The Omega Event Book 2: Fear the Zions

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - StrikeBack

Submitted: September 11, 2017

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Submitted: September 11, 2017



The outside of the door was splattered with blood and the glass had almost cracked. Me and Ryan had to board up the windows and doors with wood in case they broke. The nuclear bombs weren't exactly easy on the glass. "What do we do now?" asked Ryan as he looked at us. "Loot this place, there's probably some things in here we can use to fight." i answered. Kailey ran over to the desk and Ryan went to the back counters. Me and Spencer walked to the isles, the tool section.

We looked around and the isle was lined with tools. I noticed something. "Spencer get back." 

There were 2 Zions stumbling around the other isle. Neither looked to be dangerous and didn't have very big claws. The only major change was the skin and eyes. I saw something, a metal bat lying on the floor. I grabbed it and walked into the isle. I swung it, smashing the skull off of one of the Zions. The other walked over to me and i beat it in the stomach and then the neck. I looked back to see Spencer, who had found a pair of black knives similiar to his old ones. He pocketed them and i stuffed the bat into my backpack. I heard a voice and we walked out of the isle to see Ryan celebrating. Those back counters were stuffed with guns.

Ryan had his remington 870 still strapped to his back but was shoving pistols into his backpack. "Maybe we can bring these to the town in Mexico. Then we have a better chance of being let in!" he exclaimed. Spencer threw Ryan a machete and he caught it, attaching it onto his belt. Kailey walks over, her tomahawks attached to her belt, a bandelier of bullets around her body and an M4A1 in her arms. "Ready to kill some Zion's bitches?" 


I looked out the window, holding my sword close. I stared at all the Zions crowding around the buildings. I looked down and i saw them, but different. They were people, before they turned. Maybe one was named Larry and had an average life living as an employee at Stuff-Mart and took some medecine after getting a headache. He didn't deserve to turn into that, to lose his life. "You okay?" asked Brett as he looked at me. "I'm okay. Just... god dang it Larry!" i yelled, shedding a fear tears. I felt his arms around my body and looked up to see him. "Jaxi.... i just realized how short you are."


"So you think we can open it?" i asked. "Maybe. Think there's pockey inside?" she asked. "It's a gun locker i don't think they're keeping snacks in there."

She pulled something out of her bag, revealed to be a grenade. "Why the hell do you have that?" i asked, backing away with Lilitha. "I got it on the beach. It looked shiny with the sunlight." she said. She pulled the pin and threw it against the gun locker. "YOUR AN IDIOT!" i yelled as i tackled her out of the room and slammed the door shut. "JAXI BRETT GET DOWN!" i yelled as smoke, debris and fire filled the room.

Smoke was filling the rooma and i looked and saw the gun locker, open. The room was blown apart and half of the wall was gone. I looked to the side and saw Space walk in. "Okay then..." she said as she started to look around. I got up next to Lilitha and all of us besides Space walked towards the large gun locker. Inside was a few pistols and an assault rifle. "Hey Jaxi, you grabbed my duffel bag i had right?" Brett asked suddenly. "Yeah, i put it in the ambulance. Why?" she asked. "Theres a gift for Lilitha in there, i heard she's a good shot." he said, grabbing a few pistols out. He pulled out a gun i recognized as a Vector CP1 and handed it to Jaxi. "I don't need a gun, i got my sword." she said. "Take it Jaxi, theres gonna be a time when your sword won't be good enough." he answered. She took the gun from him and put it in her back pocket.

We all walked back into the other room and saw Space was sitting on a couch reading a medical journal. She stuffed it into her backpack and we all looked out the window. "How are we gonna do this?" Space asked. "Who has a rope?" asked Jaxi. Brett then pulled something from his belt, a very long but thin rope. "It's military grade, if it can hold 6 people with full body armor it'll hold 4 people and a short person. Jaxi punched Brett in the arm as he tied the rope to the chair inside the room. He threw the rest out the window and looked over to the hardware store. "Think their alive?" asked Brett. "Maybe." 


"Alright you guys ready?" i asked. I clutched my bat close. My python was in my holster on my belt and my crossbow was over my shoulder. Spencer was standing nearby, holding the black revolver he got from the case in one hand and his knife in the other. Kailey had her tomahawks out and her rifle strapped around her shoulder. Ryan had his Remington 870 ready and loaded. "Alright i'll smash the door open in 3... 2.... 1..."

The glass broke with the first swing, causing the broken plank and glass to hit the ground. We all ran from the store and immediantly started fighting. I smashed through 2 with my bat and Spencer shot one, stabbing another. Ryan got 4 and Kailey ran in front, getting 2 and then 4 and 5...

I looked to the side to see the others walking down the side of the building using the rope. I then realized something. There were several dead bodies lying around and each of them had their chests ripped open, same with the guy at the rest stop. I heard a scream and our group ran to the others to see Space pinned to the wall by one of the Zions. But this Zion was almost identical to the one at the rest stop bathroom. I smashed it in the back twice and finally one more time in the skull, causing it to fall to the ground. We all ran around the side of the building, with the Zions following us. Another scream echoed through our ears and i looked back. Lilitha was being seperated by 4 other Zions and Andrew was surrounded. "Kailey get Andrew!" i yelled. I smashed through the wave of Zions, causing blood to splatter onto my jacket sleeve. I dived through the crowd and killed the Zions that were trying to kill her with ease. "Anikan.... oh my god... no... please no...

I looked at my arms and body. Had i been bit? Scratched? Cut?

Her eyes were looking past me and i turned around to see it. I hadn't realized it before, but a car had crashed into the Stuff-Mart. But this car was a red sports car, splattered with blood on the doors, windshield and around it. A single item was lying next to the car door.

An Indiana Police Deputy's hat

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