The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - Escape the Outpost

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



The Zions flooded in and the growls came back to my ears as the ringing stopped. I pushed the wood off of my legs and got up, looking around. The truck was overturned and wood and fencing were scattered across the field.

I pulled out my gun and shot one, stumbling around in the smoke. There were mutants everywhere, but no sign of the others.

"Stephanie! Spencer! Lilitha! Rey!"

Just then, a figure came through the smoke next to me. It was Spencer, holding his black revolver. Then came Rey and then the bloody Diego with Stephanie helping him up.

"Is the wall gone?"

"He set off like seven C4s, do you really think a few wood planks is gonna live throught that?"

"Shut up and shoot!"

We all ran out of the clouds of smoke and into the fields, where we could see the damage. Zions were slowly flooding in.

"No way to stop it. Get everybody else we have to leave!"

The outpost was lost.

Spencer and Rey both ran off towards the houses and Diego, Stephanie and i ran over to the Zions, firing at them all. Diego was gunning them down with his shotgun, aiming for their legs.

Smart, but would it be effective enough?

"We can escape in the mobile home. It's small but it's still attached to the truck." said Diego. We ran behind the trailers and there was a long and thin house still attached to a truck.

"Alright we need to hold off the Zions while the others get everybody out!" i announced. There were a lot of us, and we needed to get everyone out alive.

Just then Andrew, Kailey and Brett ran out of the smoke towards us, Kate and Ryan chasing them. "Lets get out of here!" yelled Andrew. He seperated from us and ran over to Lilitha, who was unconsious on the floor. A shot flew over his head and we all looked to Alejandro standing on one of the trailers.

Diego threw down his shotgun, pulling the MG out to fight. He then began to rapid fire to gun him down and just barely missed, Alejandro ducking under the shots and pulling a gun. I pulled out my revolver and just as he got back up, i sent a bullet into his chest. He fell right off behind the trailer, where the Zions stumbled towards him.

He crawled away, fearing for his life as the Zions submerged, stabbing the claws through each of his legs. They went for his chest, ripping it open as he screamed soulessly.

I looked to the side to see Dr Evans running from her office, Zions chasing her. "What the hells going on!?"

Just then a Zion came from behind, grabbing onto her arm and ripping off part of her lab coat. 

"Alejandro blew up the walls. He was the traitor!"

Just then we all put our arms up as Diana's house exploded, debris and wooden planks flying into the crowd. The Zions kept coming and coming, but Diego managed to keep them back for now.

We then looked to the side, Jaxi and my house were still in flames. Axel... Jaxi.... Kailey... Julia...

Brett's face immediantly turned pale and he ran towards his house, only for Zions to block his path.






He punched one through the chest, ripping out it's lung and throwing it to the floor. He then pulled his rifle off his back and shot 2 more before disappearing into the crowd, running towards the house.

"Diana get in the thing, if someone gets injured were gonna need you."

"What thing?!"

"The metal thing.. the uh... the roller thing!"


Evans stepped back, running over towards the mobile home. Luckily she had a duffel bag, which i assumed was filled with medical supplies.

The Zions kept coming and coming and suddenly, my gun clicked. So did Diego's MG. Outta ammo and outta time.

"Shit what now!?" asked Stephanie. The Zions got closer and closer and i dived to the side, as Stephanie, Diego and Lilitha became lost in the crowd.


The Zions went at me, slashing at my legs as i crawled away. Andrew put his hand out and i took it, getting off the ground and kicking a Zion in the stomach.

"Dude I thought you were Lili. Wow your skin really is as pale as hers."


We ran away, running towards the armory. Andrew and me jumped down into the small bunker on the side of the house and looked around. He grabbed his KSG, 4 pistols and a shotgun and threw them into the back of his duffel bag. I shoved all the ammo out of the cardboard box and into a duffel bag, also putting in another pistol and a few machetes on the table.

I also grabbed the P-90 and shoved it in as well, just as the growling got closer and closer. We climbed up the ladder and fired, running through the crowd and out into the open.

The Zions kept coming and coming and Spencer and Rey were nowhere to be found. Brett was also missing, though i assumed he was going to find Jaxi. Just as we ran out of the bunker they overtook us, coming from both sides of the alley between the houses.

I drew my hatchet, swinging and cutting out the neck of one. Andrew countered with his KSG before one of them knocked him to the floor and went for him. 

Andrew went for his belt, reaching into the side of his pants and pulling out something sharp and deadly.

A sharpened black combat dagger fit with a serrated blade. He jabbed it into the Zion's skull which killed it instantly before cutting another two down with strikes I didn't even think touched them.

I then recognized the knife instantly, upon glancing at the cut across the handle. Julian's knife.


We both looked up and saw Adam, staring down at us and putting his hand out the window. Andrew went first, getting pulled up into the house and firing down at the mutants with his deagle twice. I went next and he helped me up through the window.

We both landed on the floor and Adam was wearing his hoodie, a backpack and a snake around his neck.

"This is Snackers. Don't worry he won't bite. Well unless you get infected then he'll rip out your throat." he said, grinning under the shadows of his hood.

He grabbed his staff off the wall and smashed open a nearby window, sending shards of glass onto the ground below. He nodded to us as an indication to follow and jumped out. We both stared down as he swung his staff, knocking down three mutants and killing another.

We jumped down and landed in front of his house as the Zions noticed us, attempting to kill us. In front of Jaxi's house was a small clearing but as soon as we got close, we all stopped and stared.

We all stared at the sight. Jaxi's house was blown apart, the entire side of the house on fire. One of the bombs hooked up to the generators must have been on her house.

We all dashed towards the house, the Zions stumbling after us in an attempt to cover the clearing. The entire place was in flames and the wood was falling one by one. A figure in the shadows I indetified as Brett was trying to ram open the front door with his rifle, to no effect.

I reached onto my belt and unclipped my hachet, throwing it to Brett. He caught it and slammed the hachet into the door, cutting through the handle. He ran in and so did we, looking around. The whole kitchen was blown apart and the ceiling was starting to collapse.

I looked to the side and saw 2 bodies lying next to the TV. Axel was lying on the floor, a burn mark on the back of his jacket. The nearby door opened and Space came out, holding her pistol and with a backpack on.

"Grab him and let's go!"

We helped Axel up and he grabbed his rifle, throwing it around his back. Julia was on the couch, barely awake. Space grabbed her wrist and helped her up as the nearby TV crashed onto the floor.

Smoke was filling the room and we came out with Andrew holding open the broken door. We all looked back just as the side of the house came down, falling straight into the side of mine anc crushing the insides.

No sign of Brett, no sign of Jaxi, no sign of Kailey. The growls became louder and we turned around to see the Zions getting even closer.

I fired twice, killing two and Andrew took out three with his dagger. Axel knelt down so as to not loose his balance and aimed his rifle at the mutants. Axel pulled the trigger on his rifle and stood his ground as the rifle fired bullet after bullet.

One by one Zions fell to the floor, until half of that group was taken out. The swarm had splitten up into three different groups. One was invading the houses, another was coming after us and the large group surrounded the storage house and was being fought off by Diego and Stephanie at the trailers. Hopefully they were okay, but from across the outpost we couldn't see.

Just then, a scream filled our ears. We looked back to see Brett walking out of the house, Jaxi around one arm and Kailey around the other. There were even more burns on Jaxi's arms and blood was dripping from a cut across her cheek.

Just then Spencer, Ryan, Lilitha and Rey emerged from the crowd, dodging the Zions and holding their weapons close. "Isabella, Diego, Marcus and Stephanie are hiding in Gordon's place. Kate went there as well." informed Rey.

Kailey pulled out her tomahawks and stood there, the Zions slowly approaching. Brett pulled out his rifle, i pulled out my revolver, Adam swung his staff, Andrew aimed his deagle, Ryan armed his shotgun and Spencer aimed his magnum. Jaxi unsheathed her sword, Lilitha aimed her sniper, Space moving up her gun, Julia pulled out her pistol and Axel aimed his rifle. "Everybody! Fire together!" i yelled. We all fired and Jaxi, Adam and Kailey ran forward.

The Zions fell one by one, from sword and from gun. But they kept coming and soon they were coming from the back of the house. We were surrounded entirely.

It didn't matter, every one of us was fighting at full power, though I did have to reload every few seconds because of the colt and it's lack of a decent amount of ammo.

Suddenly, Kailey retreated backwards as the Zions attempted to grab her. She dodged, though froze for a second as one of the mutants cut across her arm. She was infected again, though it didn't really make much of a difference.

"Everybody to the mobile home now! Just stay together and push through the crowd!"

I fired 2 shots at a Zion before we all dashed into the crowd, shoving out way through. Slashes hit my jacket and eventually, one grabbed on. I slipped out my jacket and let it be taken as i ran out of the crowd and into the clearing.

"Wait a fucking minute GIMME MY DAMN JACKET!"

They swarmed me and I was forced away, leaving it behind.

Kate, Diego, Stephanie, Marcus and Isbabella were running out of Gordon's house, the Zions chasing them.

"Andrew drives!"

"I call shotgun!"


Andrew quickly dived into the drivers seat and Lilitha into the passengers seat, starting up the car. The Zions surrounded us and i was pushed against the truck as i moved over towards the door. Space and Axel were behind me but suddenly, i saw it.


One of the Zions was biting Diego on the shoulder, it's claws embedded into his back. He fell to the floor, and the Zions overtook his body. I then saw Kate climb up onto the truck and I quickly followed.

I helped Space up and then Jaxi, Spencer and Adam. Adam then pulled something that was stuffed into his hoodie. My brown jacket.

"Thanks man."

"No problem. Better have my back next time."

We both stared off the edge of the mobile home at the others.

Kailey, Stephanie, Ryan, Isabella, Julia, Brett, Rey, Marcus were all surrounded. I unzipped my bag pulling the P-90 out, firing at the crowd and clearing a path. Kailey opened the door and ran in and then came Brett. Rey ran in but a Zion grabbed onto his leg and he was yanked out.

Just as it slashed at him, Isabella tackled it to the ground. The Zion jabbed it's claws into her chest and pushed her away before stabbing her 4 more times in the stomach and biting down on her arm. She screamed in pain and stabbed it in the head, before crawling 2 more feet and blacking out.

Isabella was dead.

Stephanie was in tears as she was dragged into the door by Rey and Ryan. Marcus went next and helped Julia up the step. Just as he grabbed her hand, it came. A Dark Zion dived into the air and smahed into the side of the mobile home. It shook and me, Kate and Adam hit the ground.

The Zions came and surrounded us and we all looked up to see it. One of the Zions had Julia's leg and was tugging her into the crowd.


I pulled out my revolver to fire, but just as i pulled the trigger a Zion slashed at it, knocking the revoler away into the night. 

Brett threw me my hatchet through the door and i got up to see it. Adam was being grabbed by another Zion who's claws had grabbed onto his backpack.

Everything stopped, it all began to move slower and slower. Two choices, one chance.

No.... I could get them both!

I quickly swung my axe and cut through the Zion's arm. He stumbled forward and I ran to Julia to free her.

But I couldn't.

Julia was yanked out of the doorway and hit the floor, backing up against the wall. One of the Zions grabbed her by the arm and bit down, blood exploding from her small arm.


Another one bit into her chest and finally, a slash across the back sent her to the floor.

She was gone.

We all watched in horror and suddenly, another scream echoed out. We looked back to see another Zion grabbing Kate by the arm. A shot from Ryan's remington knocked it down and we all ran to the mobile home, the sight of Julia's death embedded in our minds.

Jaxi and Axel had climbed through the sunroof and everybody was either lying against the walls or on the floor. They were all covered in blood and their skin was either dark red or pale white.

I looked through the window and watched as the mobile home drove out of the outpost, through the swarm and down the ridge and onto the land. The Outpost was gone.

and so was our hope for survival.

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