I Still Fight

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A true story bro

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



 I woke up with an intention.
I walked with a goal.
A purpose in my head
This time, I was in control.

Walked into the bathroom
I flipped the switch 

Flooding the bathroom in light 
Closed the door, quietly,
Because it was in the middle of the night.

The pounding in my head became heavy and loud
I took one look at myself
Defiant and proud

Reaching beneath
In the cupboard under the sink
Was the very thing I came for
The quarter sized bottle of bleach.

I set it down before me
On the porcelain counter that shined abnormally bright 
I knew this was the time, my only chance
To finally end this fight

I stared hard.
Looking this demon in the face 

I looked back at myself
I was in a completely different place

The fire was burning my eyes 
I finally saw through all the glorified lies

It breathed its poison
Echoing in my ears
Replaying over and over again
My deepest fears

I took a deep breath

And closed my eyes
Not wasting a second more
I decided I wasn't going to ignore this anymore

I reached out
And took the bottle of liquid white
Feeling the dead weight of death
Which felt surprisingly light

Putting it away I whispered, 

"You will not take me tonight."

I turned away without another sound
Until the room was out of sight 

Leaving the dancing monsters
To suffocate and die

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