The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Travel

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Doctor's POV

I struggled through the forest, still carrying his body on my back. The Night Walkers burnt base was just a dot in the distance, though i had been walking 20 minutes, maybe more. Andrew was still unconsious and i could feel his heart beating on my back. The bleeding had mostly stopped, but he was still slowly losing blood. He would die if i don't get him there. The wind blew against my face and i felt the cold wind between the bandage and the bloody hole in my leg. The choice was hard, either amputate my leg and be unable to travel or take Andrew back to the outpost without amputating myself. I closed my eyes and looked up. If only i believed in god, maybe i would be reborn.

Anikan's POV

"Space!" i shouted as i jogged over to her. She had gotten dressed for the celebration and was sitting with Stephanie, Isabella, Jaxi and Alejandro at the table. She got up and walked towards me, looking a bit nervous. "Yeah?" she asked, holding her wrist with her other hand. "Hey, can we be friends? We're going to be living here for awhile so.... i..... i think it'd be better if we just put aside everything and became friends again." i told her. "Yeah, yeah that'd be okay." she said, starting to smile. I smiled as well. "See you at the party?" she asked. I nodded and we parted ways.

The wind was gathering dust now and was blowing against my face. I put up my hood and put a piece of cloth over my mouth. My sight was burdened by the sand and dirt being kicked up, but i had to get there. I just kept Andrew behind me, protecting him and his bullet wound. The bullet had gone through luckily, instead of getting stuck inside. A thought came to mind. Kailey and the boy with the hat she was with, Lucas i think. Had they been inside the base? I swore to myself. I hadn't even bothered to check if they were alive or had escaped. I looked over the map, 4 miles left.

"Glad to see your doing better?" i said to him. I stood against the wall, looking at the boy lying in bed. Adam smiled, sitting up. "We won?" he asked. I nodded. He looked over at the other beds. Rey, Kate, Spencer and Kailey laid in them. "Who died?" he asked worriedly. I couldn't tell him and looked down. Just then, Dr Evans walked in. "Monica, Oscar, Bruce and Andrew all died. Monica and Oscar died from bullet wounds and Andrew and Bruce were both shot while escaping the base. Bruce was shot in the chest by a man in the kitchen and Andrew was shot by Derek." said Evans. I looked at her. Her eyes was closed, but i could still see small tears forming behind her glasses. I put my hand around her shoulder as Adam stood up in the cot, holding onto his staff that he grabbed from the end of the bed.

The moment Derek found me i felt fear. I tiptoed out of the room and pushed open the door, which immediantly fell off of it's hinges. The sun was just barely rising and behind me was the horrific sight of the destroyed city. I was immediantly met with an infected, which attempted to bite my arm. I dodged and elbowed it in the skull, crushing it's neck with my foot when it hit the sand. I looked up and saw 20 more, all staring at me. As i ran from the infected and up the stairs, i could see the destruction. A destroyed plane, a blown apart RV, bodies lying across the beach and one barely recognizable one. The body of Maddie was lying on the ground, ripped apart and barely recognizable. If she was there... they all died. I dashed up into the street and i ran, spotting a nearby car next to the now wrecked ice cream parlor.

"You were apart of The Night Walkers?" asked Jaxi. Lucas just sat ont he couch, cowering in fear as Jaxi pointed her blade at his neck. "I didn't have a choice! I left my family and they took me as a slave!" he exclaimed. Jaxi didn't put down her sword. "Jaxi don't cut him in half." i said. She kept it raised. Suddenly, a body moved. We all looked over to the cot and saw Kailey sitting there, her eyes flickering open. "Jaxi... come here...." she said. Jaxi dropped her sword, almost slicing off the boys foot. She walked over to Kailey's bedside. "Kailey, i'm sorry for sending you in there." she cried as she laid her head on her chest. "Um... Jaxi please take your head off." she said. Jaxi got back up and looked at her. "Don't hurt him, he helped me get out of there. He saved my life." she said. Kailey fell back into unconsiousness and Jaxi stepped away, picking up her sword. "Your name?" asked Jaxi. "L-Lucas.... Lucas Rogers." he said. Jaxi walked out, leaving us alone. I turned to him, "Well Lucas, welcome to the outpost." 

I stopped the car when i saw it in the road. 14 of them, all blocking the middle of the street. I hadn't equipped a weapon besides my sole knife and a gun with no bullets, so i had to hope. I opened the car door and walked towards the crowd, them all walking towards me. I swung my arm, stabbing the knife into the neck of one, pushing it away. I got another, and then 2 more before they started to swarm me. I stepped back and felt my back hit the building on the side of the road. I slipped and fell to the concrete and just as they rose their claws to stab, i felt it. The wet feeling of blood. I opened my eyes to see them, a man with a long brown jacket and messy brown hair and a bandage over his mouth. Several others with similiar clothes stood behind him. "Well well, looks like we got another survivor." he said. He walked over to me and put his hand out. "Whats your name?" he asked. "I'm Julian Torres, early high school graduate and have achieved a PHd in the medical field." i answered nervously. He put his hand out right in front of my face, "Well Julian, you wanna join The Night Walkers?

"Depends? How long have I been followed?" i asked them. A man stepped next to Derek, messy brown hair and a black jacket with a brown scarf, "Ever since that shootout. Left your friends? Rude."

Night had fallen and i strolled through the grassy field towards the Food Hall. The tables had all been moved to the side and Gloria had lit the fire.

Jaxi was sitting next to Brett, both roasting marshemellows and feeding them to each other. Alejandro, Kate and Rey were all eating casadillas and Dr Evans and Adam were bringing out graham crackers and chocolate bars.

I looked around and saw Axel sitting at the back table, alone. I walked over and sat down next to him. "You okay?" i asked. He looked at me and then back at the first. "Today's my birthday." he said quietly. His hat concealed his whole face. "I know."

It was close, i could see it now. I trudded along the long dirt road, my shoes muddy and my clothes filled with sand and dirt. I reached for my pistol and slowly removed it from my holster. It had been around 3 or 4 hours since the attack and the sun had fallen. The moon was slowly rising in the distance and the stars were already shining bright. I put the gun up into the sky and put my finger on the trigger, slowly trudding towards the outpost. I pulled the trigger and a single shot rung out. Anyone could hear from miles away, and hopefully thats what happened.

I tapped the picnic table twice and Gloria came out of the kitchen with a decently large chocolate birthday cake. It wasn't a fancy 2 or 3 top one but it still looked delicious. Chocolate frosting coated the top and dripped over the sides and the chocolate filled cake inside sat right under it. Axel smiled and Gloria set it down on the table. Everybody gathered around the table, including the injured ones who had been helped here by Dr Evans. We sung and as soon as he blew out the candles we heard it. A gunshot. "Theres someone outside the walls!" said Diego. I pulled out my revolver and dashed towards the gates, Lucas, Jaxi, Rey and Diego behind me. Kate and i pulled the gate open and ran out to see the sole figure stumbling around in the darkness. Julian Torres was alive and on his back was Andrew. "He's losing blood, get him to your medical bay." he said tiredly as he fell forward, just barely being caught by Jaxi and Lucas.

"Hey, you need a partner?" asked a voice. I looked up from my textbook and saw 2 guys standing next to my desk. "The teacher said groups of 3. You wanna join our group?" asked the one in the black hoodie. For some reason, i couldn't speak for a second. "Uh sure. That works i guess assuming you both have an IQ of higher then 70 alone." i said to them, walking right past them to the nearest lab table. They followed, sitting down across from me. I set down the textbook and they both looked at it. "Dude thats a college textbook, where'd you get it?" asked the one messing with his phone. "I take an advanced college course in the medical field." i answered. They both stared. "Whats your name?" asked the one in the black hoodie. "My name is Julian Torres, advanced student and very close to earning my PHd." 

Doctor's POV

I stared down at the bed as they both carried Andrew onto it. Evans opened the closet and pulled out several packs of bandages along with a few scapels and a washcloth. Andrew was still unconsious and i quickly wiped the dirt off of his face with my sleeve. "Shit, where'd Bruce put the painkillers he found the other day?" asked Evans as she dug through the drawer. "He left them at his place i'll get them." said Jaxi. Just as she stepped out of the doorway i reached into my bag and pulled out a small pill bottle. I handed it to Evans and she set it down on the table next to him. She began to clean the wound with the help of Kate and i could see his hand tremble. He was coming back into consious. But just as he started to open his eyes, i fell to the floor and blacked out.

I couldn't stop shaking as i laid down in bed, trying to fall asleep. I couldn't stay still, and my body felt hot and cold at the same time. It wasn't a cold, and i couldn't diagnose and cure it. It was just, fear. Fear of this world that God, if i believed in him, created and the Russians ruined. The world that i ruined. Because of me i created a plague that wiped out probably most of the population in the US. Even if Russia didn't bomb the country, nowhere would be safe. All because of me. I slowly stepped out of bed and stared at the bottle of poison on the desk. I got up immediantly and picked it up, sitting back down and grabbing a black metal dagger from under my pillow. The dagger was unique and had a certain sparkle to it whenever it was stabbed into a foe, whether a Zion or a human. I quickly stabbed open the bottle with the knife and i looked at the poison. It would be maybe around a minute before i blacked out, probably less. I took a deep breath and i moved the bottle to my mouth.

FireStarter's POV

As i opened my eyes, i could see someone lying right on top of me, staring at me. A girl with long red hair and kitten ears. "Lili?" i muttered as i moved to the side. She embraced me, pulling me to her and causing some slight pain in my chest. "Okay don't kill me please." i said to her as she let go. "I thought you were dead." she said. "No i.... wait why am i here? I got shot by Derek on the roof." i said as i sat up, the room slowly coming into view. Kailey was lying next to me, her burnt upper shoulder visible above the covers. Spencer was also on the cot next to her, his arm in a cast. "What happened?" i asked her. "He carried you back." she answered. I looked to the cot on the other side of me to see Julian Torres unconsious next to me. 

As the plastic bottle touched my mouth, i heard a knock on my door. I dropped the bottle in suprise and it spilled onto the floor, causing a small stain on the tile. I kicked the bottle under the bed and walked past the stain, opening the door. It was the boy in the hat. "Hey, can you give me the key to the basement?" he asked. "Why the hell would i give some random grunt a key to the basement?" i said to him. "I'm with Kailey. She said i could trust you and that she needed a way into the basement." He said. "Does she know your here?" i asked. "No, she fell asleep a bit ago," he said. I looked back at the poison and then at him. I pulled my keyring out of my pocket and took off the basement key, handing it to him. "T-thank you," he said before running out of the room and back down the hall.

"Andrew. Your awake." said a voice. I looked back over to Julian. He was breathing and his eyes were open. He looked over to me and Lilitha. "Andrew if your going to do that here then pull the blinds and try and be quiet." he said. Lilitha's face turned red and she moved off of me, standing next to the bed. "At least i know i influenced you in some way." i said to him, smiling. He smiled for a second but then his face turned grim. He pulled up the covers and looked down. "Whats wrong?" i asked. He moved the covers to the side to reveal his wrapped up leg. "I'm infected." he muttered. Everything stopped. I got out of my bed, the pain setting aside. I quickly unwrapped the bandage to see and my eyes widened as the bloody hole in his leg became visible. "No... nonono. NO... NO!"

The door swung open and Derek stepped inside. 2 of his men were behind him. Derek held a simple glock and the men both held assault rifles. "Julian lets go, this is a losing battle." he said. I dropped the bottle i was holding and i could hear it all. The sound of bullets ricocheting off walls and blasting through skin, and the screams as they do so. "They're here?" i asked. "Yes, now we must get onto the roof and release the mutants from the cage on the side. Now lets go." he said. He walked out of the room with his 2 guards and i raced to the closet. I grabbed the poison bottles and some bandages, along with a few painkillers, synringes and other solutions, stuffing them all into my satchel. I then grabbed my black dagger and my glock, closing the door right after. "I'm ready." i said to myself as i stepped out of the room.

He was falling in and out of conciousness and one by one people entered over the next 3 hours. Evans was in there the most, but Jaxi, Brett, Ryan, Anikan and the boy with the hat all came in at different times. Anikan stayed, sitting in the chair across from the bed. "I think i'm gone now, it's taken over." he said. His skin had started to turn grey 20 minutes ago and it had darkened. He looked at us, smiling as bloody tears dripped down his face. "Shot to the heart, just kill me now." he said. Anikan pulled out his revolver and aimed it at Julian, closing his eyes and clenching his teeth. He put his finger on the trigger and sat down for a few seconds. I pushed him to the side and picked up my deagle, pointing it right at him. "Anything else?" i asked. "Yeah, promise me... promise me you'll make it to the end. Just.... don't die." he said. His eyes closed and i pulled the trigger.

Julian Torres was no more.


From left to right: Coty, Andrew, Anikan, Maddie, Hamster/Isrreal, Spencer, Space/Maddison, Julian

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