she's tired

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Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Submitted: June 24, 2017



Did you notice?

Today she got dressed up and tried something new with her make up, But all you had to say was that she did a good job, she wanted to hear that she looked beautiful.

She was anxious all week to spend some time with you on the weekend, But you never smiled, you never put in the effort, you stayed in the room at times playing video games. She ended up just wanting to go home and felt worthless to your time.

She listened to your voicemail out loud with you because she'd left you a funny voicemail earlier that day. But you got defensive, said you'd throw your phone against the wall if the trust wasn't there. She is left with doubt because this hasn't been an issue before, and the thoughts of "is he cheating" floods her mind.

She feels happy around you, she loves spending time together, and on her lowest days your presence makes it all better. But you go on and on about how miserable you are, and nothing she does seems good enough for you to be happy atleast a minute with her. She wonder if she'll ever be enough.

But today was different.....

Today she got dressed up and didn't care what you thought.

Today she didn't care if you wanted to go anywhere or do anything, she just left and didn't allow you to ruin her weekend again.

Today she thought you might be cheating again, but no longer cared and didn't even comment on it.

Today she stopped letting your bitterness and obvious unhappy demeanor take away her efforts to be happy and have a fun life.

What happened?

She got tired of feeling worthless, unloved, insecure, sad, lonely, disappointed. She got tired of you.

Why is she still around?

She stays because she loves you. But she'll end up getting tired of that too....

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