Super Dogs

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about dogs TV, Brilo, and Matrix

Super dogs, oh yeah, the super dogs!

We have a dog named TV
He likes to sit and watch the people wok
We have a dog named Brilo
He's so big he's super super drool
We have a dog named Matrix
He likes to tackle TV

Super dogs! give me super dogs!

TV, Brilo, and Matrix
The Super dogs!
The Super dogs!
The...the...the super dogs!
TV the super changer
Brilo the ultimate mammal
Matrix just playing himself
Matrix, TV, and Brilo
The super dogs!
Brilo, TV, and Matrix
TV, Brilo, and Matrix
The super dogs!
Oh...yeah!...the super dogs!
Matrix Understands
TV observes
Brilo uses his mind
TV has a story
Brilo can summon beasts
Matrix is a shipboard emergency
Brilo doesnt use kungfu
Matrix does
TV will remote control you!
Matrix, Brilo, TV
Brilo, Matrix, TV
Matrix, TV,  Brilo

The Super dogs!
The super dogs!
Matrix versus the genius
TV versus the shield
Brilo calling himself

The super dogs!
Matrix number 1
TV channel two
Brilo using his size at the at the Fighting for Titty!

Oh yeah
The super dogs!
When Matrix doesnt dominate he gives love
When TV doesnt watch he controls the flow
When Brilo cant reach it he summons the beast
Super dogs!
Oh yeah! Super dogs
Super dogs!
Super dogs!
Brilo jamming to Number of the beast, the Darkside, and the ultimate playwrite
TV singing the songs
Matrix shredding the Mastering the Song

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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