did you know, you were a battle field

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I tried to do a personification of some feelings... And I also tried to make it kind of ironic and paradox. hope you'll like it :)

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Submitted: June 24, 2017



She woke up on a Saturday morning. Her eyes were filled with tears. Even though she seemed to be sad she actually felt nothing. She closed her eyes for a minute and hoped to become blind just for a day. After she had realized she still had been seeing  the unseen and still had been feeling the unfelt, she opened them again. But now she wasn't there, where she was supposed to be. People who have never been there would describe it as an "empty room" or as an "empty atmosphere". A cold wind touched her skin and she shuddered... She took a deep breath and tried to feel something...-Impossible. Surprisingly she wouldn't even ask herself, where she had been. Suddenly she saw a man coming, dressed in black. His dark blue tie perfectly fit his black suit, and his black hair was perfectly styled. He said: "Hey, it's kinda weird to see you so close, normally you just play for a while and than go back." She swallowed all the hundred questions which came up, because she wouldn't ask anything before thinking about it. He smiled and continued: "Many human beings are soo scared, scared to feel me... Well that's ironic "to feel me", isn't it ?" She looked him straight in his dark brown eyes and asked quietly:"May I ask you who you are, Sir." The man looked kind of disappointed but he introduced himself anyway:"Well you love to play with me... You usually come nearer and nearer and every time I want to take all of you, you just push me away." She smiled because she knew, he was the most charming man who has ever been after her or maybe the opposite: She has always been after him. "I guess, I remember you... You are Death, aren't you ?" He looked up and smiled again:"Indeed my beautiful... And I still want to ask you if we could spend our lives together..." She laughed because every time he said that, it would sound so ironic to her... but before she could answer he vanished... She really loved to play with Death, the nearer he came the better she felt, but she still loved to push him away because it would be too boring to die immediately. As she had started thinking about him, a very colorful-dressed man showed up whose suit would show all the different colors existing. "My dear, do not listen to him. He just wants to entrap you, he is too sweet to be real." She looked at him and gave him a confused look:"...and may I ask you who you are,Sir ?" The man had a neutral facial expression but he started introducing himself:"I'm actually no one, I'm what you tell me to be... but I myself would like to describe myself as the sweetest flavor, you've ever tasted but also as the worst. She was very quickly able to identify the man "Hello Life... it's crazy to see you again...All the things you gave me, were all the things I gave to myself." Tears filled up her expressionless eyes..."There are just sooo many things I'll never understand about you... But what am I now, when I'm neither dead nor alive ?" All of a sudden Death showed up again, filled with jealously and hatred. "It's funny to hear you talking like that but doing otherwise, Life." -"It's crazy that we are both the same person which developed in two different directions." "And you know what Life", Shouted Death, " Without me you wouldn't exist..." -"Without Life no Death...", said Life in a slightly arrogant tone. She just looked at both and asked herself again, why she had been able to see both of them at the same time and both were arguing because of her. "She should come with me and she will never feel pain again",said Death and Life just stared at him..."Yeah... because she wouldn't feel anything." She just decided to escape the fight between the two opposites and so she started running... far,far but not far enough... She was running into the nowhere; her only aim: to escape... She reached a point where three people fought. As she had arrived, they stopped for a while and looked at her. "oh it's you..." said a scarred guy... She started crying again and asked:"Can someone please explain to me where I am and who you guys are !?" For a minute everything was quiet, the only thing one could hear was her sobbing. The scarred guy said:" Hey, I'm Fear, don't be scared, I'll protect you..." The other two guys looked like siblings, one of them said:" Hey, I'm Selflessness..." and the other one added:"I'm Self-Hatred." She looked at all of them at the same time and asked:" Why are you doing this to me ? You are the ones who don't let me sleep... and you are the ones who are my biggest obstacle..." The three guys ignored her and started shouting:"blue,yellow,red" and continued fighting. She felt something... All of the sudden she felt something: Emptiness. "Is emptiness completely nothing ?", she asked herself... She closed her eyes and woke up again in her bed... She smiled because she knew who had won the battle... 

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