Secrets in the Forest

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Liam the "Perfect Boyfriend"

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Submitted: June 24, 2017



Let’s start from the beginning or what I remember to be the beginning.

My phone pings from across the room I slide on my black boots and grab a jacket. I look down at my phone to see a text message from my boyfriend Liam. I am at your door come down I can’t wait any longer. I grab my backpack and run down the stairs tripping over a few on the way. You’re probably wondering why I am so excited to see my boyfriend. He was gone all summer visiting his family down in Florida, and his flight didn’t get in until late last night. I open the door to be greeted to cold air and a well known face. I run down the stairs that led from the porch to the grass. The next thing I know his lips meet mine and I am in the air. He puts me down. I open my eyes. His dark brown eyes and red hair takes my breath away. I rub my finger down his jawline and stop at his chin. “Hey Charlotte.” He sounds so cool. He was that guy the cool, football, varsity guy. I was that cheerleader. We were the perfect power couple. You know the couple every school has one. The couple everyone wants to be and everyone wants to date. At least I thought we were, but like I said everyone in this town has secrets. His secret was the first for me to uncover. It was so small but it had catastrophic events.

“Hey Liam.” I reach for his hand our fingers intertwine.

“Charlotte you forgot your lunch.” I look back to see my Dad waiting for me at the door. I knew what that was code for.

“Wait for me I will just be a second.” I turn my head I walk back inside. “What Dad”

“Charlotte I told you I don’t like you dating that guy he is bad news.” He opens that blinds just a little bit to see Liam standing on the sidewalk.

“Why is he Dad.” I grab his shoulder and turn him towards me.

“He just is.” He turns around and grabs my lunch. “Here honey now go to school and be careful.” He didn’t tell me why he didn’t like him, so I just assumed that he was being a normal father. Little did I know I should have heeded his warning. Now enough with me talking you probably want to know what he is hiding deep beneath his letterman jacket. I open the door and walk down to grab his hand. We walk all the way to school.

“Hey babe I have practice today after school so don’t wait up for me.” His dark brown eyes penetrate my thoughts.

“Oh yeah no it’s fine.” I say almost stuttering.When we get to school we both go our separate directions, “I will see you later.” I give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I walk down the hall to see my best friend Camila. “Hey Cami”

“Hey Charlotte.” She reaches into her bag and puts her algebra two book back into her locker.

“We haven’t had a girl's night out all week so you want to go get some coffee.” I reach

into my locker. We have had lockers next to each other all of high school.

“Charlotte I would love too, but rain-check I have tutoring after school.” I know when she is lying and this was one of those moments that and it’s the first day of 11th grade what type of catching up do you need to be doing. Once again like I said everyone in this town lies, sometimes for the greater good, but not in this case.

“Yeah no I get it.” Smirking. “Well I have to go to Mrs. Brown's class so I guess I will text you later.”

“Yeah sounds good.” I walk down the hall and sit in the seat with my name on. The rest of the day was pointless. Nothing, but procedures and rules. I guessing you know how the first day of school is. Nothing really interesting happened until lunch that’s when things got pretty interesting, I sit down at the same table from last year. Camila and Liam sit down across from me.

“Hey babe.” He kisses my on the forehead. I pull out the lunch from my bag. I look up to see Camila and Liam sitting close to each other. A little too close if you ask me. I thought it was nothing maybe just me being a normal girlfriend. I should have thought more of it than that. “So guys the back to school dance is Friday Cami who are you taking.” I stab my salad and take a bite.  

“ I have some ideas of potential arm candy.” Her devious look on her face did not sit right with me. I love Cami I do. We’ve been best friends forever. She’s the type of girl who dates everyone. I don’t think she believes in a long term relationship.

“Babe we can go dress and suit shopping Wednesday.” He takes a bite of his apple.

“I thought football practice was Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.” I was a little confused to tell you the truth.

“Oh no, this year they moved it to Tuesdays and Thursday.” He seemed a little unfazed by my questions. That’s when red flags should have gone off in my head, but being me I just thought it was nothing.

“Then why do you have practice today?” This question seem to get his attention.

“Oh, well, Um They wanted to have one today as like the first practice to kick off the season. He glances and Cami who is looking at him. Another perfect place for red flags to go off yet none did.

“Oh okay I understand.” I stand up. “Sorry I forgot I have a lunch conference with Mrs. Davis I should go.” I walk away with the need to get some answers. I go to the one place I can get them. My favorite Linebacker.

“Hey Reg.” I find him leaning against the locker. I should probably go in and fill in some missing blanks. Me and Reggie have known each other forever way back since kindergarten. I go to him for social answers and he comes to me with homework answers. From all the girls he screws he knows everything. “I need your help.”

“Hey Char. What can I do for you?” He stands up straight.

“Look do you have football practice today?” I am starting to get curious about Liam.

“Ummm No I don’t think so why?” He shifts his weight to his left foot. He’s starting to get a little curious.  

“Liam said there was and I caught him in a lie.” Like I said the word Lie just keeps coming up doesn’t it.

“Listen don’t tell my man I said anything, but lately people have been seeing him go into the park late on Monday’s.” This is when actual flags started to go off.

“How is that possible he was in Florida all summer.”

“Well maybe not all summer.” Reggie looked at me almost apologetically. He puts his hand on my shoulder. “Look maybe he was in Florida maybe he wasn’t, but there is only one way to find out.” He nods at me and winks.

“I’m not trading sex for secrets.” I laugh. “ Seriously thanks Reg. I’ll tell you what I find out.” I manage to put on a smile.

“Don’t forget Char I am always here if you need.” He winks at me.

“I might need that one day.” I laugh and wink back.After school I run home and grab my Dad’s car keys. I drive back to school and wait for what seemed like forever. Then I saw him. Liam. Walking out of school. I had to see what he was up to, so I let him get a good distance ahead of me and I pulled out of the parking lot. I followed him till he reached the park. He walked into the concession stand behind the baseball field. He pulled the door shut. I jumped out of the car and walk down to the the stand. I press my ear up to the door. The words soft and muffled.  

“Hey look now that school is starting this is the last time we can do this.” His voice ringing in my ears.”Since we are here might as well.” I hear sounds on kissing and the sounds of moaning. “MMM” You probably like me are thinking is my boyfriend cheating on me with my best-friend? Sadly no, that would have been better than what I had found that night. Listen to me very closely when you are looking for something be sure you want to know the full truth because you can’t un-ring a bell.

Scared of what I was going to find I waited. I heard moans and grunts. I finally had enough I bolted through the door.

“I knew it-” I was cut off. My mouth flew wide open to what I had saw that night. You probably want to know what I saw so here it is. It was my Boyfriend or should I say Ex-Boyfriend kissing the varsity football coach. I mean don’t get me wrong he was cute and all, but I had no idea he was a gay. Both of their eyes meet mine. The coach was bent over the snack bar and my Boyfriend was right behind him. They both scramble to pull up their pants. I run out of the room and back to my car. Since both were faster than me they beat me there, I was full of anger and was ready to stomp anyone in my way.

“Listen Charlotte Babe-”

“Don’t babe me.” I shoved him out of the way.

“Listen Charlotte at least hear me and Liam out. You have to know the full story.” He grabs my shoulder and turns me to look at him.

“The hell I have to hear the whole story. You are just trying to make sure I don’t tell anyone. Well listen very closely. I am telling someone in fact everyone. We have a freaking child molester as a football coach, and the only reason Liam is varsity quarterback this year is because he slept his way into it.” I unlock the car door and get in. I start the engine it was roaring just like I was. They stepped behind my car. I roll down the window. “Get the hell out of my way or I swear to God I will run you over and then we will have two crimes here.” They both part like the red sea. I drive away so angry tears are rolling down my face. My nails digging into the palm of my hand. I drive straight to the school hoping Principal Weatherbee is still there and too my luck he is. Now you are probably wondering was I being a little dramatic with the Coach and Liam. I mean some could say that I am, but once again I thought he loved me. It wasn’t just that he was cheating on, but he made me relook at every moment we had together. We were together for six months and he never said I love you, every time he had a call he had to “step out of the room”, was he really in Florida all summer? Like I said I was mad and you probably would be too.

I open the doors to the school and march straight in and into his office. “Listen I need to make a complaint about a teacher having an affair with a student.” That seemed to grab his attention.

“Ms. Grey Please sit down.” He ushers me to a chair and grabs some tissues. “Let me call your parents and the authorities.” After a few minutes everyone is here, “Ms. Grey whatever you say here will go on record are you willing to testify. I know for victims that can be hard.” My mother grabs my hand and starts to nod. She looks like she was going to throw up. If she saw what I saw oh trust me she would, I start to laugh so hard tears just keeping rolling down.

“You think I had the affair? Hell no.” I told them the story, but since you read about it I won’t regale the facts. Afterwards they call the Smith family and the Coach in. Not to mention his wife and 3 year old daughter. Who probably had no idea what was going on, Now looking back at this his wife was devastated she left the room soon after. The look of disappointment masked her face.  

“Coach Ms. Grey here has told me her side of the story why don’t you tell me yours.” You would think he denies it, but I guess like me he is tired of lying if only everyone was like him.

“She is telling the truth me and Liam got together this summer. Tonight was our last night we were going to end it.” He hands in his keys and his staff badge. His face drops.  

“That doesn’t make it any better. You still harassed my son.” Mrs. Smith was not very happy. I wouldn’t be happy if I was her too.

“Ms. Grey you and your family can leave. Please keep this under wraps until you are noticed otherwise.” We walk to the car in silence. My parents looming over me.

“Charlotte we are very proud of you doing the right thing.” My Mom reaches for the other car keys.

“Charlotte I told you that boy was bad news him and the rest of his family.”

“Damn it Tom.” At this point my Mom was angry.  

“If it is alright with you I would like to clear my head.” I open the car door and start the engine. Later in my writing you will think everything that just happened has nothing to do with anything. Just wait and see if you can connect the dots like I did.

“Be safe honey” My mom yells from behind me. I pull off into the sunset. Now you know the first secret I had uncovered. Like I said secrets hurt people and now it is time to tell you the other thing I learned. Everything happens for a reason even if you can’t see it yet it does and will get better.  I don’t stop driving until I reach the edge of town. Right where the sign says Cape town population 2,782. I sit on the hood of my car looking up at the night sky. When I hear a noise I turn around to see a person walking not far in the distance, I stare until I can make out a figure.

“Cole is that you?” Let me give you some backstory. Cole was my best friend in kindergarten. Until about last year his Dad left and he was never the same. Him and his Mom lost their house. They now live in a trailer park with his little sister. He hasn’t been around much since we just slowly stopped talking we fell out of the same crowd. To be honest with you I was glad to see him.

“Long time no see Charlotte.” He sits on the hood with me. “Long night” He sighs and leans back to look at the stars.

“You have no idea.” I lean back to gaze at them to.

“Try me?” He sighs and turns his head towards mine.

“I found out my boyfriend was gay. He cheated on me, but wait there’s more he did it with the football coach.” I sigh and look at him his green eyes sparkling in the moonlight. A wave of sensation and butterflies came over me.  Maybe it was a little early to get have a crush, but the good crushes come without explanations and usually don’t come with good timing. The funny thing is after I stopped talking to him he got hot. His green eyes and jet black hair. Oh I almost forgot that jawline ties in perfectly.

Oh Wow all that in one night huh.” He moves in closer.

“What are you doing out here this late at night.” I lean in closer until are hand are brushing against each other.

“My Mom is drunk and my sister is staying with my Grandparents. I have no one. I come way out here when I can to the city sign. It reminds me only have two more years and I am done with this place leaving and never looking back.”

“Wow.” We sit there for a while letting the silence fill the space around us. “ I should go it’s getting late.”

“Yeah.” He jumps off the hood and grabs my hand. He stands only inches from me still holding my hand. Inches away from me is this guy so vulnerable. His hair shining in the moonlight. Everything in me wanted to kiss him and rub my hands through his hair. Thinking about everything that happened that night I was just a little closed off. “Charlotte have I ever told you how much I needed you this past year.” He sighs and pulls me into a hug. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. I really thought something was going to happen.

“Cole, I am really sorry.” I pull away from the hug.

“Listen, I will catch you up tomorrow meet me at our place.” He winks. I couldn’t help, but let out a little laugh. I lightly punch him the shoulder.

“I will see you there after school.”  I went home that night happy. I told you that maybe this was supposed to happen. Somehow Liam was supposed to lead me to Cole. That rain comes before sunshine. This might have led me to the best thing or should I say person in my life.




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