Too Far Out

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Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Submitted: June 24, 2017



Too Far Out!


We should have known better but it’s too late to think like that now. We’ve gone so far out to sea, swept further with the tide than we imagined, and now there is nothing to see other than endless blue. Blue sea, blue sky.....we’ve even got blue clothes on. The only other color is the white of our boat.


Have you got your phone?” Neil asked. “Mine is dead!”


I carefully removed my hand from the oar to fumble in my pocket. “Yep. But there’s zero signal. It’s useless!”


There was nothing for it but to keep going; but keep going which way? In truth we did not have much say in it. Our oars, our rowing, was not strong enough to influence the sea. So we were drifting. We could be getting nearer to land or equally we could be moving further from it. And we were totally helpless.


Would anyone be looking for us? Not likely; we’d not been gone that long and no one was expecting us to be back until after dark. And even if they were, was a small canoe going to show up to a plane? I doubted it. A passing boat was our best chance but there was no sign of that happening any time soon.


We had nothing to say to each other, Neil and I, so we just sat there in silence. We’d already been through the stages of blaming each other, then blaming ourselves. The fact was we thought we could do anything; that no warnings applied to us. And how wrong we were.


Martin, did you see something?”


What? Where?” I was scanning the horizon hoping for a glimpse of a plane, a boat, anything but sea. I couldn’t see anything different at all.


No. Under us, Martin. I’m sure I saw something moving in the sea!”


Ah, leave off, would you! What were you watching last night? ‘Jaws’?” I couldn’t help myself from looking all around, either side of our little boat. He’d made me nervous now.....Was that a shadow?


Look!” Neil points to the left and I think I can make out some movement. Whatever it is, it appears like a large shadow. A cloud maybe? I look to the sky but it is wide and clear, not one cloud to be seen.


Jesus! What is it?” My pulse is picking up in panic. This is not a movie, it can’t be what it looks like. Is this someone’s idea of a sick joke?


Keep still, Martin.” Neil is staying remarkably calm. “If we stay still there’s a chance it won’t even notice us.” He’s not as confident as he appears though, for he is talking it little more than a whisper.


What are we going to do?” I whisper back, hoping I don’t sound as near to hysteria as I feel.


Neil shrugs, says nothing. He doesn’t know then, and I don’t have a clue. We sit there, barely breathing, let alone moving, and it seems to work. The shadow moves across from our left side to our right. It’s not noticed us! It’s going to go straight past and leave us to figure out what we should do about getting back to land.


We both let out our breaths, but too soon. That shadow is turning back towards us, heading right in our direction. This grey head breaks through the water and all I can see are those dead looking eyes, those rows and rows of sharp teeth.


Neil stands up and jumps just before it lands on the top of our boat, breaking it, tipping it, dropping me in the water too. Now we’re even smaller, just two lads in a great big sea. No life-jackets of course – that would have been too sensible, It would have offered no protection from a shark anyway but might have just prolonged the agony.


I don’t know what to do, which way to go. My head breaks water and I try to swim gently, no splashing to attract attention. I can see Neil, he is swimming frantically, carelessly, pointing out his every move. I try not to see as he is pulled under, try not to hear his scream before it is silenced by the sea.


And now I’m all alone in an ocean......just me and a shark. All I can do is hope that he comes here quickly and goes expertly for the kill. And here he comes right now!


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