A Minute Long Hour

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Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



Eight o'clock at night
Everything feels alright
I'm not too sad, maybe this'll be a good night.

Ten o'clock rolls around.
There is not a soul around.
Everyone so fast asleep
Running in circles around the race track in their dreams
Feeling a bit quiet, and a little lonely
But I started off tonight strong, so maybe it won't be as bad as it could be.

Eleven o'clock and I'm sinking fast
Starting to feel the dark emotion
Realizing that fuzzy feelings never last
Don't think I'll sleep tonight
Maybe if I just turn out the light..

One thirty is coming close
And I am starting to wish I was comatose.
Brain spinning so very fast now
Once quiet noises, start to echo so loud 

Two o'clock 
Comes in the blink of an eye
I must've fallen asleep
Listening to my inner screams, like a lullaby
Outside is dark, filled with empty lit streets
The shadows stick close, I feel only defeat

Four forty five
And I fear for my life
Trying to search for
A remedy for this kind of crisis
A reason unknown
A purpose for living
A goal of my own.
No such luck is coming my way
I think I am beginning to fade away

Six o'clock 
And I can see hints of the morning sky
I can mark this on my calendar
As yet another, sleepless night

Seven o clock 
And I feel so wasted
Haven't touched a drink
Not even a sip has been tasted
Better apply some makeup
Try to look a little bit human
Act as normal as I can, try to not be so tense
Take a pill to get my muscles to loosen 

Facing the oblivious people around me
How hard could fooling them really be?
They will only realize, when it's a second too late
I'm just not sure how many more hours I can lie awake

I shake the fatigue off of my skin
I expect tonight, I'll be repeating this cycle again

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