You can Bully Back The Bullies

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Bullies can be overcome by fighting back at them

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



Bullies  are  bullies  you  may  say, but oh.. not  too  long.  You,  the  bullied  can  fight  back.  No more  ridicules, no  more  stepped-on and  no more  threatening  gestures  from them  bullies. I hated  guy who bullies  other people.
Now, there  are  ways to fight  the bullies.  You can  play  his  game. The  game that  will   make him feel  low and stupid. You bully him back. Make him taste his own medicine.
There  were  so many cases  where  the person  being  bullied went  to  extreme ways  to avoid  being bullied forever. Some succumbed to suicides  and  did other harmful  things to  themselves. That must not be so.
There  is a  psychological side  of  why the bullies were bullies. Once when  people  followed their  command and threats, they  will  become masters  of  bullying  people. The  more  afraid  the  bullied  are, the bully will feel  more  and more stronger  and  will  continue to harrass  the weak. The  bulllied  will   think that  he  or she will always be the loser. But  the bullying can  be stopped. You can fight back as I told  you  just now. The main thing is SPIRIT and  determination to fight back. 
You have to get rid of low  self-esteem  in yourself. A small frame doesn't  mean  a  weak soul. And the bullies  are  not strong as they  look  to  be. Surely they must have some weak points. Find  that  weak-point and you can flip him  over.
First thing, you must have CONFIDENCE  in yourself. Secondly built-up  your SPIRIT  in your body. You must feel STRONG in order to have this brave-spirit. And then look  him in the eye and don't panic if he's trying his best  to  look  fearsome to you. Just  look at him and imagine that you're looking at a mouse who roars. You can roar back at him. Show  him your fighting-spirit and  raise your voice when talking to that  shit  called  bully.
Even if he has got his friends to back him up. Ignore them and just think  and focus on the MAIN  idiot, the bully-guy.
If he talked menacingly, don't cower but be steady. Stand firm on your ground. If you don't move on his  threatening tactics and  verbal abuse, he will surely felt something  different in  you. His  mind will think and he will  see you  as  a person who will fight back and you will  be a threat to him. Of course  he will step-back a bit.
Don't care if it  took days  or weeks to  stand  against him. When you confidently show your  true-colour, day by day he will  surely leave you alone and think twice before making  more  stupid moves on you. 
Keep up your fighting spirit. Just think and focus that you do not want to be bullied anymore. You know you can fight back and show  him, the bully, that you mean business. And you can stopped him. Yes and not other people. Purposely show him your fierce side and show your real anger to him.
 Go shout at him when he shout. Show him your menacing-side. His face will change.
Why I wrote this article  is  because I was bullied before. At first I was so afraid of the bully. But as time goes by, I couldn't stand it anymore and has to lay him on the ground. I had to slay the dragon myself. And fortunately, what I  did was right. The bullying stopped and he didn't bother me anymore.
As the years passed I did saw him  again, the bully. When I walked passed him, he dare not look me in the eye. And I felt proud about it. 
At last the bully was  being  bullied  by me. And why not YOU?  Surely you can do it..can you?

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