Deathly Silence At The Lighthouse

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The story is about a lonely lighthouse keeper who sees apparition of evil spirits at night trying to get rid of him

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Submitted: June 24, 2017



It was a dark and gloomy evening when I arrived at the lighthouse to resume my job as the lighthouse keeper. I took the spiral stairs to reach the lantern room and expected those forbidden spirits to turn upon me anytime. I had never been so lonely in my life with only constant sorrows to greet me. My hands started shivering like it had a life of its own. I am miserably confined throughout the night within the walls of this lighthouse. What horrific fate had befallen upon me? I am slowly getting accustomed to the strange world that had been haunting me for years. I am no more able to define reality from this bizarre constant dreamy state of mind. No one cared to tell me about this place; which was filled with full of evil and hidden darkness. For how long I should live with such loathsome fear which could drive even the most rational man insane. Years had passed but I am still trapped within these confounded walls every night. What did I do to receive such monstrosity? I had not seen my poor family for years and they are not informed about my life. I became a long forgotten ancient relic. I even forgot the meaning of being alive.

A long time passed, all I could hear was the absolute silence of death. I am at the mercy of these strange creatures of the night that appear in the darkest hour. I prayed to God with grief and asked him to protect me from these spirits who had taken possession of this lighthouse but it was of no use, for each day become more sinister than the previous one. It was too much for my tender heart to accept. I never even in my dreams saw such evil. I wonder for how long I have to continue to live this way endlessly. I never wished upon my foes to suffer in such dreadful condition. Should I submit myself to this darkness that plagued this place? I am still not mad enough to kill myself, for I lacked the courage to do so.

I was a young man when I joined to work at the port, life was beautiful for I was young and fearless. A Certain person who worked here before me died screaming one night. I was not told the reason so that I can continue his job with total ignorance. They can quickly replace me with another person very soon and let him suffer the similar fate like I do for years. They have tricked me into accepting this job and hid the cursed truth about this place. A certain grave awaits me if I don’t act fast enough to save myself. I am not allowed to enter the lighthouse during the daytime for I am only assigned to work at night when creatures of death roam freely at night. I guided every ship to the port and I did my duty well until these strange occurrences started appearing in front of me. I became a prisoner of this lighthouse which will soon be my tomb. I have seen many corpses of unfortunate sailors who drowned in the sea during the violent storm, silently buried near the lighthouse. Their lifeless souls started possessing this lighthouse. They will never reach the gates of the heaven for they all had committed terrible sins.

My suffering became unbearable to me since the days began to pass. I see these terrible beings that were once human like me turned into dark spirits gazing at me with their hollow eyes, I see chilling cold death in them. I can hear their moaning along with the sea breeze. The light emitting from the lantern room gave me little comfort for it was like an angel which cared for me from the reach of these creatures. The brief sound of roaring waves that thrashed against the rocks gave me some sense of being alive. I longed to return back to my home and leave this cursed place forever but I was under some strange mesmerizing force which kept me under its control. My resistance to them have become too weak and my soul is crumbling like dried leaves from a tree. I have to break their penetrating grasp on me.

One of the ghosts befriended me. He was hardly filled with flesh; one can see his rotten skull with a pipe in his mouth mocking at me for not listening to his warning to leave this place for I will forever become a victim of these mean spirits. I can feel their ghostly hands which touched my feet in an attempt to scare me so that I can trip and fall from the great height of the lighthouse. I decided to burn the lighthouse for good but alas it comforts me like a mother handling a child in the cradle of death. I am waiting for death to embrace me. I had enough of the stench of death when I am still alive. I had to get out of this place before it’s too late to live. I will turn into one of these spirits very soon and live in this place for eternity if I die here.

Finally one day I gathered enough courage, I arrived with some cans of gasoline, poured it all over the spiral steps, set fire to the lighthouse which had become home to the frightening creatures. I laughed like a madman to see the lighthouse collapse under the fire. The spirits started screaming and suddenly without warning, they pushed me into the fire. I tried to run away but the spirits were too strong and many in number. They lifted me up and threw into the fire and I burnt like a charcoal while the pitiless spirits laughed at my agony. My deathly scream reached the entire town. They came with buckets of water to halt the fire but it burned whole night until the lighthouse was reduced to few rubble. A year passed since my death and the lighthouse was eventually rebuilt. Another eager young man unaware of the truth was appointed as the new keeper of the lighthouse and worked innocently over there, unaware that a similar fate that happened to me to join him.



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