Tales from the OTG

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This is an exciting and adventurous romp through a fantasy world full of laughter and insanity.

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Submitted: June 24, 2017



A green magical sheep was stuck in a tower. No one really knew why. The sheep guarded multiple globes or crystal balls. Each led to another universe created by the sheep’s master. One day the sheep decided to play with the globes. Suddenly, the sheep slipped and was sucked into the portal. She saw a sheep that guarded another globe. Suddenly, the sheep began to fly. But he accidentally touched the other sheep and a black hole opened and sucked them in. Suddenly, there was just one sheep. The sheep looked around, and all he saw was one lonely tree. He was lost.
The sheep was really sad and also scared because its master said never to play with the globes and then he heard his name, Bob, being called by someone, and that someone turned out to be a girl with a book, reading aloud. When the girl saw him, she screamed, and she screamed even louder when he asked her where he was.
Poof! The sheep was in Candyland, the non threatening world. The sheep grazed on minty grass. Or was it? This so-called Candyland seemed... ominous and not all peaceful and sweet.  Suddenly, two sheep walked passed Sheepy (for that was his name). 
“Come on Sheep Hansel, let’s go to the witch’s house. What bad could come out of that?” Sheepy saw another globe and leaped into it. This universe was surrounded with dogs. The dogs started to attack Sheepy until he spotted another globe. Once he touched the globe he was transported to another world where he was a human. He saw a woman in front of him yelling, “Bob, come on! Dinner’s ready!” Confused, Bob went down to the kitchen, and saw a person in a black cloak. He grabbed a globe, but nothing happened, and the person advanced towards Bob, saying that he was a sorcerer and that Bob would be stuck there forever.
“False!” he yelled. He used his magic to reactivate the globe and he was falling... falling... falling... into darkness.
“True I say!” yelled the black sorcerer, who summoned Bob Sheepy back into the globe room. “You think you can best me in magic?” bellowed Goat the Pig (for that was the sorcerer’s name). Goat the Pig turned Sheepy into a breed between goat and pig. Then Goat the Pig threw Bob Sheepy off a cliff.

“NOT!” screamed Bob Sheepy who was now a goat and pig as he levitated up and smacked Goat the Pig off that same cliff.

(for real this time)
JK! I had to put that

But it was not the end, for Goat the Pig flew back up, and there was a magic battle between Goat the Pig and Bob Sheepy. Then the girl arrived, for she had followed Bob Sheepy, spying on him. She was a spy for the sorcerer. She was also Bob Sheepy’s sister who was turned into a human. Bob Sheepy glared at his sister. They were on terrible terms due to her betrayal, and he shoved her off the cliff before running far away from the cliff edge. The sorcerer, after saving Bob Sheepy’s sister Sleepy Bob (for that was Bob Sheepy’s sister’s name), chanted an incantation, summoning goats and pigs with red eyes and murderous looks. 
“Go after him!” Goat the Pig ordered, and the goat and pig stampede began. The goats suddenly faded from existence. Bob the sheep had gotten a reality warping power by stealing it from the sorcerer. So he made a black hole just as the murderous pigs stampeded. The pigs followed him to the next planet, and suddenly turned into fruity cows (or was it pigs? it was hard to tell).  Suddenly, the fruity cows began to eat Bob Sheepy.  He woke up, it was all a dream and the orbs were safe.  Except it wasn’t.  He was trapped in a jail and being tortured.  Bob Sheepy screamed as Goat the Pig approached, and then fire flew out of Goat the Pig’s hands.  Sleepy Bob was there too, looking apologetic, though Bob Sheepy thought that she was enjoying it way too much. She’d always enjoyed annoying him, even when they were small. Sheepy sighed. He used his massive force of magic to obliterate the entire universe. Right before his spell cast, however, Goat the Pig opened a portal to a parallel universe, sucking everyone into it. This portal was long and winding, and the two Sheepys glared daggers at each other. They made a plan; they were going to destroy the omniverse. They cast a spell to summon Goat the Pig, then they pushed him into a lava pit, killing him, and destroying the omniverse.
The End
Actually, it wasn’t the end yet. Goat the Pig was immortal unless he was killed 101 times, and both sheep landed in another galaxy. Goat the Pig loomed over Bob Sheepy with a knife in his mouth. Goat the Pig then slit his throat. Bob Sheepy started to bleed out. Since Bob the Sheepy shared a bond with Goat the Pig, he also had to be killed 101 times. Bob Sheepy killed Goat the Pig 100 more times, and he and Bob Sheepy from universe 2.0 rode off into the sunset.
But the story wasn’t over yet for since Goat the Pig and Bob Sheepy’s life were connected, Goat the Pig was not dead, and Sleepy Bob was secretly planning Bob Sheepy’s murder. Bob Sheepy and Pig the Goat were tired of fighting, so they simultaneously committed suicide. When they woke up, they were in a strange place surrounded by giant humans.
“We are the OTG gods,” they said in unison. “Kathryn, Callista, Lily, Harry, Daniel, and Matthew, we take turns deciding your story.”
“Greetings Sheepy’s,” Suddenly, Daniel grabbed the paper “Now, I am your only god, by using semicolons, I can continue my turn forever,” Daniel said; “This entire universe/omniverse will now by mine,” he said; suddenly every constellation spelled D-A-N-I-E-L  I-S   G-O-D after shifting in their alignment; the whole omniverse goat a message saying,: “Daniel is my god; I will worship him;. Bob the Sheepy is immortal! writes Ha-, Daniel stole back the paper, and removes Bob Sheepy’s immor- now he’s not, writes Lily! Bob Sheepy will now become a rabbit and he- wrote Lily. Calista stopped time. Daniel dies a fiery death. Calista resumes time. -Calista. Daniel does not, and turns every living thing into a wormhole with no reversible spell, and condemns others- to happiness, writes Harry. Calista and Lily realize that Bob Sheepy is a serial killer. When he destroyed the omniverse he effectively killed millions. While Bob Sheepy destroys the universe, he also destroys Daniel, and the rest of the OTG gods save the omniverse, and turn Bob Sheepy normal again. Bob Sheepy had to find his sister and return her to sheep form. But  there was a problem she kind of hated him. By the way her name was not  Sleepy Bob, it was Sleepy Sue. Daniel the traitor has just been unbanished. Now he’s banished again and Callie+Harry have agreed on sealing the OTG gods into another universe. The OTG gods have just realized that they’ve been sidetracked. Sleepy Sue has now been renamed Sleepy Potato Susan. The OTG has realized that they have been sidetracked again. They will resume the plot. Bob Sheepy sees his sister in the alternate dimension and he decides not to save her. He then looks for Goat the Pig. His sister is Sleepy Susan. He jumps through the globe. Poof! Some unusual electronic music is in the air. The sound is indescribably beautiful. But then it screeches to a halt. 
“Get him!” screamed someone from the distance. Nope. Wrong dimension. Piggy the Bob Sheepy went back in the portal. 
“Wait!” Goat the Pig said. “Aren’t I your enemy?” he said as he reached for his knife. He then proceeded to slit Bob Sheepy’s throat. Bob Sheepy once again appeared in front of the now 5 OTG gods. 
“Not again!” grumbled Matthew.
“Go away!” said Calista.
“Don’t make me kill you!” said Lily. Bob Sheepy decided that that was his cue to leave. He grabbed an orb and vanished into a new part of the omniverse. He had to find Susan. He knew she blamed him for her transformation. She was a pretty young lamb when the accident happened. He knew he shouldn’t have been training at home but it was too late. She was gone. He stole her life. And he knew she wanted revenge.

Susan’s POV
When I find my brother he will die. She stared at herself in the mirror she hated how she looked. her long white-blonde hair was tied back in a braid and she had ocean blue eyes, but her looks were deceiving. In reality she was a highly trained assassin. She worked for someone else though, not Pig the Goat. Someone with more power. Someone who had almost unlimited influence. Matthew appeared. 
“I felt your wish from OTG headquarters.” he said. Sleepy Susan shivered. She had yet to understand completely the powers of the OTG gods. “Everything’s going fine. Daniel was framed with my mind over matter magic. No one suspects me.” Susan hesitated. Should she ask the question? Yes, she decided. 
“Matthew, why do you need me?” she asked. Matthew did not need Susan at all. In fact, the person above me right now is trying to frame me! (I am Matthew). Someone who can’t spell “Matthew” is trying to frame Matthew framing Daniel. In fact, Matthew suspects Lily. She was very focused on the idea that Matthew framed Daniel. Also she spelt “Psycopath” wrong. The true traitor is LILY. Actually, Lily is not the traitor. Kathryn is! (and I didn’t spell psycopath wrong)- oh wait, actually I did). Sleepy Susan, now known as Sleepy Susan became extremely confused, and jumped off a cliff (she could teleport). She teleported in front of Goat the Pig. 
“The OTG is really confusing me. Who should I kill?” she asked.
“Kill Matthew, and frame Daniel. We need him thrown out so we can kill him.” Then Sleepy Grace, who was actually the ghost of Grace, realized that the only way gods could die was to be killed by a bicorn. So she summoned a bicorn and rode on it, headed for the gods. 
Meanwhile, Bob Sheepy was looking for Sleepy Grace. He had bought her a pet unicorn for her birthday, which was today, because she loved unicorns. Back at Sleepy Susan’s, she was also browsing the store for something she could give to Bob Sheepy- But Sleepy Grace was not at the Mystical Pet Store @ AndromedaTM , she was at Murder and Deceit; how to do it and what to do it withTM. 
“What is your bidding master?” I asked. Harry smiled at her.
“You must kill Sleepy Bob and destroy the story, then the OTG will lose their power!” Harry cackled, spreading sugar throughout the room.

OTG Gods
HARRY IS THE KILLER! He tried to frame Kathleen and Matthew and he is trying to destroy the person. Goat the Pig has possessed Harry. Sleepy Sue has purchased a Quadcorn, and she is now ordering it to charge Bob Sheepy. Meanwhile, Goat the Pig has located the cave of the Polycorn, a legendary being that has never in 1,400 millenia left his cave, eating giant bats every couple hundred years. Goat the Pig tossed a sugar cube into the cave. The Polycorn smelled the sweetness, and crunched on the sugar cubes. It’s ears, covered with horns, like the rest of its body, pricked up. It burned the smell into its mind, and smelled a faint smell, more sweet than ever. What did it smell? Harry, 2 universes away.
Harry’s POV
I sense a powerful being stalking me, Whoa! Multiple horns pop out of a tiny horse shaped creature. It licks my hand. My vision explodes, suddenly, I am in the Polycorn’s body. It seems our minds have switched.
Back at HQ... (Daniel’s POV)
What is Harry doing? It seems that he’s trying to eat his pencil. Suddenly, he looks up. He eyes the OTG Paper. Now I know what he’s doing. 
“Noooo!” I scream, running to the paper. Time seems to slow down. Or maybe it was, I don’t know my limits. (later, I learn that Harry is trying to commit suicide in the Polycorn’s body.) Harry lifts his pen.
“Stoooop!” I yell, enunciated by the time slow. I hear a celestial CRASH! and Harry stopped. I crash into him accidentally. Harry’s eyes clear. Harry had killed the Polycorn while he was in it’s body.
Lily’s POV
Lots has been going on. Kathryn, the evil personality of Kathryn/Kathleen, has been gone, visiting her best friend. Gracie the ghost has been sent to boarding school for ghosts (she was being a social psychopath- holding parties way late at night), and Matthew is out, buying food. I don’t know where Harry or Daniel are, but I’, here at Headquarters, alone. I’m supposed to be watching the Paper of our Powers, but I’m bored, so I’m actually watching the happenings in the world. Just then, Daniel and Harry burst into the room. Harry is holding a spear, and then he stabs himself. 
“I was possessed by a polycorn.” He informs me. I sigh. I miss everything exciting. Just then, Goat the Pig, the terrible sorcerer, enters the room, snatching the paper. He lets go of it (due to defense mechanisms, he has been burnt), and I call on my blood powers.
“Leave, Goat the Pig!” I command, then realize that if he leaves, he can’t die. I change my mind. “Hm, never mind.” I start to suck the blood from his body, and it coats my hands. Then he falls on the ground, dead; if Goat the Pig is killed by a member of the OTG, the life bond between Goat the Pig and Bob Sheepy is broken. Then the OTG realized that they’ve been distracted from the real story. Harry quickly vaporizes the body of Goat the Pig and puts the paper back. 
“Now let’s go one with the story.” he says.
Bob Sheepy was searching for Susan. But Susan had other plans. She was going to ambush Bob the Sheep! Sleepy Susan watched Bob scour the multiverse. Then she set her trap. It would be perfect. Well, as you may have already realized, Bob Sheepy was not very smart. He had no idea that Sleepy Sue wanted to kill him, so being the insane sheep that he was, he wanted to find her and turn her back into a sheep (he figured that that would fix the problem between them)
I waited in a tree until my idiot brother came. I pulled out a throwing knife from belt, and took aim. I paused I couldn't kill him this way; it would be to fast. I pulled out my dagger. I began to climb down the tree. I would get my revenge, and it would be delightful. You may think I’m a psychopath, and you would be right. I was ready for Bob Sheepy. He approached.
“Hiya!” I screamed, running toward him with a bloody red knife. That’s just what I pictured myself doing. I actually slid quietly down the tree and snuck up behind him I had my dagger in hand ready to kill, but I stopped. Something didn’t seem right, and also, I was getting really hungry (I hadn’t eaten in days). Then some strange creature charged out into the clearing and my brother turned around. It was a donut monster! I ate it. Actually that was just me hallucinating again. I was actually a wild, angry, hippogriff. But I was kind of right about it being a donut monster; it wore a huge donut crown, mark of the hippogriff king. Right then, I knew that I was in trouble. Bob Sheepy slowly backed up.
“What are you doing here?” he asked.
“I came to warn you.” What?!! Hippogriffs could talk! 
“Of what?” said Bob Sheepy.
“Someone is trying to murder you.” the Hippogriff said. “She wants revenge for the harm you have caused her.” the Hippogriff said. “She wants revenge for the harm you have caused her.” the Hippogriff stated. 
“What?... who?” stated Bob Sheepy. Then, Bob Sheepy thought for a minute. “Oh no could it be Sleepy Susan.”
“Oh no!” Susan thought. He’s on to me. I turned to run away, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Bob.
“Bob you’re a human, but how?” I asked.
“I can use magic to turn human.” he said. I grimaced, then stabbed my dagger at my brother. Right before I hit him, my hand stopped, not on my own accord. I turned around, and then there, right next to me, was the OTG god Lily, glaring at me.
“What do you think you are doing? This will ruin the plot of the story!” said Lily.
“But I never get what I want!” I said! 
“That’s because you’re a villain. Also, you’re a meanie.” Oh, things just got REAL! Lily is a traitor, and apparently, she is Bob Sheepy’s evil MOM! Lily was not only Bob Sheepy and Sleepy Sue’s mom, she was Bob Sheepy’s master from 9 pages ago, too! (Also, she is NOT evil.) Also, she was the teacher of Goat the Pig, and she used to be the darkest sorceror of the omniverse, before she took up the duties of taking care of two sheep who used to be babies, when Lily accidently poofed! them into sheep. That’s why she turned good, and after raising one for IQ and one to take her place as a sorcerer, she ascended to OTG god status. But actually, Lily was just their foster parents and she found the two babies abandoned in a field. Oh, but it also meant that Bob Sheepy’s stupidity was just a disguise, hiding his evil intelligence, and that Bob Sheepy was the real villain, though he didn’t know is, so he actually was really idiotic. But Bob Sheepy was unaware that he was just a pawn in the giant plan. He had no idea that the gods were only keeping him alive so that they could torture him, and that he was their entertainment.
Now, it must be known that us gods are sadistic beings, as we will watch others suffer to pure delight. With the exception of Kathleen of course, Kathryn’s split personality. She is unusual, because she is a god about ½ of the time. We shall get back to Bob Sheepy.
“Why did you try to kill me?” Bob Sheepy asked, feeling quite perplexed and also hurt. Then suddenly, Lily intervened, erasing Bob Sheepy’s most recent memory of Sleepy Sue trying to kill him, and then she used her magic to attempt to send Bob Sheepy to another universe, though the hippogriff suddenly stopped her. The gods were not supposed to intervene in mortal business. Then the hippogriff gave Bob Sheepy his memories back, making a munching noise at Lily. Lily sighed, disappearing back to headquarters, where it was her turn to guide the Paper of Powers.
Well, meanwhile, Sleepy Sue was attempting to steal the Paper of Powers while Lily was gone. Kathryn was gone, because she was actually a werewolf, and it was full moon. Plus, there was going to be a huge potato feast in a day, and werewolfs are allergic to potatoes (the moon was a giant potato). Matthew was attending the funeral of his son, and was in mourning (he was the actual father of Goat the Pig). He would probably be gone for while. Harry was out searching for different unicorn breeds, researching them (after being possessed by the Polycorn, he felt a pull towards any nearby unicorns). Also, it is suspected that Harry was trying to stay away from Sleepy Sue (it is well known by all that he has a crush on her, though he thinks that it’s still a secret. Also, he’s been kind of embarrassed about having a crush on someone who used to be a sheep). Callie was traveling through the omniverses, looking for anyone who did bad and then killing him (though she was actually just killing everyone who got in her way- she did not have much mercy. Wait, let me change that. She has no mercy. Well, except for frogs- once, as a young and foolish god, she had an affair with someone, but since that was against the Godly Code of Conduct, her lover was turned into a frog. Ever since then, she’s had a particular affinity for frogs). Daniel had been unbanned from the OTG, after the rest of the gods realized that the polycorn had framed him. Right now, he was staying at the infirmary, still getting his torture wounds healed. Plus, he was trying to hold himself together; before he had been an OTG god, he had wandered through the worlds, penniless, thieving from people. Then he served as a spy, and the dark side taught him so much magic that he became an incredibly powerful sorcerer, nearly as powerful as Lily. They met and had a huge battle (Lily obviously won), and Daniel ran off, incredibly humiliated. He ran off to another omniverse where no one had ever heard of him and became king. Then Daniel was murdered by some weird goat (it was actually Goat the Pig in disguise- he was notorious for his famous goat shape-shifting hence the name [the pig part is a nickname that his little sister used to call him {his real name was Perevin}]). Daniel became a zombie but he used the incredible magic that he’d learned to make himself become alive again (the side of this was becoming a vampire- Callie brings back the blood of all of the people she’s murdered for him to eat every day). Then the then OTG recognized his potential and he joined the Godly Pantheon (he was the last god to join the pantheon, maybe the last one to ever even do so, which was why he was the first suspect of the OTG.
The point was that currently, no one was at Headquarters.  Now let’s get back to what’s going on in the story.
Sleepy Sue approached the paper.  It glowed with a crackling yellow light.  It hummed as she got closer, closer… closer.  Suddenly poof!  The paper was gone.  It happened so fast that Susan’s Breath was sucked out of her because air rushed in to take the place of the paper.  Susan was absolutely flabbergasted.  What had happened?
Harry’s POV
Right now was time to implement something I had been meaning to do for decades.  The Paper of Powers was too vulnerable.  It was constantly being stolen.  Time to find a permanent solution.  I searched every part of the Omniverse for what to find.  Suddenly a lush green world appeared.  It had small god-shaped beings on it using square pieces of metal to share and communicate with each other.  Perfect.  I had the technology.  Now I needed the magic to convert such a powerful and ancient Paper to this newfangled type of communication.  There are almost an unlimited amount of ancient artifacts in the world.  It is impossible to discern which ones can help me here.  Searching by hand would take too long but I have devised an ingenious solution.  I’ll simply use the most powerful source of computing power there ever was.  The Omniverse.  I stole a little knowledge from everyone (Don’t worry like 1/0.001 of an IQ point ) and used it to locate the scroll in an obscure desert Earth to convert the past into the future.  And apparently I did it just in time. Susan the Sheep was almost going to steal the paper when it converted to binary.  The now online Paper did a good job portraying the look on her face. Ha! 
But it turned out that Sleepy Sue knew how to red binary.(She was a genius after all.)  Then she attempted to hack into the no longer Paper of Powers file.
Lily’s POV
I arrived at the Headquarters ready to guard the Paper of Powers.  Quite suddenly, I realized that it was gone.  “Harry!”, I yelled, though he most certainly did not hear me.  This was a really bad idea.  I’d raised Sleepy Sue to be really smart, not thinking that she’d also become evil (Or maybe that was good?)so naturally, I taught her binary code.  Little did she know that Sleepy Sue was actually good.  She was working toward increasing the Paper’s defenses.  Wait, should Paper be capitalized? I have no idea.  Callie was Susan’s true master.  She fed them that stupid backstory about a frog.  Before she was an OTG god, she was an assassin. She was part of an order that killed for the good of the omniverse. She was helping Harry and Sue protect the paper and change it to binary code. She knew there was still a traitor in the OTG and she knew who it was. During all this time, Daniel the OTG god got suicidal because the backstory was too long and boring. But he couldn’t die, because he was a god, and the OTG Brought him back to the story. It was difficult to keep everything in order.
I have a secret plan one that will make me dictator of the omniverse, I will use Bob Sheepy to stop Callie, Harry, and Susan from translating the Paper to binary code. Then I will write myself in as dictator. Hm... how will I do this? Well I could use my dark magic...
~Bob Sheepy~
Meanwhile, Bob Sheepy was practicing his human to sheep spell. He couldn’t wait until Sleep Sue saw him! I tried it successfully. My mother trained me to be evil. My sister betrayed us. And the accident was no accident.
We were camped out in a desert called the Sahara. You could tell Harry wasn’t used to the heat, after all he was born a god. Susan was off sleeping. She was powerful and smart, but she was young. She was only 16. I sat by the fire barely noticing the heat. Harry got up and went to bed. I stared up at the stars. Humans thought stars were hot balls of gas. The OTG know that they are portals to other worlds. I heard a rustling sound. I reached for my belt a grabbed my dagger. I whipped around ready to strike. I saw a tall snow blonde boy with green eyes.
“Who are you?” I demanded. I heard stirring in the tents. I heard a knife whizzing past me. I ducked. I turned and leaped on a rock next to me. I saw a throwing knife lodged in the boy’s throat. He was still breathing. It seemed to be meant to harm not kill. I turned around and saw Susan. I opened my mouth to ask a question.
“How dare you!” screamed Susan. “After everything, how dare you show your face here.” She was standing over him. Harry was walking towards her with an odd look on his face. I reached out and pulled Harry back. 
He was here. It was my brother. Not Bob, my twin brother. The OTG wouldn’t know him. He’s unimportant, but he’s a traitor. After Bob sent me through the portal he came to me. We lived together until were were 12. We lived together for seven years. Until he abandoned me and left me for dead. We plotted to overthrough Lilly, but the coward backed out.
“Why are you here?” I asked again.
“I want... I want to help.” he said between gasps. I bent down and pulled my dagger out of his neck. 
“Get lost!” I said cooly.
“He’s telling the truth.” said Harry. When he saw the confused looks on our faces. He explained. “As a God I can sense when people are telling the truth.”
“Oh.” I said. They carried him over to Harry’s tent and laid him down. Callie started attending to his injuries.
“Who is he?” she asked.
“My brother.” I replied.
~~~~~~~~~~~One week later~~~~~~~~
“Hello.” I said to my brother. He was sitting up. He had been regaining his strength at an alarming rate.
“Hello Corrine.” he said. I must have let some emotion slip because he replied. “Your name is Corrine. Don’t forget that. Whatever that witch called you is a lie. Our parents named you Corrine, don’t you remember them.”  Tears welled up in my eyes. I didn’t remember my parents. “Regardless your name is Corrine.” I stared into his ivy green eyes.
“My name is Corrine not Susan.” I repeated in my hand. I sat down on the cot and hugged my brother. “It’s nice to see you too Hunter.”
My plan was in motion Bob was on his way to stop Callie, Susan (Corinne), and Harry. I have gotten the other OTG members out of the way; Matthew is on a 3 month mourning leave, I filled HQ with potatoes to keep Kathryn/Kathleen away and my loyal servant Daniel is doing his part by playing innocent. I called Daniel to the room for his magic training (I was training him to be more powerful, though not as much as me; he cannot overthrow me! Also, he is bound to me with his servitute vows. We begin training.”
Corrine does not know my real intent. She has no idea who I really am, or my real intents. Neither does that fool god Harry. I’m not even Corrine’s brother; I planted memories in her head (also, her name is Susan, not Corinne). She completely trusts me because of a few fake memories. But she’s just a pawn in my plans, a means to take over yet another panthenon of gods and the biggest universe yet! For I am Blade the Great, the most powerful god in all of the universe and soon to become only god in infinity!
Blade hasn’t fooled me. I know everything of his plans, and am soon to destroy them. If Blade thinks I’m evil, he’ll try to get me on his side. From there I can tell the OTG my real intent and work as a double-agent, infiltrating Blade and his minions, keeping the rest of the universes safe!
I am Corinne. I now know who I truly am. Also, I am starting to get really hot.
“Is there any water around here?” I ask. Harry nods, handing me a flash. I gulp the water down instantly. Amazing, though it does have a strange taste. Next thing I know, I’m on the ground, and blackness overcomes my vision. I fainted.
Corrine’s name was actually Corrine. Lily mind controlled me when I was younger which caused me to leave her. That’s why I sometimes snap into an evil personality, and why I didn’t come back to Corrine sooner. 
Harry’s POV
It was getting dark. It was also beginning to get colder. I set up camp and we slept. As always, I floated out of my body. It was Astral Projection, my 19th sense. The others’ minds were like ghosts. Their thoughts were clear. Callie was dreaming about Potatoes, Susan wasn’t dreaming about anything, and her brother was dreaming about conquering the Omniverse. Wait what! We need to deal with this.
Blade/Hunter POV
I feel a powerful presence watching me. Not as powerful as me obviously, but powerful none the less. Was it one of the OTG Gods. No way. Ahh! My head hurt. Lilly was in my head again. I’m pretty sure she plants these thoughts in my head while I’m dreaming. I should tell them, but I can’t. Lilly always lies. (Except when Callie says so)
We are trying to locate the Mayan’s omniverse computer. It runs on the power of the omniverse. For some reason, though, I can’t seem to find it. Suddenly, I turn into a fish. Ooops that was my imagination. What was I doing? Yes, stopping Blade. 
“Guys,” I said, “Something’s wrong.”
“Wait.” I say. “Why are you guys so big, and why can I only see through one eye?”
Blade’s POV
“What’s a fish doing, alive in the middle of the desert?” I ask nobody in particular. Actually, I knew because I turned him into the fish. Harry, the one who imposes the greatest threat right now, was out of my plan. 
Matthew’s POV
Actually, I never really cared for Goat the Pig, so I arranged for Sheepy to kill him. Except Goat the Pig is actually Bob Sheepy splitting his personality. Exactly, I arranged for him to kill himself. So he would fool the stupid OTG gods. Bob Sheepy must defeat his awful sister, Sleepy Sue, or else she will destroy us all!
~Sleepy Sue~
The last few events were merely distractions. I have split my personality so that the other part of me is in one of those humans, stealing the paper. The OTG will never find out! My brother and I have made up and decided to work together to steal the paper, though I will kill him as soon as I finish (moose-ha-ha!). First, though, I need to trick Lily into joining me so that she can turn me back human. After that, I’ll get her banished!
I feel something calling me.
“Daniel!” I tell my servant/brother. “Examine the source of this!” Daniel glowers. 
“I’m done being your servant! Just because you were conjured first, or became a god before me doesn’t make you the boss of me! It’s unfair, and I’m tired of it. Plus, you’re not allowed to force a fellow god to servitute! It says so on the Godly Code of Conduct.” 
“You read it?” I said. Today is not going like I planned for it to be. How was I supposed to know that? I never read the Godly Code of Conduct! “Okay, fine. I release you from servitude.” Daniel smiled.
“Gracie, come here!” he summoned Gracie from boarding school and I was surprised at how powerful he’s gotten to be. Still, I’m more powerful than him.
“Why did you summon Gracie?” I asked, groaning as she began to chatter to GOO.
“I’m calling for an OTG Meeting/Party!”
“We need to talk about the new threats, and anyways, I’m in a party mood!” None of the OTG knew of Susan’s plans to sabatoge the headquarters.
~Third Person Susan~
Susan smiled grimely. Her plan was in order. Her brother was possesing Matthew (he still hold a grudge), and she was ready to destroy the ???????? But first, she needed Blade. Blade would be perfect for her plan.
~A few days later~
Blade arrived. Susan stood there, relieved. Good. He had heeded her instructions. She made a mental note to dispose Blade as soon as possible. He was too powerful. But first, her plan.
Sleepy Sue, Blade, and Bob Sheepy all hurried towards the camp where Sleepy Sue and Blade’s split personality were (Blade had the same power as the two sheep, being a god). They hid behind a huge cactus, having no idea that the large cactus was Harry.
~Harry’s POV~
I sense a presence coming toward me. With Harryisapotato, my 36th’s sense (the ????????named that sense), I hear the ????????’s thoughts. (The ???????? himself gave me Harryisapotato, and I like to think it’s because I’m his favorite creation).
‘Bad things are happening.’ The ???????? says/thinks. ‘Turn into a cactus and you will see.’ The ???????? does not say/think anything else; it can see the happenings in every created paraverse, but not hinder them. I wonder how the ???????? feels about that. Then I remember who/what I’m talking about. 
Anyway, I head the ????????’s advice and turn into a cactus.

Moose ha ha! Okay, I’m not the actual ????????, but I have used my incredible powers to make Harry think that I am! I even planted fake memories in his head of his Harryisapotato sense. Who would like Harry that much? Obviously, I’m the????????’s favorite! Now Harry is a cactus, and cannot hinder us at all! Well, actually, he can’t do anything until one of the other stupid OTG gods realizes what happened to Harry! Bob Sheepy says something and I stare at him disdainfully. I will get rid of those two as soon as I finish my plans. They think that I’m part of their plan, but really, they’re part of my plan! But first, to steal the Paper of Powers.

~Harry’s POV~
A voice fills my head, one that is definitely the ????????.
“Moose ha ha!” What is the ????????? I don’t know. I lift my branches towards the sun and... then suddenly everything comes rushing back towards me, and I realize what Blade has done.
“BLADE! YOU WILL DIE!” I say, rushing towards him, now in godly form.
How has Harry achieved this? Maybe he has some other senses that I’m not aware of. Anyway, Harry can’t kill me. Gods cannot die.
I finger my omnicorn horn, wondering if I should use it now. It’s the only thing that could kill a god for good. Should I use it?

~Everyone in the Scene~
Suddenly, a dangerous voice booms through the clouds.
“You will be punished for this, Blade!” It is the ????????, the real one. The ground begins to quake and everyone shivers as an incredible cold comes over them. Then Blade screams angrily and opens his hands. BOOM! Then blackness.

I arrive back at the oasis. No one is there, and something feels incredibly wrong. All I discover is some strange orb that is glowing as if it’s one of those teleportation globes to another universe. But something seems wrong with it too. I grasp it by my jacket, not willing to touch it. Who knows what would happen if I did? I need to get the rest of the OTG, and fast.

I am suspended in darkness, falling in it, I have no idea where. I use my 18th sense, Astral Converting, and feel warmth next to my mind.
“Hello?” I ask. No one responds. I use my amazing inference skills to find out who it is, and deduce that it is Sleepy Sue and Bob Sheepy. I stretch out my conscience, my 32nd sense, and try to commute mind to mind, but something seems to be blocking it. I need to discover some of my hidden powers now if I want to live. It is a strange thought; I have been a god ever since birth and never had to worry about death. Yet here I am now, and it seems to be staring me in the face.
I have no idea what I’ve just done. All I know is that I feel incredibly powerful, even more than before. Light is suspended around me, creating a web, and suddenly, as I remember my creation, I realize what I have done. I have created another paraverse, no, an ultraverse, and am now equivilent to the ????????. The knowledge comes to my mind as if I’ve known it all my life, which I definately have not. I wonder what the ultraverse is, and more knowledge springs to my mind, providing me the answer. An ultraverse is a collection of paraverses. Who knew the whatever this is was so big and complex? I bask in the light, feeling as if I am as powerful as the ????????... which gives me an idea. I need a name, definately not as ridiculous as the ????????. What about UltraBlade? Yes, it’s perfect. Hm... suddenly, images appear in the light,images of strange creatures and landscapes. This must be my first omniverse. I will call it “Dextria”, because it is right (get my pun there?) Hm... I wonder... how do I create another omniverse? I need enough omniverses to make up a paraverse, and enough of those to make up my Ultraverse, which, come to think of it, needs a name. Maybe the Great Ultrablade Ultraverse? Yes, it’s perfect! And once I have an established ultraverse, I will gather all of my creations into one huge army and storm the ???????? ultraverse. Hmm... speaking of that, how do I get there? No knowledge comes to mind this time. I guess I’ll just have to discover that myself. 
~A week later~
Making an omniverse is hard work. Now I can fully appreciate the ????????... I can’t wait to destroy it! To make an omniverse, I had to gather all of my energy and exert it, which uses a lot of energy. I was out for 5 days after creating just one tiny portion of an omniverse. Hm... should I be telling all of my incredible secrets? That’s a good question. Probably not. Anyway soon I’ll be ready!
~Back at headquarters (Daniel’s POV)~
Only Lily, Kathryn/Kathleen, Matthew and I are at the party. What sort of party is this? 1/3 of the OTG aren’t even here to celebrate my freedom from servitude and have a meeting. Maybe I’ll have to resort to other means to get Callie+Harry here. Suddenly, the door slams open. It’s Callie. I smile, then remember that she was in another omniverse with Harry.
“Where’s Harry?” I ask. Callie looks incredibly worried.
“I have no idea. He was missing when I went back. So were those strange siblings.” Matthew makes a strange noise at the mention of them. Callie ignores it, continuing. “and I found this.” She shows me a strange looking orb, and I lean out, reaching for it… “What's this?” I ask. “It's a portal to Harry, but I think it malfunctioned, because all I see is a fish.”  “Why would Harry be a fish?” Lily asks. “I don't know.  Remember, this is Harry.” says Callie. “Should we touch it to go save Harry?” “Alright, let's do it.” I say. We all reach out and touch the orb, taking us to planet 47 of the universe Garkalon in the third omniverse, also known as the Isles of the Void. It was a creepy place. Every once in awhile you could hear an ominous drip. This was one of the only planets with life, but not inhabited by humans. “Whoa, where are we?” Asks Matthew. “This is the Isles of the Void,” Lily,Callie, and I say in unison. “So why would Harry be in a place like this?” asks Kathryn/ Kathleen. “I guess we'll have to find out.” says Callie. Then I realize that something is wrong. There is no sound, whereas the real Isles of the Void always have creepy noises. “This is an illusion. We need to get away now!” I say. “Too late.’ Comes a voice. Then the illusion disappears  and Blade is standing in front of us. We have walked into his trap. He glared at us and cackled. He had assembled an army of octopuses and walruses. They rose around us. Almost all of them were instantly vaporized. I launched explosive globes of plasma. Callie aimed a massive laser at Blade. He slowed down and it bounced away harmlessly. We all tried attacking him, but nothing happened. Blade turned into a giant. Lily summoned multiple -corns. “Ow!” Screamed Blade as the unicorns tickled him, then stabbed him. Oops, did he just squish Kathryn? I don't care. She never wrote anyway. Nope, that wasn't Kathryn, it was one of the many Impersonator-corns. Suddenly, an octopus was flung at me, and clung to my face. “Aaah” I screamed, trying to get the tentacles off my face. I pulsed my plasma belts and got the thing off my face. Then a walrus was on top of me. I used my powers to throw it off, but it wasn't working. Ahh! I was suffocating! Then Matthew pulled me out from the walrus. Suddenly, I heard a scream and watched as a huge foot slowly came down on Kathryn.
“Oops.” said Blade, dusting his huge feet off on the ground. I grew to my full height.
“You’ll pay for this Blade!” I promised. Blade laughed and disappeared to another corner of the paraverse.
~~3 months later~~
Callie’s POV
I have been splitting my time between the OTG and the TOG.table of greatness). It has been exhausting. I hardly have time for my hobbies anymore such as: destroying universes, killing wrongdoers, reading, and other murderous habits. By the way, if you were wondering the TOG is another pantheon of gods who preside over a separate omniverse. The members are Lucy, Rachel, Ellie (Who has glitches and turns into GWAG), Wyatt, Vincent, and me. I was chosen after an evil god named Tim betrayed them. He shredded their notebook of power, but luckily it was backed up on the omniversal computer. Since I had helped the OTG get used to being Gods; for all of them were selected by the cosmic potato to be gods, they made me a god. 
“Summon the members of the OTG and TOG.” I told GWAG (for she was our messenger). I sat down on my large coral pillow. All the members of the OTG had different chairs. Lily and Daniel were the first to arrive. They were good friends. Daniel sat on his strange glowing chair. Lily then flopped onto a chair with large needles sticking out of the seat. Next Matthew arrived, he was alone because he has no friend, he also has no chair. Harry arrived followed by Vincent and Wyatt. Finally, Lucy, Rachel, and GWAG (in her human form as Ellie) arrive. 
“I have called you all here today to discuss an alliance between our nations.” I said. 
“Wait, would we still be allies if everyone in the omniverse fell at the same time and exploded the paraverse?” inquired Harry.
“Sure.” I said unenthusiastically.
“No offense, Callie, but I’m not sure I can trust your other friends.” said Rachel.
“I’m sure it will work out.” said Lucy optimistically.
“Silence. It would be wise for us to ally ourselves against Blade and his new partner the Semi-Cosmic Sparkle (the cosmic potato’s half brother). Don’t even think they would hesitate to attack you. Compared to us you are weak and inexperienced, but together we can be mighty!” The members of the TOG whispered among themselves. 
Rachel stepped forward. “We have decided to agree to your proposed alliance.”
“Great.” I said. I sat down and pulled out a small notepad from my belt. I listed who was on our side, and their jobs.
Harry- God (powerful, but oblivious)
Lily- Sorceress (very powerful, but susceptible to evil relapses)
Matthew- Doesn’t Really Do Much
Daniel- Vampire/zombie (strong, not the brightest)
Rachel- Crime Boss (strategic, does not have much physical power)
Lucy- Shapeshifter (kind, pure)
Ellie- Ghost
Wyatt- Soldier (listens well)
Vincent- See Matthew
Me- assasain
I could now devise strike teams to work and train together to defeat Blade and Sparkle.
Callie (me), Lucy Lily, Wyatt (sneak attack)
Daniel, Harry, Ellie, Rachel (main attack)
Matthew, Vincent (“reinforcements”)

Team 1 was a good fit because they could all be stealthy, strategic, and think on the spot. Lucy’s overall good would combat Lily’s evil if it came out. We would carry out the first wave of attacks.

Team 2 was powerful; either their powers or their friends, and they would deal a lot of damage. They would launch the second wave of attacks.

Team 3 was useless.

I tore out the pages from my notebook, and handed it to GWAG/Ellie to deliver. As soon as I had sent out the message gods started appearing. 
The GOO appeared and said, “This is a terrible plan! By the way, I am Mystical!” He then disappeared. The gods were once again seated around the table. Lily and Lucy were arguing over whether they should kill Sleepy Sue and Bob Sheepy (they were known traitors to the OTG) or if they should bake them a cake, but have the cake be made of mutton. |Callie pauses time| Reader, I would like you to note Lucy is trying to feed them a cake that may be their relatives. Then realize she represents good and light. We OTG and TOG gods do not have much of a moral code, do we?|Callie unpauses time|
Stupid TOG. Callie was the one who made them gods. But unlike us, they have no immortality (Callie would have to give up her immortality to do that, and she’d never give up her immortality). I really want to kill them, but I’ll wait until we kill Blade. We do need them, especially since Kathryn died. Now there are only 5 members of the OTG. Well personally, I like the number 5 more than 6. I hope that none of the other OTG dies... hmm... well maybe it would be funny if Harry died... well, then the OTG wouldn’t be as powerful... hmm... that’s too bad. Now I’ll plan a gruesome death for the TOG. Suddenly, Harry speaks up. Lily is a compulsive liar. Callie and the TOG will keep their immortality forever. |Callie, Rachel, Ellie, Lucy, Wyatt, Vincent, Kathryn (ghost)  shake hands and make this unchangeable!
Lily has fallen into her evil state. “Lucy, come here!”

Callie was actually being indecisive and decided to lie. She even admitted it. We [the OTG] have decided to bomb Wyatt, Vincent, and Josh as soon as this is over- in secret. We will send Lucy to another omniverse where she can watch over the remaining TOG. Now back to the story. Harry began to speak again, and this time, there were no interruptions. Well besides from a dancing cow that appeared in the middle of the room, and he wisely decided to ignore it. Or maybe not...
“To defeat Blade, we need to-” the dancing cow suddenly turned into Blade. Everyone began screaming and running around crazily. Well, besides from me (not really). Then Mr. Frizzi’s ghost appeared, attempting to throw chairs at Blade. It didn’t work. Then Blade turned into a dragon and ate Mr. Frizzi. We all waited for him to reappear, but nothing. We all moaned.
“No more orchestra!” Daniel said.
“Is that really what you’re worrying about right now?” Callie demanded. The TOG cowered as they got their first sight of Blade who we now knew to be capable of killing both gods+ghosts (how was that possible? good question). Well, at least we don’t have to go looking for Blade. The battle began. Well not really. Everyone still ran around as Blade, now in human form, waved a sword about, though I doubt that he knows how to use it. We were definitely going to lose this battle. Suddenly, I called on my evil powers just as a random wolf appeared out of somewhere and bit Blade’s hand off. He howled along with the wolf as his hand hit the floor. I conjured it away, and then I realized that something was wrong. How was Harry here? Wasn’t he stuck in prison? I used my evil magic and attempted to dissolve Harry. It worked, and all that was left was a recorder. I instantly destroyed it. That was cheap of Blade, spying on us. But that meant that we still had to save Harry, and that we were missing the most powerful god in battle. There was no way that we could win. We had to ignore our pride+flee. I created a black hole, making sure to put a no-following spell on it (I know, such a creative name). The others seemed to get the idea, and jumped through, but so did Blade. Vincent and I were the only 2 left, and as I leaped through, I saw Blade smush Vincent. Oh well. The TOG wouldn’t mind. Well maybe Josh+Wyatt would... hmm, to bad. They’d get bombed anyway.  The Emojic 8 ball saw that Wyatt would die in a construction accident and that Josh would in a Japanese hospital.
I arrived with everyone (-Vincent) on an un-locatable island. Well actually, it wasn’t completely un-locatable, but it would take him too much power, power that he didn’t have after his whole omniverse creation plan. It would take him a week to gather that much energy. Even I, the most powerful sorceress in the world, was completely exhausted. So exhausted that I then fainted.
When I woke up, I was alone. Good. Hmm... I wondered how long I’d been unconscious. Then Callie entered the tent. 
“You’ve been awake. Do you think that you can summon a black hole right now? Daniel tried, but was only powerful enough to sustain 1 person, and he hasn’t come back since.”
“I’ll try. We need to find him immediately. If it took him anywhere near as much energy as it took me, he’ll be out for a long time. Long enough for Blade to find him. Especially if he wasn’t powerful enough to make his location un-locatable or un-traceable.” I stood up, gathering enough energy to create a black hole leading to Daniel. Just as I entered, I passed out again.  I awoke. I was in a strange place. I saw Callie, Daniel, and the TOG. Then I heard a booming voice. It said, “I have your friend. If you want him back, you’ll do as I say. You shall travel across the paraverses to find me these items.
Lily:  Crumbled Polycorn horn
Callie: One of Sleepy Susan’s knives
Daniel: Ounce of ruthenium melted ferrofluid
Matthew: A sheep demigod’s wool
TOG:  A snippet of spacetime
You must bring these before the next fortnight.”
Callie laughed. “Blade must be entirely clueless. This is the recipe to destroying him. Let’s not tell him.” There was a sound of Blade laughing and Callie realized that he’d overheard her. I smacked her, and then I remembered Bob Sheepy+Sleepy Sue, my foster children. Then I quickly touched my glove that would always leaf them to me, and I found myself suspended in darkness.
“Oh great, what do we do now?” Daniel said.
“We kill people!” That was always the perfect thing to do.
“Um guys, how about we go on this scavenger hunt for Blade!” Matthew said, winking so much that it looked like her was having a seizure.
“Yeah, that sounds like fun!” I said optimistically.
“Why would we want to do that?” I sigh. Daniel still hasn’t gotten the hint.
“How else do we save Harry?” Daniel still looks perplexed, so Matthew starts making random signs at him which I quickly realize to be the OTG sign language. Blade will have no idea what we are “saying”.
“Great idea.” I sign at Matthew.
“I’m thinking we add a few things of our own to the mix without telling Blade.” Matthew gestures some more.
“Oh yeah, that does sound like the only way to save Harry!” Daniel says loudly. Blade laughs a second time, even more evilly than the first. (how is that even possible? Well, this is Blade after all. Hmm... I bet I could enter Lily into an evil laughter contest. She’d definitely beat Blade-if she didn’t kill him first)
~Bob Sheepy~
Sleepy Sue whispers something next to me, something related to cake. I wonder if she’s baking me one.
“No you idiot, I said out!” Sleepy Sue’s comment stings like peanut butter. Wait. Peanut butter doesn’t sting. Oh well. Sleepy Sue says that I’m brainless, and I know I am. Well, so what, I say. At least I can do magic. I still remember the day that it all began... the reason Sleepy Sue has constantly tried to kill me in so many disguises...
I was at home, in the field where I was raised. My mother isn’t home. Good. I heard her talking about killing me. Whatever that means. I am practicing magic. My instructor says that if I get one more F, I’ll be expelled. I don’t see why that’s such a big deal. It’s just a letter.
“Brainless!” Sleepy Sue calls across the field where she’s walking home, a fresh flower in her hair. I bleat angrily as Sleepy Susan continues. 
“You’re at the worst magic school ever, and you are somehow going to get expelled from there.” Mother told me that Sleepy Sue is mean to me because she envies my ability to do magic, but I’m not sure about that. I think she was born that way. Sleepy Susan spits a piece of grass at me and says the final insult.
“You haven’t realized yet, have you? Mother’s going to chop your head off and fry you! Good riddance.” Is that really what mother plans to do? I attempt to make a frog grow out of Susan’s back, but it doesn’t work, so I turn her into a human, her least favorite animal. She says that they’re incredibly stupid and is surprised that I’m not one. Well now she is! I watch as Sleepy Sue turns into a human in front of my eyes. She looks incredibly weird, and then she realizes what just happened.
“You’ll pay for this, I’ll make sure of it!” she screams, and then I grab a globe and leap away. I shake my head, clearing the memory, when suddenly, I hear a voice speaking inside of my mind.
Yes! I’ve finally managed to communicate with Bob Sheepy and Sleepy Sue, using something that I made by harnessing the dark matter in Blade’s prison and combining it with liquid molybdenum.
“Hello Bob Sheepy+Sleepy Sue,” I speak, “do you hear me?”
“A muffled response, and then Sleepy Sue says, “Yes.”
“Do you give me permission to read your memories?” I ask Bob Sheepy; I feel a kind of destiny radiating from it. Another muffled response.
“He says yes.” Sleepy Sue translates. I delve into Bob Sheepy’s mind. Images of birthday cake, sheep, wait a moment, the Cosmic Potato? Bob Sheepy cannot have seen the cosmic potato. Suddenly I realize that Bob Sheepy’s memories look strangely like mine.   Wait that was my imagination. No it was not. That means that Bob Sheepy+Sleepy Sue are my doppelgangers! Oh no! That means that they’re my nemesis! Or does it? That means that Matthew cloned me!
“I’m so gonna kill him.” I say. I begin to plan how to escape from my jail.
“Hmm, there looks like there’s a crack in the wall...” I say aloud...
“Don’t even think about getting out.” a burly voice says. Startled, I look at him. I didn’t even notice him!
“I’ve tried many a time.” he says.
I awoke we were still in that strange dimension. 
“Daniel, we do have to go on this scavenger hunt, and we are not making a potion to kill Blade.” said Callie winking.
“Yeah, lets go.” said Matthew.
“Wait, why...” Daniel started, but I sealed his mouth shut.
“Here you go.” says Blade. We walk through the strange portal. We have strange bands on our wrists. 
“They are listening to us.” signed Callie in OTG sign language. I nodded. We split up to gather the items. But Daniel did not know sign language, and said,
“Where are we going.” I facepalmed and smacked him telling him to be quiet. What he did next scared the heck out of me. He started screaming and fell on the ground, writhing, as if he was in terrible pain.
“Are you dying?” I asked.
“No!! I’ve slipped on a banana peel!” 
“Wow, dramatic much?” Callie says.
But in fact, Daniel did know sign language, and was fuming at Callie for interrupting his show, and his act which was natural and would never draw suspicion from Blade. Now, Blade would know something was up.

Blade’s POV
As they leave, it seems a bit fishy. I think they are plotting something, especially after Callie shut Daniel’s mouth like that. Also, they had signals that they passed around. But actually, Daniel was just wishing he understood it. Really, he was completely oblivious to what was happening. I’ll be fine. There is no way they can do anything.

Suddenly, Kathryn’s ghost appeared. “Bring me back from the dead.” she said.
“Are you sure? Didn’t you want to die all along?”
“Yes. I know something, and I can be a huge help. Plus, being dead sucks.”
“Hmm... okay. Just be aware that you will now also be a vampire+a zombie+a werewolf.”
“That’s fine.” I begin to chant, getting quicker+quicker until there was a huge explosion, and suddenly, Kathryn stood quite well and whole. Well, besides from the fact that her hair was now green+quite puffy. Hmm... oh well. Hopefully she’d be fine. Kathryn approached the real world. Then, a magical force pushed her back and Blade’s laughing face appeared.
“You’ll never reveal my true intentions!” he cackled.

Who am I? What was that strange voice? I don’t remember anything. Suddenly, I pass out.

I have kidnapped Kathryn. Not I shall eat Kathryn. I grab her and my portable guillotine, chopping her head off, and then I turn into an ice cream cone and eat her. Technically, it’s not cannibalism. It is a well known fact that if you eat something, you gain its powers.  Hmm... I should probably take some allergy medicine so I can eat the Cosmic Potato and gain its powers. I hope those pesky goods get back soon with those items.
I wonder where I’m going to get a sheep demigod’s wool. Then I remember my son. Perfect! Wait, he’s stuck in prison along with Sleepy Sue. Wait... If I have to rescue the 2 sheep to get Harry , why not just get him while I’m here? Then we won’t even be giving Blade what he wants! Now to rescue my children+Harry.
~Several Seconds later~
I arrive in a dark desolate place. All that can be seen are cliffs that seem like they are made from obsidian. I am at the bottom, and the prison seems to be at the top. But how will I get there? The cliff walls are perfectly smooth, no blemish. I attempt to use my powers to fly up. Nothing. Maybe I could conjure a rope. Wait, I’m not a Conjurer. I need either Daniel or Lily. I decide to go with Daniel; Lily is too evil and scary for my liking. Also, she wants to kill me, so...
I hear a voice in my head. Then I realize that it is Matthew.
“I need you to come to Blade’s prison.” he says.
“Why?” Is Matthew crazy? Does he want to be jailed.”
“Talk later. Just come now.” I know what Matthew wants; I’m just in disguise. I’m actually a double agent for Blade; the OTG gods have underestimated me ever since I joined them. Also, they’re foolish and think that only they deserve to rule the ultraverse. The only god that shall be spared is Lily, as my sister.
Daniel arrives in front of me.
“So how do you think we’ll get up there?” I ask him. He conjures a rope.
“I’ll attach it to the top of the cliff. Completely safe.”
Hmm... maybe I could use my magic to cut the rope as Matthew is climbing up... but then Blade wouldn’t be able to destroy the OTG. I’ll keep him around for now, kill him later.
I began to climb. Hopefully it’s as safe as Daniel said. My hands begin to get raw; as a god, I’m not that used to physical activity like this. Suddenly, the rope begins to go up on its own. I sigh with relief as I arrive at the top and jump onto the ground. Then I find the prison.
It is a huge black vortex, swirling in the middle of the air. I have no idea whether I should go through or not. Hmm... well I have to if I want to save my children+Harry. I am about to jump through when Daniel grabs my arm.
“I know another way in.” he says, clapping his hands. As his palms meet, a burst of lightning flies through the sky, splitting the vortex creating another entry that glows dimly, illuminating Daniel’s dusky face, features blurred together.  I begin to laugh for some strange reason.  “ Be quiet!” Daniel says.  But neither Matthew or Daniel knew that  Bob Sheepy and Sleepy Sue were trying to kill them.
As I am searching for a crumbled Polycorn horn, I realize that I am over-complicating things.  There is a much easier way to get one.  Scry the ultraverse, of course! I seem to find nothing, and am about to abandon my search when I feel a slight  tug incredibly far away.  I take out my scrying ball.  “ Show me a Polycorn horn!” I say.  An image shows of Sleepy Sue, and suddenly I realize that she has one.  It seems like I’ll be rescuing Harry after all.
Now where will I get one of Sleepy Susan”s knives when she’s stuck in a prison?  That gives me an idea.  Prison break!
“What are you guys doing here?” I ask.  
Then Lily responds, looking just as surprised as me. “I need a polycorn horn.”
“I need one of Sleepy Sue’s blades.”
“ I need a sheep demigod’s wool.”
“I’m here to help Matthew since I already found some ruthenium melted ferrofluid.” Daniel begins to sign.  “Blade can hear us remember?” He points to the hand.
“ You know OTG sign language?” Callie seems very surprised.  Daniel ignores her.
“Daniel, do you have the secret ingredient?” Lily gestures.  He nods.
“Time for a prison break! Let’s go rescue Harry.” One by one, they step through the crack made by the lightning until finally, I’m the only one left.  I muster up my courage.  Am I really going to do this?  What if I’m walking right into a trap?  This doesn’t seem like a good idea.  Then I hear Callie.
“Hurry Up!”  she yells from the portal.  The crack is beginning to close. I wake a deep breath.  It’s now or never.  Then I make up my mind and leap through.
I have been moved by Blade to an hourglass like figure.  Several thoughts go through my mind.  First of all, it means that any attempts to rescue me will be in vain.  Blade did blindfold me, but he doesn’t know about my 32nd sense, Ultravision.  I attempt to warn the other gods of my removal from the first prison, but it seems as though Blade has some device that blocks communication with the outer room.  Suddenly, I remember that my prison mate.  “Will he  attack them?” I wonder.  How did he even get put in there? Then a voice fills my mind.
The prison is very strange and dark, so dark that  I can see nothing.  It’s like I am in  some huge black cloud.  A light shines from somewhere, and I hear Daniel scream.
“Maybe it’s better to walk in the dark.” he mutters.  I wonder what could have possibly scared Daniel that much, but decide to ignore it.  No reason to get all worked up over nothing.  It seems as if we are in some sort of hallway, and then  we are walking up stairs.  Callie, directly at the front of me (or at  least I think so) slips and I catch her before she falls to certain death. This place is incredibly creepy. I hoped we could just grab the 3 prisoners and get out of here. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like that would be happening.
I began to get paranoid, hearing whispering that no one else could hear. Or maybe I wasn’t being paranoid... suddenly a ghost appeared in front of me, shouting,
“BOO!” I screamed and nearly fell down, arms flailing, but at the last minute I caught myself (more like Callie’s hair), and pulled myself back up.
Why did Blade make his prison so creepy? I need to reprimand him for this. Then I remembered that Blade was the boss, not me. I sighed. Why couldn’t I be important for once? Suddenly, a voice began to whisper in my ear.
“You feel as if the OTG are underestimating you, but have you ever thought to think that maybe you’ve underestimated them? Many of them have a tragic past and had terrible things happen to them that you couldn’t understand even if you tried.”
“Are you calling me stupid?” I asked, unable to keep my voice from cracking.
“Who are you talking to?” Lily called from the front of the line. I face-palmed myself. Why did I have to be the one who got caught talking to a ghost? Now everyone would think I was insane. Then just as I opened my mouth to speak, we arrived.
~Later that day~
I was suspicious, of Daniel. So, I decided to invade his privacy. I snuck into his study; he was writing a letter. He walked out of his study. I grabbed the letter and read it.
Dear Blade,
It is working. The foolish OTG gods don’t expect me to be a double agent. Our plans are coming together.
That was where he left off. I ran to tell the other members of the OTG. I walked into the meeting room and summoned them.
“I have proof Daniel is a traitor.” I said.
“Am not.” said Daniel suspiciously.
“What’s your proof?” asked Harry. I handed him the letter.
“How do we know that you didn’t write the letter?” asked Matthew, trying to be helpful. (By the way we rescued the prisoners from the prison.)
“Because I snuck into his study and stole it.”
“That’s suspicious.” said Harry. 
“What if she’s framing me?” accused Daniel.
“What?!” I screeched.
“I agree with Daniel.” stated Harry. “We should vote. Should we banish Callie?”
“Wait. what?” I exclaimed.
“All in favor of banishing Callie raise your hand.” Matthew, Daniel, and Harry raised their hands. “All opposed.” Lily raised her hand. “Callie you are hereby banished from the OTG.” commanded Harry. I left. I would just go speak to the TOG about my suspicious.
That darned Callie! She nearly exposed me, but luckily, Matthew stepped in for me. That foolish Matthew, he couldn’t find his glasses if it was on his nose! Hmm, let’s think in Callie’s POV. What would she do now that the OTG Has banished her? Oh, I know! She would talk to the cursed weaklings TOG!
Callie’s POV
“Okay,” she said, “It’s time to destroy the OTG.” (actually, just Daniel).

“Guys, what if this is just a distraction that Blade has made? We still have to complete the scavenger hunt.”
“Well we have everything. Now I’ll just cast a spell.” says Harry, chanting a bunch of complicated phrases.
“Diputs mai, prac teai, diputs mai, prac tea...” he chanted. I noticed something.
“Hey Harry,” I say when he finished.
“What?” he said.
“You know you’re saying I am stupid, and I eat crap backwards, right?” I reveal.
“Aargh!” he says. “Wrong spell! Idernia potenta nitric ford. Ins foden war nuad...” Just then, a rip through 6-D space connects Blade’s universe with ours, and Blade’s army storms through. I close the portal.
“We are not ready to fight Blade’s army. We need Callie and the TOG.”
I opened a black hole portal and gazed into the TOG’s omniverse. I saw Lily appear in the TOG’s omniverse. She must be working with Callie! I quickly chant, making it impossible to go from their omniverse to ours. Maybe I wouldn’t spare Lily; she hated me anyway. The OTG Is at their weakest. The two competent members are gone. Now it consists of a fool, a traitor, and a bump on the log. Now is our time to attack.
What are we going to do? The OTG is incredibly divided. I gather all of the items together. Callie and Daniel aren’t here, but the rest of us can finish this scavenger hunt once and for all. I gather everything together and begin to chant the spell. Suddenly, Lily begins to laugh evilly, and suddenly I recognize where I heard this before. Lily’s skin begins to melt up, and suddenly, Blade is standing there in front of me.
“I have kidnapped Lily’s soul.” he says, laughing even more. For some reason, I laugh with him, and then I see a blinding light. Everything is gone.
What just happened? I am still in shock. Harry is... somewhere, Daniel is... somewhere, Lily is Blade and the real Lily’s soul has been kidnapped, and Callie betrayed us. I draw up some Connectivity Mist.
“Show my Daniel!” I commanded, and his face appears, looking strange. He doesn’t seem to have seen me yet. I watch him, holding my breath. He is talking every fast, in a language that I don’t understand, and I wonder if he’s gone insane. Finally, he sees me.
“Matthew!” he says, leaning forward as if to hug me. “My old, stone-like friend. How nice to see you!” Daniel has just insulted me. Just because I don’t do much doesn’t mean that I’m worthless! I frown at him, and my glasses slide off the edge of my nose, shattering. I grab another pair from my pocket and slide them back on, amidst the silence.
“So, um, do you think you could tell me what just happened?” he said. “I felt great pain. I’m not sure why, but it must mean something, right?”
“Well, Blade kidnapped Lily’s soul and then-”
“What?!” Daniel screams. “We have to un-ban Callie immediately! I am so sorry.” He begins to sob, and through the tears, he tells me how he was working for Blade+Callie was right, and that he only joined Blade because he felt underestimated.
“I think that the OTG underestimates a lot of people, not just you. It’s a lesson that us gods need to learn. So, let’s go find the rest of the OTG and tell them to un-ban Callie. Wait, you’re on our side now, right?”
“Yeah, I am. I never knew that Blade would go to such drastic measures! Now, where’s Harry?”
“Well, I was getting to that part. As Blade revealed himself, there was a flash of white light, and then it faded away, leaving me standing there alone.” Daniel sighed.
“One tragedy after another. Well, I guess that’s how life works, right?” I nod.
“Hmm... there’s 2 of us voting to un-ban Callie, and since the others are temporarily rendered useless, Callie is now officially unbanned! Let’s go find her.”
I close the mist and then stand there in the empty headquarters, feeling utterly alone. Is this the last time I’ll ever see this place? I walk around, touching each and every pillar. There are many pillars each representing one of the OTG gods, even the failed ones. I look at Athena’s. She was a wry young god and was failed right about the time I became a god. Each god was here for a reason. But one by one, they all failed. Will I join the list of failed gods? I don’t know... only time will tell.
I shake those thoughts out of my head. I need to stop thinking such depressing things. Gracie floats into the room, singing lightly. Her sweet voice calms me down, and I sink into one of the armchairs by the firepit. Maybe I need to read a book. That will get my mind off of what just happened, and maybe I’ll find some useful information about Blade. I open the book and read the first page. It is a description of a bunch of food, and my stomach growls. I’m  hungry. I roam into the kitchen, grabbing some stewed rabbit sauted in potato sauce. It’s delicious, and suddenly, a memory fills my mind.
I am standing in front of a blue octopus with an abnormally large head. Somehow, I know it is my wife. My wife...
Instantly, thousands of images fill me up. When they finally fade away, I realize that I’m shaking. ‘Calm down,’ I tell myself, but it’s hard to be calm when you’ve just remembered everything from a past life. I need to get Daniel, immediately.
Thankfully, right at that moment a black hole opens up in the middle of headquarters and Daniel comes rushing out, panting hard.
“I’ve located Harry,” he says, but I interrupt him and tell him everything. He’s quiet the whole way through, but when I finally finishes, he laughs. It’s hardly the reaction I was expecting.
“So... let me just get this straight... there’s another ultraverse ruled by a being called the InterGalactic Octopus, and you were born in that ultraverse, and when you ran away to our ultraverse because you didn’t agree with that octopus dude, you forgot everything about it?”
“Yeah. Now do you think that I’m a freak?”
“No, you've always been a freak.”
“But do you know what this means? It means we have an entirely different threat on our hands that may even be greater than Blade and that is working with him! Now-”
Daniel cuts me off. “Let me tell you a story.” He leads me outside and opens a portal. He beckons me in, and I leap through, putting all of my faith in him.
I arrive on a cold mountainside, but it must not be very high up on the mountain; there are many trees. Still, it feels like I could just reach up and grab the Cosmic Potato. The sky is dotted in stars, and I nearly forget about Daniel until he lays down in the grass next to me.
“Close your eyes.” he advises, and then begins the story. “I used to come here all of the time when I was little. My mother abandoned me at birth, and I was alone for a while. I came back here when I was a king, too. But I’d boast about my achievements to no one in particular, hoping that Harry would hear me and make me god. But you know what Harry did? He said, “Too bad for you,” and made me into a goat. That’s not all, though. He coated my feet in lava and then he hypnotized me. I used to have another sister, you know? Her name was Samantha. Harry made me kill her. Her spirit came back, at random times, in the form of a wolf named Misinki, but I remembered the feeling of her death. Also, Lily screamed at me for days afterwards and threatened to kill me. That’s why she got into a whole duel with me.” Daniel clears his throat, and silence stretches on.
“Um, what was the point of that story?”
Daniel laughed. “I hadn’t really thought of that. Maybe: ‘boasting is bad, but don’t be too drastic and make people kill their siblings’?”
“Okay, then. One last question: how did you conjur a sardine?”
“That’s a secret that I’m not yet ready to tell.” We both laugh and sit on the mountainside in silence.

The OTG is so stupid, especially Daniel. He framed me! I’m going to find him and destroy him. Suddenly, a man wearing a much-too small hat that is perched on the middle of his head appears.
“Who-are-you?” I state, stressing each syllable. I draw out my dagger that is freshly coated with blood to emphasize my statement.
“I’m Captain Obvious!” he says cheerily. “I wouldn’t kill Daniel if I were you. He’s had a change in heart and you have been unbanned! Daniel and Matthew have been looking for you!”
“Isn’t it obvious? Harry has disappeared and Blade has kidnapped Lily’s soul! But first, you really need to destroy Josh and Wyatt. They’re really going to hinder you.”
“Hmmm, you are right.  Ah-ha!  I shall consult the Emojic 8 ball for help in these matters.  Hmmm, the Emojic 8 ball states that Wyatt will die in a construction accident and that Josh will die in a hospital in Japan.”  Callie then snaps her fingers.
“Well there they go.  It was fun knowing them.”
Josh’s POV
What the?  Suddenly I was in a hospital in Japan!  How did this happen?  Wait a sec, Ahhhhhhhhh! I’m having a heart attack! Suddenly Lily’s soul seems to gain just enough power to summon a carnivorous elephant to smush Josh. Death by carnivorous elephant is much better than death by heart attack! Wait! Josh is still alive! He seems to have a stubborn soul. Hmm... Lily suddenly decides to bomb him.
Wyatt’s POV 
Okay, I was working with the GWAG when suddenly, I’m in a constructor’s uniform.  Where am I?  I look up and see a huge plank being lowered and then it falls.  Aaaaaaah!  I try to run away but it is falling too fast!
Callie’s POV
“Well that was easy!” Callie said.  “Anything else?”
Captain Obvious thinks.  “Hmmm, I don’t have any issues with Blade.  But… There is this old feud I have with a being called the InterGalactic Octopus.”
“Well, I think I can help.  But in exchange, can you help us defeat Blade?”
“Sure!” he says.  “ Be quick; I know a shortcut.”
Harry’s POV
Aargh!  Again?  Well, at least I have experience with these things.  Okay.  I try to teleport out. Okay, nothing.  I try to communicate.  Hello?   Anyone?  Please?  Well, should have expected that too.  Suddenly, I see a huge face fill the infinite darkness.  It is a giant octopus.  “Blarble blarb wad wad bleh blarg!” it yells.  “Mr. Octopus,” I say, “I cannot understand what you are saying.”  The octopus waves its arms angrily.  It speaks into a microphone.  “You’ll never get away!” I hear.  Oh well.  I’ll try anyway.
Yarrgh!  I blast a spell into empty space, trying to loop it so I can escape.  I sense something else other than Blade’s magic at work here.  Something smells fishy WAIT NO THAT WAS FISH!  This InterGalactic Octopus was an ultraverse creator just like Blade and the Cosmic Potato!  “How many more are there?” I wondered.  
Out of thin air, a blue portal appeared.  Callie and this weird person I don’t know appear.  Wow!  That was really confusing.  “C’mon!” says Callie.  
“What is this person?” I say. 
“It’s Captain Obvious, long story.  He has a score to settle with the InterGalactic Octopus.  I think he knows a way to summon the rest of the OTG.”
Just then, we saw an army of people assault the InterGalactic Octopus.  The Captain and the InterGalactic Octopus were dueling.  Captain Obvious was faring pretty well against 8 swords.  We blast the Octopus with magic.  “Ahhhhh!” the octopus goes as its brain was eaten.  I touch its head.  
“He was allied with Blade.” I tell.
“I expected that.” says Captain Obvious.  
I politely disagree with Harry’s plan to summon the OTG. Matthew and Daniel couldn't be trusted. So, I have my own plan. “Hey, Captain Obvious. Can you lead Matthew and Daniel on a wild goose chase (aka another scavenger hunt)?” “Sure,” said Captain Obvious as he leaped into the air and disappeared. I turned to Harry. “Now that those two are taken care of, come with me to the TOG headquarters.” “Okay.”  Harry chirped. When we arrived at the TOG headquarters we were greeted by Lucy. Lucy was the co-leader of the TOG along with me, of course. “How can we stop Blade and save Lily?” asked Lucy. “Wait, how do you know that Lily has been possessed by Blade?” asked Harry. “Oh, we installed a bug in your HQ and we have been listening to every word you say. It gives Vincent a semi-useful role.” Said Lucy happily. 
“Ahhh, yes” said Callie.  “We know all too well about those useless ones. “
“Okay, but how are we going to fix the remaining members of the OTG?” said Harry.  “I know that I can trust them; I can see them in my scrying pool.”
“You can scry?” asked Callie?  
“Of course, what did you think?” I said.
“Okay, well in that case, call them back.” Matthew, Daniel, and Captain Obvious appeared next to us. Suddenly, the Captain disappears and there is a sound of evil laughter as a dragon comes trampling around the now-assembled OTG gods. It disappears.
“Let’s go rescue Lily!” says Daniel.
“But what, Harry?”
“The Captain, where is he?”
“Didn’t you see? Blade just ate him!”
“Well I didn’t think he looked very trustworthy.” says Callie with a magnificent shrug. “So, to rescue Lily!”
“Wait!” Matthew yells as the rest of the OTG goes through a black hole. “What if this is another one of Blade’s traps?” But they’re already gone.
I sigh. This is sad. I bet they’ll get trapped. Can’t we plan something for once? WEll I guess not. This is the OTG we’re talking about. I step through the black hole, prepared for a fight.
I feel a tug from inside of me.
“This way.” I say, pointing across an array of cliffs. Hmmph. Why did Blade have to make his ultraverse so dark and dreary?
“Are you sure about this?” Callie asks. I think she’s still suspicious of me, for good reason.
“Yes, or at least I’m pretty sure.” I summon a rainbow bridge which we walk over. Harry proceeds to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” quite loudly.
“Shut up Harry!” I whisper-yell.
“Hey, stop being mean.” he whines.
“Boys, stop bickering!” Callie commands. “What if Blade hears us?”
“Guys, what if this is a trap? Blade’s already probably sensed our presence- think about how powerful he is! Doesn’t this seem suspicious?” I mull over Matthew’s statement for a minute.
“Hmm, we’re the OTG, we don’t need a plan.”
“Are you sure?” I ignore Matthew. No, I’m not sure, but I don’t like worrying about the future too much. Act quick and everything mends itself. Well, not everything. Suddenly, we arrive next to a tornado.
Callie screams viciously. “I knew you were a traitor!” She pulls out a knife and attempts to kill me before remembering that gods can’t die.
“Um, I hate to say this, but I think that Lily’s soul is in there.”
“What?” Callie screams again. “I have tornado-phobia because of you, Grandfather!”
“What?” I say, trying to sound innocent. So what that I accidently sent her a tornado instead of a cake for her 5th birthday. Also, the idea of me being her grandfather unnerves me and makes me feel quite old.
“Just stay out here.” Harry suggests.
“Harry, you and Callie stay here. Keep guard, watch for anything suspicious. Matthew, it’s up to you and me to save Lily.” I leap into the tornado.
Daniel’s POV
I'm in the twister,  and I feel weird changes to everything. 
Suddenly, I'm in a weird house. 
“Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. ” I say. Wait,  
who's Toto? Suddenly, the house falls on something. Where are we? Have we landed on something? 
I was sitting in the TOG headquarters when sine weird gooey stuff fell on my head. 
“What!” I screamed.
“Oh, that’s ooze from the InterGalactic Octopus. It will give you magic.”
“Because you are the only OTG god Lily likes and you need magic to save her.”
“Fine. But I refuse to speak to Daniel and Matthew, they are suspicious.”
“Now go.” said Harry.
“Fine.” says Callie.
Fwoosh! Callie disappears to look for Lily, but the ooze gets left behind.
I am still in this strange house and Matthew is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, I pass a mirror and scream. I am not me! Instead I am a young girl with red pigtails. How awful. Wait... if I am a girl, does that mean Matthew is the dog barking really loudly at me? I cast a spell, and then both of us are standing there, looking normal again.
“This is just an illusion.” I say, waving it away. Really, we’re standing in the middle of a circular room, ceiling unseen. A staircase spirals up, and I feel a tug coming from there.
“Follow me!” I say. I began to hear a voice.
“Up fish, up!” It’s saying. I hurry my footsteps, and we arrive in a small, stone room. I peek through the doorway. Lily’s soul has been forced to a fish form and a sorceress is standing above her, chanting “Up fish, up.” Each time she says the words, Lily flops a bit, and I can feel her agony from all the way in the hall. I want to charge right in, but Matthew stops me.
“I think that for once, we need to think this out.” I sigh, and stand in the hall as Matthew whispers his plan to me.
~Few minutes later~
I barge into the room, disguised as a rock star.I strum a guitar and screech a random song that Lily and Samantha used to sing at me all of the time just to annoy me. When I finish, I give a sweeping bow.
“Who are you?” The sorceress asks in an obnoxiously nasal voice.
“I say the first thing that pops into my mind. “I am the Great Sardine Master!” The sorceress looks at me suspiciously.
“Why are you here?”
“Blade thought that you needed some company.” I hope that Matthew has gotten Lily’s soul; the sorceress seems to be onto me.
“I don’t work for Blade.” she says slowly. Suddenly, realization dawns in her eyes. Matthew appears again, holding Lily the fish.
“Run!” he yells. We seem to be cornered, but I shatter the stone with a simple spell and jump out, creating a black hole before we hit the ground. We arrive in TOG headquarters. Harry is there, but not Callie.
“We saved Lily!” Matthew says triumphantly. 
“Wait a moment, Daniel, you have to create a new body for Lily’s soul. Poor fish.” I begin to chant, and I feel as if I’m being filled up with power. Then that power explodes, and Lily is standing in front of me. She opens her mouth, and then falls down.
“Quick, get her to the clinic!” someone says, I think it’s Rachel.
“We are the clinic.” us 3 gods say, and Harry chants some random stuff. Matthew grabs a bucket of water and pours it on Lily’s face. She awakes, spluttering.
“I am so going to kill Blade.” She looks slightly murderous, and her eyes are glinting evilly. Matthew cowers slightly.
“Wait, where’s Callie?”
Well, they saved Lily but that was never my real mission my mission was to infiltrate Blade’s ranks and destroy him from the inside. He took me with open arms of course. He needed another god after Daniel decided not to be evil anymore (I still don’t trust him). I was now Blade’s second in command. I evan surpassed Sparkle. That was an accomplishment. I plan to sneak something into Blade’s lemonade (he’s not at drinking age yet). Also, everyone is revived. Blade may have recruited me, but he doesn’t know my true plan to overthrow him! Suddenly, a random cacti attacks me. Then I am dead. In the afterlife, I see Blade.
“I heard your thoughts of treason” he says.
“No!” I scream, and a unicorn appears. Wait. I’m not dead. Or am I? Hmm... Then I see the rest of the OTG and Bob Sheepy who has suddenly ballooned to the size of a house.
Up and away, the house floated. How is Bob Sheepy that light? Hmmm no, I can’t be dead. Then Bob Sheepy explodes. And I die. Again. Or maybe not. I don’t even know anymore.
Callie is writhing in a hospital bed. What has Blade done to her? Lily sat down in a chair and fell asleep.
Except I wasn't in a hospital. Using my new magic abilities I created a copy of myself to infiltrate Blade’s ranks. I wasn't going to risk my skin trying to attempt a dangerous mission. My copy did succeed. She placed a device on Sparkle that will allow us to control his every move. It also sends us pictures of what he sees and audio of what he hears and says. Anyway while the others were attempting to save Lily, I was helping Harry choose the new OTG member. I am going to pick them up now, so I can bring them to Harry. We chose a girl with incredible power. She was a firebender (That means she controls fire). Her name was Eldurn.

Who is this strange person approaching me? She looks old and hunched over, but I feel something radiating from her, a fire. It is a strange type of fire; it feels evil but in a good way. She raises her head slightly when she sees me and I catch a glimpse of strange, shadowy eyes. I begin to run. I am a mere 13. What does this strange old lady want with me? I wrap the flames around me and travel through them, watching the galaxy spread out around me. 
I was born on a place called Earth. On Earth they think they are the only things that exist. But as soon as I learned to wavefire, I was traveling all across the cosmos, to places I never even imagined. No one ever believed me. I was an orphan and ran away when I was young, traveling throughout the cosmos, never staying anywhere for long. You may think it was lonely, but it wasn’t really. I had fire. Suddenly the strange woman appeared in front of me. She smiled. There was a bright  flash and a younger woman who looked about my age appeared. 
“Hello.” she said. “I am Callie. I have been sent here to collect you. You have been chosen to become a member of the OTG.” I narrowed my eyes. She could just be here to lock me up. I mean I am wanted on over a thousand worlds. If you want to know why let's just say don't  pick a fight with a firebender. 
“How do I know I can trust you?” I ask. She doesn't reply she grabs my hand. The world around us vanishes. I am in a strange place. It seems like it is made of mirrors. I saw my long black hair and golden eyes. I looked around and saw a boy about  Callie’s age standing in front of me.  He seems strange, though I can only see the back of his head, covered in shoulder length black hair. He looks kind of like me. He turns around.
“Who are you?” I decide that I was wrong. His brown eyes are much too soft for my liking. Looks like someone who I could kill. I draw a ball of fire up and get ready to throw it at his head. Then Callie grabs my hand. She doesn’t scream as the flames touch her, and I realize that she is immune to fire. Or nearly. After several seconds she winces and lets go.
“Not yet.”
“I am your soul.” he says. I decide that this is really creepy. Still, something keeps me here. I stare at him. “Just kidding!” He says and his hair gets much shorter. “I'm Harry.” Then his face changes again.
“Now I’m Daniel.”
“Callie, why did you bring me here?” I ask as he changes again. Callie rolls her eyes. 
“Harry stop being stupid or I swear I will kill you.” she says. 
“But, you can't kill me. I'm immortal.” Harry says laughing. Callie pulls out a bag filled with sparkly dust. 
“Oh, well I guess you can kill me.” said Harry. “Well then. I'm here to initiate you into the OTG Eldurn.” Harry says. 
“What if I don't want to be part of the OTG?” I ask. 
“Too bad. Etaitini Nrudle Etaitini Nrudle Etaitini Nrudle Etaitini Nrudle!” I looked at Callie. I wondered if he was always this crazy. Then I began to glow. I felt stronger, like I could do anything. 
“Welcome to the OTG Eldurn. By the way I’m just going to call you Kasai because it is cooler and means the same thing as Eldurn.” I gazed up at him. 
“Okay.” I said. Suddenly I heard a loud buzzing in my head and collapsed. 
I decide to go find Callie after I received a letter saying she was alive and not in a hospital. When I found her she and Harry were talking to a strange girl. I felt the fire inside her and attacked. 
I had bad memories of fire. My mother was killed in a fire set by a firebender. That same firebender killed my best friend and my older sister, Kallistrate. Kallistrate was an ice bender and the oldest of us 4 siblings (me, Daniel, Samantha, and her). She was the first one of ust to be an OTG god, and an incredibly powerful one at it. She was also the first one to die. That firebender was her nemesis. I watched Kallistrate get engulfed, melted in flames. I vowed never to have anything to do with a firebender again. Firebenders are vicious, heartless creatures. They can kill gods.
As I attacked, I heard Callie and Harry screaming at me.
“STOP! Kasai is a god!” That made me stop, and I stood there, scowling at her.
“If she is a god, I will destroy all of you.” Harry pales.
“All in favor of making Kasai a god.” Callie asks. Harry sputters.
“But she already- she already is a god!”
“Gods can be failed.” I say coolly. “They can be killed, destroyed!” Kasai’s eyes glint dangerously and I want to tear her apart. “Find another girlfriend.” Then I turn away, jumping through a black hole. I’m sure I can get Daniel’s support; he was with me when She died. The real problem, though, is Matthew.
I watch the black hole close as Lily leaves. I turn and conjure up my own. I am off to go to the cave of memories. I can sense that Lily doesn't trust Kasai because of something that happened in her past. This is one of the strange abilities I gained from that octopus goop dumped on my head. I look to my favorite spot in the cave. It is a pool of water with a single stone in the middle. I sit there and wait. I try to summon Lily’s memories but summon mine instead. The gods are mistaken about my heritage I have tried to tell them. Dead face isn't my mother. My mother was a waterbender. My father was a trained assassin. They were killed when my village was attacked by Blah and Lily. This was back when Lily was helping her mother take over the world. I got my waterbending that day, Waterbending has been my secret from the OTG. Only Lucy knows of it. Suddenly I am snapped back to reality. Someone else has entered the cave. I silently hide behind a large stone. It is Blade, but why would he be here he is defenseless. When you enter this realm your powers are removed. I lean over to touch the water. Blade’s memories begin to wash over me. I see a young boy sitting in a village that looks strangely like the one I grew up in. He is running from someone. Now it is clear he is running from Lily. 
I stare at Lily. She is trying to convince me to veto a new member who is a firebender. I don't even remember her name, it's something like Kisai. 
“Why would I reject her just because another firebender killed our sister. All of you hated me anyway. If anything I should thank that firebender for leaving me one less person to deal with.” She stares at me obviously upset and exasperated. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.
“You’re pretending.” she says, her voice low and even. “You’re pretending that you don’t care, that it doesn’t matter to you. But I know it does. I had to hold you back to keep you from leaping into the fire and killing yourself. Stop fooling yourself.”
I sigh. “Okay. Maybe I do care. But still, this is another firebender. It isn’t the same one who killed Her.”
“Oh really?” Lily conjurs up an image from mist, showing me the girl’s face. I suck in a breath. This is definitely her. She was the one who killed Her. How was she ever allowed into the OTG?
“Do you agree with me now?” I smile.
“Time for our revenge.”
I never meant to kill that girl. But she was in my way. Besides how was I supposed to control my powers. I was 11. Time must work differently for gods because Lily seems to have been around for hundreds of years while it has only been 2 years since the incident for me. 
I was shocked awake when the memories ended. It was the day my village was attacked. I remember who Blade was. He wasn't called Blade back then. His name was Timothy. I didn't know he escaped. I thought only Lucy and I did. I sat  deep in thought until I heard Blade exit the cave. I remember. I remember why Lily must hate Kasai. Kasai accidentally killed her sister. Now Lily must want revenge. That s where my philosophy differs from most powerful beings that I know. While they seek revenge, I seek forgiveness. That is why Lily and I are such great friends because I forgave her and gave her a second chance. I know how Lily and Blade must feel angered by the wrongs done to them. I used to be that way, but Lucy taught me how to forgive. I must find Lucy and have her teach Lily how to forgive. 
 ~ Lily~
I stare at Matthew. “So, do you agree to vote to fail Kasai?” I asked. 
“Sure.” He said nonchalantly. 
“Are you sure you will side with me and Daniel?” I asked growing more and more frustrated. 
“Yeah.” He says obviously disinterested. 
“Can you repeat what I just said?” I inquired exasperated. 
“Something about slides.” he says. I release a long sigh and shock him. Then I grab my magical viola and begin to play Dragonhunter. The viola’s powers (and my incredible skills) hypnotize Matthew, making him hear every word I say.
“DO YOU AGREE TO FAIL KASAI?” Matthew sways slightly and  I realize that something is wrong. I shake him. Nothing. I end Dragonhunter and use the reversing spell, the D Minor Scale. Nothing works. Matthew is still in some sort of hypnotized state, but I can’t control him either. I smack him over the head with my viola (it is magically enhanced so I can do that. The perfect weapon). He sways again.
“MATTHEW!” I shout in his ear. “ARE YOU ALIVE?” Apparently he isn’t. Then Matthew’s mouth opens and a deep voice comes out spouting a prophecy.
“You must find the Great Burrito
Far it is, land of evil tostitos
Heal your friend
Or else your end
Go at dawn
on camelback
Make sure to bring
a potato sack”
The ominous prophecy ends there and Matthew’s eyes go dark, as if he has died. I am an expert in death, though, and know that he has not died. So what is wrong with him? Suddenly I recognize the symptoms. His soul has been eaten. There is no getting an eaten soul back. I remember back when I was 5. Daniel’s best friend’s soul was eaten. Daniel cried all day and kept moaning about getting his soul back so I hit him with my viola. Soon there was an all out war, everyone hitting each other with violas and clarinets and basses (Kallistrate played bass). When Blah came home, she was the angriest I’d ever seen us. She turned us all into the instrument that we played and we were forced to be like that for hours until finally I remembered the spell to turn back. I learned that eaten souls cannot be brought back. But I am a more powerful sorceress than Blah. I know that souls can be replaced, conjured up. But I don’t know how. I must find the Great Burrito as my mother never did. She died on the quest to find him. But I will not. I am a god.
~Bob Sheepy~
I have joined Blade. The OTG left us in that prison to rot (plus they’re boring me to death). They’re stuck up and only care about themselves. Anyway, I discovered the device that someone planted on Sparkle. He was instantly demoted and now I am in his place. I stand before Blade now.
“We are preparing for an ally feast! The InterGalactic Octopus has agreed to our offer and is coming to visit today. We must prepare. First of all, is your sister ready?” I nod. I can’t wait to finally kill Sleepy Sue after all those times she tried to kill me. Blade is using her for ceremonial purposes. She is wheeled through the room on a cart and I smile.
“Finally. You get your full potential.” Then I stick my tongue out at her. Blade smacks me with his stick (why does he have such a large stick in the first place?). 
“Do that one more time and I kill you.” I gulp and bow down.
“So sorry my lord.” Sleepy Sue is now sheep. Blade turned her back so she could be eaten properly. I would never want to be a cannibal. Suddenly trumpets sound. The InterGalactic Octopus is coming! Blade smoothes his black robes and stands. His crown falls promptly as the InterGalactic Octopus enters. 
“InterGalactic Octopus, I present you the Great UltraBlade!”I sweep the crown up at the end of my deep bow. I step aside and by the time I take a glance backwards, Blade’s crown is back on his head as if nothing ever happened. 
The InterGalactic Octopus is a great slimy glob of blue, but it quickly transforms into a human form. I shudder at its awful hairdo; blue hair slicked into eight spikes. So hideous!
“Greetings UltraBlade.” It says, speaking through a tiny microphone on its grey robes. 
“Come eat!” says Blade, and I wonder how he will be able to fulfill the requirement of only eating one thing. 
We enter the feast hall. There are many people already in it and I spot Sleepy Sue tied to the end of the table. She is shaking. Good. She deserves it. Then behind the InterGalactic Octopus, I spy another, smaller octopus. When she sees me, she gasps and comes globbing, or whatever it when an octopus runs, towards me. She scoops me up into a big hug and I try to squirm out but her tentacles hold me tight.
“Son.” she says, and then I realize this is my mother. Then she spots Sleepy Sue.
“Husband, I demand you untie this poor sheep at once!” she says to the InterGalactic Octopus. Wait. The InterGalactic Octopus is my father? 
“I will not have anything to do with children of your previous relationship.” Then I realize that after Matthew left her she must have gotten re-married.
“I shall leave instantly if this sheep is not untied!” she screams petulantly.
“Fine then. Blade, untie the sheep or else we will not be allies.” Blade releases Sleepy Sue and she instantly disappears. Then the feast begins.
I go find Daniel, and suddenly come upon him in a strange room, whispering to Sparkle.
“Will you let me become an OTG god?” Sparkle says. “I thought you’d be the best one to approach.”
“Well, I’ll have to go ask-” Suddenly I leap in.
“DIE SPARKLE!” I scream.
“Lily, what are you doing?” Daniel asks.
“HE KILLED MY PET POTATO! Also, I can tell that he is lying.” Sparkle sighs.
“Blah, my plan is ruined. But you’re so gullible Daniel.” He is about to create a black hole and teleport away, but I leap on him and stab him. Then I turn into a moose and eat the smallest bit of him that I can. He tastes disgusting. I give a tiny slice of Sparkle to Daniel, then turn back into my regular form. Just then, Callie appears, along with Lucy.
“Lily, I think that you need to learn forgiveness. Lucy is here to teach you a lesson.”
“You have no idea what I’ve seen.” I say, quivering in anger. “I’ve been alive for thousands of millennia compared to your puny little 1. I’ve seen so much more pain then you. I have forgiven countless many times, just to be betrayed again. Daniel, remember that cat guy? What was his name again?”
“Rudolph. Callie, I think you’re wrong just this instance. You say that us gods are too bent on revenge, but we’ve lived for so much longer than you! It is way harder for us to forgive.”
“What about Rudolph? I bet that you just aren’t willing to forgive.” Lucy dances around in the background.
“Rudolph did so many terrible things. Lily was the only OTG god willing to forgive him. She’d forgive him over and over, even after he nearly destroyed the OTG. ‘We need to give him another chance’ she’d say. Then Rudolph...” Daniel is unable to continue, so I take over the story.
“Rudolph killed half of the OTG. At that time only Daniel, Harry, and I were the OTG members from the current OTG. Rudolph killed the rest of them. He was out of control. I made a huge mistake in forgiving him. You can’t forgive everyone. And also, Callie, I don’t think you read Kasai’s mind.”
“What?” Callie screeched. “You can read people’s minds? Isn’t that a breach of privacy?” 
“Maybe, but she was actually only joining the OTG for power. She’s power hungry. All of this power will twist her. We can’t let her join.” Then I tell them about the prophecy.
“Here, “Callie says, “I’ll go find Harry and get him to fail Kasai. I think that some of us should stay here and defend the headquarters incase Blade attacks, but I think that you shouldn’t be the only one to go on the quest.”
~Third Person Omniscient~
Suddenly, Lily disappears. Just as Lily fades out of the room, Harry appears.
“I failed Kasai, and then she tried to kill me. Wait. Why do you look so shocked?”
“Lily just disappeared!” Callie says. Then Daniel disappears too.
“Oh no. I guess I’ll just leave you guarding the HQ.” Harry attempts to disappear off to the quest, but he cannot. Callie has cast a spell stopping everyone else from leaving.

Stupid OTG never listening to me. They always say that they know better because they are older, but they don't. Besides do they think I am gullible enough to think that I would believe that Lily can read minds; I know she can't. I use my magic to summon the OTG. 
“I would like to inform you that Lucy, Rachel, and I will be creating a task force to destroy Blade. But if you all think it is stupid and that I'm to young, whatever I'll do it without you.” I then disappear through a black hole and go to the TOG headquarters. Our plan is to collect gifted young people who will help us in the battle against Blade. Did I mention I can read minds. It is another side effect of the octopus goop. That's how I know Lily is lying about being able to read minds.

I am off to find the Great Burrito. I want no other gods to accompany me on this quest. It is my chance to prove myself. Suddenly Daniel appears.
“What are you doing here?” I yell at him. Well, I don’t really yell because we are in the formerly inhabited cave of the polycorn.
“Someone has to go on the quest with you! Plus, I’m the one who Mother told the story too, and I recorded it in the library, so I know all of the mistakes she made.”
“Fine, but if you cause any trouble I will throw you out of the quest.” I pull out my scry ball. “It appears that Harry is stuck at headquarters with Callie.” Well, my device has a 10 minutes delay, but oh well. So what?
“Okay. What is the prophecy again?” I recite it, and when I get to the evil tostitos part, Daniel bursts out laughing.
“I used to have a pet Tostito, remember. Well, until Mother ate it by accident. Also, who came up with this prophecy? Half of it sounds like a useless, failed attempt to rhyme.”
“Probably the Great Burrito himself, so I wouldn’t go around making fun of it.”
“I guess not.” Then suddenly a baby polycorn appears.
I have to find the OTG and tell them what I learned. Goat the Pig is alive, controlling Blade. Blade is just an illusion along with a few magic tricks. And there’s something else, even stranger/worse that they need to know.
What the! I can’t apparate!
“I want to join them!” I whine desperately.
“No, you blubbering complaining fool!” Callie booms.
“Waaaaah!” I yell. “You’re mean!
Suddenly, Callie disappears, and I am left alone, guarding HQ.
“Woah!” Lily says, startling the polycorn and I. “What’s that doing here?”
“Grrr..” the polycorn growls threateningly.
“That has a name,” I say.
“What?” Lily asks.
“I said, ‘that’ has a name.”
“How do you know that?”
“Probably cause I understand other species and animals.” I say. Did I forget to tell the OTG about that? When I turned into a vampire, I suddenly realized I could understand everything, and every kind of communication. I don't really know why though, because vampires don’t usually do that, and probably can’t understand other animals. Anyways, back to the quest.
“WHAT?!” Lily yells.
“Grrr..” the polycorn growls again.
“Pofloyucrorn asks what we’re doing here.” I say calmly while Lily is still freaking out.
“You can communicate with animals?!?” she yells again.
“Yes, I think we have established that.” I say.
“YOU CA-” she starts to yell again, but is interrupted by a polycorn jumping into her face. 
“GAH DIE POLYCORN!” She begins to cast a bunch of random magic spells, except none of them are working because the polycorn’s many horns are magic-proof.  
“Aahh!” I scream as a fireball deflected off the polycorn almost hits my face. “Calm down both of you!” I yell. Then a fireball actually does hit my face. There is a sound of evil laughter but then I realize that it is not Lily laughing. So who is it? I then suddenly realize that my face is burning, and polycorns are the only things that can kill gods. I am going to die. 
Oh wait! I realize. Lily was the one who cast that fireball! And since Lily cast it, I wouldn’t die! Wait! I realize again. I burst out laughing. What if that tiny thing kills Lily? That would be funny. Wait. The polycorn is still on Lily and is beginning to stab her. She is laughing and screaming at the same time. Why in all of the Cosmic Potato ultraverse would she be laughing about dying? WAIT! What if she is just harnessing the energy of the weak polycorn and planning to be able to kill other gods?  Or she could just be incredibly ticklish and the polycorn is tickling her. 
Moose ha ha! I think. I am dead. Yay! Now however, I can come back to life, with the powers of the polycorn who killed me! This way, I can reach the Great Burrito easier. Also, I can go on without Daniel! Finally! I come back to life, grab the dead polycorn’s body, and throw it on Daniel. Then I cast a spell so he can’t come back to life. Yay! Daniel is now dead forever! THE POLYCORN NEVER DIED I realize. Now I am sad. That means that I cannot kill Daniel. Oh well. I’ll just send him back to headquarters. I grab my magical viola and hit him with it so he is unconscious, then I create a black hole leading to HQ and throw his body out of it. Somehow, his body bounces back, and he is awake.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” he screams.
“Getting rid of you! I no longer need you, and anyway, you will just hinder me with your laziness. So go now.”
“Didn’t Callie close off all transportation to and from the headquarters?” Oops.. I forgot that.
“That’s pretty mean.” Daniel says. 
“Well, that’s what I am isn’t it?” I say.
It seems that Lily doesn’t want me along. That’s not nice, but I will prove myself to her. I WILL make myself useful!
“The trek is on!” she says. Suddenly, she starts running supersonic speed.
“What the?” I start, watching her dust behind her.
“Wait for me!!” I say, starting to run. I turn into a bat and chase after her. Even in bat form, I can’t catch up to her, so I must do something.. Hmm.. what should I do? Suddenly a lightbulb shines above my head! I can use that magic lightbulb that just appeared over my head! That lightbulb really is magical huh. Anyways, I use the lightbulb to propel me in my bat form. Somehow, the light pushes me through the air. I guess it really is magical, and at slightly less than light speed I am able to catch up to Lily in no time. I stop the lightbulb slightly, and I’m going at the same speed as Lily now.
“How did you get here so fast?” she asks. 
“Peep bop beep keep,” I say, cause I’m a bat.
“Ok then..” she mutters, looking back at the emptiness of space she was running through.
“This is probably a really bad way of transportation,” I say, transforming back to a human.
“Well, it’s the only way we can get to the Great Burrito, cause we can’t apparate there, and this is the closest habitable celestial being”
“Eh that makes sens-peep” I say, transforming back into the bat. 
“How did you go supersonic?” I ask.
“Figure out yourself.” 
“I'm pretty sure the polycorn can’t run supersonic,” I say. “Oh wait! The polycorn just appeared in front of us, but maybe it was just running so fast it looked like it did. I understand now.” I tell her.
“I have always been able to run supersonically.” Lily says.
“What?” Oh, now I remember. Kind of. I have seen Lily run supersonically once before, when she was stealing some bread from the bakery. I’m not really sure why exactly she wanted to steal bread, but it tasted good.  Well then I got sick because Lily poisoned it, but it would have been good had it not been poisoned.

I looked up at my newfound friend Mira. She had magic which was very beneficial because I don't.  So she was the one creating the black holes. We had just set foot on a strange world called Earth when something hit me. I looked up from the ground. It was Rachel. We were best friends when we were kids. How did she get here? Then Lucy and Callie appeared. 
“Callie, why are Lucy and Rachel here?” I asked. 
“They are here because they are part of a new group of gods called the TOG and we are working together to gather a group of people to defeat Blade.” 
“Blade is actually an illusion created by Goat the Pig to kill Matthew. Bob Sheepy and Sleepy Sue are also working with him to kill Lily and Daniel.” Hmm. Maybe I should have delivered that news better. 
“What!” screamed Callie and Rachel. 
“I'm sure they don't want to kill them. They probably just want to have a nice discussion about their feelings with them.” said Lucy.  
“No they definitely want to kill them.” said Callie. “What about me and Harry, does anyone want to kill us?” asked Callie 
“Not that I know of.” I replied truthfully. 
Callie spun around, punched the air, and said, “Yeah! I love it when people don't want to kill me! I guess we should help Lily and Daniel now, even though they are being quite pretentious and extremely annoying. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when I tell them this.”
I was still wondering whether I should tell them the other news yet, but I decided not to. I didn’t want to spoil their victory yet.
I was at headquarters when Blade stormed. I moaned. I knew Callie shouldn’t have left me here by myself. Oh well. I could handle it.
I gathered up balls of lava and threw it at the goats and pigs that were now surrounding me. Then I spotted Bob Sheepy and Sleepy Sue. What were they doing here? I paused, and in that time, I was speared by a goat. As I lay there in agony, Blade approached me. He smirked.
“Seems you’ll finally die, Brother.” No. I couldn’t die! For when I died, so did everyone in the OTG. The ultraverse would spiral into chaos. Well, Lily wouldn’t die. Neither would Callie. Neither of them agreed to attach their life sources to mine, so they aren’t completely immortal.
I watched as Blade approached me with a miniature guillotine. I was going to die. If I wanted the rest of the OTG to survive, I would have to transfer my leadership to someone. I began to chant a spell, and then just as Blade arrived, Lily became leader of thee OTG (Callie was already semi-leader of the TOG, so she was the only other option).
Suddenly, I feel a great power come upon me, along with ages worth of wisdom. I can feel everyone’s emotions in high definition, even Callie’s and Harry’s. Wait, why is Harry feeling so frightened?
“Something’s wrong!” I tell Daniel. “Blade must have attacked Headquarters! We need to get there now!” I summon a black hole with no effort, but Daniel stops me.
“Contact Callie. She already has powerful people on her side. We can’t stop our quest. We’re saving Matthew. She can save Harry!”
I sigh. “Fine. But I can’t communicate that far, especially when I’m in a vacuum like this.”
“Just try.” So I did, and surprisingly enough, I reached her.
“Callie, Harry is in trouble. I need you to go help him.”
“Lily, Kathryn-” Then our communication is cut off, and I am left wondering what Callie was trying to tell me.
I’m angry. So angry. Just as I got power, it was wrenched from my hands. The OTG will pay for this. I have joined Blade.
I feel as much of my power is leached away from me. I can no longer read minds and I only have 10 senses of my previous 42. My wound from the goat heals too slowly and as I sluggishly leap up, Blade brings his knife down upon me.  I realize I have made a mistake. I have accidentally transferred my powers to both Lily and Callie so they are both co-leaders of the OTG. Well, that should be interesting. Then the world goes dark.
Well, Lily's call got cut short but, my mind reading abilities have enhanced like crazy. I can now hear everyone in the OTG’s Paraverse. Lily wanted to tell me to go save Harry. Stupid Harry always messing with my plans by getting captured. Well, I have gained other powers, but I'm going to keep those a secret for now. I create a black hole and push everyone through including Kathryn and her friend. I sense her name is Mira. We arrive in headquarters and I am shocked to see Harry trapped in an oversized bird cage. Okay not that shocked, but still. 
“Hi Callie!” He chirps cheerfully. “By the way I made you co-leader of the OTG and Blade is hiding over there.” I turn and see Blade. I summon small daggers made entirely of concentrated magic. I hurl them at Blade over and over again. Rachel pulls out her plasma rifle and starts shooting him. Kathryn looks scared and Mira is using her magic to hurl object in the room at him. Lucy has turned into a monster. Lucy has glowing red eyes and her hair is on fire She looks terrifying, but nothing is stopping Blade. Suddenly Kathryn speaks up. 
“Umm. I didn't tell you this, but Blade can only be killed if you feed him a piece of the cosmic potato.” I stare at her.  Suddenly Blade transforms into some giant octopus monster (not the intergalactic octopus). He grabs us all with his tentacles. He lets out a terrifying cackle and proceeds to try to eat me. I think about the cosmic potato. How could we get a piece of him? Suddenly, a piece of the cosmic potato appears in my hand. I seem to have developed the power to create things out of thin air. I throw it down Blade’s throat. He immediately erupts into a storm of glitter. 
“Well, that's one problem I won't have to deal with later. Now let's go find Lily.” 
It seems that we are approaching the Great Burrito when suddenly, a giant goat appears in front of me.
“Shoo, goat!” Daniel says, attempting to swat it away. He doesn’t seem to feel the evilness radiating from it. I attempt to cast a killing spell, but that doesn’t work. The goat begins to laugh evilly, sounding very human, and then proceeds to transform into Goat the Pig, flanked by Bob Sheepy and Sleepy Sue. This cannot be good.
“Daniel!” I use my newly acquired powers to speak to him in his mind. “You take Sleepy Sue. I’ll cover the rest of them.” I begin to cast spells, but none of them seem to take my energy. It seems that I am actually gaining more energy! Goat the Pig has summoned a huge army of goats and pigs to surround me, and then I realize that he was supposed to be dead.
“Wait! Battle pause!” Everything suddenly stops due to my request. “How are you alive? What happened to Blade?” Goat the Pig laughs evilly.
“Blade was just a puppet. I never died. I resurrected myself and went into hiding.”
I consider that for a moment. “Hmm, okay. Resume battle!” The fighting begins again, and then I realize that I can’t take defensive stance anymore. If I want to defeat Goat the Pig, I’ll have to take an offensive stance. I begin to summon thousands of potatoes that fly, cackling evilly, at the many goats and pigs, and then it’s just me, Daniel, Goat the Pig, Bob Sheepy, and Sleepy Sue left, standing there.
“I don’t think I can fight anymore.” Daniel says in my mind. His breathing sounds very labored, and as if to illustrate his point, he suddenly passes out. Hmm, oh no. One down. My energy begins to wane, and I don’t think that I can defeat these three all by myself. There’s only one thing I can do. I create a black hole and pull the 3 into it, banishing them from this vacuum. The spell will eventually fail, but for now, it will keep me safe.
I wonder if the OTG cares about me. I’m one of them, but it seems like I’m always left out. I was failed once, and then I came back to life, and never died. Am I still part of it if I died during service? I ask Callie, and she doesn’t seem to know the answer. 
“Ask Harry.” she says. I walk over to the bird-cage that we haven’t managed to free Harry from yet.
“Harry, am I still part of the OTG?”
“As of now, no. You’re completely useless. Why would we ever need you anyway? You never did anything. You’re even more useless than Matthew, and that’s saying something.” I feel tears burning at my eyes, and then Mira makes a black hole for me, and I go through it, to Goat the Pig.
I watch Kathryn start to walk through the black hole and at the last minute change the destination. She can't fight Goat  the Pig like Harry said she is useless. Anyway I teleport into the birdcage grab Harry and teleport out. Then I open a black hole that will lead us to Lily.  I step through and find myself in the midst of an epic battle. Daniel is struggling to fight Sleepy Sue so I turn her into a fly. He then promptly swats her. Bob Sheepy seems to be sneaking up on Lily so I grab my enchanted sword (it is turquoise) and stab him. He dies, but he resurrects himself. I stab him two more times he is finally dead. I look and see everyone else fighting Goat the Pig. What they don't realize is that he is sucking up their powers. Then I see Rachel pull on Goat the Pig’s head as she falls. His head fell off revealing Matthew.
What’s this? I wanted to black hole to the battle to prove my worth, but suddenly I’m in a random place I’ve never heard of. It’s called TL-31 according to the signs, like who would name a planet TL-31? The people here are called TL-31ians. Creative name right? Anyways, it seems that these people don’t like me. I’m seeing some very hostile looks they’re giving me. I hear a slight rustle in the bushes next to me.
“I wonder what made that sound,” I think aloud, going to investigate. Suddenly, a big burly man in a ski mask  jumps out of the bushes.
“ME!” he shouts, and more goons surround me. I raise my hands and ask, “What do you guys want?” I notice that it’s getting late, and because TL-31 has so many moons, I’d guess one of them has to be full tonight.
“Now that the Mother Moon is full tonight, we will mug at least one person!” he says. Well, that confirms it. “Oohaha! Oohaha!” the gang choruses.
“You won’t like me when it’s full,” I say menacingly. The leader starts, but quickly recovers. “And why is that? You couldn’t hurt a fly!” he says. “Oohaha! Oohaha!” the gang says again. Annoyed I look at them. “Take me wherever you want now,” I say, “but once it’s night, you should never bother me ever again.” Once again, the leader starts, hastily recovering. Annoyed, he yells “GET ER!” and the goons jump me, and then I feel the light of the full moon on me. A tingly, familiar feeling overcomes me.
“AHHHHH!” the closest guy yells. Soon, they are all scrambling to their feet, trying to get away from me. “What the!” the leader yells. “You cowards! It’s one girl! What’s the worst harm she could infl-” he stops when he sees me. “MOMMMMYYY!” he screams, running and tripping, crawling away as fast as he can for his life.
I burst out laughing. Just the sight of my werewolf form can scare some not-so-tough gangsters into blubbering babies. I wonder how to get out of here. Apparently I am stuck until I find someone to make a black hole for me. I’m going to join Goat the Pig. The OTG are stuck-up and underestimate everyone. They think I’m worthless. Hmm... suddenly I spot a circular shape moving towards me in the sky. Is it a flying saucer? Oh no, aliens have invaded the ultraverse! Then a ladder descends from the flying saucer and a girl climbs down, then jumps off, 50 ft from the ground. She lands in front of me, completely unscathed, and tosses her wild hair behind her.
“I am Queen Hannah and I would like to know what exactly you are doing in my territory.” Then she sees the gang members running away.
“Cowards.” she scoffs. “Those are my classmates, by the way.” I stare at her. This planet is incredibly strange. “Half of what they do is pretend stuff just to scare you. Don’t take them seriously. The leader, Fluffé, can do some magic, but he isn’t half as powerful as he pretends to be.”
“I am Kathryn the Grande, and if you come close to me, I shall turn you into a werewolf.”
“Werewolves can’t harm me. That is the gift of the Kratnos bloodline; we are strong and no magical beings can harm me.”
“I used to belong to the OTG, and I still have some powers.”
“OTG?” Hannah laughs, as if I’ve just told the most hilarious joke ever. “What in TL-31 is the OTG?” I wonder if Hannah is insane. Probably. Wait... but maybe she can create a black hole, or she knows someone who can.
“Hannah, oops, I mean Queen Hannah, do you know anyone who can make black holes?”
“Making black holes? That’s just a legend. Whoever told you that?” 
“A legend?” This planet seems to be isolated from the rest of the ultraverse. It doesn’t seem like a safe place to be. Still, maybe someone’s heard of it. “Well, is there anyone who might have any information on them?”
“I suppose you could go to the soothsayer. She has all of the ancient scrolls, and is incredibly wise.”
“How do I get to her?” Suddenly, I hear a bloodcurdling screech and something jumps out of thin air. 
“RUN!” Hannah screeches, but I don’t go with her. I turn around and see a tiny, peaceful looking beast, shaggy with big, soulful eyes. I seem to be drawn to it, and Hannah is screeching a bunch of things that I don’t comprehend. I hear music, and all I can think is that this thing, whatever it is, is incredibly powerful. Powerful enough to destroy the gods. Hannah seems to decide that she won’t abandon me and runs back, yanking on my arm. But nothing can stop me from reaching it. I latch my fingertips onto the beast, and then suddenly shudder. My 2 personalities, Kathryn and Kathleen, suddenly meld into one. Then I feel incredible power coursing through me and the little beast gives a small grin. I can destroy the OTG with this. Then everything becomes clear, and I can understand Hannah. 
“-you doing, that’s a Wislinger, how are you still alive, what have you done!?!?!?!?!” 
“What?” I ask, confused.
“That’s a Wislinger, the deadliest creature in all of TL-31. Or at least, the explored parts. How did you get it to- no, I don’t want to know. I’m taking you to the soothsayer, come with me NOW.” Then she grabs me and drags me across the desolate landscape, until we are directly below the ladder. Then she jumps up to a superhuman height, and latches onto the ladder. Hannah climbs in and throws me across a cushy seat, and I realize that this flying saucer is actually just some strange vehicle.
“I stole it.” Hannah whispers to me. “Don’t tell anyone.” I wonder why she is telling me this, but Hannah seems to be unable to restrain herself from speaking and begins to say a bunch of stuff about the politics of TL-31. I nod, but really, I’m wondering about this soothsayer person and how I’ll get back to Goat the Pig. Then suddenly, the flying-saucer-that’s-not-a-flying-saucer comes to a sudden halt, slamming me against the back of the seat. We are on ground now, though I don’t seem to remember landing, and as I step out, I emerge into the strangest looking place I’ve ever seen.
~MyEar (AKA Maren)~
I am the guardian of the OTG, though I don’t think they’ve ever realized it. I’m always there, the last resort, hiding in the shadows at the Headquarters. It’s a good thing that I don’t strive for attention like some people do. If I did, I would probably be dead. My job requires top stealth, and I actually work for an agency called the OTGDA (the OTG Defense Agency). The OTG has never heard of us, though it is our job to defend each member of the OTG. I am assigned to defend Lily. Mira, that stray girl that Callie picked up, is assigned to defend her (did Callie really think it was a coincidence that she ran across someone willing to join her that easily?). Harry’s defender... well Harry’s defender is my nemesis, so I’d rather not speak his name, Matthew’s defendant is Bellona (she agreed to resign from her position as Roman war god to protect the OTG, which she used to be part of), and Daniel’s defendant is a wolf named Misinki. You may wonder why you’ve never seen us protecting the OTG. Well, we do most of our work behind the scenes, and the OTG have never been in any life-threatening situations, though they’ll tell you otherwise. Anyway, if one of the OTG members were in a life-threatening situation, we’d have to show ourselves, and then there would be a load of questions, along with a bunch of legal paperwork that we’re not ready to fill out yet. 
Anyway, I am the only person with Matthew. He hasn’t seen me, as I am always disguised as a shadow, but I have seen him multiple times. He mainly just says a load of nonsense, and it’s not really worth my time. I have more important things to be doing. Like protecting the life source of the OTG. 
The OTG doesn’t know it exists (they’re clueless about a lot of stuff that’s happening behind their back), but it is what gives them all of their powers. It is what fuels the Paper of Powers. The aftermath of the creation of the Life Source is what created us, the OTGDA. Though none of us know exactly what it is, or where it came from (even me, at a high ranking position in the caste of the OTGDA) we know that it’s powerful. Incredibly powerful. So powerful that if anyone ever got their hands on it with bad intent, that it would destroy the ultraverse. Thankfully, no one knows about it yet. That’s why we operate in top-secret. 
I am watching over Lily when suddenly, Matthew says the first thing that makes sense in a week.
“You killed Blade.” Matthew rumbles, in a voice that’s not his. It is very frightening, and I hope that I won’t have to show myself. I can heal Matthew, but if I did, then it would mean revealing me, and all of the OTGDA. Who knows what would happen after that. Maybe the OTG would discover their secret Cult (the cult is insane. It worships them like crazy and thinks that the OTG actually listens to them- the OTG doesn’t even know they exist!), maybe the OTG would discover the secret that everyone in the OTGDA has been hiding for millennia, passing it down through each generation of new members, the secret that is as powerful as the Life Source. The secret of the Wislinger, and TL-31.
The Wislinger is a highly deadly creature with power to rivals that of the Cosmic Potato, and anyone who harnessed it would pose as a major threat to all of us. The Wislinger created the TL-31 Ultraverse, and no one knows about it. There is no way in or out of the TL-31 Ultraverse, and it is full of more highly deadly creatures that none of us know the extent of, plus other secrets that no one has discovered yet (as far as we know). If anyone found out about the TL-31 Ultraverse, it would be death for us all. Matthew suddenly begins to speak again.
“You will pay for this! I will no longer work for you, Goat the Pig!” I copy all of this down onto my message scarf. Maybe this will have some meaning. Or maybe it is just ramblings of an insane person. Either could be true. Then Matthew begins to choke. His eyes are wide open, and I feel as if he can see me, though surely that isn’t possible; I am merely shadow. I feel a voice on my intercom say something.
“Bellona is otherwise occupied! Battle OTGDA-” then the voice of one of my fellow OTGDA members is cut off, leaving me wondering what in all of this ultraverse she was trying to say. Either way, it is clear that Matthew is dying. There is nothing anyone can do this time. I am the only person who has the power to save him. I take a deep breath, muster up my courage, and appear in full form. Matthew’s eyes go wide as he sees me- or maybe it is just a side effect of whatever is happening. I kneel down by his side and place my hand on his forehead, then began to chant.
“Canti bellum rolisanum, triade phosphogal tiateyum, shefan stotra kletan...” I chant for what seems like forever and my voice grows hoarse until I feel that I can chant no more, and that I’ll never be able to speak again, and then Matthew falls asleep. I breath a sigh of relief. Matthew is well, and asleep, which is even better. Maybe I can erase his memories... but that would be violating the OTGDA rule of no tampering with the gods in anyway. What should I do? Can he find out about us? Then I remember Kaela, and what she was trying to tell me. Something is severely wrong. I need to get to the OTGDA headquarters at once.
Tis dawn as I awaketh. I smooth out mine robes, proper attire for a soothsayer such as I. Yet another child approaches.
“Get thy face out of mine sight!” The child scurries away, perchance I curse him. But alas, another approaches.
“What doest thy want?” 
I’ve been in this strange city for an hour, and I can’t say that I like it. The buildings are much too peculiar for my liking, an odd mixture of really anything you can think of woven together in huge, triangular shapes. This soothsayer, if she is what Hannah says, seems incredibly grumpy, and also she talks as if she came from a Shakespeare novel.
“I would like to have an audience with you!”
“Sarabeth, prithee, I beg you!” Hannah says, changing her dialect to Shakespearean. The two seem to be friends, and I wonder whether Hannah is adjusting her English for me or for Sarabeth, the soothsayer.
“Fine, but if thy doest any harm, I shall throweth you from mine own place.” 
“Grump.” I mutter, and Hannah elbows me. I enter the building that the Soothsayer seems to reside in, the only building made from pure wood, although I do catch a glimpse of a giant chocolate bar in the mix. I have a brief second to wonder if it is rotting, and then this Sarabeth person blindfolds me.
I wake up, and voices fill my head. I feel my mind being split into two parts. In one, I am in some vacuum, with Lily, Callie, and Daniel yelling at me. In another, I am in HQ, and there is a small girl who looks about my age (by that I mean the age that I usually take form in). She recoils as soon as I see her, and then suddenly, she is gone. Then I am back at the vacuum.
“YOU EVIL-” Daniel shouts a bunch of curse words and then Lily and Callie are threatening to wash his mouth, and I am left there, grasping for any idea of what just happened.
“I-what-what’s happening?” I try to say, but it seems that I can’t speak, and suddenly, I’m left with a ghastly headache that leaves incredibly dizzy. 
I am with Daniel and Lily back in HQ. Lily is threatening to kill Daniel if he ever speaks like that again and I am bored. I stare off into space and I begin to hear someone’s thoughts. They are Mira’s. Apparently she is part of some secret group designed to protect us. Someone else is in HQ too. I focus more of my energy on hearing their thoughts. Their name is Maren. She is assigned to protect Matthew. I don't trust these people. Anyway suddenly Matthew appears out of nowhere. He promptly faints upon arriving. 
I am still dreaming I think. When I opened my eyes Callie has two heads and Lily looked like a monster. Maybe I’m just dizzy. 
“Are you okay?” Callie asks. She sounds preoccupied. 
“I don't know.” I reply truthfully. 
“Really! I don't know! Can't you give us a better answer than that?” Snaps Lily. The OTG always think I am useless and stupid. That's why I dressed up as Goat the Pig to kill them. Did I mention that  I am not mentally stable anymore. Daniel finally speaks up and says, 
“Why did you try to kill us. They’ll probably fail you now. Anyway what kind of person dresses up as their dead son?” I just let out a strangle cackle. 
“You are not alright.” Says Callie. 
“Probably true.” I reply.
Nobody remembers me. I'm captured again. This time by Kathryn. She seems mad. She has this friend too. Her friend has long curly blonde hair and green eyes. She says her name is Queen Hannah. I don't think she likes my singing. Then I realize that all 3 of us are stuck in some bag like thing and we have been kidnapped. Hmm... I guess that means that I’ve been kidnapped by a kidnapped person. Confusing... well I guess this is what I get for giving my powers up. Anyways, since then, my mind doesn’t seem to be working well; it seems to be moving incredibly slow, and also, I think that I am going insane.
Something is wrong... Matthew seems to be going insane. Well, he probably was insane in the first place, but even more insane. Suddenly, Matthew leaps on me, attempting to claw my eyes out.
“GAH!” I scream, and then a tiny little girl appears next to me. Suddenly, I remember her. This is Maren, my old childhood friend! “Maren!” I say happily. “What are you doing here?” Suddenly, Maren is telling me everything, from the OTGDA, to our life source, to our cult. 
“I healed him, but... I think that you should check his mind just to make sure.” 
“Okay.” I use my newfound powers to delve into his mind, and when I enter, what I see makes me feel sick. There’s absolutely nothing in there. I have no idea what is wrong, but it’s as if Matthew was never healed. Then I remember the prophecy. I draw back out.
“Matthew is still soul-less. He most likely only recovered a tiny bit of himself, which is why he is acting so weird. So it looks like we’re going on this quest after all!”
“Well something is wrong with the OTGDA- I have to get to their headquarters! Don’t come with me.” Maren says, disappearing through a black hole. Then Daniel tells me a story about Mr. Frizzi and why Matthew is soul-less, and that Harry is soul-less too.
“Matthew and Harry are soul-less because the dragon that ate Mr. Frizzi is possessing Google Docs because a bunch of groups of power hungry werewolves are fighting for control over Google Docs and they want control of Google Docs because if they can take control of everyone's Google Docs account, then they can possess people from the inside and also they can isolate everyone! Plus, if your Google Docs account has been taken you become soul-less! So the dragon is good and also Mr. Frizzi was an evil werewolf which was why the dragon ate him but actually Mr. Frizzi wasn't evil it was just that someone posing as Mr. Frizzi and looking to kill him (probably an evil werewolf or someone from band) and frame him attacked the dragon! Also, the dragon is in band and has a grudge against Orchestra.”
When I arrive at the OTGDA HQ, something is horribly wrong. I wonder if it is all my fault. Because it is. Then suddenly a giant bear leaps on me and I am dead. 
I am Sneha. Tead.here are many more things that the OTG doesn’t know, besides from the existence of the OTGDA, although they now know it. Goat the Pig actually is dead (Matthew dress up as him, don’t you remember), and Blade still exists; he turned into a cloud of glitter and teleported here. Plus, the Great Burrito is on our side and will kill the stupid OTG as soon as they arrive! It’s a trap, and those other OTG members will never be healed. Also, Bob Sheepy is not actually dead; he and Sleepy Sue are Harry’s doppelganger so they are immortal as long as he is, and even if he dies, they won’t. If he dies, it will just make them mortal. Also, I split my personality into Mira and Sneha, and Mira is currently infiltrating the OTG, whereas Sneha is destroying the OTGDA. Bob Sheepy and Sleepy Sue are actually dead. I forgot Harry gave up his powers (including his immortality) when he thought Blade was going to kill him. Well all they did was get in the way anyway.
I stare at the fellow members of the OTG. “So all of you think it is a good idea to go find the Great Burrito thing?” I asked skeptically. Everyone nodded their heads except Matthew. Matthew said, “If fish drawn does that mean that the world is dying and does anyone else see the giant pancake dancing around on the ceiling.” If you can't tell, Matthew is doing pretty bad. “I for one would like my immortality back.” Said Harry. “If you have a bad feeling about this stay here, I can handle anyone anyway.” Replied Lily snarkily. “When have my instincts been wrong?” The room was silent. “Fine. I'll stay here.” I said. With that they left. I decided to meditate and think. I was alone Mira decided to go with them on their quest, not that I care. I closed my eyes and saw the Cosmic Potato. “You must see into the past of someone you know nothing about. You must see Harry’s past.” Said the Cosmic Potato. Suddenly I was thrust into Harry’s perspective. 
~Young Harry~
I sat at my seat in the OTG HQ. I didn't have real parents but, I had  Ra and Athena. They asked the Cosmic Potato for children and they got me and my twin sister. Where I am shy and quirky, she was bold and sassy. Her name was Andromeda. She looked nothing like me. She had long frizzy strawberry blonde hair and gold eyes. She was sitting right next to me. Celeste had sacrificed herself for us just days before. When an omnipotent being from another ultraverse attacked she fought it until the other gods arrived. They were too late and she died. Now there was a debate on who should join the OTG me or my sister. I was extremely nervous. My sister couldn't care less. Then she stood up. “Stop this debate. I have made up my mind. I would like to travel the ultraverse and help others. The OTG does next to nothing to help the impoverished people of many world. Trillions die each day and the OTG can't be bothered to help. Good day and good luck to my dear brother.” With that she vanished.

The vision faded away. I liked Andromeda. If I could find her then maybe I could find the next OTG god. Suddenly another vision flashed over my eyes. I saw me and Andromeda standing next to each other talking. Then I saw Kasai burning down entire worlds. Next I saw Kathryn lying dead in the Intergalactic Octopus’ tentacles. Then Matthew lying lifeless on the ground. Then Andromeda crying over Harry. Finally, I saw me and Lily holding hands levitating and glowing. Then I was snapped back into reality. I need to find Andromeda.
I'm on a small planet called Earth. It is practically a wasteland after a nuclear war broke out. Not many survived. There are lots of orphans and I take care of them. This is my calling. I was never meant to be a god. I learned of my “parents” deaths via a singing dragon from my brother. I was in the kitchen making stew for the kids when a black hole opened up in front of me. Out walked a girl she looked about 12. She had dirty blondeish hair, blue eyes, and glasses. She smiled at me. “Hello. I'm Callie one of the OTG gods. I have reason to believe your brother is in trouble” I stared at her an OTG god here, that was unheard of. “Hello Callie. As you probably know I'm Andromeda. What do you mean Harry may be in trouble?” “I had a vision of him lying injured or dead on the ground, it looked like a battle was going on around him.” She said quickly. “It seems you are having visions of the future, my mother did when she was the leader of the OTG. I'll help you, but I will not become a god. I want to help people and that is the one thing the OTG can't seem to do.”
Our quest has finally reached the Great Burrito. Lily is talking about a bunch of visions she is having, and says the Great Burrito is right up ahead. I hope so. Harry and Matthew are the only OTG gods that I’m friends with. Lily and Callie are much too murderous for my likings. Anyway, Lily is carrying Harry and Matthew in a potato sack, as if that is completely normal. Lily killed Mira and made sure she couldn’t return back to life, because she had a vision of Mira betraying the OTG. I’m not sure whether to trust Lily’s visions, but I hope they are true. I hope that I don’t die; Mira was the first person that I’ve seen die, and it was bloody and disgusting. I wonder how Lily can take it. Well, she does wear a blindfold when she kills people. Maybe her mind is messed up. Hmm... I have an idea to find out. I can understand animals, and humans are animals, and anyway, Lily and I are both 1/4 moose since Moose Ha Ha was our “grandmother”. That makes me able to go into mind, quite like how she went into Matthew’s. I delve in.
The first thing that I see is dark paths. Nearly every path is dark and thorny. She is definitely not insane, and doesn’t have a mental illness either. Her mind is just dark, incredibly dark. I choose the darkest path and go down it. Instantly, I am immersed in memory.
“I am watching Kallistrate battle Eldurn. I know that Kallistrate is going to win. There is no other option. Kallistrate sends out streams of water over and over again, which Eldurn combats with fire. The fire twists around the water, and the waves seem to be making the fire first. It grows tall, incredibly tall. I want to use my magic to help, but I know the rules. I cannot interfere with nemesis battles. It is Kallistrate’s final test, her initiation into the OTG. If she doesn’t pass, she won’t have a chance. Still, she is losing. Worry is clouding my judgement, and I can’t just stand there. I leap towards the fire, summoning sand to smother it. Kallistrate gives me a long glance, and she whispers something in my mind.
“There’s nothing you can do for me. Just keep Samantha and Daniel safe. You’re the second eldest. You can take care of them. Don’t cry for me, and most of all, don’t blame yourself for it.” Then she leaves my mind. I cannot accept that this is the last that I’ll see of Kallistrate. Kallistrate is my hero, the person that I’ve always looked up to. Kallistrate is wrong. There has to be something that I can do. I summon a huge storm of sand, and it rains, and it rains, and it rains. Sand buries everything in the town, but I can’t stop it. All I can think is I’ve got to stop the fire. I have to save Kallistrate. When I stop, everything is buried. It’s my fault. I have killed everyone. Then the sand erupts. The explosion throws me back, and I manage to use my powers to create a forcefield around me and Daniel and Samantha. Everything else is destroyed.  It’s all my fault.”
Kathryn, Hannah, and I are heading towards the unexplored part of TL-31. I sense something radiating from there. Then a Wislinger jumps from Kathryn’s pouch. It kills Kathryn swiftly, and then Hannah. After that it approaches me. I run, but it is much more powerful. Then I am dead.

We arrive at the Great Burrito when suddenly, I find myself in a tower filled with globes. Just me, Harry, and Lily are there.
I have convinced Andromeda to come with me. Finally someone may agree with me and for once I'm not suspicious of her. She seems genuinely kind. We have been walking for days. We must make it to the Great Burrito before it is too late. As we set up camp in this new ultraverse, Andromeda approaches me. “ If you are an OTG god there is magic I must teach you. They are some of the most powerful spells in the universe, but I'm the only one who knows what they are.” “Really?” I ask. “Really,” She has me stand next to her and copy her motions. She performs a complicated set of turns a suddenly a dragon erupts from her hand. It wasn't a real dragon but a magic one. I copy her motions and create my own dragon. Ours are almost identical except mine was made of water and her’s was made of fire. “Only benders can create dragons. I could tell you were a waterbender ever since I met you. My best friend Kalistrate was a waterbender, but she is dead.” Andromeda motioned for me to copy the next spell. We trained almost all night. 
We are in a strange tower that is filled with globes. Harry is still soul-less, but he is functioning pretty well. Matthew was left behind when we suddenly appeared here. Daniel leans forwards to touch one of the globes, and I recognize them as transportation globes. Harry and Daniel touch the globe at the same time, and then the room explodes with white light.
When I come to, I am in something soft and white, some sort of bed, maybe? Harry and Daniel are still unconscious, and I think that some magical reaction happened when they touched the globe. I don’t know whether we are in a room or not, but I am surrounded by more fluffy, white stuff. I lean over and touch the wall, and it is surprisingly sticky. Some of the substance sticks to my finger, and I lick it. Hmm... it tastes like... marshmallow? I use my magic to blast a hole in the marshmallow wall and through the hole, I see fields of marshmallow. We must be on a marshmallow plantation! I heard of them before, but I never believed they existed until now. Then I spot a giant bean in the middle of the marshmallow field. 
“Wait, who are you!” I yell, wondering if it is some ultraverse creator. Perhaps, but the bean doesn’t respond, and suddenly explodes. The noise wakes Daniel and Harry, who rush to the wall, yelling, “Marshmallow!” They begin to eat it, and after they’ve just eaten a whole handful, Harry falls down, followed by Daniel. I stab each of them with a beam of magic (gods are incredibly quick to heal), and their blood spills out. The creepy thing is that it is not red, but bright blue! This plantation is looking suspicious. What sort of marshmallow plantation poisons their marshmallows? We probably need to get out of here right away. Then someone enters the room. 
“You like marshmallows, hopefully?” he says, in a terribly false Starian accent. I should know; I lived there for the first 10 years of my life. I stare at him, reading his mind (I can read minds now with my enhanced powers). He is planning to destroy the OTG and then suddenly I read the worst thought ever. The Cosmic Potato doesn’t actually exist! All of these ultraverses, everything is fake, an illusion. We even have fake memories of our lives. Wait... how is that even possible? That doesn’t make sense! The Cosmic Potato has talked to us before, and how do we have fake memories? I throw a ball of magic at him and it hits him full on, killing him. Serves him right, poisoning Harry and Matthew like that. But first, how to undo the poison? Suddenly, Harry speaks, and I jump.
“I am more powerful than Daniel even though I am not immortal. I got the poison out of my system really quickly. Also, Daniel was wrong. I am not soul-less. Only Matthew is. The owner of this plantation used a special skill to purposely think fake things because he felt you reading his mind. The stuff is not fake. But I do know the cure to the poison in Daniel. We have to find some quintessence, though.”  I nod. Harry grabs my hand and I grab Daniel. Harry grabs a globe and again we are engulfed into the bright light.
I double over in pain. My head is pounding. Then I see Lily and Harry they are looking for something. Another flash of pain rocks my body. I see the OTGDA HQ, but all the members are dead. I see someone all to familiar standing over their bodies. Sneha. She is one of Kasai’s many different personalities. After she was failed as an OTG god Kasai’s heart turned crueler than ever and her sanity shattered. Now only the fire controls her. Then I see the remaining TOG members something is wrong. Then I see it Ellie is fading out of existence. The Cosmic Potato has deemed her ghostly mission complete. I must help them keep Ellie with us. The only thing that can stop the fading process in a ghost is quintessence. I must inform Andromeda that we must leave immediately.
I wake up in a strange world. Someone is staring over me. I am too dizzy to stand. The girl picks me up and carries me into a house made of clouds. Harry is already inside along with Daniel. “Who..who are you?” I manage to stutter. I feel terrible. I am  nauseous and dizzy, and I feel like I am on fire. The others don't look much better. “I am Justine. Daughter of the unicorn queen and the first human on our world.” I stare at her. I can make out what she looks like now. She has pink hair pulled into pigtails, a unicorn horn, an entirely pink outfit (A fancy shirt and a poofy skirt with boots), and panda ears. “What are you going to do to us?” I asked. Realizing that she has all the power most OTG gods are allergic to unicorns (except for Callie, but she is allergic to like everything else so..). “I'm going to help you.” She says. “On one condition. You have to let me join you on your quest.” “Why would you want to come with us.” asked Harry. “Because it is boring here! Anyway where do you want to go?” I notice she's clutching a rainbow necklace. That is a transportation necklace, it is a necklace that can take you anywhere. There are only three left in existence. I don’t trust her, though. I read her mind and she is actually evil and trying to kill the gods. I need to get rid of her right away. 
“Hmm... prove to me that you’re good.” I tell her. She fidgets with her rainbow necklace. 
“Why don’t you come inside and eat something first?” She has 3 cupcakes laid out on the table, and I hesitate to sit down. Daniel is laying on the rug, still poisoned, and he looks worse; I notice that his fingers are shriveled up and wrinkled, kind of like what happens when you are in water for a long time. This is unchangeable, though, and he is slowly dying, though all gods are supposed to be immortal. It seems that we are much more vulnerable than we ever thought. Well, maybe Harry knew that. He watched countless many OTG gods die and become minor gods in other ultraverses. He jolts me back to reality.
“What are you waiting for?” 
I speak to him inside of his mind.“Don’t eat the cupcakes. They might be poisoned. Also, this Justine person is-” Suddenly I feel a presence in my mind. Justine is there, trying to read it! I throw her out immediately, and gesture in OTG sign language under the table while trying to keep Justine from reading any further. Harry and I agree to go in her mind at the same time and pull out her real intent. Then we are in Justine’s mind.
Harry reaches the barrier and pushes it open for a moment- long enough for me to slip under it and see Justine’s real intent. So she really isn’t evil, and was being truthful. Only one cupcake is poisoned, and it is the one that she gave to Harry. I am about to find out why she poisoned Harry’s cupcake when I am thrown out of her mind. She glares at me.
“And what was that for?”
“Why did you poison Harry’s cupcake?”
“What!? She poisoned my cupcake?” Harry says. “You’re such a meanie!”
“You don’t remember me?” says Justine, looking surprised. They must have had some run-in in the past and not a good one. Hmm, this will make the quest a bit awkward. Still, we need her help to heal Daniel and get to the Great Burrito. “I'm your cousin. I was just joking you always used to poison my cupcakes when we were kids. Any way, you might want to teach your friend some manners she was trying to read my mind and invade my privacy. I must have given you quite a scare ….. Lily. I'm not evil I just like to joke around.” Justine says happily. “Here is a cupcake with an antidote for your friend.” She hands us a new cupcake. “By the way here are two non poisoned cupcakes for you two. You should eat them they will block the effects unicorns have on you.” I take the cupcake, but I dive into her mind just in case.it seems she isn't lying. “Please don't intrude on my mind. It is quite rude.” I sigh. “Oh, now I remember you. I did poison your cupcakes when we were little. Sorry about that.” Harry says in his normal perky manner. I wonder if I should leave the two to themselves. I retreat over to a chair near the fireplace and see that the poison is spreading. It has now shriveled all of Daniel’s hands. The only other cure to the poison is amputation, and OTG gods are not allowed to harm each other. Anyway, one weird thing about being a god is that once our limbs are gone, they are gone for good. I leave my mind and travel through the ultraverse, looking for any mention of quintessence. I can’t seem to find it, though. Wait... I feel a tug from an ultraverse far away, so far that I cannot reach it by mind travel or by any means other than... I jump off of the chair and head towards Justine. 
“Can you take us to the  ExtraterrestrialBean Ultraverse?” Justine laughs.
“I’ve never heard of that place before. You sure it exists?” 
“Fine then. But only 2 people can go. I’ll be going-”
“MEMEMEMEME! Pick me pick me!” says Harry. I sigh. It looks like I won’t even be going on this quest after all... unless I find another way to get there….
Andromeda has used a strange necklace to take us across the ultraverses to get quintessence, but right before we arrive I feel someone in my head. They are asking me to come to the Icorn ultraverse. Our course suddenly changes and we are dumped in front of a strange house made of clouds. Lily pops out the door. “You’re finally here let's go.” “Wait how did you know we were coming? Were you the one in my head?” I asked agitated. “Yes.” Replied Lily sheepishly, Bob sheepishly. Then she suddenly broke out into song. “I love Sparkle. He is the best. He is better than the rest. Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle, SPARKLE!!!” I burst into laughter. “There now we are even you got in my head so I got in yours. “Fine.” Lily said. “Wait where is Harry? Oh and Daniel too; I guess” “Harry is with this girl named Justine. She apparently is his cousin. I don't like her. Daniel is inside looking pretty dead.” “Oh, I know Justine she used to come over for dinner all the time before you joined the OTG. Harry stopped inviting her after you joined.” Lily looked a bit hurt.  “Well, I don't like her and who is your friend?” “This is Harry’s sister Andromeda.” “Greetings.” Said Andromeda. “I don't know anyone anymore.” whined Lily.
Suddenly a giant moose sits on me. It seems Moose Ha Ha is still alive! By the time I get out, Justine is gone, and I am trapped between ultraverses. Hmm... this doesn’t sound good.

The Great Burrito healed me just so I could live through all the atrocities of his prison. I think he is using me as some sort of tool or trap for the OTG. I am now fulfilling the role of most useless OTG god ever. I have been planning an escape, but it is nearly impossible, and though I heal quickly, the Great Burrito has already chopped off one of my fingers. He is threatening to chop of more if I don’t join them, so I just hope that the OTG will come save me soon.

Hmmm... Callie’s friend Andromeda has a rainbow necklace... wait... that means she is part-unicorn! Hmm, this is strange. Then a large chip appears in front of us, crushing Justine’s house.
“I am the Chip of Death!” it says, beginning to chant. “Chips dips death! Chips dips death!” Each time he chants, another chip appears, until there is an army of chips in front of us. Why are there so many ultraverse creators, evil ones in particular? The chips begin to advance. Suddenly, I catch a whiff of ranch in the air.
“OH NOO!” someone screams. “The Dip Tide is coming in! We were so preoccupied of killing these newcomers we forgot that the tide is faster today!” Then, we hear cracking and scrambling. By the time the tide comes back, the chips are scattered or broken on the ground. Then more chips appear but instead of normal picnic chips they are banana chips! They want to kill me, which is weird, because I am great friends with the Chip of Death... oh wait now I know why they want to kill me! It’s because I ate a bunch of banana chips and now they want revenge! Now all of the banana chips that I eat will be poisoned! NOOOO!! Banana chips are almost as good as potatoes and if I don’t eat them, I will die, so I will die either way! I guess I have to only eat potatoes now, but that will anger the Cosmic Potato if too many potatoes are consumed by another powerful being! Because then I will gain Potato powers and have power over all potatoes, not just evil ones! NOOOOO!! I will always die no matter what!! I get on my knees.
“PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME!!” I screech to the Chip of Death and the army of banana chips. “NO!! MWAHAHHHA” the banana chips chorus.
“Hmm.. I will give you one chance to redeem yourself. You must impress… THE PHILOSOPHICAL CHICKPEA!”
“WHOAAAA!!!” the banana chips say. “Nobody ever impressed the Philosophical Chickpea! It is as good as dead! HAHAHAHAA!” they cackle. Hmm... now where to find the chickpea? I am the queen of chickpeas, so this should be quite easy, especially because I am also the best philosopher in all of the ultraverse. Most likely, I will have to discuss philosophy with the Philosophical Chickpea. Then the Philosophical Chickpea appears and crushes all of the banana chips. Hmm... it looks like I won’t have to impress the Philosophical Chickpea after all! The Chip of Death and Philosophical Chickpea scream at each other, and the Chip of Death summons even more chips, chips of all kinds! Stomp! The Philosophical Chickpea stamps its face onto the ground, sending a tremor through all of the chips.
“WHAT THE??” one of the chips scream. He points, and all of the chips look that direction.
“TSUNAMI!!!!!!” they yell.“Gah!!! We are all going to die!”
 I laugh evilly, but at the last minute, I decide to save the chips... chickpeas are delicious, but they’re better as hummus. I use my powers to send a bolt of lightning at the Philosophical Chickpea and then the Philosophical Chickpea is gone for good. 
“YAY!” the chips cheer. The Chip of Death approaches me.
“I have decided to give you the highest honor that you can possibly get without being a chip; you are now an honorary member of the High Council of the Chips!” He gives me a crown of chips and I stick it on my head. Now I can communicate with the Chip of Death and draw on the chip army when I am in dire need.
“Thank you oh great chip.” I say, and then I ask it about quintessence.
“Ah, quintessence. Yes... for the person next to you, I assume?” The Chip of Death points to Daniel with a beam of light, and I nod. I notice that his whole arms are plagued by the poison now and so is his face. “Hmm, for your amazing deed, I shall-” Then suddenly a swarm of chickpeas attack me. Oh no... no more chickpeas for me. The Chip of Death just waves his hands, though, and the chickpeas all fall down, dead as a rock. The Chip continues, as if the swarm of chickpeas were just a mere nuisance, not a huge army trying to kill it. “What I was going to say was that for your amazing deed I shall-” The Chip of Death looks around quickly for any more evil chickpeas before continuing. “I shall heal your friend.”
“Wait, you can do that?!”
“It’s no problem. Well, it is a small one, but oh well.” The Chip of Death waves its hands before I can protest and then there is a huge explosion. I scream, and then the dust clears. Daniel is coughing on the ground, as if nothing ever happened. He then promptly rolls over and dies. 
“WHAT DID YOU JUST?! QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM DIE!!!!” I yell at the Chip of Death. Someone speaks in my mind.
“And you washed my mouth for language.”
“I-GAH!!! I didn’t even say anything bad, just a random bunch of letters! Anyway, I thought you were dead!” 
“I am dead.”
“Then how- oh never mind.”
“I am going to die. Well, my physical form will. The Chip of Death saved my soul before it got poisoned too, and I am going to be reincarcerated. So you can just stab me or something. I don’t really care. It may take a few weeks for me to get a new form, though. My soul will be traveling with all of you, though, and you’ll be able to tell because after you kill my body my soul will come out and it will be glowing and blue. So there will be a glowing blue sphere following you around for awhile. It might be a bit- eh whatever. Wait, where’s Callie and that other random lady that was following you?” Hmm, that’s a good point. I look around a bit and then realize that they are nowhere to be seen.
“Great Chip of Death, do you have any idea where my 2 friends went?”
“Oh, they drowned in the tidal wave, and then one of them appeared again just as a load of beans came in from the bean kingdom, and the beans kidnapped her.”
“What?” Hmm, Andromeda was dead. Just to make sure, I stretched my consciousness across the ultraverse and through time boundaries until I was in Andromeda’s mind seconds before she died. There was a great tidal wave and suddenly- I escape her mind before I am trapped in her body and die. Well, something like that will happen if someone dies while I’m in their mind, even if it’s in the past. I can tell from the circumstances of her death and everything else, including her thoughts, that she is dead for good, and won’t even be able to come back as a ghost. Oh well. She wasn’t very vital to the plot anyway. Hmm, but what about Callie? And what was going on with Harry? Suddenly, I realize that we’ve been distracted from the real plot. We were so caught up in healing Daniel that we forgot about Blade!

I have stormed the OTG HQ. I feel power resonating from there, and anyway, I want to weaken those silly OTG gods.
I look up at the sky. Where am I? I look for Andromeda she is beside me. “Where is Lily?” I ask. “Oh, I tricked her into thinking I was dead and you were kidnapped.” “Why?” I asked. I am very confused. Because all I can feel is dark magic radiating from her. Her magic use has corrupted her soul. We must gather the quintessence for you friend Ellie and we can use some of it to save Lily and clean her soul. Plus if we heal her soul she may be nicer and more agreeable.” “Okay. Let's go to the ExtraterrestrialBean ultraverse.” I grab her hand and she grabs her necklace. We are off. When we arrive I notice the neon green grass and hot pink trees. It is so bright it is nauseating. The only way to gather quintessence is to catch a shooting star and milk it. I begin to walk towards the observatory they must have star catching devices there. Outside the door of the observatory I see Justine. “Where’s Harry?” I ask. “Oh, he’s inside. He got squished by a giant moose so, he is taking a nap.” 
I look at the chips. What would it be like to have an army of chips to destroy entire ultraverses? Wait, that seems evil. I'm not that evil; I think. Maybe magic is corrupting my soul. I remember Kalistrate telling me something about that. Now I remember. She told me mother taught us an evil and impure way to do magic and in time it corrupts our soul. Oh well, she's probably wrong. I mean she has to be right? Hmm.. then I realize that if I am evil, that means Daniel is too, since I taught him the same type of magic that my mother did! Oh no, this is going to be catastrophic. Wait, Daniel isn’t evil anymore because his body died so his soul was purified. Hmm... that means I need to get someone to kill me and manage to escape, soul unscathed (if your soul is injured, then you become beyond evil). I am about to ask the Great Chip of Death to kill me, but then Daniel speaks in my mind.
“Kallistrate was wrong.”
“You aren’t actually evil. The poison made me gain some new powers and I read Justine’s thoughts, and she thinks that you are evil. She thought she felt dark magic radiating from you. Really though, you aren’t evil. The dark magic that she felt actually came from that silly crown of chips that you’re wearing. It will give you power, but it will slowly corrupt you.” Then suddenly Daniel’s soul expands until suddenly there is a person standing in front of me and Daniel can actually talk. He wiggles his fingers.
“Hmm, that feels better. Oh no, I just lost all of the knowledge I gained from the poison. Hmph, oh well.” Then I feel a burst of pain rip across me, and double over. When the pain is gone, I see that Daniel has done the same.
“What was that?” he says, shakily standing. Then the pain comes again. Through it, I am able to reach my mind and see where it’s coming from.
“Something powerful is being destroyed. Oh no! It is the OTG life source! We need to get to HQ immediately or else everyone in the OTG will die!”  Then I hear a voice in my head. It is Callie. 
“Wow, can you hear me? I can hear you. My mind reading power has began to span ultraverses. The magic you do is evil. Kalistrate was right. I can read Daniel’s mind. He is lying. Andromeda said she sensed dark magic not Justine. The poison has corrupted Daniel. Justine is used to making the antidote for unicorns, not gods which is why she needed more quintessence. The anatomies are completely different. 
“The poison has control over him. He may completely corrupt his soul. He does practice magic the same way as you right? He made copies of the Paper and sent it to 115 people. That is why we must report back to HQ and why you may be weak. We have quintessence to heal him and Ellie. By the way, Ellie is fading out of existence. Leave Daniel behind. Meet at HQ ASAP!” 
I nod to myself. I force Daniel into a bowl of guacamole and hop into a black hole. If I keep doing magic my soul will be corrupted and I will be alone an evil slave. That must be what happened to my mother. That is why mother killed Samantha. I can feel Samantha’s presence though. She must watch over me. While I adored Kalistrate we were never close, but Samantha and I were inseparable. We did everything together. Mother favored me. She thought Samantha was too soft. Samantha liked Daniel too. She was kind to him unlike the rest of us. That is why when mother killed her I went on a rampage. Mother and I killed billions upon billions and destroyed whole planets and all I felt was empty. One day she came to me in a dream. She was a wolf. She was crying and begged me to stop killing senselessly. I did. I murdered mother that day. Samantha would be so disappointed in me. A little psychopath with a broken soul. All the other OTG gods have friends some even have families. Now, I have nothing.
I can't control my actions it is like I'm watching my life through a television screen. I am betraying the OTG against my will. I am like mother. I hated mother and I hated Lily for being her favorite. Lily and Kalistrate loved to play tricks on me. I was just the stupid bumbling brother who couldn't do magic. Samantha cared about me. She treated me like a human when no one else would. When mother killed her I ran away. That's how Harry found me. He saw potential in me. I have let him down and everyone else. I can never do right. “Daniel, please listen to me. Remember the sweet boy I knew. Forget what mother told you. You can save yourself. Please Daniel …..” I look up to see a shimmering outline of a girl changing into a wolf. Samantha. I saw her. She was here. “Samantha, wait!” I scream into the nothingness, but it is too late. She is already gone. 
Harry comes out a few seconds later. He is completely healed now, and he has 2 bottles of something.
“What’s that?” I ask.
“It’s Starshine. It will force people to tell the truth whenever we ask them something. I thought it would come in handy.”
“Hmm, okay. So do we have the quintessence?”
“Yes.” said Justine. 
“Now we just have to find Daniel and Li-AGHHHHH!” Pain shoots through me and I fall to the ground, screaming. I can’t think and I’m left in a haze of pain, endless pain. It seems to last forever, burning at my insides, but finally, it stops. Harry jumps up.
“What was that?”
“It must be Blade destroying HQ!” I say, and then suddenly I lose all of my powers. “Gah! My powers!”
“Hmm, mine are gone too!” said Justine.
“Me three!” Harry pipes up. We grab the bottles of quintessence and then suddenly, everything blows up. When the dust clears, we’re at HQ, standing in front of Blade.
I see Callie, and Harry, and that evil person named Justine arrive. All I can think of is death. Wouldn’t it be funny if Harry died? I decide to kill him. 
“Die Harry!” Then suddenly, someone is forcing something down my throat and my mind clears. I am not evil anymore! Well, I am just as evil as the rest of the OTG, but we are evil in a good way, so I’m not the evil kind of evil. Daniel is screaming a bunch of random stuff and it seems that he’s hallucinating but when I try to read his mind, I can’t. I am powerless. I can’t even do magic. The spirit of Samantha appears in wolf form, forcing the drink down Daniel’s throat, and he stops struggling. His eyes de-fog and then he leaps up, ready to join us in battle. Then I see what Blade has.
“THE THING!” Harry yells.
“The thing?” Callie asks. “What thing?”
“Harry wrote some stories in the Ancient Library. There was one about the History of the World. The Thing is this legendary object the Cosmic Potato created and-”
“Callie! You didn’t do your homework!” said Harry, looking shocked. Callie shrugs, and then I notice out of the corner of my eye, Blade smirking at us.
“Maybe we should stop arguing.” I whisper, and then Kasai appears. A huge burst of rage swarms through me. “DIE KASAI!” I run at her and she throws fire at me but I don’t even feel it. All I feel is my hands around her neck, choking her. Then she is dead. Suddenly I notice all of the burns on me, but I heal quickly. The other OTG gods are caught up in battle. I laugh evilly and begin to throw knives at random people. Oops. I accidentally hit Harry, and he dies. It doesn’t really matter, though, because he appears as a ghost 15 seconds or so later, and I bring him back to life. This is incredibly fun, throwing knives at random people. Then Blade holds the Thing and yells something. The pain overtakes us all. Well, except for me and Callie. We are left standing there while Daniel and Harry- 
“Wait, where’s Matthew?” Callie asks. 
“Hmm, good question. Maybe one of us should go look for him. Or I could use my mind-” Then I remember that I don’t have my powers anymore. “Change of plans. Get the Thing from Blade, get our powers back, kill Blade, rescue Matthew. How does that sound?”
“Hmm, okay.” Callie says, and then she leaps on the InterGalactic Octopus’ wife and eats her. Yuck. And I was the one that was supposed to be evil. Then suddenly, Callie grows to enormous quantities, and she laughs evilly.
“DIE OTG!” Wait, what!? Callie is the traitor? Hmm, that was entirely uncalled for. Then the remaining TOG members appear and grow along with Callie.
“That’s not true! We control everything!”
“Yes, you are control freaks.” says Callie. Lucy laughs evilly in the background. Then Matthew appears.
“I just broke out of prison!” he announces, then he sees Blade, and Callie. He seems to understand immediately, and then goes to join her. “I am tired of the OTG! Too much death and too much boring plot and control!” Oh no, both Matthew and Callie have betrayed us. Who will be next? What if I betray myself? Is that even possible? But none of the other OTG members make a move, although Daniel looks like he wants to kill Callie. Harry suddenly starts doing some weird dance and skipping about. Then I recognize the song he is singing. It is Die Bunnies Die! Then they begin to laugh. “We fooled you didn't we? Like we would be evil. Anyway you are just dreaming so…”
I stare at Lily as soon as she appears she passes out. “Lily, are you okay?” Shouts Harry. “No stupid, she's obviously not.” Then Lily starts muttering something about Samantha. “Now would be a great time to give her some quintessence.” Says Andromeda. She takes it from Harry and pours it into Lily's mouth. Then a bright light flashes over the room. Lily's soul is healed. We immediately head to HQ, and since we ran out of quintessence, I told Lily to leave Daniel behind. He will be too evil and he can’t be part of this battle. At HQ, Blade has something. Kasai is there, along with the InterGalactic Octopus and the InterGalactic Octopus’ wife. Daniel appears, looking evil, and somehow, Justine heals him for good.
The battle is unfolding just like my dream. It must have been prophetic! Suddenly, Kasai turns into Kathryn. Someone screams, and the world seems to be falling around me. I notice Callie eating the InterGalactic Octopus and Harry and Daniel battling Blade. All I can think is I have to stop Callie from... from betraying us. I head over to Callie.
“Callie, you can’t-” then suddenly Callie pauses and her eyes begin to glow gold.
“DIE OTG!” She says as she grows to enormous quantity. But wait! I somehow manage to get my powers back and enter her mind. She is being possessed, and the possessing spirit tries to possess me! The rest of the TOG appears, trying to kill us, and Harry sings the Die Bunnies Die song! Matthew comes too, and half of his fingers are cut up. He looks at me apologetically and goes to join Blade along with the Great Burrito. The TOG appears. Lucy and Rachel are being possessed, but Ellie has nearly faded away.
“Ellie! We have quintessence!” I say.
“You don’t need me anymore. I’m honored to have been your messenger and I request that Samantha be the new messenger.” Then she fades away before we can give her quintessence. The world begins to collapse on me (figuratively) but then Harry yells Die Bunnies Die in my ear. It doesn’t help. Lucy, Rachel, and Callie are possessed. Then I go back into Callie’s mind to try and destroy the possessing spirit, when I realize she is not possessed! She really does want to destroy the OTG because she thinks it is “too much death, too dangerous, too controlling”. When I go into Lucy and Rachel’s minds, though, I see that they are only pretending to be on Callie’s side and they are really going to help us overthrow her. Hmm, at least a bit of good news. Matthew is planning the same thing. So that means we only have to deal with Callie. Harry is preoccupied fighting the others, so I go over to Daniel.
“Do you agree to throw Callie out of the OTG for betraying us?” Daniel shakes on it, and then Callie disappears.
I am staying back because Andromeda and Justine do not want to fight. Anyway, I feel a plot twist coming up. Suddenly, I feel a great burst and all of my power is leached from me. I’ve just been banned from the OTG. But for what?
Not all of my power though. I still have the powers I gained from the octopus goop. I use them to summon Harry. I have a copy of the Paper and stupidly or not whoever possessed Daniel allowed the copies to remained linked to the main paper. I grab the Paper and write, “Callie is unbanned from the OTG and her powers and position. As co-leader are restored.” Then Harry and I shake on it to seal the deal. I feel my powers rushing back. I glance down at the Paper to see why I was banned. Oh no. It is worse than I could have imagined. My evil little sister is impersonating me and fighting the OTG. Camille was an awful child and I hated her, but she was my sister so I had to put up with her. “Andromeda, Justine, I know you don't want to fight but, please help us. It would be for the greater good.” I pleaded.  “I will help.” Announced Andromeda. “Uhh… fine. I'll help, but I won't kill anyone.” Agreed Justine. I open a black hole and we walk through.
When Callie doesn't lose her powers I realized we made a mistake. Wait, this Callie isn't wearing a headband. Callie always wears a headband. It is an imposter, an evil imposter. Except then Callie appears, and the imposter kidnaps her! Callie tries to use her powers, but she is still banned from the OTG because the copy of the Paper has no say on the real Paper of Powers. Also, Blade still has the Thing so everyone in the OTG, not just Callie, is powerless. The imposter Callie disappears with Blade and the Thing and all of the other evil villains. Then a giant sheep swallows the entire ultraverse.*
*- this is now unchangeable. And also, the giant sheep cannot just throw up the ultraverse or anything like that. The Cosmic Potato ultraverse will be stuck in a giant sheep for at least 5 pages (digital) Suddenly the sheep throws the ultraverse up. I glance down at my copy of the Paper, it says it is unchangeable. Wait, you need two gods to agree to make something unchangeable and I made it unchangeable by myself. Oh, well. Then Callie magically reappears. “Hi. Did you miss me.” She says sarcastically. “I got my powers back when I went to Blade’s lair. It is quite nicely decorated. He may be evil, but he has a taste in furniture. Anyway, I got my powers back by picking up The Thing. I found it in Blade’s desk drawer. We knew each other as children so he decided not to throw me in jail yet. He said I was harmless anyway. When I picked up The Thing I was transported to the Cosmic Potato. He thanked me for returning his Thing and made me a god again. He also said I'm definitely a god because he creates everything and your godly logic doesn't apply to him. After he made me a god again he gave me the Paper and it is the real one. He said he stole it so someone would return his Thing. So, I'm back.” She said. ”Hmm.. Seems suspicious to me.” I say. Why would the Cosmic Potato want his Thing, does it give him his powers. Now that our powers are returned I should start studying the correct form of magic with Andromeda. “I don't care why. Aren't you all just so excited Callie is back!” Exclaimed Justine as she wrapped Callie in a hug. Callie seemed very uncomfortable. 
“Nope, I’m not excited!” Harry says. Then another giant sheep eats the ultraverse. Everyone yells as we delve into sudden darkness. Then the sheep dies and the ultraverse escapes. 
“Hmm, sheep insides are weird.” I say. Then the Cosmic Potato appears, laughing evilly.
“I am the real villain!!!!” 
“Hmm, more plot twists!” Harry yelled. Blade appears.
“Bob Sheepy is my real son!”
“WHAT?!” Matthew screams.
“More plot twists!” Harry yells again.
“Daniel is actually dead and this person standing here is just an illusion!” The Cosmic Potato says, laughing evilly.
“More plot twists!” Harry yells for the third time.
“You’re all part of an even bigger story, and not this one!” 
“More plot twists!”
“There is a villain even worse than me!”
“More plot twists!”
“The Chip of Death was overthrown by his evil soldier!”
“STOP HARRY!!!!” I yell, pinching myself. Nope, I’m not dreaming. This is definitely happening. Now I know why the Cosmic Potato wanted its Thing back. But wait... this is awful! If we kill the Cosmic Potato, then the ultraverse will be destroyed! Unless... suddenly Blade leaps forwards and eats the Cosmic Potato whole. Now Blade has control over the entire ultraverse! I pinch myself again. Still not dreaming, and I’m not hallucinating either. Then Harry jumps forwards and eats Blade. Okay, good. The ultraverse still- suddenly I realize that we aren’t in the Cosmic Potato ultraverse anymore and that it was destroyed when Blade ate the Cosmic Potato! (also, the Cosmic Potato is dead for good now. So is Blade). We are not in the Ultrablade Ultraverse either, because that was destroyed too when Harry ate Blade. Instead we’re in...
“We’re not even in the same i-verse!” Harry suddenly says.
“What’s an i-verse?” Daniel asks.
“It’s a collection of ultraverses. The Cosmic Potato ultraverse, Blade ultraverse, InterGalactic Octopus ultraverse, Chip of Death ultraverse, TL-31 ultraverse, Great Bean ultraverse, and countless many others are all part of one i-verse. The whole i-verse was destroyed when Blade ate a bunch of people. Wait! We created a new i-verse! We are in the OTG i-verse where only the OTG exists!”
“Wait, Daniel is dead, right?” Callie says.
“Yeah.” Suddenly Callie throws a knife at him and he disappears. She brushes her hands off. 
“Hmm, down to 4 gods now.” Then Matthew turns into Daniel. 
“That was actually Matthew.” Daniel/Matthew says.
“Why were you even disguised as Matthew?” I ask.
It takes me a minute but I realize something. “Daniel you idiot.” I scream. Everyone looks alarmed. “Since you were disguised as Matthew we didn't heal your soul. Now you are going to die because you are a stupid, bumbling, idiot.” “Can't Justine just grab some more quintessence and make me another potion?” Asked Daniel obviously alarmed. “No. Didn't you pay any attention in school? Quintessence can only be found in the Fun Bean Ultraverse, but it was destroyed when the three other ultraverses became the OTGiverse. So, there is no more quintessence.” I say. “Wait, why was it destroyed?” Asked Daniel. “When ultraverses become iverses they expand and destroy surrounding ultraverses.” “I agree with Callie. You are stupid.” says Lily. “Justine you are a healer is there anyway to heal him?” Asked Harry. “Well, I could cut out his soul with my polycorn horn dagger then give the soul a bath in a potion then put it back.” She says. “Are there any other options?” Asks Daniel nervously. “No.” Replies Justine.  “Trust me unicorns are natural born healers. I've been doing this my whole life.” Then Justine drew her dagger out of her belt. “The rest of you may want to leave because you are allergic. Except Callie, she can stay (because Callie is not allergic.” “Wait, isn't Daniel allergic.” I ask. “I’ll give him an anti allergen pillow. Anyway I'm only cutting his pinky toe because that is where your soul is kept.” I sit down in a chair and watch the others exit the room. Justine begins her work. About ten minutes later she is hold something in her hand. It looks like a green cloud with black paint splattered across it. “Ahh, see his soul is full of jealousy that is why it is green. This black is the evil. Now, it's time for the soul to take a bath.” 
“Wait, what is Daniel jealous of?” I ask. I bet that Lily would get sick at the sight of the cut open toe, and I hear Harry is laughing hysterically and saying something about a moose and a giant potato. I briefly wonder if he is hallucinating.
“He is jealous that the rest of the OTG are better than him and he’s jealous that the other OTG members are more powerful than him.” says Justine. She dunks the soul in some sort of Thing that’s green and slimey. It’s really disgusting, actually, and when it comes out, his soul is glowing brown.
“What does that mean?”
“It means that he is weak and that he’ll-” as Justine puts Daniel’s soul back in and his toe reattaches, he becomes conscious. He begins to scream. “Oops, slight complication.” Hmm, that doesn’t sound very good. Oh well. I notice that Daniel looks like he is in great pain.
“What exactly is the complication?”
“Well, he might actually die...”
“Because his soul was broken. See the crack there?” She shows me a hairline fracture in the soul (she takes it back out) and then she puts it back in.
“What does that mean?” The rest of the OTG suddenly rush in.
“What’s happening?” Harry inquires.
“Daniel’s soul is fractured.” Justine says once again. “Something happened to him that made his mind dark and he was spiraling into depression. His insanity had slowly begun to fracture, and that potion thing that I dipped his soul in to cleanse got through the crack into his actual soul. I’m pretty sure he’ll live but he’ll probably have major amnesia, so much that he’ll forget everything, besides from things like walking and speaking. So I guess you could call it severe memory loss.” Then suddenly Daniel jolts up.
“Who... who am I?” he asks.
“Wait, if Daniel was disguised as Matthew, then what happened to the real Matthew?” We all look at Daniel. He is the only one who could give us that information. 
“I’m going into his soul.” Lily volunteers. “I can fix it.”
“What do you mean you can fix it?” Harry says. “You don’t even have your powers anymore!”
“Remember that I’m a co-leader of the OTG. I still have a bit of power. And anyway, I feel like I can fix it. Just trust my instincts.” 
“Going into a soul is very different from a mind. It’s also a much more dangerous end-” Then Lily’s eyes close and she passes out.

I open my eyes. It is strange in here. Daniels soul is light inside and bright. The colors are so intense it is nauseating. I wish I had visited before Justine cleaned his soul. I see strange outlines of people, almost like ghosts. I see me, Samantha, Kalistrate, mother, Callie, Harry, and Matthew. I go over to touch the me. I reach out when suddenly I hear a voice in my head, “Stop don't touch it you will become trapped in his soul. Please stop.” It's Callie. She asked me to stop, but it is too late. I begin to fuse with the ghost me, my consciousness fading. I manage to send one word to Callie, “Help.” 
I am practicing my magic in my room when I hear Lily. She asked for help. My warning must not have gotten to her in time. The rest of the OTG have regained their powers. We are now the creators and sole rulers of the OTGiverse. I have heard rumors about a world which expanded and got  so large it ate the surrounding ultraverses and became  an iverse. It is called the Mysterian Empire iverse. Apparently the mages of Mysteria overthrew their gods the BOG and now rule their iverse. Hmm, I have to help Lily, but how? Harry has gone off on a trip to some ultraverse in the OTGiverse called China, Matthew is still... well no one knows what’s happened to him, and the rest of us are here, trying to heal Daniel. Hmm... let’s see... if Lily’s soul is stuck in Daniel’s how do you unstick it? I go ask Justine.
“The only way to unstick someone’s soul is by destroying it.”
“They’ll both recreate souls since they are gods but that means Lily will have amnesia. It doesn’t really matter if Daniel gets more amnesiac because he already has amnesia.”
“Wait, isn’t there another way? I thought I heard of some magical thingy that will heal souls like that.”
“Wait, the THING? Wasn’t that destroyed, though, when Harry ate Blade?”
“Hmm, well let’s go ask Harry then!” By the way, since Harry created the OTGiverse he now is very powerful, and the OTG is now connected to the OTGiverse so if we are destroyed, the whole iverse is too. Harry arrives and we tell him what’s happened.
“Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to make a new Thing!”
“Wait, you can do that?!”
“Yes. Sfadhas ddlagias oiafka.” Suddenly a random thing appears that is indescribable because it is just a Thing. “Here, just do this.” Harry shakes the Thing and sparkles and fluffy stuff comes out. “Now-” Harry grabs the sparkles and fluffy stuff- “You get to throw it down their mouths!”Harry stuffs the sparkles and fluffy stuff in Daniel’s mouth and I do the same to Lily. Yay, I finally get to torture her!! Then suddenly Daniel begins to cough violently and Harry begins to cackle.
“Um Harry, are you okay?”
“Hahaha you did heal them but you also made Daniel and Lily my slaves! HAHAHAHA!!!!” Harry laughs even more evilly than before. “I HAVE ALL THE POWER IN THE ENTIRE I-VERSE! I WILL DESTROY YOU CALLIE!”
“WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!” I scream. “Wait, what happened to Matthew?”
“Hahaha I killed him!” said Harry. Then he begins to laugh hysterically. “Stop tickling me!” Daniel finishes coughing.
“What... who... ???”
“Justine, do you have any memory restoration compounds?” Justine grabs a bottle from a shelf.
“Hmm, watch out. Side effects include soul becoming evil... oh well! I guess we can heal the rupture in his soul and then cleanse it again!” Justine pours it down his throat and he begins to writhe, looking like he’s having a seizure. “Oops, I also forgot that it turns you into a cow.” said Justine as Daniel turns into a cow.
“MOO!” he yells and charges at us, cackling evilly which is really unnerving considering that he is a cow...
“Yum, cow!” says Harry. 
“Harry, are you going insane?” I ask.
“Hmm where am I?” Lily asks, and then she winks at me. Suddenly, I feel a presence in my mind. “I’m faking amnesia to fool Harry.” I nod briefly.
“Nope, I’m just actually evil!” says Harry. Suddenly I feel the BOG calling at me. I send down a shade of myself. So does Lily, but thankfully, Harry doesn’t notice it. Then suddenly Daniel the cow impales me.
“Gah!” I yell. Then a bunch of potatoes appear and then they turn into regular humans, although they look slightly more deadly. 
“We are the H-COP!” They yell, and Lily grins at me. 
“The High Council of Potatoes.” she whispers in my mind.
I stare at them. Then a thought crosses my mind. Harry isn't really as powerful as he thinks. It is a myth that you gain special powers once you create an iverse. No really creates an iverse, they just help the iverse become itself. I sent that to Lily and she flashes me a quick smile. The H-COP have distracted Harry. I see Justine and Andromeda vanish. I grab Lily and using Andromeda’s necklace I teleport us to their location. When we arrive Justine greets us. “Hello, and welcome. I decided my home would be the safest place workout a plan, because Harry is allergic to unicorns and my mom is a polycorn.” “Wait didn't you say your mom was the unicorn queen?” Asked Lily. “She is, the polycorn is always the unicorn queen. Duh.” Replies Justine. “Aren't you Harry’s slave and why can you remember stuff?” Asked Andromeda. “Oh, Callie and Justine slipped some antipoison in the potion made of the Thing. It made it impossible for me to be enslaved. I was also faking my amnesia.” Replies Lily. 
“What happened to Daniel?” Andromeda wanted to know.
“I’m not really sure, but he turned into some evil cow. Oh wait, now I remember. Justine gave him a memory restoration thingy and then it made him evil and he turned into a cow for some reason. We need to cleanse his soul again, but first we have to fix it.”
“Oh I know how to fix a ruptured soul!” says Justine. “But… I need a lock of Daniel’s hair.” “How are we going to get his hair if he is a cow?” Asked Lily. “I have a lock of his hair in my emergency prevention kit. I also have a plan on how to kill Harry.” I added. “Why do you have an emergency prevention kit and a plan to kill Harry.” Asked Lily. “Oh, I have contingency plans for all of you in case you turn evil. Anyway here’s the hair.” I say as I hand Justine the hair. She conjures up a brewing set and starts on her potion. When she finishes, LIly summons Daniel the cow (well I suppose that he is a bull because male cows are bulls, right?). Justine pours the potion down his mouth and he staggers about for a bit before turning human. Then he collapses on the floor, moaning. Suddenly, I remember something.
“Daniel is a vampire! He hasn’t been getting his daily supplement of blood!”
“I know.” says Lily. “Let’s kidnap BOb and Cough and bring them here. Bob’s a vampire and can help him, and they can both eat Cough.”
“Okay.” I say. My shade goes down to Bogwarts iverse and before long, Bob and Cough are laying in front of us.
“Die Cough!” Lily says.
“Wait!” I yell. “We’re destroying the plot of the BOG story! Cough is a main character! She needs to live!”
“Okay.” says Lily, snapping her fingers. Bob and Cough disappear. “Who should we kill for blood? I know! We can kill Fluffé! Wait. Fluffé already died. I know! We can bring the Ghost of Yee back to life and kill him!” I snap my fingers, conjuring the ghost of yee.
“Yeeeeee!” says the Ghost of Yee.
“Hmm, maybe this was a bad idea.” Lily mutters, though she brings the Ghost of Yee back to life. Then NEF, the non-existent ghost, appears, singing Thomas the Tank Engine Yee.
“You don’t exist.” I say, and then NEG ceases to exist. I grab the No-Longer-Ghost-of-Yee (the NLGOY), and slit his throat. “HAHAHA!” The blood drips into a cup, which I pour into Daniel’s mouth unforgivingly. Daniel suddenly grows fangs and pierces my skin, slurping my blood up. “Oh no!” I cry. Now I am a vampire too! And a zombie! Daniel turns into a bat and so do I.
Daniel and Callie are flying around as bats. I try to speak to Callie in her mind. When I enter, though, there are untranslatable, clearly bat thoughts! Oh no! Callie has lost her mind! I go into Daniel’s mind. It seems perfectly normal, but just to make sure, I transmit a thought.
“Are you still evil?”
“No.” he says, then turns back into a human. His fangs retract and he wipes the blood from his mouth. “By the way, that’s not Callie, it’s her shade.” Callie suddenly appears and the bat evaporates.
“Wait, I thought you still had amnesia!” Callie tells Daniel.
“Apparently the blood healed it. Blood if chalk full of nutrients.”
“Okay.” I say. “What happened to Matthew?” I hold my breath, waiting apprehensively.
“His theocor was kidnapped.”
“His theocor?”
“It’ his identity. It’s basically the opposite of a shade. Everybody has a shade that represents their dark side. Everyone also has a theocor, which represents their good side.”
“Does that mean that Matthew is evil?”
“Well, kind of, but it means that Matthew’s theocor has fused with a wandering shade and created a new person that isn’t really Matthew.”
“Wait.” I say, scrying the i-verse for Matthew. My mind lands on a bony old woman, sitting in a tent, scaly wings on her back. “Hmm, that’s strange. You’re right. Is there any way we can get Matthew back?”
“No. His theocor was not only taken, but murdered. So I guess we could recruit the new version of Matthew but...” Hmm, okay. I probably should be disappointed but I’m not. One less useless person... but hmm, the OTG is now down to 4. Oh well. 4 people is easier to maintain than 6, and we got rid of all of the useless ones anyway. Well besides from Daniel, and there’s not much else we can do about him.
“Harry’s coming!” Andromeda suddenly exclaims.
“How is that possible?” Justine mutters. “Harry is allergic- Oh, I must have left an anti-allergen pill behind!” Harry enters, smiling.
` “Hi guys!” He notices Justine and Andromeda cowering in the corner. “What’s wrong?” I stare at him suspiciously.
“I thought you were evil!”
“What? Oh, my shade must have escape. Sorry. I really need to keep it under control. Anyway, I found out what happened to Matth-” Suddenly the ground shakes uncontrollably.
“What...was...that?” I manage to say, barely standing up.
“Oh no, an Unbecoming!” Harry said. “That hasn’t happened since-since the earliest days of the Cosmic Potato! The old OTG never recovered from that, save for Ra and Athena!”
“An Unbecoming?” I say. “What’s that?”
“It’s when all of the gods suddenly are stripped of their godliness and thrown down to or random planets.” Harry explained. “We need to prepare ourselves. Soon we’ll be split up and lose all of our powers! Meet up at-” Suddenly, before Harry can say anymore, there is a giant explosion.
I wake up on a strange planet. “Where am I?” I wonder aloud. I recognize this planet, I spent many years here after my home was destroyed. It is called Ilusha. I stand up and brush off the dirt. I hear something in the back of my mind telling me to take out my notebook. I reach into my bag and pull it out. There is a note scrawled on the first open page. It says, “Find OTG. Locate Justine first. Meet at…….” I stare at the page. I remember Justine, but who are the OTG? I hear something behind me. I open my water pouch and attack with my waterbending. “Ow.” I hear the creature groan. I turn ready to attack. I see a centaur lying in a bush soaking wet.
Hmm, what’s a centaur doing here? Ilusha doesn’t have centaurs! Suddenly, I notice a small tree sprouting out of the centaur’s forehead. Oh no, Garkas’ army is spreading. This is not good. How will I ever defeat Garkas? I feel something in my mind, just out of reach, a memory on the tip of my tongue. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I stand up, and then the centaur rises again. Hmm, apparently Garkas’ army is invincible too! Then suddenly, someone shoots the centaur in the shoulder. I turn around and see someone who looks vaguely familiar to me.
“Wait a second... I think I know you!” I say.
“Hmm, interesting.” the person says. “I had the same feeling about you.” 
I stare at the person. “What’s your name?” She twirls her long braided hair and replies, “My name is Lily.” I stare at her. How do I know her? “We have to get out of here! The Garkas will have reinforcements coming.” I grab her hand and drag her along. I scan the treetops for a place to hide. I spot a treehouse. “Can you climb?” I ask her. “Not that high.” She replies. I begin to perform a spell and create my dragon. “Climb on.” I exclaim. She stares at me, but reluctantly climbs behind me. In seconds we are at the top of the tree. she gets off first. I hop off my dragon and it dissolves into water. The house seems empty, like it hasn't been used in years.
I stare up at the red sky. Where am I? A girl is kneeling next to me. “Stay still you're injured.” She is young she looks about 9. She has short blonde hair and soft blue eyes. “You are on Kenisha and in my village. I'm Ellie. My sister Ansley will be home soon. She's out hunting for dinner. Don't worry if she doesn't like you . she doesn't like most people. So, who are you?”  Hmmmmm, I think.  Oh yes, now I remember.  Wait, what happened at the giant explosion. “Aaargh” I yell and teleport away to wherever Lily and Callie are.  Oh wait, I can teleport!  Apparently I was not affected by the explosion for some reason. “Aaargh” I scream as teleport back to Ellie. A blinding pain succumbs me and all I see is darkness. I open my eyes to see Ellie and someone else behind her. “Ellie, what have I told you about bringing home strays. we can barely support ourselves.”  “Sorry, Ansley, but he was hurt. Ohh he's awake now. You disappeared for a few minutes then you returned and passed out. Where were you?” “I don't know.” I confess. My head feels like it is on fire. The name OTG swirls around in my head... but what does it mean.
“Do you know what the OTG is?” I ask. Ellie’s face suddenly changes, looking incredibly worried, but then she hides it. 
“Nope, I don’t. I do think you may need help though. You have amnesia. I’m going to meet you up with some friends of yours.”
“Hmm okay!” I say. “That sounds fun!” Suddenly I feel something hard hitting me in the leg. “What?!” I exclaim as I pull out a rock that has a face and is obviously alive. “Who are you?”
“I’m Rocky!” The rock replies mentally. “Don’t you remember me?” When I shake my head, he looks hurt (or at least I assume that the rock is male).
“Sorry, I have amnesia.”
“Do you remember the OTG? Or the Unbecoming?”
“Oh, the OTG!! I don’t remember what it is but... I vaguely do if that makes sense... It’s right on the tip of my tongue...”
“The OTG is-” Suddenly Ellie grabs Rocky and throws him out the window.
“ROCKY!!!” I scream. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” “The rock was possessed.” Ellie says. I stare at her skeptically. Don't I know an Ellie? Hmmm. “Okay.” I say.
I stare at the girl. She is now sitting in the middle of the treehouse meditating. “What's your name again? I didn't catch it. Why are you meditating?” She opens her eyes and smiles. “I'm...Luna. I’m meditating because meditating allows you to connect to your true self. When you connect with your true self you forgive yourself. once you forgive yourself you can forgive others.” I stare at her. Is she crazy? Forgiveness? It's easier to just kill your enemies. “Why don't you just destroy those who wrong you? You have magic use it on them.” She just shook her head and turned her back to me. This time she was writing in a journal. I began to stab the walls the treehouse many times. I tend to do irrational things when I am mad or bored. “It is very unbecoming to take your rage out on others property. Unbecoming? The Unbecoming it all makes sense. That's why I can't remember things. My journal it makes sense.” She then turned to me. “My name is really Callie. Sorry for lying it is just a precaution.” Now I know she's definitely crazy. What is she rambling on about? Then a wolf spirit appears and changes from a wolf to a girl. “Who are you?” I ask ready to use my magic. “I'm… You don't remember me?” 
“Oh wait! You’re Misinki! But what are you doing here?”
“Does the OTG ring any bells?”
“Hmm, nope.” Then suddenly a lady flies through the window and snatches Misinki. Then she disappears. Wait, what?! What is this weird lady doing to my sister? Wait... I think I remember her... “Who are you?”
The weird lady stares at me a second and I realize that she’s actually around my age. “I am Julia.”
“Weren’t you the OTG serv-” Callie starts to say. Then the weird lady has kidnapped her too! 
“Wait! What’s the OTG!” The weird lady is gone, though.
I stare at where Callie was a moment ago. Why did they take her? Where did she go? What is the OTG? 
I wake up in a dark room. Where am I? I look around there are other people in the room. They seem to be unconscious. I untie the rope around my hands (I've had a lot of practice.) Then I go to check on the others. As I run across the room someone grabs my backpack. I fired a waterbending attack at her, I got ready to attack again when she said, “Stop. I'm just here to congratulate you. You regained your memories faster than anyone EVER. You must stay here though. We can't let you go about telling the others about the Unbecoming.” It was Lucy.
“Ahhhhhhh” I yell.  I run after my pet rock.  I find him totally unharmed.
“Seriously?  You think that being thrown out a window could hurt me?  You designed me better than that!  Even ordinary rocks could survive that kind of fall, and I’m magical.”  Rocky pauses.  “Hmmm, I think I know a good spell that might heal you.”
“Hmmm, let’s try it.” I say.
“Okay! Operdi omnis fordin going verdant endor floosh!” says Rocky.
  Suddenly, I see all the visions of my past life.  “Wheeeee! This is fun!” I say, looking through my memories.  “Okay, I think that worked.  Let’s go find the others.”
I pace around the room. Nothing is happening to me and I still don’t have my memories back. Hmm, apparently I’m missing something. Oh! I have a great idea! I need to murder someone! This should be fun! Murder is very good for the soul. Hmm, who should I murder? I know! I jump out of the window into a random town, yelling, 
“DIE!” Then I wave my hand and the whole town was wiped out. Hmm, I don’t remember being that powerful. Oh well! The town floods and I feel as everyone dies; I am the OTG god of Deaths. Wait?! The OTG god of Deaths? Now I remember everything! My pet Death appears, flanking me, and then so do Harry and Callie.
“Hi.” they say. “We are-”
“I destroyed a town!” I say gleefully. “I remember everything too, by the way. Where’s Daniel?”
“Hmm, that’s a good question. He’s the only god we need to find now.” says Callie. “Also, he hasn’t remembered anything yet or else he’d have found us.
Why is there a giant unicorn chasing me? Why does everyone hate me? Why?
I stare at Callie and her OTG friends (I'm not jealous of them though or anything because I'm Callie’s OMBFIWW.) “Do you know how terrible it is that you two are here.” I say gesturing to Harry and Lily. “You may not like them , but you not have to be rude.” Callie says. “No, since somebody told them about the OTG they'll…” Before I can finish my sentence Lily and Harry turn into babies. If you disrespect the Unbecoming there are grave consequences. “Should we send them to families who will raise them to one day become very powerful?” Asks Callie. I stare at her. “What?” I ask. “Oh, that. That was my contingency plan for if an OTG member turned into a baby. It's in my notebook after what to do if an OTG member turns evil.” I should really be surprised she has these plans, but I'm not. 
“Um... are you sure this is a good idea?” I ask. “There’s a way to turn them back normal-aged, right?”
“Hmm, are you sure?” 
Callie sighs. “I’ll go ask Andromeda and Justine. We need to get to Daniel before he disrespects the Unbecoming.”
When I get back, Lily and Harry are being tied up and Rachel is there, laughing evilly.
“Wait what?!” Lucy has disappeared. Apparently she wasn’t strong enough to stop Rachel. Lily and Harry are utterly useless, being babies, and who knows where Daniel  is. I need to get Lily and Harry back, but as soon as I step forward, Rachel zaps me with a spell and I’m paralyzed. I easily break out of the spell, but Rachel is already gone. I sigh. Will I have to do this all by myself? I then remember I have the TOG and Andromeda and Justine at my disposal. I need to find them. But how? I am powerless even though I have remembered; I must earn my powers back. I cannot call them to me and have little clue where they could be.

Boom’s Perspective (Daniel’s Pet Exploding Shrew)
Oops I exploded again. I played with your heart and blew up in your face. Oh Daniel, Daniel. Oops you think I'm safe. A friend to stay, but I'm just too combustible.
I know I need to find Justine. She should have some kind of potion or something that will restore my powers. I teleport to Justine’s house. I guess I still have some of my powers they are just not up to goddessly strength. Then suddenly... Justine comes out.
“Hello!” says my sentient puddle of cough syrup. And me, of course. 
“Callie, you need to go to school.” she says.
“What?!” Then suddenly a giant pig appears.
“I can fix your friends.” it says. Hmm, creepy, who knew pigs could talk?
I am in some sort of prison. Rachel has disappeared and now there is a woman with long, flowing black hair and dark blue-green eyes limping towards me. She looks so strange that I have trouble processing her. I can’t believe someone would ever kidnap me! What a mean thing to do. Maybe she works for Blade. Then I remember that Blade is gone.
“I am Necropolisa.” she says. “Once known as Blah.” Oh, that’s why she looks so familiar. She’s Lily, Samantha, Kallistrate, and Daniel’s conjurer mother. “Join me.” she says. “Or die.” Hmm, what can I do? Would I give up my cause just so I could live? Hmm, yes, I want to live. I’ll join her. Oops, wait! Then I realize that I represent purity and goodness. I must die. It is the only  way I can save the OTG. Unless... maybe Daniel could talk her out of this. He is her son, after all (well, not really, but oh well). I talk to him in his mind.
“Come.” Suddenly, Daniel appears. Necropolisa screams. Hmm, maybe this was a bad idea. I forgot that she has a grudge as she never even wanted to conjur him. The mistake. Necropolisa attempts to stab him. She succeeds, although she only stabs his face. This is bad, though. Daniel has no powers and is no longer immortal. Also, why is there a shrew riding on his head? A new hat, perhaps?
“Lucy, help me!” Daniel screams. Hmm, I’m the spirit of purity and goodness. Well, I’m stuck in this prison. How can I help him? Blood drips from his eyes. Yet another problem. When you are mortal, any permanent wounds for mortals stay with you, even through your godliness if you manage to make it back. Looks like Daniel is now blind. I laugh evilly. Oops. Wait, I’m the spirit of goodness. I’m not supposed to laugh when people’s eyes are gouged out. Still, it is kind of funny. I burst out laughing and Blah stops torturing Daniel to look at me.
“Hmm, I thought she was the spirit of purity and goodness.” Necropolisa mutters. “Look how evil she is now. Well, people can change! She’ll be perfect for my cause.” Wait, what?! But I have to be loyal to the OTG! I pledged to Callie that I would. Well, I guess people can change, like Necropolisa said. Anyway, I can see how well each decision will work out, and I view that Necropolisa will defeat the OTG and I’ll be queen of the iverse. This sounds like fun! And I get to torture people like Daniel who took advantage of my kindness!
“Okay, I’ll join you!”
“NO!” Daniel screams.
“Pledge yourself to me. To my cause.”
“Don’t do it!” says Daniel.
“SILENCE!” Necropolisa waves her hands and then Daniel’s mouth is sewed together.
“I swear my loyalty to you.” Then I bow down at Necropolisa’s feet and she waves her hands. I feel a wave of evilness wash over me like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It’s so... refreshing after all of that kindness. Being kind is boring. Being evil fills me with new energy. 
“You are now a member of my cause.” says Necropolisa. Daniel begins to scream a bunch of random nonsense words.
“LAMOSE AFAIFJH AWRIUGB OAISFH!” Wait, how is his mouth not sewed together anymore? His eyes have stopped bleeding too, although now there are merely sockets where his eyes used to be. Pleasure fills me to see his misery.
“Your first mission to prove yourself: kill this puny person. In the most brutal way you can think of.” she adds. Daniel screams even more. Such a weakling. I wave my hand.
“QUIET!” I’m performing the incredibly long killing spell and Daniel is slowly dying, when suddenly, Callie rides in on a pig. “Stop.” She says and uses her magic to heal Daniel and give him his powers back. “Lucy, good job planting the explosive at her feet.” I laugh. Like I could be turned evil. Then right before the explosive detonated Blah turned into Rachel. “Where are Lily and Harry?” Callie asks. “They're with the BOG.” Says Rachel as she is engulfed in the raging inferno. I teleport all of us out of the prison and to OTG HQ. There are four children standing there, Hmmm. They look about 13. Who are they?
“You may be wondering who these kids are. These are our apprentices from Bogwarts. The girl on the right is Mai. She is my apprentice. The girl next to her is Lee, Lily's apprentice. The boy is Chiron, Daniel’s apprentice. The final girl is Koko, Harry's apprentice. They have to serve us or they die.” 
I am still alive. I have managed to separate my theocor from that weirdo shade and brought my shade back from the dead. I just have to find a way back to the OTG. I am currently failed, but I can redeem myself. The only reason I’m failed is because the OTG thought I was dead. Suddenly, Kathryn appears.
“Help me.” she whispers. “We were failed from the OTG because those OTG gods were too stupid to recognize our potential. Necropolisa, or Blah as you may know her, she was my master. She’s dead now, but as her previous second in command, I take her place. My master thought we should let the TOG do everything first and once they died, we’d take over. I have a better strategy, though. We need to join them and talk to the leader of their rebellion; Katie Mayer. Then we’ll have double the power. I have some powerful friends, too. The Chip of Death’s general is still alive, hiding, angry at the OTG for destroying its iverse. It will surely help us. And we have spies, too. Planted within the OTG and their adversaries. We will destroy them from the inside, and after that, come at them. But first, we need to find what they most care for. Then we’ll take it away from them. Weaken them so when we launch our real attack, they will be able to do nothing. We will win this. We will get our revenge. We will rule the ultraverse.”
“Okay.” I say. This sounds like a much better plan.
“Who are your spies?” I ask.  
“They are closer than you think.  Lily’s Pet chaos is on our side.”
“There are others too, but I won’t tell you them until I’ve guaranteed your trust for sure.”
I stare at the OTG gods. I'm glad I chose their side. That evil Blah tried to trick me into joining her. “Wait so Callie is a member of every major pantheon?” I hear Koko asking. “Yes. She gets around.” Answers Lucy. I sigh. The BOG had more people than the OTG. Even though they were weaker their numbers were enough to crush both the OTG and the TOG. How are we ever going to beat them? But wait... I know a secret weapon. Suddenly there is a blinding flash. Two people appear in the room. One appears to be part unicorn and the other has unruly red hair. 
“Hi Lee!  Would you mind defecting from the OTG and becoming part of our group that is plotting their downfall?”, the red haired one says.
“Uhhhhh, ummmmmm” I stammer.  I quickly try to blast them out of existence with magic.  THe unicorn easily scatters the magic.  “Oh please, don’t fight us.  You’ll surely fail.”  
Just then, Harry finds us.  He must have noticed through scrying or something.  
“Leave immediately.  Since you have not submitted to Lee, surrender your brains body and magic to us forthwith or else we will be forced to take immediate action.”
“Hmmmph.”  The red haired girl tries to teleport away, but Harry was able to trap her there long enough to summon a Rainbow Serpent to bite and attack her.  In a flash of green, they and the Rainbow Serpent were gone. As soon as they disappear Daniel snacks me. “Those were Andromeda and Justine. They were testing your loyalty. Do you know where they went?” I stare at him. “No. How was I supposed to know who they were?” I ask. “Callie sent their pictures to us weeks ago.” Koko says. I stare down at my bracelet. I have 1,000,032 notifications.

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