"Lights out Killer"

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Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



I had woken up one Tuesday morning it was around October 20th it was a particularly Rainy Morning also. I looked at the clock it was 9:30 I got up and walked downstairs we had a three story house about 170 acres. Nothing huge. My dad was a Judge and my mom was a Doctor. I had recently graduated from School and was waiting for the first semester of college to began for me witch the class I signed up for didn't start until November 1st. It was a photography class I have an eye for photography and I was apart of the year book back in high school. I wasn't too popular but people knew me. Anyway I was downstairs I checked the garage door and sure enough Both cars were gone witch meant I was alone. I walked into the kitchen our dog was still asleep in the cold tiled floor. I walked past her and got a glass and poured some water in it. I turned the tv on and the channel was already on the news


 "Local man escapes jail and is armed and dangerous" they also reported that he was close to the area I lived in. I made sure all the doors were locked. And continued listening it said " The man is referred too as "The Lights Out Killer" yeah a stupid name I say too. He escaped last night. I got a little nervous. The news people were on our street and we're talking "The killer was last seen on this neighborhood. Our Neighbors house was on tv. I got freaked. I turned around and Noticed something to my horror a man I have never seen was outside our house looking into our house when he saw me. I froze and couldn't move a pet of me wanted to run outside and find help but what if they were gone and I couldn't escape in time? I didn't want to risk anything. A few minutes passed by and the man was gone I walked towards the window slowly and that's when I caught movement he was over near our power box. I took a deep breath and crouched down behind the couch a few seconds later our power in the house was cut. And I heard a loud pop sound like glass shattering. And I realized the man had Brocken one of the windows and was Now in my house! Our phone rang and it was my mom she left a message on the Voicemail saying "Lock the doors because an escaped convict is on the loose" the killer started to walk in the kitchen the dog was still asleep on the floor. He noticed the glass I had used and walked towards the family room. I was still behind the couch praying my 

I'm wouldn't call my cell phone I had it in my pocket and sure enough the killer was inches from the couch he was about to leave the room and check upstairs when my phone went off. I silenced it as fast as I could but by the time I had silenced it he was back and he was about to look behind the couch I figured I'd crawl out before he saw me and I managed too and I started to crawl towards the back door that was close to the couch when I heard the worse yell in my life I looked back the killer was rushing towards me with his knife I jumped out of the way he hit our table pretty hard and I managed to unlock the door and I ran as fast as I could jumping over my neighbors fence and knocked on there door as hard as I could till they answered. I explained what happened and they must have known that I was freaked out because they believed me and called the police. The police came and about a half hour later they came out and said "There was no one in sight" I couldn't believe it the killer tried to kill me and the police say he escaped? My neighbors let me stay with them until my parents got home and we explained what had happened. They were worried. We went back into the house my dad was absolutely sure the man wasn't in the house anymore. So to make sure he had out his gun and we watched tv in the family room until Night time. It was almost 11:00 at night when we finally went to bed right as I shut my bedroom door the man was in my room he had been hiding behind the bedroom door the whole time. I screamed and screamed as he approached me "They can't save you now no one can" he said. As the killer approached with a knife.

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