The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 48 (v.1) - A Whisper in the Darkness

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



The sky was dark and now the sun was gone. All the illuminated the darkened outpost were the shines from the lanterns sitting on the tables of the dining hall, the light beaming through the windows of each of the houses and the moonlight which covered the whole camp. Most people were asleep, but several were not. I sat at the dining room table, playing with the empty vial of dye like a cat with a ball of yarn. "What are you doing?" asked Kate, looking at me weirdly. "I have ADHD fight me." i said to before passing her the vial and getting up. I rushed over to grab a gatorade bottle when i noticed something on the counter. "Whats with the water balloons?" i asked her. It was a small package of water balloons in all different colors. "I found them when i went scouting with Marco and Rey." she said as she got out of her chair.

Right as i grabbed the gatorade bottle from the cupboard i heard it. A knock on the front door. Kate quickly dived behind the couch, clutching her gun. "You never know whos at the door." she said. I nodded and walked towards it, opening the door slowly. It was Alejandro. "What is it Alejandro?" i asked tiredly. "Stephanie was wondering if you'd like to join us. Me, Her, Diego, Rey and Isabella are all hanging out in the food hall." he said. I looked back over to Kate, who nodded behind the couch. "Sure." i said to him. I walked over to the table and put my revolver in my holster before running out with Alejandro towards the food hall.

Almost as soon as we entered, there was a knife to my neck. "Oh my god sorry!" said Stephanie as she backed away, putting the knife down. She was practicing her stabbing and slashing with my small dagger and Isabella was messing with a compound bow. Diego was messing with an MG and Rey was watching. "Is Andrew back?" i asked them as i sat down. "Nope, haven't heard from him for a few hours." said Rey. My skin turned pale. "What do you mean a few hours? They left at 9AM and now it's 11PM. They should have been back hours ago!" i said. Just as i heard that, a water balloon hit me in the face. I fell to the floor and looked up to see Kate holding a box of water balloons. She kicked it over to the center of the food hall. "Grab em and throw!" she yelled. I quickly dived and grabbed 2 before running around the corner of the dining hall.

I looked around and saw Isabella get hit the fall to the ground. Diego threw one and splashed Stephanie, who threw one back. Just as i threw one at Rey, something caught my eye. "Kate... Kate.."

We both looked at her, her palm covered in blue. "Stephanie?" I asked worriedly. She looked at her hand. "Oh my god whats going on?!" she exclaimed. "Theres been a food shortage, someones been stealing food. Me and Kate set a trap in the kitchen, anyone who touched any food in there would get the dye on them and it turns blue when wet." i explained. Alejandro pulled his glock out of his holster and pointed it at her head. "It wasn't me! I grabbed a chocolate bar in there like 20 minutes ago!" she exclaimed. He didn't put the gun down. "I saw her go in there and come out with the chocolate bar so put the damn gun DOWN!" yelled Diego as he stepped up to him. "Fine." said Alejandro.

Rose Pwincess's POV

I could hear people talking outside and when i looked through the window to check, i saw Anikan, Rey and some others by the food hall. They were all talking, but one had up a gun. I sighed and closed the window, lying on the bed. The sheets were soft and cold which countered the hot enviroment around us. Just then, the door opened the Kailey walked in. "Brett still gone?" she asked. I nodded and she laid down next to me. "You think we'll be able to survive here, forever?" Kailey asked. "Maybe. There isn't anyone to stop us. As long as we don't run out of food, water or the sun then we'll be fine." i said to her. "You'd never wanna move to another country? A place with civilization?" asked Kailey. I looked at her for a second.

"What civilization? According to whatever news we had last, Russia and North Korea are the supreme leader of the planet. Every other country is to surrender their resources and land to them and join them or to be bombed like the US. America was just an example to show the other countries that they meant business. Even if we leave we won't be safe. Not until Russia and North Korea is gone." i told her. She looked down at the floor. "Where's Spencer and Lilitha right now?" she asked. "What do you mean?" i asked. "Well Julia and Axel are downstairs and Andrew's team is still gone. Lilitha left like half an hour ago but she isn't outside at the food hall." said Kailey. I looked at the window. "Don't know." 

Nerd's POV

I grabbed the screwdriver from the counter and walked over to the desk. The radio sat on the desk, the back opened up. The old corroded and trashed up radio was just at the bottom of Julian's satchel when he died. It was broken and didn't even work. But i had to be good at something. I had gone over to Owen's place and found some of his old metal and electronic stuff and i got to work. But just as i grabbed the batteries from the container, someone knocked on the door. I quickly ran over to open it, seeing a red haired figure holding a bag of gummy bears in the darkness. "Um Lilitha what is it?" i asked. "I got bored cause Andrew's gone." she said, walking past me into the house without even asking. "Um, shouldn't you ask to come in?" i said to her. "Ain't your house." she said, lobbing another gummy bear in her mouth.

She sat down on the couch and i walked back to the desk, putting in the batteries and starting to screw on the back plate. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I found an old radio in Julian's bag. I'm trying to get it working." i said to her. She got up and walked over, looking at the radio. "So is it gonna work?" she asked. "Maybe, not 100% sure what the problem is so i just replaced everything." i said to her. I finished screwing on the back plate so i put it up and extended the antenna, before finally hitting the on button. All that was there was static. "Well it works." she said. "Considering everybodies dead i'm not suprised there isn't some random Maddonna song playing." i said. I put the radio down and walked away, towards the door. "Cmon lets go see whats going on outside." I said. She nodded and followed, before i finally closed the door. The radio warbled and a noise came on.

Hello? Anyone there?

Anikan's POV

Almost immediantly. Shots rung out. "OPEN THE DAMN GATE!" Yelled a voice. Isabella ran towards the gate and started pulling it open when a truck containing Andrew, Kailey, Ryan and Brett. They jumped out and helped Isabella slam the gate closed, locking it right after. "Whats going on?" i asked. "Giant swarm, maybe 200... all coming this way!" yelled Brett. "Alright we did this last time we can do it again, grab the rifles and lets go!" i said. Just then, it came.

Alejandro fired his gun straight into Diego's back and pushed him to the ground, before pulling out a military knife and stabbing Stephanie in the leg. He pointed it at us and we all pointed ours back at him. Just then, Spencer and Lilitha came out into the field and over to the food hall. Alejandro grabbed Lilitha by the neck and put the gun to her head. "None of you are leaving here alive." he said. The growling came and the Zions were all outside the wall. "What are you doing!?" yelled Spencer. "You never figured it out. I'm the last Night Walker." he said, backing up with her as his hostage. She started to cry, her whole body shaking. Andrew's face was red and he was walking after them, holding his deagle up at him. 

Just then, a shot rung out and we looked back to see Gordon holding a pistol, aiming it at Alejandro. The bullet hit him in the shoulder and he punched Lilitha in the neck and fired another shot. Gordon fell to the floor, the bullet embedded in his stomach. He stood at the doors to Gordon's house, Lilitha still his hostage. "Just let her go and you can live." i said to him. He put down the gun and pulled something else out. A small black box. "Touch me and this outpost will be no more." he said. It was a detonator. 

He backed up into Gordon's house and almost immediantly, we saw it. Gordon grabbed Alejandro's leg and he tripped, both him and Lilitha falling. Lilitha reached for the detonator, which was lying in the grass. Alejandro shook free and grabbed Lilitha's leg, pulling out the gun. He fired, barely missing her and pushing her away. He grabbed the detonator as we all ran at him, firing. He pushed the button and we watched as the wooden wall behind us exploded, sending small chunks of food and metal fencing into the air.

The electric fence was destroyed, and the Zions were in.

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