The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - A Rose in the Wasteland

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



Nobody spoke the whole way there. Everybody was silent, and nobody could speak if they wanted to.

Ten of us. Out of the fifty of us there, ten of us were alive. Andrew, Lili, Axel, Kate, Marcus, Adam, Rey, Stephanie and Isabella. There were more. Ryan, Space, Jaxi. The others. They had ran through the crowd with the intention of seeing us on the other side. But I lost them.

We were all laying against the walls, unable to move. Kate was sitting next to Marcus, clutching a bloody black shovel that had been sitting on the floor. I recognized it as Joshua's shovel, the same one he had used to fight before his eventual death. She was fast asleep, but I had a feeling whatever was going on inside her head was nothing good.

Marcus was beside her, looking to have been affected the least. He looked tired, sad, and a bit depressed, but overall wasn't breaking down like the rest of us. He was smoking a joint, having lit it a few minutes after we got out. Nobody wanted to tell him to stop, because we knew it'd only cause a fight. The last thing we needed was more discord.

Adam was on the far end of the room, next to the ripped up couch. His face was hidden by his hood, but he didn't look so well. The blood had taken a toll on him, as did the ending of the overall fight. He saw what happened to Julia, and he knew I could've saved her. It would never leave him.

Snackers was slithering around him, observing the entire group. Even the little creature seemed sad, despite probably not knowing what was going on. But considering how intelligent Adam conveyed it as, it may as well be. Adam was showing it no attention, and he seemed to be completely frozen. His bow staff was lying beside him, covered in blood.

Isabella was a few feet away, covered up with a blanket. She was still sweating profusely, despite the night being quite cool in Mexico. She was bundled up in a blanket that was now covered in blood after she wiped it al off her face. She had almost been killed, until Stephanie had saved her at the last moment. It was taking a toll on her, as was the rest of the chaos.

Rey was beside her, staring down at a book. He had taken off his white t-shirt and thrown it to the side, and had a bloody towel covering most of his body. He had been staring down at the book since he opened it, but hadn't even bothered to turn the page. He had been staring at the same page this entire time. He was trying to brush it all off, but that was all he could think about it.

Stephanie was in the corner of the room next to Isabella, looking not so good. She was broken down, her face covered in tears and her hair messy and covering half of it. Her white hat was stained with blood and sitting in front of her, beside the crossbow she had fought with. Half the ammo was gone, and the other half was laying beside the weapon, which was caked in blood. She was broken, but was nothing compared to the one laying right beside me.

Axel had cried for the first thirty minutes after we left and after that he hadn't spoken a word. He had fallen fast asleep next to his rifle, which he had cuddled against like a large teddy bear. Julia had meant a lot to him and I knew whatever he didn't tell me, he told her.

Considering he was a young preteen, he probably didn't tell me a lot.

Now there was me. I was shaking when I laid down, and I still was. I let Julia die. I lost everyone in the swarm. And the remainder of us were either dead or locked up in this old metal shack traveling through the mountains. We were low on food, had absolutely no medical supplies, and the only thing we did have a surplus in besides depression and blood was the weapons and ammo in Adam's duffel bag.

I couldn't stop thinking about her face. How she looked at me the moment the mutant bit into my neck. A face that just said "why". I had no answer. I thought I could save them both, and I chose to save Adam first. If I saved her first, could I have saved Adam too? Or could I truly only save one?

Finally, after hours of silence, someone spoke up.

"Should we make sure nobodies infected?"

Rey had spoken up, the first one to talk in the last two hours. He had a voice crack when he spoke, but it was nothing anyone would laugh at. 

"I don't think anyone is, they would have showed some sort of symptoms," Stephanie told him.

"Adam, Rey, Isabella, Kate, you guys both got close to the mutants. We gotta check you," Marcus said to the others. The girl rolled over, having been sleeping. Kate sighed and quickly pulled off her top and rotated around, showing that she was safe. Nobody bothered to say anything about the fact she was only in a bra. She slipped it back on and laid back down, trying to fall back asleep.

Adam slipped off his green hoodie, tossing it against the wall and showing the white t-shirt he was wearing. No blood or marks, since no blood seeped through his thick hoodie. Before he slipped his hoodie back on, I noticed his face was exposed. Dried tears, and a lot of them.

Rey got up and pulled up his sleeves, turning around. "I'm only wearing the white shirt, if there was an infection the blood would have seeped through." he said, making his point and sitting back down. He went back to his book, though still didn't bother to turn the page. 

They then moved to Isabella. She was sitting on the far end, her face caked with sweat.

"Isabella?" Stephanie said with widened eyes.

Stephanie, Brett and Marcus all got up, staring at her. A single tear dripped down from her eye and landed on the carpet.

Once again she began to cry as she revealed it to all of us. She slowly pulled down the corner of her shirt, revealing a bite mark right across her shoulder. It wasn't a clean bite, but it looked as if the mutant had just cut into the skin and took some off.

"I'm sorry... I was gonna tell you but-


We all stared to the smoking gun as Isabella's head slumped to the side. Marcus stood there, breathing heavily as he held the gun at her.

"If the girl mutated we'd be dead. It was justified," Marcus said bluntly.

Stephanie ran at him, punching him across the face and being held back by Adam right after.



Adam shoved her to the floor and I was about to intervene when Kate gave me a look that said "she'll be fine"

They began to talk in whispers, Stephanie crying and Adam apologizing to her. Marcus however, felt no remorse. He walked over to her and grabbed Isabella's body, kicking open the door and tossing it out onto the road. He slammed the door shut and sat back down.

"You're a monster you'know that?" Rey said in the same cracked voice.

"Yeah I know. Aren't we all monsters at this point?" he said before grabbing a pillow off the couch and laying down.

I looked around at us. We were all killers. The leader of a killing group, a pyromaniac who lost a hand, a shy girl turned sniper, a young british kid turned into a soldier, a serpent charmer, a street fighter turned into a mutant killer, my cousin a bloody mess, and Marcus a former soldier turned drug addict.

We were monsters.

The Outpost was gone for good and now we had no home. Our life that we all imagined at that place would never come true. Slowly, my vision began to blur. I looked at my arm to see blood on my sleeve. I pulled back my sleeve and almost immediantly, I blacked out.


I stared out the window at the sun, it's rays of light beaming through the window. A beautiful morning, and we'd spend it outside, "Axel, Joel, you ready?"

Axel was sitting on the couch downstairs, eating some french toast. "Gloria come by?" I asked. He nodded and went back to eating, chomping down on the freshly made food. Joel was beside him, eating a plate of eggs she had brought.

"Alright well lets go, it's our day for patrol." I said to them, grabbing the axe lying agains the wall. Joel and Axel both got out of their chairs, leaving the food for later. They followed me out of the house and we were greeted by sunlight.

I pushed the door open and looked around. Everyone was outside, living their lives. Kate, Marcus, Ryan, Spencer and Maddie were picking fruit from the trees grown beside the trailers. Andrew, Lilitha, Gloria and Julia were all sitting in the mess hall talking. Jaxi and Brett were sitting on their front porch on a small bench, Brett examining the bump on Jaxi's stomach. I waved over to them and we both walked over.

"Hello boys" Jaxi said as she got up.

"Hello lovebirds. You pick a date yet?" i asked them.

"Maybe in 2 months. I told Kate and Charles to keep some food seperate for the event and everything." said Jaxi with a smile.

"Jaxi, can i see?" asked Joel. Jaxi smiled and held out her hand, showing the shining ring on her finger. "Had to give up 3 weeks supply of pudding to get Spencer to give it up. That boy snatched it out of the case as soon as we got in there." said Brett as he stared at the boy.

"So what's going on with you? Still thinking about Kate?" Jaxi asked.

I smirked, hiding the blush from the kids, "kinda. She's cute and all but I don't wanna just ask her with no warning. Maybe tonight. Dr Evans still doing the bonfire with the smores and everything right?"

"Oh yeah. Kailey and Lucas are probably gonna spend it fucking till five in the morning again though," Jaxi said.

"It never gets old sitting outside her door and hearing her scream when she wanders out naked. We got patrol, talk later?" I asked. She nodded and we walked off towards the gate. 

"So are you and Julia gettin down to business now?" I asked jokingly.

He looked down, his face reddening. His face told me everything, despite his attempts to hide it from me.

"I'm only 5 years older then you, and your 18 so you should be able to tell me now. Adult to adult." 

"Alright. Yeah it's been awhile. We broke up for 4 months after that whole incident out in the cornfield. I asked her out again last week but we gotta work up to it all again" he said to me with a face redder then the tomatoes planted near the fruit trees.

"So where were you last night. Didn't see you in your bed when I checked your room last night." he said to me. His face reddened even more and he walked past me. Joel smiled and I handed him the axe.

"So what about you? You got anything going with the new girl?" I asked him.

"Luciana? Well she's cool and all I guess," he said with a frown.

"C'mon. I can see the sparkle in your eye when you talk to her," I told him as we walked past Lucianna playing soccer with her brothers.

"Alright she's kinda cute," he said, turning his head to look at her backside.

We both walked over to the gate and Stephanie and Isabella quickly moved it open.

"You and Diego coming out to the bonfire tonight?" I asked Stephanie. She nodded and we walked out, leaving the outpost. We strolled around the gates, spotting a few sole Zions caught in the fence. A single stab to the head with a knife and it was dead. As i walked back, I noticed another one lying on the ground.

I walked over and turned it over... only to see the face of Jaxi Blair. I looked back at Axel to see his eyes blood read and his skin turning grey. Then to Joel. He was staring out onto the horizon, facing away from me. I walked towards him and grabbed his shoulder, onto to see his body turn grey. I rose my axe to swing, but I couldn't. Joel tackled me to the floor and bit into my chest, ending my life.



"Anikan... ANIKAN....... I have a cookie!"

I eyes flickered open and I grabbed the cookie in front of my face, taking a huge bite out of it. My stomach hurt and my body ached. I stared down at my arm, to see my usual paleish skin and no bites or marks. Rey was standing over me as well.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You blacked out, the effect of all the running, slashing, shooting and killing all came onto you at once," Stephanie answered,

I laid against the wall and looked up. "We should break for the night. Theres like 4 rooms in here plus this room right?" asked Kate. Adam nodded and looked down the hallway. There were four other rooms, two on each side. We all walked down the thin hallway and opened each of the doors. The rooms weren't large, but each had one bed enough for two or three.

"Okay so I guess two people in each room. Save one for Lilitha and Andrew" Kate suggested as she walked towards one in the back. Adam followed her and Rey and Stephanie went into the other. Marcus laid down on the couch, leaving two empty room.

I picked up Axel and walked into one of the empty rooms, lying him down on the bed. I sat down on the floor and stared at the small window at the floor level and stayed there for a long time. I then looked at Axel, and his face while he slept Couldn't look at nothing else, couldn't think of anything else. I just felt like if I took my eyes off him, he'd be gone. He'd disappear, just like the rest of them. I lost Joel, and I lost Julia. I couldn't lose him.

Because of me a kid was dead. Axel's girlfriend. My old friend's sister. Spencer's last connection to Maddie. Andrew and Lili's adoptive daughter.

"Guys, lets set up here for the night," shouted a voice.

The mobile home stopped and the doors slammed open and then shut. I got up from the floor and looked at Axel. He was still fast asleep. I walked past him out of the room, down the hall where everybody else was. Andrew was looking through one of the duffel bags. 

"We got some chicken and luckily theres a generator in here." said Andrew as he took out some food.

"Theres a microwave in my room," Kate said as Lilitha and her walked off with the container of chicken.

Everyone stayed inside, waiting for the chicken to be done. Everyone except Andrew and I, who walked inside and quickly created a fire. There was a pile of wood in the back of a broken down hatchback on the side of the road, and Andrew quickly piled that up beside the mobile home and used Coty's lighter to make it burn.

"So where are we now?" I asked Andrew tiredly.

"I think we're somewhere near Mexico City. No point in going there though. Too many mutants," he told me as he sat down beside the fire and took a bite out of a granola bar in his pocket.

"You think we'll all find another safe place at some point? A place where we won't have to run anymore?" I asked him.

"Don't know. You think at some point one of us will fuck up and get us all killed?" Andrew said with a mouth full of granola.

"Probably not... well maybe... it all just depends. Nobody knows what the future holds, and every decision has a consequence," I told him.

He looked at me. "Why are you being so deep all of a sudden?" he asked.

"During the fight, Adam and Julia both got grabbed. I made the choice to cut off the hand grabbing Adam. Maybe if i hadn't, Julia would still be here," I told him truthfully.

He said nothing more. We just both looked up at the sky, waiting for the others to come out. 

"She's hurting y'know. Wouldn't stop crying all the way here." said Andrew.

"I know. You guys treated her like your own kid." I said back

Neither of us looked at each other, but we both just stared up at the moon.

"You'll have your own kid soon. We won't be running forever." I said to him.

"Don't have any idea what you're talking about. I'm not a father... I can't be one... I tried to be one... and I failed."

He looked down at the ground, walking towards a small object in a patch of grass on the dirt. A single red rose.

"Roses are red."

He knelt down.

"This life is a lie."

He picked the rose from the grass.

"Existence is pain."

He slowly approached the fire.

"I just want to die."

Andrew let go of the rose, pulling out his deagle and moving it up.


I tackled him to the ground, the deagle falling from his hand and a shot going off. The deagle hit the ground and Andrew tried to grab it, but I grabbed his hand and yanked him away, kicking the weapon away. Andrew tried to go for his knife, but I grabbed it and tossed it towards the fire.



I grabbed him by the hoodie and yanked him up, grabbing his hand and keeping him away from it.

"They're dead and so are we. Coty, Maddie, Julian, now the girl. LOOK HOW THEY ALL WENT OUT! RIPPED APART! BITTEN AND SHOT! A SLOW AND PAINFUL VIRUS! SLAUGHTERED! I AM NOT DYING THAT WAY!" Andrew screamed at me.

He broke away from me, grabbing the gun and putting it to his head. If I had the colt I could have shot it out of his hands, but I was weaponless. If I made a move forward, he wound shoot himself before I could do a thing. Everyone else was inside, despite having heard the gunshot.

"Let it go. You can't do this to Lilitha," I told him calmly.

He began to shed a few tears, ripping off his beanie and stuffing it back into his hoodie.

"I can't deal with this shit! When I die, I'm dying my way!" he shouted at me.

He pushed the gun right up onto the side of his head. His finger moved onto the trigger and his hand began to shake.

"I'm knockin on heaven's door Anikan. I'll see you when you get here."

He pulled the trigger.




His eyes widened as he put down the gun, looking at the empty clip.

"Looks like nobody answered," I said with a smile.

He let out a scream and stared up at the sky, crying and dripping tears down onto his hoodie. I hadn't ever seen him cry, until now. Not when the world ended. Not when he lost his hand. Not when Julia died. Not until now.

"Put the gun down and accept your fate."

Andrew knew he wouldn't die here. He put the gun back into his holster, falling onto the ground.

"You ever need to die, don't expect me to let you," he told me glumly.

I smiled at his remark and stared at the RV.

Everybody else was walking out, all in despair still. Kate was holding the chicken and passed everybody a paper plate. I bit down into the warm chicken and felt my body heat up. "I think chicken is my powerup just like vodka is to Hamster." I joked.

We all laughed but soon, it died out. We all started talking again, this time about the wasteland. 

"But to be honest i don't think anyones left. There's barely anyone in Mexico, and that place didn't get hit by the Russians. If we go back to America, which was almost completely bombed, then why would we find anyone else?" Rey asked.

"Because we're lucky," said a voice that belonged to none of us.

I reached for my holster but it was empty. Andrew and I quickly turned around to see them. A girl standing in the shadows with three others behind her. The girl held shotgun to my head, but hadn't fired at any of us.

"Who the hell are you!?" asked Andrew as he pulled his deagle

They all walked into the light emenating from the campire. The girl had long brown hair similiar to Kailey's and was wearing a white short shirt that exposed her stomach and black leggings. Her eyes sparkled green as she looked at all of us.

Behind her was a guy in a brown fall jacket with a black and white stripped beanie covering his short blonde hair. His skin was pale and his brown eyes looked down at us. He seemed to be several inches taller then all of us. Behind her was another guy with long red hair, a weirdish face and red eyes. He wore a black t-shirt with armor resembling police riot gear over it and had an axe on his back. The last one was a girl with short blonde hair and pale skin, wearing a pink shirt with a small blood stained poncho over it. 

She pulled something out of her satchel, a golden revolver with a black highlighted scope on it. She held it out to me and I stopped holding the air, staring at the unique weapon.

"My name is Rose, this is Devin, AWiiGii and May. Welcome survivors, we've been expecting you."








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