The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - A Fresh Start

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Submitted: November 01, 2017



The sun was at it's highest and was beating down on the entire outpost. Not many people had chosen to even step outside their doors, but if they did then they raced to the shade in the food hall. I sat at the end of the picnic table, gulping down a bottle of orange gatorade. "Thanks Kate." i said to the girl sitting across from me. "No problem, happy to help." she said, starting to put her gun back together. As far as i knew everybody was just taking a day off. Jaxi and Brett were probably eating breakfast in bed and watching TV, as now with the solar panels installed to replace the corroding mini generators that the Zions had damaged. Diego and Kate had taken some movies from an old video rental store they found while trying to find food a few towns south.

Lately, we've only had one problem. That problem was food. We've been growing some vegetables and plants, but it wasn't going too well. The heat from the sun was just getting hotter and the plants had been growing slower then expected. Now almost every day a team was out hunting for food, and with the latest development, it was getting even more difficult. About 7 people had been found hiding out in a police office by Kate and Diego while they were in the town down south. Sarah Grant who was a photographer, Charles Webber who had a job as a cook, 2 brothers Kieren and Louis, Marco Cotilla a police officer, a mother by the name of Regina and a accountant named Carolina. 7 new mouths to feed, but 7 new people to find food to feed them. Considering the extreme shortage of food in the area anyways, it wasn't much of a fair trade.

"Where's Marcus?" i asked her as i pulled out my revolver, shining it till it gleamed in the sunlight. "He's with Spencer, Ryan and Lucas i think. They all went over to your place to have gun fights with airsoft guns behind your place." she said. I swore to myself and put the revolver back in the holster. "Is Gordon ever gonna acknowledge the food shortage? Half of us don't even know, only the people who've gone into the kitchen and checked the food storage closet." i asked. Maybe enough food to last 2 weeks was left, and we still couldn't find a place that was packed. Every place in the radius of 30 miles away was looted and if any of us were to find a place, the food would either be stale, stolen or there would barely be enough. "Gordon's not gonna admit that we're starving here. He wants to be leader more then anything and if he has to lie to us about food shortage then he will to keep his leadership." said Kate as she got up. We listened to the sound of the airsoft bullets firing close by and we ran over to my place, sneaking around the side. 

Spencer and the others had set up a small battlefield and were firing at each other. "Couldn't you guys use paintball guns?" asked Kate. Ryan got up from cover and a single shot from Spencer in the back of the head pushed him back down. "We don't got any do we? Either way we have body armor so nothing can hurt us much." he said. She laughed and walked into my house, still dragging me along. Inside the house was Axel, who was sitting on the couch reading a book. "It took a nuclear bombing of a country and a mutant plauge to get kids to read more." i joked as i sat down on the couch next to him. "Hey Anikan who had breakfast in the food hall this morning?" he asked. "Um i think everybody got pancakes and Lilitha brought Jaxi and Brett some while they were asleep." i said to him. "I went into the kitchen about an hour ago cause i wanted to grab a water bottle and the waffle mix was gone." he said. I dropped the gun onto the floor. "Gloria didn't make waffles, so are you saying someone took it?" i asked. He nodded.

Kate was behind me and listening to it all. "If someone is stealing food then that may explain why we've have a shortage of food lately." said Kate. I stared down at the gun. One of us was a traitor, and if we didn't catch them people would starve and soon everybody would die. "So whats the plan?" I asked. "One of you guys set up some kind of system to make sure nobody can steal stuff without leaving behind evidence." said Axel. "How?" asked Kate. He opened his bag and started digging through. "It's an invisible dye that you can put on the food boxes. Once it comes into contact with water it turns pink." said Axel as he pulled out a small vial. He handed it to me and i quickly put it in an empty pocket in my bag. "Set this up tonight?" i asked Kate. She nodded and suddenly, a scream rung out.

FireStarter's POV

The wasteland was barren of all life and nothing was left but us. The ground was just dirt, bits of metal and sand and the wind spiraled around it all. Small sand spirals appeared every once in awhile while we strolled through the town. "You guys find anything?" i asked as i pushed open the glass stores that belonged to the old abandoned gas station. Brett came out from under a nearby van, his face coverined in soot and ash. "Maybe. I can strip this car for the parts we need to fix the truck." he said. He kicked back under the car and started working again. I then saw the other 3, Ryan, Marco and Kailey, both pushing the car back towards the station. Kate had said this town hadn't been looted yet so we hoped for some kind of food. But when we arrived, the engine broke down and we were trapped.

"Hey guys, you hear something?" asked Ryan as he walked over. Ryan was wearing a brown longcoat of sorts that went down to around his upper ankles. "Not that i know of, but whats with the jacket?" i asked him as i walked over to an old bunker entrance in the side of the buildings. I pulled on the handles but it wouldn't budge. "Found it in one of those stores. Got some good news though. Theres a food locker in one of those stores back there. Frozen food all powered by a generator." said Ryan. I ran from the gas pump, grabbing him by the arm. "Where is it?" i asked hopefully. He turned around to start walking, but then we heard it. "Is it a Zion?" asked Kailey. "Sounds like a lot." said Marco 

Nothing prepared us as the store across the street exploded. The doors burst open and the glass windows broke, as tens of Zions poured out. 5, then 10, then 15, then 40, by then i couldn't even count. "RUN!" i yelled. We all ran from the station, leaving the truck behind. Brett crawled out from the car and a Zion grabbed onto his leg, letting go only after i fired a shot straight into it's head. We all ran down the street, Ryan pointing us to the food locker. We ran into the store and when i reached for the doors, there were none. They were both lying on the floor, broken off the hinges. The mutants poured in, slicing their claws at us. "Get back!" yelled Marco. He pulled out his assault rifle and Ryan pulled out their shotgun, as me, Kailey and Brett ran up the stairs to a second floor. One of the Zions manuevered under Marco's rifle and jabbed it's arm forward, straight between his arms. He fell back onto the stairs, the rifle clattering to the wooden floor. Ryan ran up the stairs, Marco following. 

One of them reached out and grabbed him by the leg, trying to pull him down the stairs. I put my arm out to grab him and so did Brett, all 3 of us locking hands. We watched in horror as one of them grabbed the side of his head, their claws digging into his face. "GET OUT OF HERE!" he yelled at the top of his lungs as the claws drew blood. We both let go, his body being pulled into the crowd. We ran up the stairs where Kailey and Ryan were trying to open a window. I shot it twice and we all jumped out, landing in the street again. The Zion swarm moved out of the building and trudged after us as we dashed into the food locker across the strett. Me and Kailey rammed the door closed, but no click. The door had no handle. Ryan fired a shot at the lock on the locker, but it wouldn't budge. "I got this." I said to them as i shoved through them. I pulled out the black dagger and stabbed the handle into the keyhole, twisting it. The lock broke off and we all opened the food locker to 4 mini fridges all hooked up to a small generator on the bottom shelf.

We each opened one. One had 2 9 packs of water bottle, another had about 30 stacked ramen cups, the third had several bags of ice and the final one held some assorted meats. The Zions burst through the door and i watched as they grabbed Ryan by the shoulder, yanking him back. Kailey grabbed his hand and i swung my knife, cutting the Zion's hands off. He dashed away, his longcoat sprinkled with infected blood. We all ran out of another door on the side, each of us carrying a mini fridge. "Brett is the truck done!?" i asked. "Probably!" he yelled. My heart stopped.

Ryan and Kailey jumped into the truck, taking the mini fridges from us and putting them in the back. I got into the drivers seat and Brett got into the passenger as i attempted to start the car. After 3 tries it started, the headlights flickering on. I backed up into one of the Zions, driving away from the city. They slowly followed us, until they were all just tiny specks in the distance. "You think they'll follow us?" asked Kailey. "Uh... no probably not." i said to myself.

Was that a lie, or the truth?

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