Hermy The Greatest

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Once upon a time there lived a plateau. In there there lived a creature named Hermy. He loved to fly and crouch around. He was big friends with the community. He only ate chicken and rice. Hermy was a major friend in the business. His main job was to clean the entire area. His home was always hidden from plain site as he was small. Hermy loved to be awared human food. One night he was so busy he couldnt fly, so he took a break and ate his left over rice. His favorite rice was wheat rice. He only ate at it at certian times. He enjoyed playing with birdys and coyotes, and bathed with the fish. He had his own name for them. One bird was named Phil, one coyote was named Fish, and one fish was name Priest. They were his best friends. Hermy lost his parents in a storm when he was young. He only has one memory of them. Hermy hate swimming, but when he got dirty he went in the water to bathe. His fish friend named Priest showed him the perfect spots. Hermy also enjoyed watching televsion from one of the tv stores down the street. Hermy and his animal friends started a group called the PoPo where  they team up and patrol  the area. They never liked going outside of the area. Hermy got the alot of his attention due to his amazing color of blue he has on him. You can see him really far in the sky. One night hermy was flying around, and he got his wing stuck in a tree. He tried not to pull so hard or he might of gotten his wing pulled. So he used his legs really slow to pull it out. That was a bad night for Hermy.

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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