The Lost Pearl

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Samitro, a shy boy of small stature is leading a boring life until he discovers his perfect match. He marries her and starts leading a happy life until by some chance his wife parts away from him. Now Samitro again loses hope in life until something happens.

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A kid chuckled, ‘Look! Small Mitro is walking towards the seashore”. And all of the other children chorused “Small Mitro….. Small  Mitro…… Small Mitro….” Afraid of the public, Samitro loved to remain secluded from the society and therefore spent most time of his days on the banks of Mediterranean pondering over the reason why God created him small among his people. One day, as usual, he was sitting by the sea when his eyes fell over a girl travelling in a boat and was exactly the same height as his. The next moment he found his body up righted. His eyebrows jumped into his forehead and his little mouth opened to make a circle. His heart started to beat soundly and his little china eyes were never as big as that moment. Both looked at each other till the boat went out of sight. This day Samitro did not think of anything other than the girl.

The girl name was Platora. Like Samitro, she was also of small stature barely 4 feet high. She equaled Samitro in beauty except for the fact that her facial delicacy that excelled than that of Samitro. She was the daughter of a rich merchant famous throughout the Tangier. They had a big house on one of the two hills in between which a road passed.

The next day, Samitro decided to visit her home. Getting knowledge of her house location, Samitro appeared before the girl’s house in his best getup. He got on his best suit. His red silky pocket square was the most attractive piece he had worn. His hair was combed to the latest fashion. His golden little watch was now and again shinning with the sunlight. Only if his height was normal, he would have surpassed any gentleman of Tangier in beauty and smartness. But for small Platora, he was still a perfect boy to marry. He spent the whole day at the girl’s house talking and eating with the Platora and her parents. In the evening, Samitro returned with high hopes of getting the hand of his beloved. After a few days he sent a proposal which was readily accepted. The wedding was arranged and marriage took place on the planned day. The couple loved each other. They loved to be in seclusion from for they now were a complete world for each other. Now life had a charm that probably nobody had thought Samitro and Platora would ever have.

One day Samitro returned home in such a rush that he could hardly breathe. His wife approached him and asked, “What is the matter?”

“I have something that will delight you.”

“What is this special thing that will delight me more than your presence?” making her head a bit tilted as she spoke the words.

Samitro took out a shopper from his pocket and said “This will change your life…. O… I mean height.”

“This shopper?”

“No, the medicine that’s in it.”

“You mean the medicine that is in the shopper will make me taller?”

“Yes, that’s what it is” Samitro uttered the words with great confidence.

“Really? But the height issue was never curable…..”

“Until I discovered a sage who can make women taller”, interrupted Samitro.

“That’s wonderful, but what about men. Can’t he make men taller also?”

“No he can’t. But listen, for you here are the medicine….” And he taught her the prescribed manner in which the medicines were to be taken.

Platora took the medicine for three weeks. The effect was noticeable in the last days. Finally her height reached to five and a half feet. Samitro was happier than ever that for at least one of the couple’s biggest worry perished. But he was wrong in his thoughts. Another worry started that was far disturbing that was the changing the attitude of Platora.

For months he could bear the unusual behavior of Platora. Finally one evening, he asked her to say clearly what she wanted to convey in her veiled expressions. At first, she was hesitant to say anything but soon she fired the words, “Yes I’m changing. I’m changing because I’m changed. Can’t you see that I’m 2 feet higher than I used to be? Thanks for your insistence; I could not muster enough courage to say that I’m going to say now. Now listen; you and I looked fine when we both were dwarves. Now that I’m almost one and a half feet higher than you, our combination looks awkward. No offence but believe me, when we stand together, we are taken up as a mother and son.” “I mean not to hurt you but it will be much better for both of us to find suitable partners for ourselves.” She lowered her voice as she spoke the last sentence.

The words of Platora came like firing bullets that penetrated into the core of Samitro’s mind. He had been ridiculed for his short stature by many people but to be insulted by Platora was something else. He said nothing to her and watched her pack up her things. Soon she left the house with her bags and went to her father’s house.

That day Samitro did not eat anything and just wept. He lay still in his sofa. His eyes kept on swelling. Blood seemed to come out of his red eyes. The words of Platora echoed in his head. And the part of Platora’s speech, “No offence but believe me, when we stand together, we are taken up as a mother and son”, would time and again make him cry like a child. The incidents from the day when he had a first glimpse of Platora till that day when she parted away ran over a thousand times in his head. Mental stress made him half dead. Five hours passed in this manner until he was fast asleep.

When he got up next morning, he called for Platora several times hoping that the precious day was a dream. But the silence that followed assured him that the previous day was not a dream. He got up and took a shower, prepared his breakfast and sat at the dining table. As he ate the breakfast his eyes were fixed on the chair Platora used to sit on. Soon he left for his work.

Samitro lost interest in his life. The charm of life that he had been enjoying since the day of the marriage vanished.  Now he remained lazy for most of the time. His only leisure was to listen to Petrarchan love songs or read tragedies or to sit idle on the beach and ponder over different things. Three months passed in this fashion.

The month of December approached. One morning, rain kept little Samitro indoor. Time and again the wheezing sound of wind was to be heard which changed the flow of rain. As usual he was reading a book by the fireplace as it was paining cold during December.  A loud knock was heard at the door. Samitro rushed at the door but small steps made him enough late for the visitor to knock for the second time. “Coming”, shouted Samitro, as he approached the door. He unlocked the door and beheld his friend Pedty shivering with cold. Pedty had been his only friend. He was even shorter than Samitro. Water was falling from every part of Pedty’s body. He held his umbrella with both of his hands as the strong wind was trying to blow it away. His little shoes were all covered with mud. Samitro hastened to Pedty and helped him come inside. He sat his friend in a sofa. Samitro brought a towel and a blanket for his friend. Soon he presented him with a warm bowl of soup and shortly they settled and relaxed.

“What forced you to come in this weather?” Inquired Samitro.

“I just wanted you to know about -eh-Platora.” Pedty lowered his voice at the last word.

“What about her? She is a lost pearl taken by the clouds and I’m not tall enough to catch her” Samitro looked down and sighed as he spoke the words.

Pedty looked both sideways then bended a little so as to come near Samitro and whispered “Listen! Did you know about the rumour that Platora was to be married this summer to her second cousin?”

A wave of despair ran through Samitro’s veins and he lent back at the sofa for support. “No” replied Samitro.

“Shhh. Slower” whispered Pedty.

He came a bit more forward as he said the next sentence, “You took medicine for your wife from the sage who lives in a kind-of-hut. Right?”

“Yes” replied Samitro.

“Now listen. I was searching for some wood there around the old sage’s hut. I beheld Platora with her father coming to the hut. I hid myself behind the hut but I could hear clearly whatever they said. Her father told the old man that Platora was losing her height again and so he was worried. The old man replied that the effect of the medicine is temporal on some women. He said that it is because certain people’s blood does not allow the medicine to work properly. Platora’s father asked for the medicine and said that his daughter would take it regularly so that the effect would remain. The old man replied that the medicine works only once on a particular person and that no result can be availed on its further use. He added that it’s one’s luck if the medicine maintains its effect for lifetime on a particular person. Then a wave of scream followed which forced me to find a crack in the walls of the hut. I beheld one and peeped through it. Platora was lying on the floor and her father was trying to get her up. Soon he made her stand and they left the hut. This incident that I’m talking about happened three weeks before. Yesterday I saw Platora coming probably towards the nearby superstore. But let me think. There’s a big mall near her house and if she really wanted to shop, she would have done it in that. But then for what was she coming?”

“Leave that. How did she look? Was her height the same? I mean tall or did it decrease?” Inquired Samitro with eyes widened and eyebrows lifted up. His eyes moved with the movement of Pedty’s face. “She had exactly the same height as she had before taking the medicine. And listen, what’s more. There’s a rumour, probably true that her cousin is no more interested in marrying her.” “That’s really saddening” sighed Samitro. “Yes of course.” For a moment they both turned to the fireplace and watched its flame. Then Pedty continued, “I should be going now.” He got up as he finished. “But in this heavy rain?” “I have to go. I just wanted you to know whatever I knew”, interrupted Pedty. “As you wish”, said Samitro. They both got down from the sofas and approached the door.

Samitro opened the door to Pedty and both the friends beheld Platora facing the house’s door. She stood in the rain, shivered with cold, exhausted by fatigue and dirty with the mud. Although the tears were not recognizable in the rain but her red eyes clarified that she was crying.

“Please forgive me for just one time”, exclaimed Platora.

“I can forgive a thousand betrayals for your just one loyal kiss”, shouted Samitro and ran towards her. Samitro and Pedty held her by her arms and brought her inside. Pedty neared the sofa to the fireplace and Samitro helped Platora sit on the sofa. Samitro soaked her hair and arms with the towel.

“Bring that coat and blanket to her, Pedty”, Samitro pointed to the bed on which the stuff was lying as he shouted the words and ran to the kitchen.

He brought some soup and boiled egg that Samitro had prepared for himself  and was still warm and fed Platora by himself.

“Please I want to explain…”

“There’s no need to. Say something sweeter”, interrupted Samitro as he filled the spoon for the second time.

After an hour, they all were smiling as they talked.

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