The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Mutants, Flames and Blood on the Floor

Submitted: October 31, 2017

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Submitted: October 31, 2017



"Ready?" i asked. The base was bigger then i expected, but nevertheless was still our target. By the end of this day, that place would be reduced to burnt up rubble.

I stuffed my revolver into my holster and grabbed the P90. I remembered the day i got it from that gun store back in Tazader City and until now it had never been used. The sky was light blue and the darkened clouds had not moved in. I looked behind me at everybody.

Adam, Julia, Axel, Kate, Oscar, Stephanie and Isabella. They all had their weapons packed with ammo and ready. We stood in the bushes and Isabella pulled out her sniper rifle, equipped with a silencer.

She aimed it at the tower, not yet firing through the skulls of the guards. The clock was less then a minute from striking 5. Slowly it ticked until finally it came. The battle that would end this war.

Rose Pwincess's POV

"We're ready."

I looked over at Gordon and to the rest of the team.

Lilitha had her sniper and was standing in the back with Space, Gloria, Evans and Rey. Ryan, Brett and Alejandro were up close with me. Almost all of us had a rifle of some sort as pistols seemed less conventional like this. Brett had given me a small SMG to use and i had left my sword with Brianna in the back.

We slowly stood at the gate, awaiting for the signal from Andrew's team.

Firestarter's POV

I crawled through the grass, hoping the camoflauge would keep me from getting shot. Bruce was to the side and Spencer was behind me. We quickly reached the bus and we climbed through the open door and into it.

It was broken down and one of the wheels was missing and the whole bus was covered in blood and dirt. We crawled inside and took off the camo. I had my deagle and a glock as a backup, Bruce had his mini SMG and Spencer has his black revolver.

I set down Spencer's AK and my KSG down on one of the seats and i pulled the lighter out of my hoodie. We had to be quick, and heavy guns couldn't hold us down. Spencer grabbed the walkie talkie off of his belt and handed it to me.

"Guess your finally gonna get to do something badass huh?

"Oh shut up Andrew."

"Well am I wrong?"

"I did that one.. thing... uh... you'know what let's just go!"

I heard 2 silenced shots in the distance, just barely making any sound. Spencer, Bruce and i snuck out of the bus and into the courtyard of the base, sneaking behind a blood splattered blue camero.

"Now lets just hope Kailey can get this done."

"She may be a bit of a... well a dirty minded muffinsack, but she's reliable enough."

Swan's POV

I picked up the jerry can and quietly placed it onto the cart, hoping nobody would notice. Lucas was standing around the corner, holding a knife.

"Are you sure this will work?"

"Yeah, yeah i'm sure."

He just stood there, but when i looked up he was shaking.

"Whats wrong?"

"Nothing. It's just.. this is a risk. If we get caught we'll both be executed and everybody outside will die."

"It's what we have to do to survival. Taking risks is just part of life."

We had finished the first part of the plan last night, now it was time for the second.

The man walked by, dropping the bucket in the doorway as he walked in. Blood had been spilled from another fight and someone had lost a lot. I quickly snuck around the corner and grabbed the bucket, quickly pouring the water on the floor in another hallway. I then poured the liquid from the can into the bucket, placing it back in the doorway before running off into the shadow filled hallway. 

"Alright i got them all, lets go."

We pushed the cart down the hall, past Julian's lab and towards the generator room. I grasped the doorknob and pulled, causing the door to shake.

"Shit... we need a key."

Lucas reached into his pocket and pulled out a small silver key.

"I took it from Alexander before his shift."

I smiled and shoved the key into the hole, twisting it until the door unlocked. A thought occured, but i shrugged it off as we walked in. We tiptoed down the stairs and into the big room. There were several generators sitting against the walls on the side, along with several gun lockers.

I walked over to one that was partly opened and i pulled the door open, looking at the sight inside. A picture in a frame, of a man looking like Derek with a girl. Next to the frame was a small urn, covered in dust. There was a bag of white powder behind that. 

I stood there for a few seconds. I didn't have everything, but it was starting to come to light. I moved two shirts off of the rest and found an newspaper.

The date was around six years ago. The sports section showed some college football games and there was a crossword in the corner. An article about baseball and an AD showing a car mortage company. I finally found the small section of text i was looking for on the back. A news article, about a 14 year old girl dying from an illness. The picture in the paper, was the same girl as the one in the frame.

She had a brother, one that was a science genius and was about to graduate with a Masters Degree.

Lucas touched me on the shoulder and i stood up, putting everything back in the locker. I felt bad now. But i had to help my friends. I walked over to the two giant water tanks and i opened the hole on the side.

It was around half full, maybe less. I started to pour in the first can of gasoline, then the second and then the third. Lucas was pouring the cans into the other tank. After about 10 minutes, we were done. I pulled out the walkie talkie and we ran from the room.

"Now Andrew."

FireStarter's POV

The air vent was small and we could just barely fit. Spencer was easy, but me and Bruce had difficulties. Finally, we both reached the end and i pulled out the knife, cutting through the air vent and pushing the grate off the wall.

We all climbed through and we came out, looking around. We had reached the kitchen, the exact room we were aiming for.

A man walked into the room and Bruce grabbed him by the arms and I pulled out a knife, cutting his throat.

He fell to the floor, clutching his neck before bleeding out. I could hear the conversations from the tables outside. Kailey had said dinner started at six, but several people were still there.

"The floor slippery?"

"Yeah, Ed was supposed to clean it last night from the blood."

Kailey hadn't failed.

I pulled out the matchbox and i lit three, giving Spencer and Bruce two of them. We all walked out of the door and flicked them into the air. They landed on the floor and we all dived through the door back into the kitchen. We could hear the screams as the entire cafeteria erupted into flames.

The door swung open and a man came in, partly burnt. He fired twice and Spencer fired back, shooting the man in the head and neck. The fire was raging outside of the kitchen and i could hear the room heating up.

"We can't go through the vent, cmon."

We walked through another door and came out into a hallway. Several men and women were running down a hall towards the entrance, but the last two stopped. One of them punched me straight in the neck, sending me into the wall.

I punched him in the chest with my gun before he grabbed my wrist and forced it from my grasp. The other man fired two shots from his rifle, one missing and the other hitting Bruce right in the chest. 

Bruce hit the floor and i could see Spencer standing next to him. For a second, his eyes seemed to flash red. He ran over to the man and kicked the AK from his hands and grabbed him by the arm, throwing him to the ground. He pulled the other man off me and kneed him in the stomach, but not before the man ripped part of his blue hoodie. 

He looked at me, as i tried to help Bruce up.

"How the fuck did you do that? The heaviest thing i've seen you list is a juice box!"

"I've been jogging every morning with Brett around the outside of the walls. It's helped. That and I googled and learned a bit of Aikido."

Bruce got up and he put his arm around me as we walked towards the door at the end.

"We have to go now, because if the sprinklers detect smoke none of us are getting out of here."

We ran to the door, just as another shot rung out.

Anikan's POV

Isabella fired and the first man fell off of the small tower with a thud. The other looked around before another shot hit them. We ran from the brush and the trees out into the clearing and over to the gate. Oscar pulled out the small spherical object and tossed it right over the walls.

It hit the floor and exploded, blowing the walls apart. Smoke and small pieces of concrete danced through the air as we charged over to the gate, firing at the doors. Out came 16 men, all armed with guns. They took cover and we scattered, bullets flying above us.

I crawled through the grass and aimed, firing two shots at the men. One hit the floor, the bullet going straight into his head. I took cover behind an old minivan outside the gates, with Oscar and Adam following. I looked to the grass and could see some people moving through.

The grass had gotten quite tall and it was hard to see some people, as most of us had worn camo. I could spot the motionless body of Kate on the ground, holding a gun. Stephanie, Julia and Isabella were behind a small rock in the ground, hiding as bullets bounced off, chipping off part of the rock.

Isabella got up and fired twice with her rifle, causing a bullet to fire straight at the gun.

It hit the ground and she fell back from the recoil, grabbing it. She laid the rifle down on the ground and Stephanie handed her the extra assault rifle on her back. Isabella fired again and this time dodging the bullet coming at her.

I looked around, but could not see Axel at all. Suddenly, a man came around the corner with a knife and jabbed the knife into my shoulder. Adam swung his staff and knocked the guy in the head, knocking him into the line of fire. One of his men fired straight at his head.

His body hit the floor, no longer moving.


Snackers slithered out of his hoodie and moved through the grass, leaving Adam with me.

Oscar handed him another grenade and he ran out from cover, tossing the grenade at the men. He held his staff high as the shots somehow missed, right before a shot took him down. He fell to the floor, his staff clattering into the tall grass.

I dropped my rifle and ran out, grabbing Adam by the shoulders and dragging him back. Another shot flew through the minivan window and Oscar hit the ground next to me, blood covering the back of his head.

Rose Pwincess's POV

The car drove forward, going at top speed. Rey had volunteered to drive it and soon the red jeep drove straight through the gates, breaking through the metal fencing.

It drove straight into the wall, smashing the windshield and the whole front of the car. Me, Gloria and Monica ran towards the car to get Rey, when another door opened and people poured out. Bullets raced past us and i dived behind the car, Gloria following.

Monica fell to the floor and we stared at the bullet hole in her chest. She was breathing and staring at us, unable to move.

"Monica! Monica!"

I got up and fired 3 times with the rifle, killing at least one person. Before she could get shot I grabbed Gloria, yanking her away from her friend's body.

I opened the car door and Rey fell out, hitting the pavement.

"Okay maybe that was not my best idea. Should've made Ryan do it!"

I looked over the gate and saw Gordon, Space, Ryan, Evans and Alejandro taking cover. Evans and Space both fired back, taking down one together. Gordon fired twice and shot one of them throguh the skull.

Ryan ran from cover over to us and fired twice with his shotgun, taking down two.

"Nope! You volunteered Rey!"

He dived behind the car and we hid there, hiding from the bullet fire. We were pinned down and from the looks of it, so was Anikan.

Swan's POV

The air vent was on the ceiling and we had to get a stool to reach it. I smashed my tomahawk blade against the vent and the grate fell off, hitting the floor with a bang. I stepped down and looked at Lucas.

"This place is gonna be filled with flames soon, you go first."

"I can't! Your friends are all out there, just... i can't let you go stay back."

"Just please, go first."

I could hear it, the sound of the sprinklers spraying water on the floor.

"Shit just go!"

He started to climb up the ladder and i went right after, crawling into the air vent and out of the blank room. I looked back and i could see the read light projecting itself up into the vent.

We crawled through the thin vent when i saw something, the fire was coming through the vent. I looked at my belt and realized i still had a jerry can attached. And the cap wasn't on.

"Shit, crawl now!" I said as i deteched the jerry can and kicked it back. The fire started to spread faster and faster through the vent and soon i could feel the heat around me. It was coming closer and closer.

"Kailey? KAILEY!"

FireStarter's POV

We raced through the door and came out into a stairway up the side of the building. two men were there and almost immediantly they fired at us. I shot one and Spencer got the other, knocking both of them to the concrete. They dropped their guns with a clatter and Spencer grabbed one of them, following me carrying Bruce up the stairs.

"We make a good team huh?"

"Shut up and shoot."

We came out on the roof and i could see them there, a thirst for blood in them all.

Derek was on the roof with four others, all armed with guns. A sole RPG was lying on the floor. We dodged as machine gun fire hit as full on and Bruce's body hit the floor. I got up and fired twice, shooting one down below. He hit the floor with a scream, blood covering his leg.

Spencer quickly dodged a bullet from one and kneed him in the stomach before firing two shots at the other.

All that was left was Derek and one other and that one other was Julian. I aimed my deagle and Spencer aimed his rifle.

"Drop your weapons, my friends are coming here to kill you anyways." he said. I put my finger on the trigger. "Well i think i'll just-"

He pulled out a pistol at supersonic speed and fired twice, shooting me in the chest. I felt pain and I crawled towards Spencer. But soon, my vision blurred and i was out.

Julian's POV

I stared at Andrew's motionless body and looked down. I thought about Lilitha, then about Anikan and then about Jaxi. Spencer ran at Derek and punched him in the face.

He pushed Spencer back and spit blood on the floor before Spencer threw another punch. Derek grabbed Spencer by the arm and twisted it, pushing him off the side of the building. He pulled out a walkie talkie and hit the button.

"Release the mutants."

"Sir, they're already... NO!" said the man on the other line before he was cut off. 

A mutant, one of the leaders, jumped onto the roof and screeched loudly. I stepped back as Derek walked over to Andrew, pulling out his gun.

"I will end his suffering. Not gonna let any medics rush in and save his life. He can suffer in the afterlife knowing it was his fault his friends failed."

He pointed the gun straight at his head and pushed in a new magazine. I watched as he put his finger on the trigger and reflexes came.

I shoved him out of the way and he misfired, sending the bullet into the ground. I shot him twice in the stomach with my pistol and he fell off the side of the building, his body hitting the pavement with a thud. 

I looked back over to Andrew. The wound hadn't hit anything major, but he was still losing blood. I quickly pulled out some bandaged from my satchel and started bandaging up the whole, cleaning it with another cloth. But soon i was out of bandages and he was still bleeding.

I couldn't save him here. After a few seconds... maybe minutes... i put his arm around my shoulder and we walked down the steps, towards the courtyard.

Almost all of The Night Walkers were dead, and they had nothing to go back to anyways. Their leader was gone and so was their base. If i could get out of the base and go back with Andrew's group to their outpost he could be fully treated there. I walked down towards the coutyard and i didn't even bother to check.

The mutant grabbed me by the ankle and i fell to the floor, pulling out my gun.

It was too late, as the mutant already had it's claw embedded through my skin and into the bone. I shot twice, splattering blood on the wall behind it. I got up and looked at my leg. It was without a doubt, infected.

"Oh fuck me."

As soon as i turned the corner, everybody was gone. Jaxi, Lilitha, Ryan, Spencer, Kailey and Anikan were all gone. I had a choice to make. I looked at my leg and then back at Andrew.

"Fuck it," i muttered to myself as i picked up Andrew again and walked out into the courtyard. I had to get him to the outpost

Even if it was at the cost of my life.

Anikan's POV

The bullets raced past me. Me, Isabella, Julia and Stephanie had been forced to hold down the fort by ourselves. But only four soldiers remained. One ran out of cover and fired twice, just barely hitting Isabella.

A shot flew straight through it's head and i watched as Spencer stumbled through the courtyard, firing at the soldiers from the other side of cover. He missed one and it grabbed him by the throat, forcing him to the floor.

He pushed down and i could see Spencer blacking out. Several bullets flew straight through the man's chest and head and i looked back to see Axel holding his rifle.

"Lets go, we got everybody. I'm treating myself to some Super Mario when we get home."

I helped up Adam and Stephanie helped up Spencer. "Where's Andrew and Bruce?" i asked. Tears raced down his face and he tried to conceal it with his hood. "Lets go." i said, as we sullenly ran from the battlefield. 

I pulled out the walkie talkie. "Jaxi, we got Spencer you ready?"

"We're getting Kailey, we'll meet you back at base!" said Jaxi over the talkie. It cut out and we walked back into the forest, almost all of us crying in some way.

Rose Pwincess's POV

I ran through the smoke, looking for the exit vent they were supposed to be coming through. I could see one in the wall and i saw them. 2 bodies, one standing and the other on the ground. Brett and Rey followed and we ran through the smoke, aiming our rifles. The standing figure was a young boy with a hat, holding his hands up.

"I'm with her. Please, don't shoot!" 

I looked down to see Kailey, her ankles and her arm all burnt. The tips of her hair was also burnt, making taking an inch or 2 away. I knelt down and tried to shake her awake.

"She's out from smoke inhalation, if you take her back to your outpost you can save her. You should have a doctor right?"

I pointed my rifle at him. "I'm with her, she helped me escape. I'm the reason she's even out here in the first place. She passed out in the vent and i took pulled her out." he said to me.

I put down the gun and me and Brett helped Kailey up, running through the smoke. We ran out of the gates with everybody else.

"We've won." i said to Lilitha as we walked out, running into the forest. She smiled at me and just then, Anikan came out of the forest with his group. We all stared back at it. The base of The Night Walkers, burning down slowly and covered in blood and ash.

The War was over, and peace was finally here.

For now.

Derek's POV

The blood was coming to me and i could not feel anything. I moved my hand and i crawled down the stairs, leaving a trail of blood behind me. I tripped right down the stairs and hit the floor, splattering even more blood onto the stone floor.

I could see it, the guns locker. I crawled towards the locker, trying to get there before it came. I could hear the ceiling cracking and slowly it shook, dust falling out of the cracks. I touched the locker and pulled myself closer, slowly pulling it open. I put my hand on the urn just as the ceiling came down. "I'm sorry, Leya." i muttered. The burning ceiling crashed down, blacking out my vision and my life forever.

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