My first LSD experience - An introspection story

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I'll just tell you my experience, do not use drug, it's bad MKAY ?

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Submitted: June 24, 2017




My first LSD experience


An after report


I decided today to let anyone on the Internet be able to read my story. I'm young but I think my life experience can be useful for everyone and if you're reading me right now, enjoy it and prepare yourself to discover a tiny part of my life.

(sorry for my shitty 8yo English)


1) Why I took LSD :

I didn't want to feel better or else, I was curious about my brain. I thought it was the best way to discover something about myself, and hell yeah, I was damn right.

A member of my family was the one that talked to me about his experience, and how horrible it was for him. He told me he wanted to try it again, and I asked to be there, and to try with him.

I recommand to never try LSD before being prepared (by reading other peoples experiences for exemple) and without at least one experienced person. It's a very powerful drug and you HAVE TO be accompagned by anyone else you can be confident with. I can also recommand to try this drug only if you're in a good mood, and only if you feel alright with all the effects you could face. Don't forget you'll be under it's strongs effects for at least two hours.


2) How I thought it would've been :

I didn't really have any idea of what LSD was, unless my family member's stories.

I thought time couldn't feel like eternity, that bad effect couldn't affect me because I was in a good mood, that I could be able to move, to think, to react, to be myself.

But I was wrong. And I didn't know LSD would've change my life vision so hard.

Nothing can really prepare you to this experience. Nothing can describe exactly what you can live inside your trip. Nothing can really explain how it is to be under LSD effects.

Nothing, but I'll try to, anyway.


3) The story :

In fact I wasn't supposed to take LSD this day, I came to the party to smoke my weed because it was not supposed to be enough tabs for everyone.

But this day, someone wasn't able to come and then, I decided to take the tab.

I prepared myself for this case. I was with someone of my family and three of his friends. We were in his flat and I was safe.


At the beginning, nothing happened. We had to wait maybe thirty minutes to feel the first effect : visuals.

It was a funny thing, some things started to move slowly. At the same time, I felt like I was going to vomit, but it was only a strange effect, I had it during all the trip.

I was kinda afraid by this "vomit" sensation and I had to get close of other peoples to feel safer, I knew I had to keep control because it was only the beginning of something that could've become my worst nightmare.

Music was the most important thing during all the trip. I asked to change it at the beginning because it was too agressive for me and I felt oppressed as fuck. When music was chill, I finally was able to appreciate sensations.


Few minutes later, I was already unable to use my cellphone, my brain started to be fucked up, everything was moving and colors started to change slowly. I layed down on a bed, next to my family member, and I started to feel a strange satisfying sensation.

It last for a long time, I was far, my eyes closed and every single part of my body had the exact feeling as when you get an orgasm. But it never stops. It last so long. I was shaking of pleasure and I started to be unable to recognize my "dreams" from reality.

I thought I was in contact with things that I wasnt in contact with, I heard things that wasn't from the room, I saw things that was crearly not the room. I was unable to taste things or to smell things.

Every psychedelic things you can imagine you could've seen under LSD, trust me, is fucking nothing. It's more impressive than that.

I was crying of pleasure, everything was good. Every-thing. I felt good, no one seemed to see the same things and more the time goes on, more we were silent.


Then, it started to slowly become a nightmare. Maybe two hours after ingesting the tab, I saw time freezing. Litteraly freezing. And I started to panic slowly. I loosed my mind, I loosed every sense of reality, I saw infernals loops.

I stand up, I pick up my phone, and then, black out, I stand up again, I pick up my phone again, shit, exactly the same hour, black out, I fucking stand up, over and over, nothing moves, everything is exactly the same. But I am finally able to pick up my phone, panicking, I tried to call my Dad (NEVER DO THAT, NEVER), but I wasn't able to speak (thanks god), he just ring off and then, yeah you gess it, black out.

But this time, when I "woke up", I had my phone. He was vibrating. Then I saw a message, from a girl I was speaking with. "Are you trapped ?". God damn what was that ? My mind was fucked up. I started to move from the bed, leaving my phone on it. I stayed on a chair for something that seemed to be hours to me. I was yelling for my family member, because he moved from his living room to his kitchen, but I didn't know it. I was panicking more and more.

Then, black out, again. I woke up, laying down on this fucking bed, my phone on my hand. Fuck yeah it's vibrating again. This time, my ex girlfriend. "What are you playing at ?". (In fact, I called her few times but I totally forgot it at this moment). Then I started, by rote, to type her number, sometimes it was a huge failure. But sometimes I was able to hear her voice, I thought I wasn't in reality. I was surprised that my brain was able to reproduce perfectly her voice, but hey, stupid me, it was really her voice.


After this shit, I don't know for how long it had last, but I thought I was dead. My brain refused to think about "time", or about "names", or about "reality". This time it goes too far, I just can't explain you what the fuck it was. I felt like I had lost my senses, and I felt I discovered new ones. I was seeing things that my brain isn't even able to remember.

But the only things I was thinking about was "I deceived my family, I deceived my ex, I deceived my family member, I deceived so much people".

During this period, I was full of regrets, and full of love for everyone. I felt stupid for everything I did to my ex-girlfriend, I felt how strong my love is to her, I felt how much I love my parents, how much we are stupid to be that mean, how stupid we are with our social barriers, how stupid we are to use drugs, to want to revenge, to feel hate, to be selfish, to be sad, to be mad, to lose our time, to waste our life for shit.

It was so long, but I finally get out of this shit.

Well, not really.

I was out of my trip, it was the end, but my brain didn't feel like it. I "woke up", with every one, but I thought I was again out of reality. I was paranoïac, agressive, mean and I tried to "force fake reality" (like Inception somehow with the spinning top).

It means that, for exemple, I was with two of my family member's friends and I asked them maybe a hundred times their names in less than two minutes, to try to break this "fake reality". Don't forget I thought I was dead just before that, I just thought my brain was faking a normal situation to let me accept my death.

Because of my unnatural behavior, everyone was acting strange, and that made me more and more paranoïac.

Finally, after an hour, I realised that I was back in my body, back in reality. I felt so bad for everyone because I was awful with them.


4) Conclusion :

I forgot billions of things, for sure. But I wrote it late and I'm not able to remember everything. There is nothing better than trying it yourself to know.

It was a great experience after all, but I'll never do it again.


I'd like to thanks my "family member", love you really much, I learned a lot about me and it's (again) because of you. I'm sorry you felt bad for me.

Thanks to your lovely friends, that were absolutely kind and calm.

Obviously, sorry to my ex, that hadn't to deal with my mistakes and my stupidity, much love, take care of you.

And finally, even if I hope they'll never read this, I send all my love to my parents.


Thanks for reading. I hope it helped you somehow.

If you don't know if you want to try LSD, then don't. You have to be sure, and you'll appreciate it for sure.

I'll write about other things later, maybe I won't if I see this was not useful for someone.

Feel free to comment and to critize.


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