Abel the beautiful hummingbird

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Controlled by his jealousy Abel the beautiful hummingbird took a step too far.

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Submitted: June 24, 2017



Abel the beautiful hummingbird met a lot of his animal friends throughout the day. They couldn’t miss him out, his feathers were shining in the brightest red and green you could imagine. 


His daily routine was almost the same, he flew from garden to garden and from bush to bush drinking the nectar of flowers that were almost as beautiful as him. He preferred the violet ones because he liked the thought of blue and red being mixed together to create such a decent color. 


Abel was different from all the other birds in his area, despite from being able to fly in whatever direction he wishes to he used to be the most clever of them. His tiny eyes were made for detail and they saw good and beauty in whatever they gazed at — especially when they saw Ruth the white and fluffy rabbit. 


Ruth would greet him every afternoon when he flew around Ms. Jacobs garden where she lived. Abel would always admire her from distance and close by. He couldn't help it, he was in love with her. 


Time passed by and every other day Abel brought Ruth the most beautiful white flowers he could find. „They remind me of you“, said Abel. Ruth laughed: „You’re a silly little hummingbird, aren’t you?“. He was looking forward every day to hear her joking around with him until one day he spotted another rabbit in Ms. Jacobs garden Ruth played with. For the first time, Abels eyes couldn't see beauty..all they saw was filth. His tiny heart was aching because he understood that he was just a bird. He didn’t have hair nor big ears or could jump as well as a rabbit. There was no way Ruth could like him the same way he could like another rabbit. 


But Abel didn't gave up, he trained to imitate a rabbits nibbling, a rabbits jump even the way a rabbit would sleep — for nothing. 


„You’re a silly little hummingbird Abel..“, said Ruth with her voice toned down just like she wanted to show Abel how sorry she felt for him. He got furious. He did all he could and all he got back was rejection and pity? This couldn’t be! „Love?“, he thought „is just going to wring you out like a wet towel - then leave you with nothing!“. 


Controlled by anger he grabbed the biggest stone he could, flew as high as possible and… bam! He let the stone fall down on Ruths friend. His dead body was completely splashed open and Ruth was covered in his blood. Abels jealousy and rejected love has driven him insane, he thought that if he can’t be like him he had to get rid of him. 


Other than Abel thought, Ruth stopped talking to him. He begged her:“Please! Just let me at least say goodbye to you!“. She turned over to look him his eyes: „You were the only one I ever loved, if you’d just opened you eyes and recognized that there is nothing for you to worry about! That the gamed your mind played with you weren't real! If you would have just let me finish my sentence you would have known better! But now I’m afraid I can’t forgive you. I’m sorry Abel.“. 




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