and he pulled out a few beakers. "I think i can do something for us. I can improve this poison gas here to cover the entire outpost. In minutes everyone inside the walls will be dead." he said. "I don't think it's possible to improve that mixture, it's range can't be improved much more then a few feet." i said. "Clearly your too oblivious to logic. I have 2 PHd's and went to Harvard, you have one and did not go to Harvard. I think it's time you back off and let me take the reins on the medical department in this group." he said. 

That was the last straw.

Swan's POV

I had finally been allowed to eat at the dinner table with no chain around my neck and not waitressing in a french maid outfit. I sat down at one of the tables at the end, alone from everyone else. I wasn't planning on making friends, atleast none around there. But after about 15 minutes a boy sat down at the same table.

He seemed young, maybe 17 or 18. His hair was dark blonde and he was wearing an old creme colored cap. He also had a jacket of a similiar shade but with a camo design. He had a grey shirt under that and his eyes twinkled grey. He just sat there, looking down at his food and not looking up or anywhere else.

"Uh hello? Are you gonna say something or just sit there?" i asked. He looked at me, staring for a few seconds. "Hi i guess. Sorry i'm just kinda shy." he said. "Thats no reason you can't talk to anyone. Have you talked to anyone here?" i asked. "Usually i sit with my friend Cameron, but.. he went on the mission with Derek and that doctor the other day and he... he didn't make it back. My other friend Jason got blamed and he was put on waiter duty." he said. I could see tears forming in his eyes.

Something else came to mind. "What mission with Derek?" i asked. I remembered Derek leaving for a few hours and coming back with his back cut open. Julian was gone all night tending to him. "Oh, um.... well Derek and some others went to go set up this helicopter to bomb that outpost they're trying to destroy and the people from the outpost ambushed them and destroyed the helicopter. Only Derek and Julian escaped and they killed a few people from that outpost during the attack."

he explained. He started to cry and i watched as a figure approached the table. "Why the hell are you crying boy. You weak?" the figure asked. It was a man, a bit burly and had dark brown hair and stubble on his chin. "N-no sir. I... i'm not." he said, not even looking the man in the eyes. He grabbed the boy by the neck with his meaty hands and pulled him close. "Looks like we got a weak one." he said as 2 of his friends came over.

I got up from my chair and looked at them all. "Leave him alone." i said to them, balling my fists. "This is his battle, i don't think he wants some whore to fight it for him." said the man. That was my last straw.

"Leave him the hell alone!" i yelled. My scream echoed through the cafeteria and i swung my fist, pushing my first right into the guy's face.

The boy hit the ground and scrambled behind the table, watching as i kicked the other man in the stomach. The last one pulled a knife and slashed at me twice, moving forward. I dodged and grabbed his hand, only after he slashed again at my wrist. I kneed him straight in the chest and shoved his body to the floor, stepping back. Almost the entire room was looking at me. I gestured for the boy to follow and we walked out, right into the hall and away from everybody else.

"Thank you, um.. whats your name?" he asked. "I'm Kailey Swanson. Yours?" i asked. "My name.. i.. I'm Lucas Rogers. I.. um.. was in my senior year of high school before all this." he said. I looked at him. "Dinner doesn't start for another 20. We can walk around until then. By the time we get back another fight will have started." i said to him. He nodded and followed me as we circled around the halls aimlessly.

We got back and as soon as we walked in, i saw it. Someone from another table was gesturing me and Lucas over. I shrugged and we walked over, Lucas still standing behind me. "Saw the fight from earlier, your tough. Wanna sit?" the guy asked. "Sure." i said to them. I sat down and Lucas sat next to me. Soon, the waitresses and waiters walked out the kitchen and started bringing out the food.

I then noticed a figure. Julian was just now entering the dining hall from the left side of the door. His laboratory was on the right. As he walked over towards the big table with the generals, Derek and that new doctor, i walked over and grabbed him on the shoulder. "Where were you?" he asked. "I was in the lab polishing the surgery tools." he said. I stared at him. "it's none of your business." he said as he shook my hand off and walked over towards the table.

The people at my table started talking and the topic started switching rapidly. First it was favorite guns, mine still being an UZI and then over to the people at the outpost and then over to our occupations before the appocalypse. I was sitting at a table with a pizza delivery guy, a manager at a clothes store and a drug junkie.

But soon after, everything came to light. We all heard it, the sound of glass hitting the floor. We all looked over towards the big table and a glass of lemonade had spilled onto the floor. The guy holding it was clutching his chest and soon was lying on the floor. He put his hand out for the last time and right after, he moved no more.

Derek got up from his seat, clutching a black metal military knife. "Who was serving this table?" he said. One of the girls grabbed a guy by the arm and yanked him over. Lucas wouldn't look up. The waiter was his friend.

"Well, looks like someone tried to poison me!" Derek said. The man was frozen in place. "I.. i didn't! I would never poison you!" he said. Derek grabbed the guy by the arm. "Well before we can begin eating, looks like we have our 3rd traitor for the mutant pit!" he yelled.

He walked over to the wall and pulled a metal gate to the side to reveal a small room behind it. In the room was a big hole in the floor and we could all hear the snarls and screeches from inside. Everybody starting crowding around and me and Lucas were pushed to the front. Derek held the guy close and slid the military knife on his arm. "This... this is for traitors. Traitors like you." 

Anikan's worst thing; traitors. It was one thing he couldn't stand. Looks like Derek couldn't either.

He slashed the knife straight across his neck, causing blood to spurt out. Derek pushed him forward and he fell straight into the pit and almost instantly, was impaled by a Zion claw. One in his shoulder, the other in his chest and once he was stabbed into the wall, the mutants bit down into his face. Blood exploded from his wounds and Lucas looked away. 

Soon, dinner was done. Not many were in a mood to eat anyways. I strolled back towards my room, Lucas still following. His room was across from mine apparently. I then saw him, walkng back towards his lab. "Hold on Lucas." i said before i walked away towards him. I grabbed Julian by the shoulder and yanked him back.

"You poisoned him didn't you?" I asked. He didn't answer. "And how do you come to that conclusion?" he asked. "When you entered the dining hall you came from the left hallway. Your laboratory door exited from the right hallway. The door to the kitchen was also on the left hallway. You also seemed to be nervous when you entered the dining hall, you had sweat all across your shoulder when i grabbed you. Furthermore i believe you became threatened when you found out a doctor that was smarter then you was joining the group." i said.

"Power is everything. If i want to contribute then i have stay on top." he said before walking away. "Contribute to what!?" i exclaimed.

He kept walking, didn't even turn back.

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