The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - Escape the Outpost

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



Anikan's POV


I tried to scream, and I tried to stop him. But my attempts were hopeless. He slammed his thumb down on the button, and my world came crashing down around me. I was thrown to the floor by the force of the explosion and my screams were drowned out by the ringing sound filling my head.

My body became limp, and as much as I tried to get up I just couldn't. I managed to reach out for my revolver lying on the ground and managed to grab it just in time for a mutant to approach me. I regained control and fired a single bullet into the Zion's forehead, before its body dropped down on top of me.

I pushed the body away and rolled over, trying to get up. I looked around for the others, but my vision was blurrying. What I could see were the mutants flooding through the gates, and no way to stop them. There were too many to take out, and the gates looked too far gone.

Our only hope was to run.

"Stephanie! Spencer! Lilitha! Rey!" I screamed as I leaned up against one of the picnic tables in the mess hall.

Two more mutants went for me and I pushed one away, stumbling through the mess hall to the hatchet lying on the table. I managed to grab it just as the mutant slashed at my arm, ripping a hole in my jacket. I swung and beheaded the mutant quickly, letting its body fall beside the other that tried to attack. I stomped down on its foot and slashed its neck open with the hatchet before pushing the body away, hoping no more would come.

Then, gunshots. I ran out of the mess hall to see a small group of people surrounded by mutants, trying to fight them off. A man swung his machete and killed one of them, and then the woman tried to take down another two with her shotgun, while three others cowered behind them. I watched them fight, and then I watched them die.

My body began to freeze up again as their guts were ripped out and their lives lost as the mutants surrounded and slaughtered them. I backed away right into another person, and I turned to swing my hatchet and kill them. 

"Watch where you're swinging that asshole!" Andrew shouted at me, blocking the hit with his deagle.

"Sorry... got a plan?" I asked him.

"Ain't no fix for this. Get Space and the kids. We gotta go now," he answered as he took down four with his KSG.

"Go get everyone out of the houses and meet me by the gates. There's two RVs and a mobile home attached to a truck," I told him before running off in the opposite direction.

I ran towards the large house at the end of the field, the one most surrounded by mutants. They were banging on the doors and shattering the windows, and the lights inside were still on. It was the only house untouched, or at least it was for another second or two.

I stopped in my tracks as a large explosion came from beside the house, and one of the trailers was reduced to burnt rubble. The flames spread and soon the side of the house was burning, and then the roof, and then the rooms.  Space was inside, Axel was inside, and so was Joel. There was no way inside, or out. 

That didn't matter to me. I held my hatchet in one hand and holstered my colt with the other. I grabbed the machete off the corpse lying on the ground and charged towards the swarm surrounding the house, screaming at the top of my lungs. It didn't matter if I died here, as long as I got them out.

The sound of slashes and cuts and guts hitting the floor filled my ears as I took them down one by one, trying to force my way through the crowd. One grabbed my arm and I swung downwards, cutting its arm off. I then pushed one away from the door and hit another with the hilt of my machete before grabbing the door handle, forcing it open and slipping inside.

I fell forward but immediately turned around and stabbed my machete through the head of a Zion trying to get through. I kicked its body out of the doorway before slamming the door shut and backing off. I turned and quickly ran upstairs, hearing the sound of gunfire from outside. Someone was fighting back, but it wasn't from a shotgun but a rifle. Someone else was alive.

"Anikan!" Axel shouted from the doorway. He held a duffel bag in each hand, and it looked to be filled to the brim. 

"You got everything?" I asked him quickly.

"Yeah," he answered nervously.

"Then let's go," I told him.

"Where? This is our home!" he told me.

"Somewhere else. It's not safe here," I told him bluntly before grabbing my backpack from under my bed in the room across the hall.

"You said we'd always be safe here... you said we'd never die as long as we stayed inside the walls," Axel shouted at me.

I turned to face him, and saw tears in his eyes and anger flashing over his face. Then standing at the top of the stairs was Joel, watching the entire thing. I sighed and flashed my bloody hatchet to the two, watching the light glimmer off the blood.

"I lied."

The building shook and Joel fell backwards, but I ran forward and managed to grab his hand before he fell. I lead the two kids down the stairs before stopping in front of Space's room, seeing her rush out as flames filled the room behind her. I slammed the door shut and Space slipped on the grey backpack she was carrying, and she drew her silenced pistol right after.

"What's going on?" she asked quickly before the window shattered a Zion crawled through.

"This place is going to shit! We gotta leave now!" I shouted at her as I swung and killed the mutant.


The four of us turned and stared down the hall, watching a man rush through the back door only for a mutant to pounce down on top of him and slash his back open. The mutant ripped his spin from his body and tossed it to the side before glaring at the four of us. We were prey, and he was the predator.

He charged and Space stood in front, pointing her pistol ahead. She unloaded the clip into the mutant and while the first few shots were enough, she continued until its head was filled with bulletholes and blood was covering the carpet.

"Out the back," I told them as we rushed out of the house. We managed to make it out the door just as the floor above collapsed, and the stairs came down right behind us. Space slammed the door shut and we made a break around the house, hoping the Zions would be kept busy by the flames instead of noticing us.

We came out and saw Andrew running across the field, Lilitha, Julia, Stephanie, Diego and Isabella right behind him. Adam, Kailey and Ryan came next, rushing away from a house just as the second floor came down and collapsed on top of a large swarm of mutants. They were all armed to the teeth, wielding their sniper rifle, glock, crossbow, LMG, compound bow and machete, bow staff, tomahawk and shotgun respectively.

"Alright we need to force our way through the crowd! Stay in a group and don't break formation. When we get to the mobile home, Adam will hold them off with his staff while everyone else climbs up top. There's a sunroof one of the Blake Twins installed!" I shouted at them all.

I ran forward and everyone else followed, taking out the swarm still flooding the base. Ryan kept stabbing the bayonet on the end of his shotgun into the heads and necks of the mutants, while Kailey stood behind him slashing into mutants with her tomahawk and killing others with the uzi in her other hand.

Andrew fought beside me, killing them with the black dagger shining in his hand. He stabbed one in the head and kicked another way as Diego rushed past the two of us and began gunning them down with his LMG. He aimed for their legs instead of their bodies of heads, since he could knock them down instead of having to use more bullets to kill them.

Effective, but would it be effective enough?

We managed to make it close enough to the mobile home and Diego took his chance, running to the ladder first before we could secure. Adam rushed forward to try and defend him, and stabbed a Zion in the stomach with his staff before another came from behind and tackled him to the ground. 

Diego climbed up the ladder, but before he could get to the top a mutant latched onto his foot. He tried to climb away, but the mutant yanked Diego off and he lost his footing, falling backwards on top of the mutant. The Zion tried to sink his teeth into Diego but Stephanie aimed at them, shooting an arrow into the Zion's neck.

"Thank you Stpeh-AHHHH!"

His words of kindness were soon interrupted when a mutant crawling under the mobile home yanked him under, and he lost his grip on his rifle. Stephanie dropped her crossbow, her hands moving over her mouth as she listened to the sounds of her boyfriend being disembowled, ripped apart, and slaughtered to the point of no return.

She tried to rush forward, but I grabbed her arm and kept her beside me. Adam helped up Adam and the two secured the ladder, Stephanie going up first. Joel and Axel went up next, and then Andrew gestured Lilitha to follow.

A gunshot barely missed me and I turned, seeing a figure standing on top of Dr Evans house. Alejandro had climbed up top and was firing at me with his glock, but was missing greatly. I dodged and aimed my colt, firing at him twice before hitting him in the leg.

He lost his balance and fell backwards, right off the edge of the house. His body became impaled on a broken metal pipe sticking out of the ground, and he let out a scream as the mutants surrounded him. They all ripped into his body and I watched with no remorse. He had died, but not without taking our home with it.

"We're missing a lot of people! Where are they!?" I asked Adam as he grabbed Diego's LMG and took down a large group of mutants that strayed away from my burning house.

My question was answered in the form of shouting. I turned and spotted Brett and Rey standing in front of his and Jaxi's house, holding a knife in each hand while Rey fired nervously with his glock. His entire house was in flames, and it seemed to be on the brink of collapsing.

Brett's face was pale, and the only splash of color was the blood covering his face. He was stabbing into mutants one by one, stabbing them in the eye, then the neck, and then the chest. By the sixth one one of his knives became stuck and was lost when the body fell away, and then the sixth came all he had was the other and his fist.






He punched one through the chest, ripping out it's lung and throwing it to the floor. He then pulled his rifle off his back and shot 2 more before disappearing into the crowd, running towards the house.

"Stephanie and Isabella keep the kids safe. Andrew, Space, Lili, Ryan, Adam and Kailey follow me. We ain't leaving without them!" I shouted as I slammed the blade of my hatchet into the skull of a Zion. The others jumped off the top of the mobile home and followed me as I dashed intot he swarm,

We all dashed across the field towards the burning house, the Zions filling the empty path behind us. The entire place was in flames and Kailey's room looked to have already collapsed into the kitchen below. A figure in the shadows I indetified as Brett was trying to ram open the front door with his rifle, to no effect.

We reached the two and I tossed Brett my hatchet, and he caught it before tossing Rey his rifle. He swung the weapon and took off the doorknob, knocking it into the grass. He busted the door open and I followed, the others keeping the Zions away from the house with their guns.

The entire room was destroyed. The table was knocked over and burning, and so was the couch and the drapes covering the shattered window. A large stone pillar was sitting in the rubble covering the kitchen, and the flames were dancing across the stairs.

Brett didn't care and charged forward, rushing up the stairs in an attempt to dodge the flames. He managed to get up just as the metal bandelier collapsed, coming down and crashing onto the couch. I tried to rush forward to help Brett, but Andrew yanked on my jacket and I was thrown out of the house.

The roof came down and the flames grew, the house beginning its final stages of destruction. But I could tell Brett was alive, and so was Jaxi. We had to defend the house so they could get out in time, or else they'd be trapped.

I fired twice, killing two and Andrew took out three with his dagger. Ryan and Rey rushed over to the house beside Jaxi's, the one that most of the boys lived inside, and watched as Spencer and Maddie rushed out the front doors with flames following shortly behind. The entire house collapsed and fell to the side, smashing into the side of Jaxi's house and breaking the wall apart.

"You guys good!?" I shouted at them.

"Somewhat!" Spencer answered as he began firing randomly into the swarm with his back revolver.

One by one Zions fell to the floor, until half of that group was taken out. The swarm had splitten up into three different groups. One was invading the houses, another was coming after us and the large group surrounding the mobile home and was being fought off by Isabella and Stephanie at the trailers. Hopefully they were okay, but from across the outpost we couldn't see.

Just then, a scream filled our ears. We looked back to see Brett walking out of the house, his arm around the injured Jaxi. She was alive, but weakened and a long bloody cut was running across her cheek. I turned and spotted another group rushing out of one of the houses just as a tree on the mountain beside the outpost came crashing down. It smashed down onto the house and it all collapsed, the group managing to get far enough.

Two woman were quickly taken down, but Marcus and Kate slipped out of the group before rushing to us. They rushed behind us and we all stood in front of Jaxi's collapsing house, our guns out and aimed. A little over a dozen to ninety mutants. The odds were not in our favor.

Kailey pulled out her tomahawks and stood there, the Zions slowly approaching. Brett pulled out his rifle, I pulled out my revolver, Adam swung his staff, Andrew aimed his deagle, Ryan armed his shotgun and Spencer aimed his magnum. Jaxi unsheathed her sword, Lilitha aimed her sniper, Space moving up her gun, Marcus reloaded his rifle, Brett drew his machete and Kate slipped on her knuckles. "Everybody! Fire together!" I yelled. We all fired and Jaxi, Adam, Brett, Kate and Kailey ran forward.

The Zions fell one by one, from sword and from gun. But they kept coming and soon they were coming from the back of the house. We were surrounded entirely. But it didn't matter, every one of us was fighting at full power, though I did have to reload every few seconds because of the colt and it's lack of a decent amount of ammo.

Jaxi was swinging her sword, cutting down mutants like it was nothing. Adam was beside her, swinging his staff while Snackers slithered through the grass and bit the mutants around him. He was immunue, being a snake and all. Brett was behind him taking them down with his hatchet, and Kate was the MVP of it all, punching out mutants with her brass knuckles. Kailey was rushing forward, swinging her two tomahawks and splattering blood all over her jeans.

Suddenly, Kailey retreated backwards as the Zions attempted to grab her. She dodged, though froze for a second as one of the mutants cut across her arm. She was infected again, though it didn't really make much of a difference.

I began to notice more and more Zions. They were still coming through the gate, and I realized all the Zions from miles away were all coming to this point. Like humans to a beacon, or like moths to a flame. Not only could we escape this place, but we could trap them. Drive one of the RVs in front of the gap in the gate, and set the entire place ablaze. If we couldn't live here, neither could the mutants.

Before I could order everyone to move, a mutant came from behind. I was standing in the back of the crowd, and before anyone could notice I was on the ground with my body being slashed at. I tried to hold him back with my hatchet, but the mutant got the jump on me. 

"Don't... even... try..."


A knife stabbed through the head of the mutant and I pushed it off, looking up to see Joel standing above me. He put his hand out and I took it, getting up and retrieving my hatchet and colt python. He frowned, "always watch your back... you taught me that one."

"Yeah... yeah sorry. A bit distracted here," I told him as I got back up and joined the shooting.

I watched the mutants rip through the mess hall, and then another person. Gloria tried to make a run out of the kitchens, but despite swinging her axe and taking off the head of one mutant, another grabbed her hair and then her face, as it ripped her face off with its claws and then drove its hand into her body. She fell forward and was lost in the crowd, and then was gone for good.

Beside the mess hall was Dr Evans house, and she wasn't doing much better. The window shattered and I watched the flash of gunfire through the shattered glass. Mutants rushed inside, and she let out a shriek before rushing out the front, becoming quickly lost in the crowd before her screams were silenced and more blood was split.

"Everyone move back to the mobile home! Charge through the swarm and don't stop moving! Kate and Ryan behind me!" I shouted at everyone.

We all broke apart and made a mad dash through the swarm, pushing the mutants out of our way. But when everyone but Kate behind me faded from sight, I second guessed myself. Splitting up may have not been the best idea. I shouted out into the crowd, but nobody answered.

I fired two shots at a Zion before we all dashed into the crowd, shoving out way through. Slashes hit my jacket and eventually, one grabbed on. I slipped out my jacket and let it be taken as i ran out of the crowd and into the clearing.

"Wait a fucking minute GIMME MY DAMN JACKET!" I shouted at the mutant as my jacket fluttered to the floor.

They swarmed me and Kate grabbed my arm, yanking me away towards the mobile home. I came out of the swarm to see Stephanie holding the LMG, keeping them away while Isabella took care of the ones who got through with her compound bow. 

I turned around and Andrew, Lilitha, Marcus and Adam came out of the crowd. But Joel, Ryan, Spencer, Maddie, Kailey, Jaxi, Brett, Space and Spencer did not. I tried to look out into the swarm for them, but there was no sign. 

"JOEL! JOEL!" I shouted into the crowd. Where was he!?

"Andrew drives!" Marcus shouted as he climbed up the ladder.

"I call shotgun!" Lilitha shouted as she tossed Marcus her sniper rifle.

"THIS REALLY THE TIME FOR THAT!?" Adam shouted at the two.

Andrew quickly dived into the drivers seat and Lilitha into the passengers seat, starting up the car. The Zions surrounded us and I was forced back into the ladder, but Adam tried to hold them off. He rushed forward and began duel wielding both his staff and a rifle in his hand, and managed to take down five before one grabbed his arm and tried to yank him into the crowd.

I aimed my colt and killed it, letting him rush back towards the ladder on the side of the mobile home. Adam then revealed something he grabbed off the ground; my brown hoodie. It had a bit of blood splattered on the side, and it had a bit of dirt, but not much damage overall.

"Thanks man," I told him as I fired another five shots.

"No problem. Better have my back next time," he answered back.

Behind us Isabella climbed up the ladder, and then Stephanie followed. Axel and Julia went next, and Stephanie pulled up Axel first. Isabella and Axel quickly dropped down into the sunroof, landing inside the mobile home. Julia climbed up next, and Marcus slipped through the sunroof before her.

Kate went behind me and climbed up the ladder, and then I followed. She came up and gestured Julia to get inside as I reached the top of the ladder and Adam followed behind me. But just before I could climb up top, a Supermutant smashed into the side of the mobile home. Adam, Kate, Julia and I hit the ground, and the mutants had no mercy.

The Zions came and surrounded us and Marcus noticed, climbing back through the sunroof and laying some cover fire for us to get back up. Adam swung his staff and took two down, and Kate backed up and grabbed my hatchet off the ground to defend herself.


A mutant sticking out the window of Space's burning room grabbed Julia by the arm, and tried to yank her towards her. She was fighting him off, but her glock was too far for her to reach. I pulled out my revolver to fire and kill it, but just as i pulled the trigger a Zion slashed at it, knocking the revoler away into the night. 

Two mutants went for me and I was weaponless. Kate noticed tossed my hatchet to me, and I took them both down with two cuts to the legs. I stomped down on their heads before looking up to see it. A mutant had grabbed onto Adam's hoodie and was trying to yank him into the crowd.

Everything stopped, it all began to move slower and slower. Everything was slowing down, and I had to choose. Two choices, one chance.

Adam or Julia. I only had one shot at this. No.... I could get them both! I had to save them both. If I let Adam die I'd be letting him down, after everything he's done for us. He's selfless, he's brave, and he's always done things for other people, never himself. But I'm not letting a kid die, not Maddie's little sister. Not Andrew's daughter. I had to save them both!

I took a deep breath and swung my hatchet, slashing the hand off the mutant grabbing onto Adam. He stumbled forward and rushed towards the mobile home, Kate standing at the base of the ladder with her glock drawn and Marcus on top with his rifle to cover me to come up next. But first I turned to Julia, and raised my axe to save her.

But I couldn't.

Julia couldn't fight anymore. The Zion yanked her back and she fell into it's clutches, and its claws dug down into her arms. My eyes widened and my heart stopped, and the Zion bit down into her neck and blood burst out of her body. 


Her screams, her shouts, her blood. It was all seared into my memory like a tattoo. Permanent. I tried to save her, and I failed. The mutant then slashed her across the chest and took another bite out of the side of her face, and I lost complete feeling in my body. 

She was gone.

"C'MON WE GOTTA GO!" Kate shouted as she yanked on my arm.

"NO! NO I GOTTA SAVE HER!" I shouted in disbelief.

"YOU CAN'T SAVE EVERYONE!" Kate shouted at me before pushing me towards the ladder. I climbed up without thinking and she followed, the two of us falling through the sunroof and down onto the floor. Everyone was pale, covered in blood and sweat. Nobody could speak.

Andrew and Lilitha had seen it all. They watched from the window. They watched me save a man instead of their daughter. They watched the mutant rip their daughters face apart. They saw her blood stain the wooden porch of the burnt home. They watched me with disappointment, and grief.

I looked through the window and watched as the mobile home drove out of the outpost, through the swarm and down the ridge and onto the dirt path that lead back to the road. The Outpost was gone.

And so was our hope for survival.

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