Merry In Spades

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Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



Is everyone afraid ? We should be ashamed. She's running towards my hole to find out. I'm certain of the end. It's the love that has me spooked. It fakes an unknown truth to crawl out. Deserved entrance deeds. Are crying amongst the dead. A solitude of rage to lash out. Is everyone aboard ? We leave in a just a flash. On a heartbreak train Never looking back. This terror time. Parading in my mind. These heart sick days. Will they ever stop?

Our patience leaves a path to fate. A humbled soul you've grown to hate. It takes a faithful love to escape . Burn away the ends. Of the thread strains in my hands. Fill this lasting hole with cement. Maybe, someday we can take our time. To brush the pain aside. So god can reach us. But you walk home alone. Is everyone afraid. I should be ashamed. Immortal tonic beings Are the army of the dead. It takes a miraculous rage. To pour out. The tears of this goodbye.

This keeping time. Slowly speeds on by. These heartsick days. Will they ever stop ? So kiss your little one To fear what it is. Stand tall don't fall. This hole will take us all. It's freezing down below. A heart is scared for it's ugly face to show. Save me , stop the thought parade. These heartsick days . Exploding in my heart. .. Is everyone afraid ?

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