Our oxygen

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Breathing is a normal human reflex... But what if we start doubting... ?

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Submitted: June 24, 2017



Silence, the only thing I could hear was myself breathing: in, out, in out... You're wondering why I mentioned it ? Is it really that natural to breathe ?

We do it all the time...In, out, in, out. While we are doing it we concentrate on different things... But when someone takes it away 

we start missing it more than everything... What if I breathe each other's oxygen away ? I need more of it.. more, more... but I don't have

the courage to take as much as I really need...

Sometimes oxygen is heavy... and we feel like we are not breathing at all... 

and sometimes it is the most beautiful feeling.

I continue breathing... I breathe...Do I take too much away ?  I love the feeling how it fills up my lungs with life and hw I empty them again.

But I need more... I won't take more...






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