The Road Tripped

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Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



The Road Tripped


I kept thinking, thinking about how I could get Shadow and Light Girl out of this horrible situation.  All that I could think about was how beautiful Shadow Girl is, and Light Girl as well, to a lesser extent since I will always love Shadow Girl the best.  So what was I to do?

"Hey Shadow Girl, thank you for calling me a loser, have you ever been on a road trip?  Ya' know just to get away?  Just to put all of this behind you?  Get away?"  I asked.

"A road trip, I don't drive."  She said in her sweet voice.

"Yeah, a road trip!  We can go to the beach!"  I said.

"That sounds like fun."  Shadow Girl said.

Shadow Girl was standing on her book and Light Girl was sitting on the book scratching at her arm.

"Yeah a road trip!"

Now if only we had some money?  I sat there for what must have been a couple of minutes when I remembered the billboard I had seen for Webcam Girls.  I remembered the undisclosed number and gave it a ring.

"Yes Sir. I am with my friends Shadow Girl and Light Girl and I wanted to set up an appointment for your Webcam Girls Modeling Industry.  A picture, no I don't have one?  Yes we can see you today at 3PM sharp Webcam Lane, we'll be there!"  I said.

Boy Seth would have been really mad if he knew that I was doing my best to get Shadow Girl and Light Girl out of this situation.

Steve was a nice guy, we had arrived at Webcam Lane promptly.  He thought that Shadow Girl and Light Girl were magnificent and agreed to front us $50,000 for a one year webcam contract at 40 billable hours per week!  Internet stardom was soon to be born.  Shadow Girl and Light Girl were bound to be hits!

It was time for us to hit the road though.  After much conversation we all decided to bounce with the money and head for Mexico.

I love Shadow Girl.

If you were to get the chance to walk into their old apartment all you would find is that little green bud and that large magical book.

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