"Killer Clowns"

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Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



Back in 2016 when the whole "Killer Clowns" craze was a thing. I lived in a small town outside of Florida. It was a two story building surrounded by woods. I lived with my girlfriend Samantha. We heard the rumors of the "Killer Clowns" but we never actually believed them. We went for a walk one Night down into the woods we had flashlights I had a baseball bat just in case I wasn't going to need it but just in case you never know because in the news we heard the clowns actually attacked people and I wanted to be able to protect my Girlfriend and me. We were about two hundred feet or more into the woods when we heard a tree twig snap behind us we looked and saw a fox scampering bye. We sighed. And continued down the path a few feet later we stopped something was in front of us we couldn't tell what it was until I had Noticed it was watching us. I froze as it started to take shape and I relished it was a clown he had face paint and green hair a flower on his color and a big red nose. The clown started to run towards us. Samantha started to run back to the house I ran after her carrying the bat. The clown was running after us I stumbled and looked back the clown had a knife in its hand. I got to my feet and started to run faster then I ever had before and as soon as we got to my house we slammed the door and locked it. The clown smiled and waved at our front door. And started to pace back and forth. I grabbed my phone and started to dial "911" when our power went out. Our power box was outside in the garage. Those clowns must be in the garage I said. Samantha said she was scared I was too but I was acting all brace to keep her safe. I looked out the window and saw the clown he was still pacing back and forth on our front yard. Then we saw two more clowns approach the yard and then three more! Six clowns were now on our front yard! I ran upstairs to grab my gun in my room but it wasn't there. I asked Samantha where my gun was and she had said it was in the garage. Crap. I said. There goes our best way of defending ourselves. I held the baseball bat in my hands tightly. I watched as the clowns slowly walked over to our front door and started to ring the doorbell. and start to knock. The windows were all locked. The clowns then started tapping on the glass smiling and waving. I told Samantha to stay down and I went down too. I heard glass shatter I got goosebumps I peeked my head up from the couch and saw clowns jumping in from my window! I told Sam to follow me and we kept quiet and crawled around the opposite side of the couch the clowns were on the other side searching for us. We got to the window and jumped out and started to make a run for it to our Neighbors house we knocked on his door and the door opened we walked in and shit the door and locked it and freaked out as we saw his body hanging g from a rope! Swinging back and forth with whipped cream on his face in the shape of a smiley face. The clowns killed him before targeting us I said to Samantha. As I saw his cell phone on the table I grabbed it and called the police. They said they would be right there. As soon as I put the phone down the front door started to bang really loud and it opened and all six clowns walked into the room carrying rope and pies and surrounded us! I told Sam that I loved her and she said the same as the clowns grabbed us and forced the rope over my head and pushed me up the steps and were going to drop me down the balcony like they did with our Neighbor. We heard flashing lights in the distance the police were almost here to save us. The clowns looked at each other and threw me down and my Girlfriend and started to run out the door. A few minutes later the police come in and see us they help get the rope off of me and help my Girlfriend up too and ask us how we were doing. We told them about the clowns and three officers went outside to search the area they never found any clowns that night. They did a report and took the Neighbors body away and told us to contact them if they ever see the clowns again. We said we would and thanked them. One officer stayed the night with us once we got back to our own house safely and left the next morning. To this day we never saw the clowns again we had no idea who they were or what they wanted but me and Samantha have steered clear of carnivals or fairs anywhere clowns were. We never had a fear of clowns before that happened but now we were terrified of clowns. I fear waking up in my own home to a scratch on my window late at night and having a clown there smiling and waving to me. Samantha agrees.

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