The Redfish In the Sea

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A redhead sits in a coffee shop. All by her lonesome..

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



Another afternoon of serenity.. It’s a wonder how many people ignore the lovely trinkets placed on each of these lovely, lovely racks.

Truly lovely, and symmetrical too. Hmm, that guy is quite cute, probably a backpacker.

You gotta love guys who travel, very cultured and whatnot. If only I had the money to do me some travelling, I would be so- oh god, baldy trying to get acquainted with me!

Why do they always have to ask what book I’m reading, like they can’t tell from reading the front cover, ugh men. Yes, of course I like the book I’m reading, otherwise I wouldn’t be reading it would I? I’ve also been reading the same sentence over and over again. I know, impolite of me to attempt to distract myself from this profound heart-to-heart dialogue. Moreover, I’m not at all aware  of how much trite is pouring out of my mouth just to clue him in on my clear disinterest, and dear lord, his tacky hawaiian shirt makes him look slightly like father, even his banter is identical in awkwardness. Oh marvelous, at last he says farewell. Good riddance, I say. If man were to devolve, he’d probably be the result.

Oh my, he looked at me! Hey there lovely backpacker, why not come and have a chat?

Darn, he left. Why don’t guys ever talk to me?..


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